Rick and Morty – S05E07 – Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion [Transcript]

Rick, Morty, and Summer are on a space trip to Boob World when Rick spots a crashed GoTron ferret, completing his collection of five ferrets.
Rick and Morty - S05E07 - Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion

Episode aired August 1, 2021

Rick, Morty, and Summer are on a space trip to Boob World when Rick spots a crashed GoTron ferret, completing his collection of five ferrets, as Morty and Summer narrate. Deciding to use the GoTron ferrets to form GoTron and fight the monsters which often attack other worlds and Earth, with the entire Smith family serving as their pilots. After their first fight with all five GoTrons, Rick decides that he wants to go bigger, to which Summer agrees and Morty disagrees. After gathering four other different universes’ versions of Ricks and his families from those universes together with their ferrets, they start working on building the Ultimate GoTron with all their collected ferrets, but also by stealing the other GoTrons from their universes’ pilots. As Summer helps Rick with his big plans, she finally feels like Rick appreciates her more than Morty. Morty tries to help Summer see that Rick doesn’t really care about her but only his obsession with making his big GoTron dream come true. As Summer ignores Morty and grows obsessed with power, she has him, Beth, and Jerry be sent back home, only to find that Rick had already replaced her with someone else: an “anime girl” leading the original GoTron pilots of the other universes, seeking their ferrets back, who had previously attempted to recruit Morty. Returns home upset, Summer reveals to the rest of the family the source of her emotion to be that she’s been hiding from the family that the government had taken her to a prison on Mars to help discipline her “Giant Incest Baby” created in “Rickdependence Spray” (now a “Giant Incest Monster”) into being an ultimate weapon, but she instead bonded with him (naming him Naruto) and helped him escape. When Morty hears about the “anime girl”, he realizes that the pilots plan to kill Rick to get their ferrets back. The family return to save Rick, sitting on top of Naruto’s hair. After saving Rick and destroying the GoTron ferrets, leaving none to save the day, they relax inside their barricaded house while a monster attacks the planet and Jerry as he is trapped outside. Rick then rips the narrators (a pair of alien bugs living in Morty’s and Summer’s ears) out of their ears before shooting the aliens.

Post-credits scene: In another universe, a group of monster bugs are in a training school that wants to help other universes cure AIDS, only to find when walk through their portals, they are stripped of their clothes and become much bigger on the other planets, with their peaceful attempts to explain their cure to AIDS in their home language leading them to be attacked and killed instantly.

* * *

Rick, Morty, and Summer: [singing] Boob World! Boob World! It’s a world for you, but it’s actually two. Boob World!

Summer: I gotta say, Morty, it’s weird that you wanted me to come, but I’m actually “exstyched” about it. That’s “excited”, “stoked”, and “psyched”.

Morty: I didn’t want you to come. Talk to Rick.

Rick: Truth is, Summer, Boob World’s been at the center of a few protests every day for 30 years, so they’ve recently rebranded as a “boob empowerment experience”, and if we bring a female, we get in for free.

Summer: So, I’m like, what, a Coke can you’re taking to Six Flags?

Morty: No, ’cause once you get into Six Flags, you can throw your Coke can away.

Rick: No f*ckin’ way. It can’t be.

Rick: Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!

Morty: Oh, look at that.

Summer: What is it?

Morty: A Gotron Ferret.

Rick: It’s not a Gotron Ferret, Morty, it’s The Blue Gotron Ferret! Boob World is canceled.

Morty: No! Rick! No, you promised! You always do this.

Rick: Tell you what, Morty, I’ll let you choose, do you really think Boob World…

Morty: Yes.

Rick: Let me finish. …is more important…

Morty: Yes!

Rick: Let me finish! …than having all five of the only five Gotron Ferrets in the universe?

Morty: Are you finished? Yes! So let’s go.

Rick: Summer, help me hook the winch up to the ferret.

Summer: Sure.

Morty: What the hell? You said you were letting me choose.

Rick: Yeah, whether to break my f*cking heart. You chose badly.

Morty voiceover: That’s how it all began. To my sister it was just another game. But what she didn’t know…

Summer voiceover: That was the moment everything changed.

Morty voiceover: Wait, what?

Summer voiceover: I had gotten my first taste of respect, and my first voiceover.

Morty voiceover: I can hear you. Can you hear me?

