The White Lotus – S01E04 – Recentering [Transcript]

After Shane shoots down her latest career plans, Rachel is further blindsided by an unexpected arrival. Just as Belinda begins to take her business proposition seriously, Tanya's attention turns to an intriguing hotel guest.
The White Lotus

Episode aired August 1, 2021

Quinn wakes on the beach again to see a group of natives singing and bringing their canoe to shore, and examines them fondly, and introduces himself later that afternoon. When Paula’s lover Kai confides in her about his past and family, she reveals the mystery of why she keeps their affair secret; Olivia is a jealous friend, and doesn’t want Paula having anything she doesn’t, with Olivia later implying to have slept with a former crush of Paula’s. Tanya reveals to the girls that Armond does indeed have Paula’s backpack, and when they confront him, he resolves to give it back, drugs and all, having promised Belinda to get back on the wagon. However, when Shane finds and whines at Armond outside the latter’s office, demanding to speak with his boss, a livid Armond removes the pills and takes a Xanax before returning the backpack and flirting openly with Mark. Tanya and Belinda further discuss the idea of a wellness center, and dinner plans to continue, but the former cancels when she is asked out by the similarly absent-minded Greg from the next room over. Armond, having promised Shane a surprise as recompense for his “unpleasant stay”, arrives at the Palm Suite to reveal it; Shane’s mother Kitty has arrived at the Lotus, ostensibly to vacation with a friend, and to Rachel’s obvious disbelief and discomfort. Throughout the day, she reiterates how little she remembers from her son’s wedding. It’s a debaucherous night for the guests of the White Lotus; Kitty casually shoots down Rachel’s work aspirations, Olivia flirts with Kai, Tanya and Greg go to bed together, and when Shane discovers the number Armond gave him for his boss is fake, he storms into the manager’s office to find him sexually servicing Dillon.

* * *






PAULA: It is so beautiful.

KAI: When I was younger, my father would bring me and my older brothers to this beach to look for sunnies.

PAULA: What are sunnies?

KAI: Well, they’re shells. Pretty shells. I’ll find you one later. Then we’d go back to our patch and clear the waterways, feed the pigs, pull the taro.



I don’t know, you’re just… you’re so real.

I’m very real.

Was the hotel here?

Well, they were the ones that actually evicted us from our lo’i. The land that was given by King Kamehameha to the konohiki, it was a sacred title. Can’t be broken. But the government, they terminated our lease illegally.

That’s fucked up.

My brothers, they’re still trying to fight the county, but they can’t afford a lawyer. The good ones are too expensive. (SIGHS) It’s a shit situation.

And now you work for the same assholes that stole from you?

When my brothers found out that I took this job… they were so pissed. But I gotta make a living, you know?

I have to go before she wakes up.

Why don’t you want her to know that we’re hanging out?

She’s tricky.

Isn’t she your friend?

Yeah, she’s my friend. As long as she has more of everything than I do. But if I have something of my own, she wants it.

(LAUGHS) She’s like that, huh?

That family is crazy. Oh, my God. (LAUGHS) You wouldn’t even believe it.

All these guests are crazy.







Excuse me? Spa doesn’t open until 9:00.


I thought you were a guest.

I’ll be out in just a second.

This is the women’s locker room, by the way.

Oh, shit.

It’s fine. Finish your shower.

(SIGHS) I know you’re too intuitive for me to bullshit you. I fell off the wagon yesterday. The whole thing with Lani put me on edge, so I took a Xanax. But then I was, um, dragging, so I took an upper. And then I took another and then another. Then I went down to the bar after work and had a few shots.


And then I think the father staying in the Tradewinds… asked me to fuck him up the ass?


(SIGHS) But this is why I have to stay sober, Belinda, because when I dabble… even just a little… I fall completely off the beam.

Sounds like it.

But I’m– I’m okay. I’m– I’m not going down that road again.

Then get rid of the pills.

Absolutely. Hundred percent.


(CLEARS THROAT) What’d you do all day?

I did scuba.

Mm-hmm. And the eight hours after that?

I drank beer at the Kahuna.

Mm. Well, we ended up eating dinner at the restaurant. It wasn’t very festive.

I’m sorry. I was depressed. I kept thinking about how my dad chose his sex life over his family.

