Superman & Lois – S01E15 – Last Sons of Krypton [Transcript]

Superman's worst nightmare comes to life, and Lois confronts Leslie Larr; Lana, Kyle and Sarah agree to stay to help General Lane.
Superman & Lois - S01E15 - Last Sons of Krypton

Original air date: August 17, 2021

Zeta-Rho allows Jordan to contact Superman and keeps him busy, while Tal-Rho turns six DOD soldiers into Krypton’s Defense Council. Tal-Rho enters the Shuster Mines to resurrect Krypton, while Superman and Irons fight Zeta-Rho and the Council. Irons knocks out Zeta-Rho and takes an unconscious Jordan to the farm, where Lois enters his mind with Tal-Rho’s Kryptonian device and successfully convinces him of his strength, expelling Zeta-Rho. Meanwhile, Superman holds Tal-Rho in place while Irons throws his kinetic hammer, powered with solar energy, at him at maximum force, depowering him and ending the conflict. Superman goes public with the truth about Edge’s origin. The Cushings decide to stay in Smallville after Kyle is offered his old job back. Lois purchases half of the Gazette to keep Chrissy from selling it away. Sam decides to step down from active duty at the DOD. Superman recovers the pieces of his father’s crystal from the Fortress of Solitude and buries them at the Kent Farm. Irons plans to leave Smallville when a vessel locks onto his suit and lands at the farm. His daughter comes out of the vessel and mistakes Lois for her mom.

* * *

I’ve been unable to locate Jordan Kent or Morgan Edge.

Shall I continue searching?

John, shall I keep searching?


And don’t stop.

You’re going to fail, again.

What about Edge’s fortress in the Badlands?

I looked there. Mine too.

His office, his lab?

I’ve searched them all.

You can’t hear him anywhere?

I’m listening for both of them.

But–I don’t understand. Where could he be hiding?

I don’t know.

My AI hasn’t picked up anything yet.

I’m gonna go back out.

I’ll come with you.

No, please just stay here in case something happens.



You have to–

I will find him.

I will not stop looking until I do.

We should get to–


Here, here, here.

Let–let me get him.

Let me get him.

Let me get him, okay?

Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa.

We need to get them both to a hospital.

We don’t have time.

General, listen, you’re hurt, you could have internal injuries.

All I care about is finding a son of a bitch who took my grandson.

Lana, I think I have some slings in the truck, okay?

Let’s just take it easy right here.

Sweety, are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, I’ll be all right, thank you.

I told him what happened with Edge and who he– who he was.

John, why would he take Jordan?

Go, obtain the forces necessary to resurrect the Defense Council.

I will ensure that you are not disturbed.

And you… son of Kal-El… will help me do it.


I need to speak with Larr.

Our orders are to take her–

I’m speaking with her.

What? You need me to call my dad?

Five minutes.

One minute.

Tell me where Edge took Jordan.

Well, I don’t know.

This world’s pretty big.

Just think of all the places he could hide.

Where is my son?

Your son?

I’m sure he’s long gone by now.

What have you done to him?

The world’s best investigative journalists can’t figure that out?

All you care about is one person when everyone else on this planet’s about to die.

How pathetically human.

We’re gonna find them.


Because you have no idea what’s coming next.

Even Superman won’t be able to stop it.

Time’s up.

I’ll say.

That look on your face, I know it well.

It’s the same one I had the moment I realized there was nothing I could do to save Krypton.

Damn it. I don’t have time for this.

Are you okay, sir?

I’m fine.

What the hell is going on here?

They’ve been here for a while, sir. Won’t leave.

We’re going to have to make ’em.

So, we can go, or we can stay and help.

We stay and help.

We help.






Hey, hey, hey! Listen–

Everyone, quiet down.

Everybody, listen up.

I thought you left town already.

Hey, just please listen to what General Lane has to say, okay?

It is for everyone’s safety.

We all saw what Edge did to Metropolis.

That’s right.

Come on, man.

Why don’t you tell us what’s really going on?

I need you all to go home and stay there until we tell you it’s safe to leave.

It isn’t safe?

But they said on the news that Superman saved Metropolis.

And the people that he infected were apprehended.

He did, they were.

And why are you still in Smallville?

Because Edge wasn’t caught, was he?

Oh, my God, what is that?


Jordan. Jordan.

Hey, are you okay? Are you hurt?

