Bob Dylan: Endings

Endings are a very important part of Dylan’s art, and I want to talk about endings particularly in relation to rhymes. You’ll remember the stroke of genius that makes the line, “Oh, Mama, can this really be the end?” be the antepenultimate line of the song in which it regularly appears.

Tapped (2009)

Songs used in the movie: Tapped (2009)

Full list of songs used in the documentary movie “Tapped” (2009). Tapped is a 2009 documentary film by directors Stephanie Soechtig and Jason Lindsey. The two began the documentary after research into ocean pollution “kept leading them to bottled water”.

Freedom of Expression: 2 Live Crew, Decoded

The rap group 2 Live Crew and their controversial hit recording “As Nasty as They Wanna Be” may well earn a signal place in the history of First Amendment rights. But just as important is how these lyrics will be interpreted and by whom.

Bob Dylan and Bono at Slane Castle 1984

Bob Dylan: The Bono Vox Interview (1984)

On July 8th, 1984, Bob Dylan played a concert at Slane Castle in Dublin that was flimed for broadcast on MTV. On the day of the concert, the publication Hot Press arranged for the young 24-year old Bono to interview Dylan backstage. When Bono arrived, he found Dylan in the company of Van Morrison.


In the following interview, Tom Petty talks, in a genteel drawl, about his solo album, Full Moon Fever, his songwriting process, his relationships with collaborators old and new, and the quality of his life these days.


At the dawn of the 1970s, a young Florida band had plausible dreams of making it big. “We were better than anyone else,” recalls their bassist, Tom Petty, of his doomed first band, Mudcrutch. Now, though, he has reunited this mix of Heartbreakers and guitar teachers for a long-awaited turn in the spotlight.


Metallica: Playboy Interview (2001)

Playboy sent freelance writer Rob Tannenbaum to interview the last of the big rock bands. He found that although the band members were out of touch with one another during the hiatus, they were not out of one another’s minds.

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