Well, that sounds familiar.

And it literally killed him. So I never really got to know him, you know?


Well, are you gonna participate today, or are you gonna go on another bender?

Participate! Happy, happy. Jesus Christ.

Girls! All right, girls, let’s get breakfast. The buffet is expensive, and we’ve already paid for it.

Mom, Paula can’t keep eating this much fruit.

Why not?

I have fructose malabsorption.

Oh, my God.

OLIVIA MOSSBACHER: She keeps getting diarrhea.

And cramps.

Eat some meat, Paula. Eat a sausage. I don’t know. Did Quinn sleep on the beach again last night? This is not okay. You’ve got to be more protective of your younger brother, Olivia. You can’t just make him sleep on the beach where he can be washed away with the tides.

Yeah, Olivia, he could’ve been kidnapped by butt pirates.

Or end up in a bukkake with a pod of dolphins.









♪ A fond embrace ♪


♪ Until we meet again ♪

RACHEL PATTON: But the truth is that what you said is completely right. Like, it is mostly clickbait for, like, no money. And, yeah, the industry does suck. But, like, there are people my age doing great work. And I’m just not one of them. And maybe that’s just ’cause I’m not great. Like, I’m just not excellent. Do you know what I’m saying?

I think you’re great. But I know what you mean.

Um… Maybe I just don’t have, like, the drive like some people. And I’m worried that now it’s just gonna get worse.

‘Cause now you can afford expensive facials.

Come on, Shane. Just be serious. So, what I’m thinking is maybe, if I really wanna make a difference, maybe I get involved in a great non-profit and… and I just put journalism on the back burner for a little while.

That’s a great idea.


(WHISPERING) Oh, my God. That family is… That one, they are so weird. The dad is a perv, and the son always stares at my boobs.

Well… not as weird as What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? over here.


Yeah, well… (MUTTERING) She’s coming– she’s coming over to the table.




You guys were really good sports yesterday.

RACHEL: How are you doing?

I don’t know. I– I feel like I failed, but…

Oh, no.


TANYA MACQUOID: Yeah. When I saw my mother’s ashes hit the water, you know, I just, uh… It just reminded me of… of, you know, sprinkling fish food in an aquarium. And I was just like, “Oh, my God,” you know? Am I feeding my mother to the fishes? You know? And is that what she would’ve wanted?



Hope you’re enjoying your breakfast.

SHANE: Yeah. Get– uh, get some.

I think I will.



Paula, you’re not still mad about that whole Trevor thing, are you?

No, not at all.

Okay, ’cause if you like a guy, you can tell me. Or whatever. You can trust me. I’m not gonna, like, swoop him out from underneath you.

Yeah, I– I trust you.

Okay, ’cause Trevor was just like this momentary lapse of judgment, and I’ve learned my lesson.

TANYA: Hey, girls. Did you get your backpack back?


You left it on the beach the other day. I– I gave it to one of the beach boys.

You did?

Yeah. I gave it to the one over there. The one with the khaki face.

Thank you.



CHRISTIE: Morning.

Hi, ladies.

GUEST 1: Hello.

GUEST 2: Hey.

Looking good.

OLIVIA: Sir. Sir! Dude.

Oh, aloha. How is everyone this morning?

You have our backpack.

It’s a green backpack.

You said yesterday that you didn’t have it, but he just said that he gave it to you two days ago and then you put it in the lost and found.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s in your office.

A green backpack? I– yes, I do remember that. I’ll– I’ll go to the office and get it for you right away.

I was thinking that maybe if I miss journalism, then I can just come back–

SHANE: Hey, man. Hey, man. Excuse– Hey!

RACHEL: Shane.

This guy’s a fucking puke.


Did you see that?

Shane. Shane.

He fully fucking ignored me.

I’m trying to talk to you about my future.

I know. Okay, yup.

What do you think of that idea?

Um… I think it’s, uh, good. I think it’s cool.

This fucking guy. I’m sorry. I gotta deal with this. This is… Dude?


Oh, Mr. Patton, good morning.

Did you not see me in the restaurant just now?

I’m sorry?

I’m waving to you, I’m shouting– I know you saw me.

I was sent to fetch a bag.

You looked right at me and you kept walking.

My apologies. So sorry. Oh, how was your candlelit dinner last night?