No, no, no, no, no. I-I-I don’t think so.

What happened?

You–you don’t remember?

I-I was in an accident with–with John and-and Sarah and Grandpa, and then Edge grabbed me, and then next thing I remember–

I was eradicated.

There’s that weakness, Kal-El.


You did this to my son?

He’s the perfect vessel.

He’s a child!

Who possesses the untapped power of Kryptonian with the easily manipulated mind of a human.

Now I will mold both into proper greatness.

You’re a monster.

What I am is committed.

And no one, especially the son of Jor-El, will keep me from ensuring our people survive.

Wait up what is that?

Is that Morgan Edge?

Move, move, move!

Everyone, get back!

Move, move, move!

Fan out.

Go, go, go.

Jordan, stop!


ple–please help me.

I-I don’t wanna die.

Jordan, Jordan hold on.

I sacrifice my only son to save our people and you don’t even have the strength to strike yours.

Go, move.

Where is he?

He’s trying to save your brother.


We have backup coming.


Target acquired.

Come on.

Power down to 50%.



There’s nothing you can do now, Kal-El.

The Defense Council has risen.

What’s that in his hand?

That’s Kryptonite.

Oh, my God.


We need to evacuate Smallville


They need to get as far away from here as possible as quickly as possible.

Twitter, mass email, put out a special edition of the “Gazette,” whatever we need to do to get these people the hell out of Dodge.



We’ll–we’ll spread the word whether they wanna hear from us or not.


Whatever we need to do.

General, have you heard any word on Jordan?

Not yet.

But we have the world’s finest looking for him.


Come on.

Zeta-Rho was just toying with me.

Jordan’s still in there, but I don’t know how much time we have before he’s gone.

Scheer, Knopes, Foss.

Has he eradicated some of your soldiers?

Six of my best.

Were they from Smallville?

None of ’em.

Well, why would he do that?

Their powers won’t last.

He must just need them temporarily.

How did he do it?

Created some kind of energy field.

Like in Sentenial Park.

When I used one of my solar flares on him, it made it a dent.

Then we need as much as we can get.

Call Lyla. Get another missile from ARGUS.

The one they sent was the only one they had.

Okay well, there’s gotta be something else we can do, right?


I have some solar weapons left.

It might do the trick.

Plus, there’s some ones you took.


Look, son, how about you and me see if we can throw something together?


Come on.

Clark, when Zod was in your mind, how tough was he to overcome?

Nearly impossible.

All right. I’m gonna go prepare for when we find him ’cause we will, and he’ll find us.

And I’ll need to know what you want to do when that happens.

How do I do this?

How do I stop the new Subjekts, Edge the way he is now and save Jordan all at once?

You can’t, Clark.

You have to let us help you.

You and John Henry can take down Edge, and Jonathan and I will save Jordan.


With the same device

that Edge used on you to access your memories.

We can use it to save Jordan.


You and Kyle

and all the other people that Edge used as Subjekts,

you all said the same thing–

that there was a darkness that overcame you

when you were eradicated.

I’ve been helping Jordan push through that darkness

his whole life.

I can do it now.

I can access his memories and wake him up.

Yeah, but they won’t just be Jordan’s memories,

they’ll be Zeta-Rho’s too.

And if he realizes you’re in there like I did with the Edge,

he’ll wake up, and then he’ll come for you.

And if that happens, Jonathan will be there.

I have seen him under pressure and he is in complete control.

Clark, you and I brought the boys into the superhero world

and I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do

but I have seen how capable they’ve become.

They’re strong like their father.

Like their mother.

The road is closed for your safety.

We’re going to evacuate Downtown now.

No, no, no, the DOD just issued the order.

We have to go, Mom.

All right, tell Soph we’ll meet up soon, okay?

And be careful.

We gotta go.

Here’s all the weapons I borrowed.


You still haven’t gotten looked at, have you?

I will, I will.

You go take care of the world,

I’ll take care of my family.

So the good new-Red solar tech

plus the hammer’s kinetic force

should pierce the Eradicator’s energy field

and dissipate his power reserves.



can stop him.

Provided you throw it

from a far enough distance.

That’s the bad news.

The hammer needs to gain maximum force,

which means a long throw.

And Edge needs to be locked down

dead center of the bullseye.

I’m guessing

you only get one shot at this.

