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The Good Doctor – S04E19 – Venga – Transcript

During part one of the two-part season finale, the St. Bonaventure team travels to Guatemala on a surgical mission to help patients at a rural hospital. Once there, the team faces a small community that is in desperate need of their help but are assigned the daunting task of identifying who they can help most. And while Shaun seems to be thriving in Guatemala, Lea is still struggling with the loss of her baby.

Friends: The Reunion

Friends: The Reunion – Transcript

The unscripted episode sees the main cast revisit the sets of the original show , meet with guests who appeared on the show as well as celebrity guests, do table reads and re-enactments of older Friends episodes, and share behind-the-scenes footage.

HBO revives 'In Treatment' with Uzo Aduba

In Treatment – S04E02 – Colin – Week 1 [Transcript]

Colin, a self-proclaimed therapy enthusiast and proud child of hippies, arrives for the first of four court-mandated sessions, but his evasiveness makes a recommendation regarding his recent release from prison difficult for Brooke.

HBO revives 'In Treatment' with Uzo Aduba

In Treatment – S04E01 – Eladio – Week 1 [Transcript]

After a troubling dream finds home health aide Eladio reaching out in the middle of the night, Brooke reestablishes boundaries as his therapist. Later, when Eladio requests medication, Brooke switches her focus to his history of insomnia.

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