Franz Kafka

The Controversial Impact of Kafka’s Works on Society

On the centenary of his death, praises abound for the writer of the absurdity of our fate. But a non-hagiographic reading of his work reveals a narcissistic and masochistic side, rejecting progress and the possibility of salvation.

Slavoj Žižek

The Right Words to Stop Israel

Rushdie critiques Hamas and Western leftists, Žižek highlights Israeli policies’ impact on Palestine. Recognizing Palestine and condemning Israel is crucial for peace.

The Bloodbath and the Plain Truth

The Gaza bloodbath is rooted in decades of oppression and manipulation. Western support and media distortions enable ongoing Israeli violence against Palestinians.

Western Media Manipulation and the Ukraine War

Western Media Manipulation and the Ukraine War

Western leaders and media have been distorting peace negotiation truths between Russia and Ukraine, fueling conflict for power. Hypocrisy and manipulation undermine public trust and sacrifice lives.

Netanyahu and Free Palestine

Netanyahu’s actions expose brutality against Palestinians, sparking global outrage and recognition of Palestine. Calls for 1967 borders and self-determination grow.

Western Hypocrisy

The American Nightmare. Delenda Carthago

The collective West has revealed its true face. Its narratives on freedom, democracy, and pluralism are revealed for what they are: lies meant for the dulled masses.

Europe or the Imposture

The EU lacks genuine political legitimacy and operates as an intergovernmental agreement without a true constitution. Only a real constituent power can grant legitimacy to Europe.

The EU Wages War on China to Fatten America

The EU Wages War on China to Fatten America

Elena Basile criticizes Nathalie Tocci’s article on Xi Jinping, accusing the Institute of International Affairs of siding with American interests and she accuses the EU of favoring American interests.

The Heirless Society

The Heirless Society

Marcello Veneziani’s article “The Heirless Society” paints a stark portrait of contemporary society, where individuals no longer inherit or leave legacies, living disconnected lives that

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