Biden Trump Reality Show

American politics has turned into a superficial reality show with Biden and Trump, ignoring crucial issues. Italy mirrors this dynamic, leading to voter apathy and jeopardizing European interests.

American politics has degenerated into a lowbrow spectacle akin to a reality show, with Biden and Trump at the center of a sterile, insult-laden debate. Instead of contemplating crucial issues such as their children’s future or healthcare, viewers are entertained by propaganda and sensationalism. The polarization of public opinion makes constructive debate impossible, forcing us to take sides like sports fans. This dynamic has been imported into Italy, leading many to abstain from voting. Biden and Trump offer no real solutions for Ukraine and Palestine, and Europe risks being sacrificed for American interests. The only way out is to return to an autonomous foreign policy and focus on our own interests, not those of the USA.

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by Giuseppe Salamone

I am disheartened by the debate between Biden and Trump and especially by the media and analytical attention it is receiving. It’s not that it isn’t important, but we are witnessing the death of politics where insults, sterile discussions, and Hollywood-style propaganda prevail, all of which we could do without.

This is proof that politics has been turned into a reality show, similar to Big Brother. The two don’t engage in any deep reasoning or concrete analysis. Maybe it’s because of the limited time they have to respond? I don’t know, but the fact remains that everything turns into “I’m better than you, you’re a criminal,” and so on, while the audience, armed with popcorn and beer, enjoys themselves on their couch without being asked to think about social issues, their children’s future, or how they will get healthcare. None of that matters.

The important thing is to polarize public opinion, making it unable to react and forcing it to take sides like blinkered ultras. This is exactly what has been happening in Italy for several decades now (because we proudly import all the rot from American society), and those who have figured out the game are so fed up that they don’t even vote anymore. Two issues need to be highlighted because they concern our lives and the future of humanity: the Ukrainian issue and the Palestinian issue.

From the nonsense they have muttered, we can say that Biden has no strategy for Ukraine other than endless war with the real risk of a nuclear conflict, while Trump’s vision is to dump the hot potato on Europe. True, he wants to end this massacre, at least according to what he says, but it’s also true that when he does, he won’t care about Europe and its interests. In fact, any potential agreement will be made at our expense, just as the Abraham Accords were made at the expense of the Palestinians. I say this because when Trump was president, he had no qualms about imposing trade sanctions on the EU.

In any case, with either Biden or Trump, we will always lose in one way or another. It would be enough not to be servants of the USA, to return to cooperating with Russia, and to pursue autonomy in foreign policy to have a say and protect our interests, not those of the White House. On the Palestinian issue, Trump criticizes Biden for not helping Israel enough in the massacre of Palestinians. He even calls him “Palestinian” as an insult. It is well known that Biden supports Netanyahu, with both weapons and billions of dollars, both at the UN Security Council and against the International Criminal Court. Imagine how things will end in Palestine with Trump, given that he thinks Biden has been too stingy with Netanyahu…

That said, I renew the invitation not to get drawn into this debate where two characters, who both answer to the American military-industrial-financial complex (otherwise you don’t get to govern America!), “fight” for power at the expense of the whole world. Our media space is completely occupied by the debate of two candidates who seem to be running to govern Italy. And indeed, being a protectorate, we have to listen to the warmongering nonsense of those who will use us without any scruples; otherwise, our local scribblers will disobey their orders.

Whatever happens, know that we always lose because protectorates always lose. Instead, let’s focus on how to kick these criminals out of our country because only then will we have room to return to real politics. The human kind, the kind that does not become complicit in genocides and prefers to spend tax money on hospitals, not on weapons stamped with the United States of America!

P.S. Let’s draw a veil over the narrative that Biden is not fit for another term. This has been known for a long time. Do you think it’s a coincidence that it has now become the dominant narrative? They are called weapons of mass distraction. Don’t believe it? Imagine if the massacre of the Palestinians had received the same coverage as these two clowns…


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