Summer voiceover: And I knew then and there, I wanted more of both.

Morty voiceover: Hello?

(Main theme playing)

Rick: Beth, Jerry, do something fun with us! A giant monster’s attacking in the Nibblenug system. Your suits are in the bathroom.

Morty: Mine smells skeleton-y.

Jerry: I have a chiropractor appointment.

Beth: What are you involving us in?

Morty: Rick’s been collecting Gotron Ferrets, and now that he has all five, he can combine them into…

Rick: Morty, for Christ’s sake, spoilers!

Summer: Spoilers, Morty! We don’t need to sell this to anyone, there’s a giant monster attacking.

Beth: In the Nibblenug system. Since when does this house care about alien lives, we don’t even care about British television.

Rick: Told you. Let’s just get Gene from next door and a homeless guy.

Summer: No, hold on, f*ck Gene, f*ck the homeless. Your kids and their grandpa are asking you to do an activity with them, when did that stop being a parent’s wettest dream?

Beth: I guess around the time our family created a giant incest baby and the government launched it into space.

Summer: Oh my god, we made a giant incest baby. Oh my god, you might be a clone. I exist because you guys failed to abort me. We get the family we get, not the one we want, and if you want to keep the one you got, get your asses into some anime spacesuits!

Jerry: Fair enough.

Beth: Okay.

Rick: Good work, Summer-camp.

Morty: Yeah, I’m “exci-toked” about this.

Rick: Sure you are. Now.

Morty voiceover: Something new was forming, and I was at the bottom of it.

Summer voiceover: I let Morty have his voiceover, it’s really all he had left.

Morty voiceover: Okay, can you hear me, or not?

Summer voiceover: You mean, can I, Summer, hear you? No, my voiceover can hear your voiceover.

Morty voiceover: What’s the difference?

Summer voiceover: One would be telepathy, dumbass.

Beth: Now what?

Rick: Now we…

Rick, Morty, and Summer: Go Team Gotron!

Jerry: Where are we ziplining through futuristic metallic tunnels to?

Rick: Each robot ferret is on a different location on Earth. You’re going to the center of a volcano.

Jerry: Thank… you?

Beth: Okay, well, this isn’t not fun.

Rick: Regroup on me, I’ll shoot a portal to Nibblenug.

Jerry: Did I just monorail from my kitchen to Hawaii just to regroup in outer space above my kitchen?

Rick: Uh, Summer?

Summer: It’s cool, Dad, shut up.

Rick: Everybody, attack one at a time.

Beth: Is that the best way to…

Rick: Tee up something awesome? Yes. Follow me.

Rick: Guys, we did our best, but there’s only one hope. Activating linkdock, intermorphs, ratify, postatrinos, maximize.

Rick: Holy shit, I can’t believe this is working. Go, Go-Team! It’s Gotron Time!

Jerry: Oh, my god. Hell, yes!

Summer: This is amazing!

Rick: Okay, now we can knock it around a little bit, but trust me, we’re still building to something.

Beth: How do we…

Rick: Just hit buttons, we’re too big to fail!

Beth: Wooah! I kicked him, that was me, right?

Morty: Uppercut!

Jerry: I can’t believe I almost went to the chiropractor.

Rick: I’ve been waiting a long time for this. Form Luminous Energy Sword!

Rick: Got your ass, Mamma Jamma!

[All talking]

[All talking]

Morty voiceover: These were the good times, when we felt like we could do anything. But anything is never quite everything, and pretty soon…

Rick: Tath, that was nothing… nothing compared to what I can do. There are infinite universes where I still don’t have all five ferrets. Those versions of me would do anything to complete their collections.

Morty: Okay, but Rick? Remember what you told me to remind you? Sometimes enough is…

Rick: Sometimes enough is enough.

Summer: Morty, what are you doing?

Morty: He gets obsessed, Summer.

Summer: When are you going to find your shame?

Morty: I have more?

Summer: Grandpa just gave everybody the high point of their lives, and before he did, every single one of you was trying to talk him out of it.

Rick: Wait, yeah. What the f*ck?

Summer: Now he says we can go higher, and big surprise, it’s time to drag him down again.

Beth: Well, I vote.

Summer: No voting, no debate, it’s not a democracy, it’s a Rick-public. You’re in or you’re out.