(SCOFFS) Yeah, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Uh, it fucking blew, frankly.

Oh, no.

Yeah. You put us on a boat with a crazy lady who was having some kind of fucking memorial service. You knew! You knew that she was out there to spread her dead mother’s ashes on the goddamn ocean.

Oh, well, she might’ve mentioned that.

I’m trying to do a romantic gesture for my wife. I got a crazy lady who’s having some kind of fucking nervous breakdown. So no, it was not romantic. It was a dumpster fire shit show!

I had no idea. I’m sorry your vacation isn’t everything you’d hoped– so far. But the good news, there’s an exciting surprise you’ll be receiving later today.

What? We’re gonna get in our room?

Unfortunately, no.


But I think this is really gonna turn things around.

Then I don’t want it! I don’t want a free massage. I don’t want cheap champagne. What I want is to speak to your boss.

Well, I am the resort manager.

Yeah, but you have a boss. Who is your boss?

Our general manager, Mr. Zeoli, is at a conference this week.

Yeah, I want to get in touch with him. Can I have his number?

I’ll have him call you.

No! No. I’m calling him.

I will have someone bring you his business card with his cell phone number to your room. And you can call him at your leisure.

Good. This morning, please.







QUINN MOSSBACHER: Okay. I’m gonna need somebody’s phone today. I can’t go another day without a phone.

You had my phone all day yesterday.

Okay, can I have it again?

No. I need it.

Yeah, right.

No way.


Honey, I’d love to help, but I need to have my phone. I’m getting calls from work.

Okay. Okay, but you guys are gonna regret this.

Hey, remember we got scuba, bud.

We should’ve let him bring a friend.

OLIVIA: He doesn’t have any friends.

Of course he does. Hiroki Takeuchi.

Hiroki Takeuchi moved back to Japan.

What? When?

Like two years ago.

(HUFFS) Quinn!


All’s well that ends well.

Thank you.

Bye, Dad.


Mr. Mossbacher. How are you?

I’m a little hungover. But not too bad.

Well, you look great.

Thank you. So do you. … Well, have a good one.

I’ll see you soon.

BELINDA: (WHISPERING) Pardon me, so sorry.

Thank you.

Tanya, hi.


I thought you might enjoy some peppermint tea before your wrap.

TANYA: Oh, thank you.

Of course. Good to see you.

Yeah. Helps with… circulation.

(EXHALES) Yeah. I just love peppermint tea.

It’s good.

I just really wanna thank you for yesterday. And being there for me, getting me to my room. I mean, I was a mess.

You were fine.

TANYA: It would’ve been a hell of a lot worse if you hadn’t been there. You have, like, a really beautiful, kind, and calming presence. Seriously, Belinda. I’m not kidding. You– you should have your own wellness center. You should. Because you really know what you’re doing.

That’s really very sweet. Thank you.

You just can’t be behind the desk at some hotel spa. You need to be in business for yourself.

I know.

Yeah, and hey, I’m someone who can make that happen. You should really think about it.


It’s something I could use. You know, I could have a lot of fun too, and I could, you know, even give you a couple ideas. You know, the whole vision could be yours.

I’m flattered. And I’m very much interested.

Hey, one sec. Yeah, um– I, uh– I gotta have, um… You drink the peppermint tea for now, and, um, I wanna talk about this more, but I’ll be way more clear after my oxygen facial. Okay. All right.

Let’s get into business! Okay.


What the fuck? The bong is here, the weed is here, but the pills are gone.

No. What about the K? Do you think that fucker took our stash?

The Klonopin, Liv.

NICOLE MOSSBACHER: How’s it going? … Hey, can I ask you girls a favor? Can you try to include Quinn a little bit more in your voodoo ceremonies and whatever else you do?

Mom, he’s scuba diving in the kiddie pool.

No, I know, just in general. You know, I just… I don’t think you appreciate how tough things are for kids like Quinn right now.

Why? Because of the Asperger’s?

He doesn’t have Asperger’s, Olivia. But he is a straight, white, young man. And nobody has any sympathy for them right now. And I just feel like we should. Yeah, in a way, they’re the underdogs now.

Go on.

Well, for instance, young guys like Quinn, who are just getting out of college, I don’t care how incredibly impressive they are, it is almost impossible for us to hire them.

