The EU Wages War on China to Fatten America

The EU Wages War on China to Fatten America

Elena Basile criticizes Nathalie Tocci’s article on Xi Jinping, accusing the Institute of International Affairs of siding with American interests and she accuses the EU of favoring American interests.

The Heirless Society

The Heirless Society

Marcello Veneziani’s article “The Heirless Society” paints a stark portrait of contemporary society, where individuals no longer inherit or leave legacies, living disconnected lives that

Pierre Hadot

Philosophy Teaches Us to Live

Marcello Veneziani highlights the universal and practical nature of philosophy, asserting its value beyond academic circles as a vital, everyday practice that influences how we live and approach death.

Europe is Aborted

Marcello Veneziani argues that the EU lacks a true identity and autonomy, becoming a mere extension of US policies and ideologies.

Ideological Mafias and Powerless Governments

Marcello Veneziani reflects on the unchanged and strained relationship between intellectuals and political power over the past thirty years, highlighting a persisting cultural hegemony and mutual intolerance.

Moscow massacre March 2024

Three Likely Leads on the Moscow Attack

In an analysis by Pino Arlacchi published in Il Fatto Quotidiano, three primary theories are proposed regarding the masterminds behind a recent attack in Moscow, amidst an ongoing war.

Accelerated Course in Suicidal Stupidity

A critical analysis of how current global trends are steering civilization towards potential self-destruction, emphasizing the need for a return to common sense.

Emmanuel Macron

Liars, Madmen, and Criminals

That Emmanuel Macron, the guiding spirit of our little centrists, was known as the dumbest politician in Europe was already known: now it’s clear he’s also the maddest.

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