Beth: Obviously, I’m in, I never said I wasn’t in.

Jerry: Me, neither. Tell us what we’re doin’ next!

Rick: I want to put together a cookout.

Jerry: That’s it? I was honestly prepared to blow someone.

Beth: Jerry.

Jerry: I said prepared, and someone.

Morty voiceover: Rick invited five versions of our family from different universes, each with incomplete Gotrons. I didn’t have anyone to talk to, since the other four Mortys had been to Boob World.

Morty 1: Did you walk on the beach?

Morty 2: The beach that’s all boobs?

Morty 1: No, the beach that’s all sand. Yes, the boob one!

Morty voiceover: Rick was in the garage with the heads of the five families. …Ugh, and Summer.

Summer voiceover: In that first sit-down, it was Big Fat Rick; Ricardo Montoya; Hothead Rick, he got that name because he was prone to dramatic outbursts; and Little Ricky Wrap-it-up, who was always great at the end of a meeting. At the head of it all: me, and Grandpa Rick.

Big Fat Rick: Eh, don’t get me wrong, C-137. We’re happy for your good fortune, but we did not travel to your universe just to have it rubbed in our faces.

Rick: C’mon, Big Fat Rick, you know your face is too small to rub anything on.

Big Fat Rick: My face is the same size as yours.

Rick: Wow, huh. Hold on.

Rick: I’ll be damned. You’re so fat, it’s an optical illusion. Summer, give him the pitch.

Summer: We’re offering to help each of your families complete their full Gotrons.

Summer: In exchange for some concessions.

Ricardo Montoya: Ever since I was a little boy in the slums I have dreamed of having a complete Gotron. But concessions? I hope you mean the kind from a counter. I hope she means ice cream!

Rick: We’d like you to relocate your families to this universe and let me make some modifications to the Gotrons, in the interest of us all working together.

Hothead Rick: Wanna know what I think?

Rick: Sure, Hothead Rick. Just don’t unexpectedly fly off the handle.

Hothead Rick: I think you guys got a lotta nerve actin’ better than us! This is the family that made a giant incest baby! Had the government launch it into space! It’s still floatin’ around out there somewhere!

Rick: Are we ever gonna live that down?

Hothead Rick: When I get a full Gotron it won’t be by kissin’ your ass! It’ll be by takin’ what’s mine! Yours!

Rick: Hey, gross! No need.

Jerry: And you were driving a ferret?

Hothead Rick: We all are, moron! Gimme the key!

Hothead Rick: You’ll regret this, you level-headed f*ck!

Summer: Obviously, we predicted that might happen, which is why we have Yo-Yo Rick on standby.

Rick: Anybody got beef with Yo-Yo?

Ricardo Montoya: Eh, I’m okay. I’m okay with that.

Big Fat Rick: Good, that’s good.

Rick: Some people think he’s lame, but to me, he’s lame in a cool way, because he owns it. Cool. That concludes business. Little Ricky Wrap-it-up?

Little Ricky: Raise ’em up, boys! Opa!

Summer voiceover: And so we helped our people find their ferrets. How they got ’em, not our problem.

Summer voiceover: Then we got down to business. Here’s how it worked. If a giant monster attacked our planet, y’all got the alert.

Summer voiceover: We formed five Gotrons. And those Gotrons formed the Gogotron.

Smith family: Go, Gogotron!

Rick: I will never get sick of this!

Summer voiceover: If you were a giant monster at that time in our universe, you never had a chance!

Yo-Yo Rick: Mine needs a weapon like a yo-yo. And a yo-yo on the chest. Are you listening to me? I need you to respect this partnership!

Summer voiceover: I kept Rick removed from the ugly stuff. If you got in his way, I got you out of the way.

Summer voiceover: And that made more room to move up.

Rick: The head of my right arm.

Morty voiceover: Me, I ended up the left foot of the left foot, I guess because our robot didn’t have an asshole.

Summer voiceover: Well, it had one.

Morty: Bitch! When are you going to stop breaking my balls? You win, okay?

Summer: We’re not competing, Morty. And there’s your answer. I could move you up if I could trust you to put family first.

Morty: How is that putting family first?

Rick: Show me all the blueprints! Show me all the blueprints!

Summer: I agree, that’s an issue. Big Fat Rick, his flask stays full, or your locker gets emptied, thanks.