Well, isn’t that because up until now, they’re the only people that you’ve ever hired?

Yeah, don’t you have enough of them on staff?

Trust me, I get it. I’m just saying, I understand how guys like Quinn can feel a little alienated from the culture right now.

Mom, cringe.

And I don’t think it’s fair to him.

Mom, cringe.

(SIGHS) Olivia, he’s my son, okay?

I think he’s gonna be okay, Nicole.

Thank you, Paula.

Okay. Paula’s meds are missing. And so we need to go find them. It’s urgent.

She’s not gonna have like a seizure or something?

If I keep sitting here.




Now, I know you said you didn’t want my surprise, but I took the liberty of bringing it anyway.

What is it?





Am I interrupting?


KITTY PATTON: I know it’s only your honeymoon.

SHANE: What are you doing here? Hey!


Listen, I know this isn’t kosher, and I told him to keep it a secret because I knew you would say no.

Get outta here. Come on, come on, come on, come on.

ARMOND: Dinner reservation for three?

SHANE: Yeah.


Surprise! (GIGGLES)

Oh, my God. Look at her face, poor thing. She’s white as a sheet.

Don’t worry. I have my own room. And I’m here just one night, maybe two nights. I’m crazy. I’m so sorry. I’m totally crazy. I know. I was just so tense from the wedding and all the weeks leading up to it. I know you were too. And then Cathy Clement– I swear this was Cathy Clement’s idea. She said, “We should do a spa week at the Mauna Kea.” And of course that sounded amazing. And then I talked to you on the phone, honey, and you sounded so upset. You had me worried. And I thought, you know, maybe I’ll just pop over and see you guys for a second and give you a little love and then be on my way and go meet Cathy at the Mauna Kea. Please don’t be mad at your mother-in-law.

Oh, my God. Of course not. I’m not mad. I’m really, really happy to see you.

Oh, good. That makes me so happy. This is a really nice view. It’s a really nice room. But it’s definitely not the room I booked.

Trust me, I know.

Why did they give you this room, I wonder?

Mother… (SCOFFS) Don’t even start. It’s…

Hmm? It’s a touchy subject, huh?

SHANE: Yeah.

I can’t believe my baby boy is married. I can’t believe it! Aw.


I am so glad we had so many cameras. The whole thing is an absolute blur. I don’t remember anything. Do you? Do you? And Rachel, you were such a beautiful bride, but also very pale. But now you have a little more color, and it looks great.


Have you been in the ocean? Have you been surfing, Shane?

SHANE: Little bit.

I really worry about your ears, though. You really have to wear– Did you get earplugs?

SHANE: I know.

I really like this textured paper over here on this wall. So pretty. I wanna get that, don’t you? Gives it some character. (EXHALES) And all the palm fronds.

It is the Palm Suite.

It’s a theme, there you go. (GIGGLES)


KITTY: Ooh, what’s out here?


KITTY: Oh, pretty. But so many plants are obstructing the view.

Buddy, Quinn, yesterday… I think I said some things that I probably shouldn’t have.

Like what?

MARK: Well… I don’t really remember exactly what I said, so…

You said having sex with mom was like eating a plate of live worms.

I said that? …  Quinn, look, okay, that’s not because of your mother. Your mother is beautiful. Like, I’m lucky. I mean, the truth is… Do you wanna know the truth?


I cheated on your– your mother once. Well, not once, but with one woman. You know, a few times. Um, a couple– it was a couple of times.

You did?


Does Mom know?

Yeah, she knows. Of course she knows. And dealing with it, dealing with her, getting her to forgive me, was… it was hell. (SCOFFS) It was the worst time in my life. We managed to keep you kids in the dark, but she almost left me. And, you know, there was a lot of drama. We had to do all this therapy. Yeah, I bought her a pair of bracelets for 75,000 dollars.


Yeah. With my money. Not her money.


Man… (SIGHS) …in the moment… you’re like this… You’re a monkey. Like possessed. You’d do anything to get your rocks off. And then, later, you regret it. And you do regret it.


There’s the man, and there’s the monkey. And somehow, you gotta be man enough to face down the monkey.


GREG: Fuck you! Shit! Really? Come on. What the hell? Come on. Hello?