I’ll handle Edge.

Right, ’cause that’s totally doable.

I mean, he only has, like, six other

badass Kryptonian dudes with him.

Look, those are terrible odds. This is really the plan?

It’s the only plan we’ve got.

Okay. I mean, what about us?

You’ll be guarding your mother while she finds her way

into one of Jordan’s memories.

The hell’s that thing?

It’s a restored weapon of Thaddeus Killgrave’s.


All you need to know

is you don’t use this unless you have to.

Detecting Kryptonian air mobiles.


The mines.

This way, come on! Let’s go!

So, terrible odds.


But better together.

Go! I’ve got them.

Got it.

John, that blast used a significant amount of power.

I know.

We will need to reroute

energy reserves to–

I know!

Hurry. He won’t be out for long.

How’s it going out there?

A work in progress.


I got you.

I know.

Then it’s time.

Father, we can still–

It’s time!

You had one mission and you veered from it

because you’re weak.

I gotta go deeper.

He is guilty!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Let’s go. Go, go. We gotta go.

We gotta go.

Go! Come on. We gotta get to this diner.

Go, go, go, go! Go!

All right, into the diner! Go, go, go, go. Come on go.

Get in, stay low and stay away from the windows.


Go, go, go!

Dad, where are you going?

To do his job.

Come on, come on, move it, come on.


What year is it on this earth?

By their measurements, it’s 19 and 87.

And the Eradicator, have you found it?

You’ll never get to him.

He’s been buried deep in his subconscious.

Lost forever.

I’ll find him.

You don’t even know where to look.

But I know where to find you.

Jordan, you gotta wake up.

Promise if you do, I’ll never ever…

do any of the stuff you hate.


Mom did it!


She didn’t.

Everybody get in. Get low, stay away from the windows.


Come on. Emily, get down.



Oh, thank God.






Jordan, it’s Mom!

I need you to hear me!



Honey, I’m here, okay? I’m here.

I’m sorry I’m not strong, Mom.

Yes, you are.

He said that I was pathetic.

An embarrassment, and the weakest of my kind.

Jordan, that’s ’cause he knows

how strong you really are.

I’m not strong, Mom.

Yes you are.

I’m not strong, Mom!

Yes, you are. What Zeta said is not true.

You have no idea how strong you are.

You’re stronger than any of us.

All your life you have been strong.

You are a fighter.

I need you to fight now harder than you ever have.

You find that strength that I know is there.

You find that strength to come back to us.

I know you can do it, baby. Find that strength and fight.

Fight! Fight!

I’m proud of you.


Oh, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Oh, my–


I love you.

Jordan, I love you.



Jordan, Jordan.

Boys, boys.

We did it.


You ready?

Warning, John,

our power reserves are flatlining.


On my mark.

John, you don’t have much time to–

Just tell me what he’s in position.

John, you need to get to land.

Is he in position?


In position.

Warning. Complete system failure.

Reserves depleted.

We did it, Dad.

We did it.

Forged in fire. Strong as steel.

Rebooting unsuccessful.

John, do you copy?


So I can be out there with you when you’re kicking ass.

I’m gonna be right back, I promise.

Nice timing.

My best.

All I wanted was a family, Kal.

You had it.

We were brothers.

I’ve seen more than my share of disasters.

Big, small, natural, or otherwise,

they can change a place forever.

And it’s not just the physical destruction.

Sometimes it’s the people who may never be the same.

Oftentimes, a crisis has a way

of revealing a person’s true nature,

for better or worse.

Which brings me to Morgan Edge.

Now, I know there will be a lot of questions

about how a simple businessman could have

orchestrated the strange events

that happened here.

I want the world to know the truth.

Morgan Edge is not from this planet.

He, in fact, is from Krypton.

Morgan Edge is Kryptonian?

Yes. I only discovered this recently

when he revealed he wanted to turn humans into our kind.

You mean Smallvillians into Kryptonians.

Yes, using a device from Krypton

to supplant the human mind with a Kryptonian one

and a mineral only found here

that would grant the host powers.

That’s why he was here and why he purchased mines.

First, take over Smallville then the world?

Something like that.

And is it still possible for these Kryptonian minds

to be implanted in humans?

No, not anymore.

Makes me wonder, are you at all worried

that this would make people afraid of Kryptonians?

You mean me?

That’s not something I will ever be able to control.