Morty: I know it feels good when he likes you, but that doesn’t mean him liking you makes you good.

Summer: Solid babble, Morty, like a fortune cookie written by Borat.

Morty: Yeah, I’m not as smart as you, that’s why I know you know what I mean.

Summer: You mean if I really loved my family, I’d give control of it back to your jealous ass? Green Ferret 4 needs a wash and we’re out of detergent.

Morty: I just bought a box.

Summer: And Grandpa snorted it because you make him feel fenced in.

Rick: Sum-sum!

Summer: Get two boxes.

Summer voiceover: We evacuated one of the planets we saved and found a secret nightclub on it. A place no enemies could find us, unless you count my brother.

Morty voiceover: I didn’t even have my own ferret anymore. Summer made me somethin’ called an “Associate Security Chief”, whatever the hell that means.

Rick: Look at this guy. Ha-ha. And look at this guy. Look at this guy over here! Meow-meow-meow, meow, meow-meow!

Rick: Oh, there she is, my baby princess, get up here. Stop the music!

Rick: This is our queef… our queen. She saved my life, she set me free, we wouldn’t have what we have without this crazy bitch. And she’s got a special announcement. Summer, tell ’em what we talked about.

Summer: Now? I don’t think…

Rick: Okay, I’ll do it, goddamn.

Morty voiceover: The new job did have some perks, like I got to be around the night Summer realized she was in over her head.

Rick: Yeah, okay. I’ve got 90 extra ferrets, which means I need 10 more, and then 4 of you get your own Gogotron, and 20% of you get a Gotron, ’cause we’re all gonna have a f*ckin’ Gogogotron!

Summer: He’s very excited. Um…

Little Ricky: Opa!

Morty: Oh, I hate my family.

Anime Guy 1: You should. Get in.

Anime Guy 1: How’s it going with your grandpa’s compulsiveness? Is your sister still enabling it, huh?

Morty: Who are you people?

Anime Guy 2: Let’s just say, we’re the rightful owners of these ferrets.

Morty: Then why were they scattered and buried across the universe?

Kendra: We mean, in a more general, cultural sense, ehh!

Anime Guy 1: What your grandpa did is called appropriation! Not cool, heugh!

Kendra: Look, Morty. We’ve been watching. We know you’re the one that knows what’s best. Work with us from the inside. Help us take over this operation. We’re literally designed for it, mm-hmm?

Anime Guy 2: Nobody will know it was you, then you can get back to what’s important.

Morty: Are those Boob Bucks?

Kendra: Legal tender at every kiosk and ride, huh?

Morty: I can’t. Summer’s treating me like shit, but, she’s still my sister.

Anime Guy 1: That’s really noble, Morty. If you were in our family, your loyalty would be rewarded. But you’re not in our family, which means we can kill you.

Morty: Oh, yeah?

Morty voiceover: And sure enough, just when I stuck my neck out for the family, it got stomped on, anyway.

Summer: Rick!

Morty: Mom! Dad!

Hothead Rick: Hothead Rick, baby!

Hothead Rick: Aaaugh! I set myself up for that! Aaugh!

Rick: What the hell happened?

Summer: Hothead Rick.

Beth: How did he get so close to us?

Summer: Morty was supposed to be security.

Rick: Morty!

Morty: I stepped away, all right? But not to let that happen!

Jerry: Morty! We’re not attractive strangers next to you on a flight to Paris traveling alone to get over a breakup, so this is no time to be coy!

Little Ricky: Opa!

Summer: Little Ricky!

Little Ricky: I’m all wrapped up, Summer. Ohh…

Morty: Guys, I know you don’t trust me, but what have we become? Why are we doing this anymore?

Jerry: Because it’s fun, you little rat! Now go home and play video games while we clean up these bodies, or your mother and I will hire people to break your knees!

Beth: This is $16,000 we got from the Deep State for stepping on that trailer park. It should be enough for school, lunch, and home repairs. Now I gotta turn my back on you.

Morty: No!

Summer voiceover: With Morty out of the way, things were looking up. But looks aren’t everything.

New Jerry: Hi, Summer. Umm, my cockpit’s not getting Wi-Fi…

Summer: Dad, you know that’s not what I do around here.

New Jerry: Oh, I’m not your dad. I’m a version of him, and this is my first day here, I’m not sure what you do around here.