Come on!

Excuse me. I think this is my room.

Oh, crap. Well, where am I? What am I doing? Well, no wonder it’s not working. (LAUGHS) I’m so confused. Five nine four! I’m five nine two. I was drinking on the boat. (LAUGHS)

Oh yeah?

Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I’ll get out of your way. I think I must be one over. Maybe this way here. Oh, yeah, this is me. Sorry. (LAUGHS) We were drinking on the boat.

Oh, yeah? You said that. (CHUCKLES)

Yeah, we go on a deep-sea fishing trip every year. Just a good group of guys. Bunch of buds from the BLM.

Oh. (LAUGHS) Oh.

(CHUCKLES) You enjoying Hawaii? You– you here with your family?

No. No, I’m vacationing with myself.

GREG: Oh, okay. Yeah.

My family’s not here either.


My kids are grown, wife’s gone. I’m divorced.


Sorry about getting in your… door.


There we go. It worked!



GREG: Hi. Hi. So, listen. You know, my friends, they’re leaving today, and I’m gonna be staying here until the weekend, and you’re alone, and I figured, well, why don’t we just go grab dinner? You wanna grab dinner tonight? Is that– is that crazy? It’s just downstairs, you know, casual.

Oh, well… I did have a plan.

Oh. Well, that’s…

But I could… I could just… change it.

Yeah? Okay. Great! That– I mean, that’s terrific! I’ll see you at seven o’clock. Okay. Oh! I’m Greg. I should’ve started with that.


I’m Tanya MacQuoid.

Nice to meet you.


This is the spa.

TANYA: Hey, it’s me.

Hey, Tanya.

Uh, listen, um… Is it okay if we push off our dinner till tomorrow? I– I got asked out, believe it or not. There’s a deep-sea fisherman staying next door. And he’s with a group from Black Lives Matter.

Yeah? Sure, no problem. I think a date will be good for you.

Oh, yeah, well, I don’t know. I’m not– yeah, I’m not sure, but yeah. I’m so sorry to put off our dinner.

BELINDA: That’s okay. You know, I got so excited about our conversation, I decided to write up a business proposal. I’m working on it now. Have fun tonight.

TANYA: Oh. All right. Well, hey. Thank you.

BELINDA: Yeah. Yeah.

TANYA: All right.






CHRISTIE: I have Mr. Patton on the line.

Oh, shit. … Okay, yeah.


SHANE: Hello.

Mr. Patton, are you enjoying your mother?

SHANE: You said you were gonna bring me that number of the general manager? You forgot to give it to me?

Yes, of course. I’ll get that to you. Not a problem.

SHANE: Just bring it to dinner.


Jesus Christ. Fucking freak.


Just a minute! … Yes? … Oh, Dillon, come in.


I’m glad you’re here. I need to make a business card with the Lotus logo on it. Are you any good with computers?

Hey, listen, the girls from the Tradewinds are in the lobby.

What do they want?

They wanna talk to you.

Oh, fuck. All right.


ARMOND: Ladies. How can I help you?

There’s stuff missing from my bag.

What kind of stuff?

Important stuff.

Paula’s medications.

Oh, my. Well, if you’d like to make an inventory of the medications that you’re missing, we can then do a proper search.

Never mind. There’s too many to list.







QUINN: Hey. I’m, uh… My name’s Quinn, and I was on the…




♪ A fond embrace ♪






We heard it. We got it.

We got it, boss.


ARMOND: Just over here. There we are.


NICOLE: Thank you.

Some menus for you. Mr. Mossbacher, looking very handsome tonight.

Oh. Thank you.

We have something special for you tonight. Our local staff will be performing some traditional Hawaiian entertainment. Oh! Which will begin right now with the blowing of the pu.




Well, wasn’t that a treat? Enjoy.

Dad… I think that guy was hitting on you.

Probably because he was high on our ketamine.

He was just, you know, being friendly.

He looked like he wanted to fuck you, Dad.

NICOLE: Olivia, Come on.


Are those the 75,000-dollar bracelets?


They were a gift from your father. I don’t– I don’t know how much they cost.

QUINN: Seventy-five thousand! Why?

Quinn, it’s not polite to talk about how much things cost.

And they just, like, sit on your wrist? What do you do with them?

