How EU Leaders’ Lies Are Costing Europe

The EU's policies have failed, damaging Europe more than Russia, which has seen economic growth despite sanctions. The EU must either change or be dismantled, with a shift towards peace and social progress.
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The article criticizes the European ruling class for their dishonesty and failure to protect citizens’ interests, highlighting the success of Russia’s economy despite sanctions. It denounces the EU’s policies as disastrous, arguing that the union should be dismantled if it doesn’t change. The author calls for a focus on peace and social progress, criticizing leaders for supporting a US proxy war in Europe and failing to uphold the EU’s original purpose of preventing conflict.

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bu Giuseppe Salamone

If they had any dignity, they would hide in shame, because it’s inconceivable that a “ruling class” can lie so brazenly to the citizens they are supposed to represent and protect, and get away with it. Instead, they remain glued to positions of power and plot to extend their terms. This calls for a deep reflection on the real state of a supposed democracy that, in reality, is not a democracy at all…

In any case, the World Bank debunks years of lies from disciples like Mario Draghi, Enrico Letta, Ursula Von Der Leyen, Giorgia Meloni, and their followers. They are supported by “professionals” and media pundits who, to protect their jobs and bank accounts, have sold out their dignity and, in some cases, their very souls. In 2023, Russia’s GDP increased by 3.6%, and in 2024, the International Monetary Fund projects a 3.2% growth. These are figures that we in Europe can’t even dream of. For instance, the three largest EU economies show Germany growing by a mere 0.2% in 2024, Italy and France by 0.7%, and the EU zone by 0.8%.

This is yet another demonstration that the sanctions have done more damage to the EU than to Russia. The World Bank has also certified an increase in Russia’s average per capita income, moving from “upper middle” to “high.” Propagandists justify these numbers by attributing them to the war economy, but the most significant increases are seen in trade (+6.8%), the financial sector (+8.7%), and construction (+6.6%). It should be noted that the EU is also in a war economy, spending billions on weapons, and yet it is struggling. How do they explain this? Oh right, with the “aggressor and victim” narrative. Pathetic!

We are facing data that unequivocally certify the total failure of EU policies, and those responsible continue to operate undisturbed, pushing forward with suicidal policies. The much-touted “international isolation” intended for Moscow has backfired, with more countries, dismissed as irrelevant in the West, aligning with the opposite bloc. A prime example is Saudi Arabia considering abandoning the dollar for oil payments.

Speaking of GDP, I personally don’t believe it is the right measure for a country’s economy since it overlooks important indicators. However, it is the metric venerated in the West, so we use it to certify the failure of the US’s subservient leaders. We should start talking about the “Social Progress Index,” an innovative tool created by renowned economists, including Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz. This index is crucial for measuring social progress and promoting human well-being, but it’s not useful for Wall Street or Brussels bureaucrats because it benefits ordinary people, not those on their payroll.

Given all this and the potential for nuclear war, we should be discussing peace as urgently as we need bread. Yet, the word “peace” has been erased from our leaders’ vocabulary. The only European leader still talking about peace is Orban, who, after assuming the EU presidency, visited Zelensky in Kiev, urging serious consideration of a ceasefire to negotiate with Russia. However, no sooner had he left the table, Igor Zhovkva, Deputy Head of the Ukrainian President’s Office, rejected Orban’s proposal.

The EU should issue a simple statement: “Following Zelensky’s rejection of the EU President’s ceasefire proposal, we must reconsider future support in terms of arms and financial resources and suspend Ukraine’s EU membership negotiations until peace proposals are accepted. The EU cannot continue funding a war with taxpayers’ money, risking the expansion of a potentially nuclear conflict.” But because they are warmongers, they will continue to finance a US proxy war in Europe.

This is why the current EU should be dismantled piece by piece. It has betrayed its founding purpose of preventing future wars and tensions in Europe and no longer has a reason to exist. Today, the EU is a puppet of the US, lying to its citizens to support their warmongering. We must have the courage to say these things because questioning the EU should not be taboo. If it changes, fine; if not, it must be destroyed from top to bottom. We are facing existential dilemmas: life or death, war or peace, poverty or prosperity, equality or inequality, socialism or barbarism. And today, barbarism is fully embodied by the European Union!


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