Summer: Then, f*ck off.

New Jerry: Oh, f*ck you.

Summer: Excuse me? I want your ID.

Summer: Mom. Are you Mom? Can you control your working Jerrys?

Working Beth: Sweetie, we’re all a little overwhelmed.

Summer: Good point. You’re not a war-time mom, why don’t you find your version of Dad and take a break, take a holiday?

Summer: I don’t have time to wait for your confirmation, so let’s just say, if you’re here in 10 minutes, I’ll have you removed.

Rick: And then the Gotrons make the Gotrons make the Gotrons make the Gotrons.

Summer: Couple of snags, but I know how to speed things up.

Summer: Remember how we talked about how the best thing we could do for the family is recruit from outside the family?

Rick: Yes, way ahead of you. Summer, I want you to meet Kendra.

Rick: She’s from a temp agency. She’s got an entire workforce ready to go, and all of them have previous giant robot pilot experience. So, we’ll be ready to go ahead of schedule.

Summer: Well, I don’t know about that, but…

Rick: Well, Kendra knows, so.

Summer: So…

Morty: You’re here to break my legs?

Jerry: No, we’re here to talk shit about your sister, because she just fired us.

Morty: You’re kidding.

Beth: Arrogant little bitch.

Jerry: Should we clip her?

Beth: No, she’s not worth doing time.

Jerry: You wouldn’t do time. You brought her into the world.
Beth: So I can take her out. You thought that was an actual law? It’s a joke mothers say. What kind of f*cked-up world have you been living in?

Jerry: Uh, one where your mother murdering you isn’t a comedic premise?

Morty: Guys. There’s a little adjustment period, but pretty soon you’re gonna return to normal, and you’re not gonna wanna kill Summer, you’re not even gonna be mad at her.

Beth: Nah, f*ck her. She’s my enemy.

Jerry: Should we kill ourselves so we can get to hell before her and hide near the entrance?

Beth: Hmm, I like that.

Summer: Rick fired me.

Jerry: Aww, baby…

Beth: Aww, sweetie…

Summer: I’m sorry.

Beth: Are you okay, baby? What happened to us? We lost our minds.

Summer: I did it. Morty was right. I got addicted to making Grandpa happy.

Beth: It’s only because your grandpa inflates the value of his happiness.

Jerry: Eh, that’s a good point. I mean, look at me, I’m easy to make happy, which is why nobody gives a shit if I am.

Summer: I appreciate it, but there’s something else, too. I’ve been really sensitive about family lately because of something I’ve been keeping secret.

Beth: Oh.

Jerry: Okay, who’s on the Supreme Court and what state do we live in, it’s been years since I thought about this.

Summer: No, I’m not pregnant, but as you guys recall, and as a lot of people keep bringing up, Morty and I did accidentally create a giant incest baby, which the government did launch into space. And, I’m not sure how to tell you this, but, it is still alive, and I have been in contact with it.

Summer: There were soldiers waiting for me outside school last month, and they took me to the Pentagon and briefed me, and from there I was shuttled to a secret base on Mars. They had captured him and wanted to see if he’d respond to me. instinctively, being his mother. And he sure did, but what they didn’t expect was that I’d respond to him. I was supposed to help discipline him so they could turn him into the ultimate weapon. Instead, I trained him to love, to believe in himself, and finally, to escape.

Summer: The government doesn’t want anyone to know it happened, but it’s only a matter of time before the story comes out, and when it does, all we’re going to have is each other, and you guys are a couple, and Rick has Morty, but I’m the odd one out, so I wanted to make sure we stuck together. But instead I drove us apart and Rick replaced me with an anime girl, so all I got is myself and my giant tortured government-trained rogue incest monster baby out there in space somewhere.

Jerry: Aww, baby. Holy f*ck. And then you have to wonder, what else are they doing with our taxes?

Morty: Wait, Summer, what did you just say?

Summer: Morty, a lot.

Morty: He replaced you with an anime girl? Big eyes, plus signs for teeth, ends sentences with weird sounds that don’t fit?

Summer: Yeah, and that’s going to be his whole crew now, and they’re about to run their first test on the Gogogotron.

Morty: Those people wanna steal the robot. They’re gonna kill Rick! He’s all alone, we’ve gotta go save him!