Hey. Hey! Drop it, pal.

You know, we– we should probably get the talking in now. Because there’s gonna be a very loud luau show.

Oh. Okay. (LAUGHS) Well, let’s get talking. Uh…



ARMOND: Aloha! Welcome.



I have a special table for you, where you can enjoy the show. Just follow me.


This is pleasant. And there’s live music and handsome men in grass skirts. I’m loving this.

(CHUCKLES) There you are.

Thank you.

Hey, can I get that number now?

Oh, I was just about to hand it to you.

SHANE: Uh-huh.

Here you are. … Have a lovely dinner.

KITTY: Thank you.

DILLON: The special for tonight is the mahalo mahi-mahi. That comes with the mango sticky rice, uh, seaweed salad, and, um, like a really good Caesar.

And for you?

GUEST: Okay, great.


Mom, good news. I’m looking around the hotel, and it seems like all of the white, straight men are doing just fine. They’re still thriving.

Point taken. I just think it’s funny that now it’s okay to reduce everybody to their race and gender, but isn’t that the kind of thinking that we’ve been fighting against all these years?

I agree. I mean, for years, I was the good guy, you know? I was the one in the room, saying, like, “Hey, that’s not cool,” to all the chauvinists and bigots. But now I’m the bad guy, or at least, I shouldn’t say anything on account of my inherited traits. I mean, why do I need to prove my anti-racist bona fides? It seems wrong.

It’s someone else’s turn to eat.

OLIVIA: Yeah. It’s not all about you, Dad. It’s time to recenter the narrative.

That’s fine by me. I don’t wanna be the center of the narrative. Believe me. Let’s center the narrative around, uh, Paula.


Okay. Yeah. What do you know about her?

What do you mean?

Do you know anything about Paula?

I know that she goes to college with you. And that she’s a very intelligent and appealing young woman.

But you’ve never really asked her one thing about herself.

Well, we’re not on a job interview. We’re on vacation. So… I mean, besides, what do– What does Paula know about me?

Your balls are swollen.

They’ve deflated. See? It goes both ways. I mean, when has Paula ever asked me a question?

I could ask you a question.

Okay. Cool. Shoot.

What do you stand for?

What do I stand for?



Baba, why don’t you tell my mom what you were thinking about?

What was I thinking about?


What we were talking about this morning.

Oh, no, Shane, I don’t wanna talk about that.

Come on!


SHANE: Come on, she could be helpful. Rachel’s thinking about quitting journalism.


SHANE: She still wants to make a difference, but, uh, she finally figured out journalism is a sucker’s game.

I didn’t say that.

Well, I mean, I think we all… So, uh, she was thinking about getting involved with a non-profit. I know, Mom, you do a bunch of shit with charities, so, you know.

I think that’s a great idea, Rachel. I love working with all my charities. It’s a great way to give back. And the great thing about it is you can be involved as much or as little as you want. So it gives you flexibility.

I mean, I was actually, um… I really wanna get a job.


No. Why would you do that?


Honey, no. Why would you wanna do that? That doesn’t make any sense. Uh-uh. You don’t need to do that.



What do you mean? Why not?

Well, it’s just limiting. You can do so much more by being on boards and hosting events… things like that. And the good part is, you don’t have to answer to anybody.

I wanna know, how did you get involved with the BLM? I just think that’s so interesting.

Well, um… I was in the Sheriff’s Department in Grand Junction. Then the BLM moved into their headquarters at Colorado. And they have a law enforcement program, and it just seemed like a perfect fit.

What was the thing that made you wanna dedicate your whole life to activism? Was it one incident that was especially brutal?

I– I don’t understand. What do you mean, “activism”?


Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter? (LAUGHS) I’m not… I’m not involved in that.

You’re not?

No. No.

Because you– Yeah, you said BLM.


Yeah. That’s the Bureau of Land Management. I have like 300 rangers across ten states that report to me.

Wow. I guess– I guess I got that really wrong.


I mean, now– now– now that makes sense. A lot more.


But I– I really wanna get involved, and what I really… I wanna do something meaningful.

Oh, but those jobs are so awful, honey. They make no money.

SHANE: Yeah.

Yeah, but I don’t need to make a lot of money.