But I know who I really am,

just like I know who the people of Smallville really are.

What do you mean by that?

This small town was hurting.

Its people were hurting.

An event this big could have destroyed it,

could’ve torn it apart, but it didn’t.

It brought it back together.

I saw people find strength they didn’t know they had,

face their fears, become heroes.

I’m not the one who saved Smallville.

Its people did.

And I know because of this experience,

by going through this together,

Smallville will be stronger than it has ever been before.

[Free’s “All Right Now”]

There you go.

Oh, whoa, whoa


All right now

Baby, it’s all right now

Hot plate, coming through.

I call ’em victory ribs.

Oh, victory ribs huh?

Try ’em.

You tell me that’s an inaccurate statement.

Mmm! Mmm.

I need this recipe.

What did I just say.

Normally, that would not be an option, but for you,

we’re gonna make that happen, all right?

All right.

All right.

Oh, babe, Chrissy’s here.

Well, I see you two made up.

Yeah. She came over and we talked

then we cried,

then we finished an entire box of white wine.

An entire box?

Yeah. We cried a lot.

I’m glad you decided to stay.

He gave Kyle back his job, so the choice was easy.

And Smallville is home.

It always will be.

Hey, you know, I met my best friend here.

Oh, is that so?


Don’t even try it.


all: Ohh!

Don’t ever bet against Supes.

You just can’t get a win, can you, QB2?

I wouldn’t be so sure.

What’s this?

A plea to not sell the “Gazette.”

Lois, the lawyer is drawing up the paperwork tomorrow.

Which is why I wanna buy half of it from you today.

Okay, we sold the brownstone in Metropolis,

and with the money from that, I have just enough

to match half of your other offer.

Let’s build something here.

A paper owned and operated by us.

Reporters who put the story first no matter

the consequences.

What do you think? You want to be partners with me?



Of course, I’ll be partners with you!

Are you freaking kidding me right now?

This is the happiest day of my life.


Now, I got a call from the DOD earlier.

Gave me the hard sell, hoping I’d come on board.

Any reason I didn’t hear from you first?

Yeah, there is.


I’m stepping down from active duty.

Put in my request yesterday.

This have to do with your injury?

Nah, more of my priorities.

I’ve been taking care of the world for a long time.

Thought maybe it was time to start taking care of my family.

You’re gonna be hard to replace.

They’ll find somebody.

[laughs] I’m sure.

Now if you’ll excuse me,

I saw some brisket that needs my attention.


Just heard about your dad.

Yeah. Caught us all by surprise.

What about you? Have you given any thought to what’s next?

A little. Been thinking

I should reach out to my sister.

Maybe actually make contact this time.

You know, we got a lot of work to do on the farm.

[laughs] Of course.

You and Clark could get it up and running while also doing,

you know, the other thing.

Nah, I don’t know.

I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Clark and I talked about it. He really trusts you.

It’s not about him.

Every time I look at you,

I see my wife,

the only woman I’ve ever loved.

She’s with someone else and they’re happy.


No, I know you’re not her

but it doesn’t change how it feels.

I just want you to be happy.

I know.

Which is why I can’t stay.

Thank you for everything.

Just take good care of your boys–

all three of ’em. [both laugh]

Well, since this is now a goodbye party,

I think tequila is in order.


Shall we?

Yeah, let’s do it. Come on.



I heard what you said when Morgan Edge took you.

Well, I meant it.

It wasn’t just one of those things that people say

’cause they think they’re going to die, Sarah.

Since I first met you that summer, I felt that way.

I love you, too.

Come on. What’s this all about?

This tree always gets the best light this time of day.

Thought your dad would like it here.


Growing up, I always felt different–

alone in some way.

I had so many questions about who I was,

why I was here.

And all that changed when I met him.

He taught me so many things

about my homeworld,

about my family,

about myself.

But the greatest thing–

the greatest thing he ever did for me…

is just be my dad.

Is everything okay, John?

Your mood appears rather pensive.

I’m not pensive.

Your vitals seem to suggest otherwise.

You got everything packed up?

Yeah, well, unless you wanted an overly intrusive AI device.

I think we’re good.


Sure we can’t convince you to stay?


Not now.

An anomalous vessel has just linked to your war suit CPU, and is approaching at a dangerously high velocity.

It can’t be.

Oh, good.



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