Summer: Right. Or, you know, f*ck him.

Jerry: I’m good with that.

Beth: Yep. F*ck him.

Morty: Guys! A great leader once told me, you get the family you get.

Rick: All right, it works! Now we just gotta find a giant monster.

Kendra: My sensors have picked one up, Rick.

Rick: Okay, okay. Lock onto its location.

Kendra: Yeah, got it. Oh, it’s you!

Rick: Huh?

Rick: What the hell is this?

Kendra: Thanks for making the biggest robot ever, Rick! We’ll take it from here! Haha!

Rick: You little assholes!

Anime Guy 1: Ahh! You son of a bitch!

Rick: No!

Rick: Deuugh!

Kendra: Lock and load, boys!

Rick: Say hello to my little me!

Rick’s gun: Bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang!

Anime Guy 1: Deagh!

Rick’s gun: Bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang!

Rick: Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Rick’s gun: Bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang!

Rick: Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Rick’s gun: Bang-bang-bang-bang…

Rick: Yaugh!

Kendra: Give up, old man! The G3 is ours, and last I checked, your family wasn’t coming to save you, hmm?

Incest Baby: (babbling)

Kendra: Holy mother of mercy!

Rick: My god, it’s beautiful.

Summer: Yeah, family!

Kendra: Is that…

Rick: It’s exactly what it looks like, yes.

Anime Guy 1: Congrats, man. I see the resemblance.

Kendra: Form the energy sword! Activate the goddamn sword!

Morty: Oh, man, the sword? Maybe we didn’t think this through.

Beth: They’re not actually gonna attack a space baby, are they?

Summer: I never thought I’d be the one to say this, but, you need to watch more anime, Mom.

Summer: Whoa, easy now, Naruto.

[All yell]

Incest Baby: Bahbah go bye-bye!

[All scream]

Kendra: What the hell is wrong with you people? You just have an incest space monster in your back pocket, huh?

Rick: Welcome to the Smith family.


Summer: Shit! Put that down, Naruto, your great-grandpa is in there!

Morty: What do you say? One last zipline?

Rick: Heugh. Incest space baby. Nicely done.

Morty voiceover: After that, things pretty much went back to normal. Some version of it, anyway.

Morty voiceover: Rick said Gotrons were lame little kid bullshit, and we never talked about ’em again.

Summer voiceover: Except all those gigantic space bugs were runnin’ loose, and there were no Gotrons left to fight them.

Morty voiceover: Yeah, millions die every day.

Summer voiceover: You wanna know what they could never kill? Family.

Jerry: Help! Help! I’m still out here! Aaagh!

Morty voiceover: Yep, nothin’s more important than…

Morty: Hey! Hey, whoa-whoa-whoa!

Summer: Eugh!

Morty voiceover: And just like that, I knew our goose was as cooked as…

Rick: Voiceovarians. Ugh.

♪ Magic sights, exciting sounds ♪

♪ Come day or night, and feel around ♪

♪ This is the world for you ♪

♪ No matter where you’ve ever been ♪

♪ This is the place your life begiii-i-ins ♪

♪ Boob World ♪

♪ Boob World ♪

♪ It’s a world for you, but it’s actually two ♪

♪ Boob Wo-o-orld ♪

Sergeant: Somatski, you’re late!

Somatski: Won’t happen again! Sir!

Sergeant: Bugs! Look to your left. Now look to your right. None of you are coming back. Not one, in the entire history of this program, not a single bug has returned. All right, bring it in.

Sergeant: What are we?

Bugs: Normal-sized bugs!

Sergeant: What do we do?

Bugs: Travel through an interdimensional gateway to planets and tiny people!

Sergeant: Why do we do it?

Bugs: To spread the cure for AIDS!

Palicki: Hey, Sarge, how do we know if these little people can understand us? I mean, do they even speak Buginese?

Sergeant: Funny, Palicki. That’s why we say it very loud. Guys, you’ll still be the same civilized bug on their side. It’s not like interdimensional travel strips us of our clothes and makes us screaming monsters. Or, maybe it does, impossible to know. Now get out of here!

Somatski: My clothes… Where’d they go?

Somatski (in subtitles): OWW! Stop shooting me! Okay, here goes. ONE PART LEMON JUICE! FOUR BAY LEAVES! A PINCH OF SEA SALT!


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