But what’s even the point? Those jobs are just asking wealthy people for their money. Your job would literally be to ask yourself for money. It’s all about money. It’s all about the money.


The money, money, money.

Money, money, money.

KITTY: Money, money, money, money, money. And if you have money, then that’s what you bring to the table. You don’t need to work.


KITTY: You throw parties. And that’s work. That’s a lot of work. Trust me. Your wedding took years off my life. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. I loved every minute of it. And I cannot remember a thing.



I don’t remember anything. I’m not kidding. I don’t remember anything. It’s a blur.

See, this is the same old tribal thinking, replacing the old hierarchy with a new one. It’s like…

NICOLE: My feeling is most of these activists, they don’t really wanna dismantle the systems of economic exploitation, not the ones that benefit them, which are all global, by the way. They just want a better seat at the table of tyranny.

Hmm, no, that’s just you, Mom.

And what’s your system of belief, Olivia? Not capitalism. Not socialism. So just cynicism?


What does it matter what we think? If we think the right things or the wrong things? We all do the same shit. We’re all still parasites on the Earth. There’s no virtuous person when we’re all eating the last fish and throwing all our plastic crap in the ocean.



QUINN: Like a billion animals died in Australia during the fires. A billion. Where does all the pain go?



I’m gonna go up to the room. I don’t feel good.

Do you want me to come with you?

No. Thank you for dinner.





Well… Well, okay, uh… Come here.



Whoa, you just sucked the air right out of my lungs.

Do you wanna come in for a nightcap?


All right.

Get rid of this. Get rid of this.

Thank you for your help.

No problem.

Not giving him Randy’s phone number. He’s trying to get me fucking fired. (SIGHS) Cone of silence. Right?


Look, Dylan, um… I was a bit drunk last night. (CHUCKLES) You don’t know this about me, but I’m five years sober, and, uh… (SIGHS) When I fall off the wagon, I get very uninhibited.

It’s all good. It– it happens.

And right now, I’m even more uninhibited.

(LAUGHS) What?

(LAUGHS) Listen. I’m obsessed with you. I wanna get you naked. What do I gotta do?


You have tomorrow off. I’ll give you whatever shifts you want. Let’s party tonight.




What’s up?

Uh, I just wanted to say that was really cool.

Oh, yeah. Thank you.

I’m Olivia.

Oh, I’m Kai.



That’s such a cool name.

(CHUCKLES) Thanks.

Are you from Hawaii?

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, obviously. I’m sorry. That was such a stupid question.

KAI: No, it’s okay. It’s fine. Yeah. It must be really cool to grow up here.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, it was… it’s… I like it.

Yeah. Um… I’m here for like another week with my family.

Oh, nice. Nice. Right on. Cool.



Rachel, I do not see what the big deal is.

RACHEL: It’s our honeymoon! It’s so presumptuous. I mean, it’s like– it’s beyond.

Wha– Yeah. Well, my mother loves you.

No, she doesn’t, Shane.

Yes, she does.

No, she doesn’t. What if my mom showed up? How would you feel about that?

SHANE: It’d be fine. It’d be just fine. Plus, it would never happen.

Oh, yeah? Why not? ‘Cause she can’t afford the plane ticket.



That is so fucked up.

ELECTRONIC VOICE: (OVER PHONE) You have reached a number…

You know what I mean.

…is no longer in service.

Yeah, Shane, I know exactly what you mean.

I keep getting this message, “The number you dialed is not in service.” It’s a bogus number. Fuck this.

Where are you going?

I’m gonna go ape shit on this guy.

Shane, wait– what– we’re in the middle of a fight!

(SIGHS) We have the rest of our lives to fight.









You’re in big trouble.

I know. (LAUGHS)

Shit. All right. Let’s party.

(SIGHS) Finally, Jesus.





Why’d you leave?

Watching all the Hawaiians have to dance for all these white people that stole their islands… it’s depressing.

I’m sorry my family’s so defective. I’m not like them. I’m your friend.


I’m looking for Armond.

I believe he’s gone for the day.

Sure about that?

You know what? He may be in his office. I’ll go check.

Oh, you can wait there.

It’s fine. I’ll come with you.


There’s someone in there, I can hear ’em.


Oh, shit.

Oh. Fuck!


(CHUCKLES) Dude’s going down. You are fucked now, bro.




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