Hypocrisies. The Houthis and Orbán: International Law Is Merely the Might of the Strongest

Orsini exposes hypocrisy in global politics, criticizing the EU's and US's biased stance on Israel-Gaza conflict and Hungary's EU veto issue
Zelensky is set to receive the fifty billion euros promised by the European Commission

by Alessandro Orsini

Zelensky is set to receive the fifty billion euros promised by the European Commission, yet Giorgia Meloni’s alleged diplomatic prowess, extolled by Corriere della Sera, played no role in resolving a saga marked by threats, blackmail, and intimidation. The European Commission warned Orbán that failing to lift his veto would lead to a concerted assault aimed at crippling his economy and destabilizing his government. The Financial Times highlighted this on January 28th, stating, “Brussels threatens to hit Hungary’s economy if Viktor Orbán vetoes Ukraine aid.”

The European Commission’s threats and blackmail against Hungary echo the core lesson of political realism: international law is merely the might of the strongest. The crisis in the Red Sea serves as a case in point, where the Houthis target American ships to pressure Biden into halting arms supplies for Israel’s onslaught in Gaza. Despite causing no fatalities, the Houthis are vilified, while Israel, responsible for the deaths of 27,000 civilians, receives unwavering support from the European Union.


Israel’s actions have led to the amputation of 1,000 children, many undergoing surgery without anesthesia, according to British-Palestinian surgeon Abu Sittah. Israel has also brought Gaza’s hospitals to the brink of collapse, with newborns dying in incubators under the guise of collective punishment. Despite the UN International Court of Justice’s orders for Israel to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza, Antonio Tajani [Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs] reaffirmed his endorsement of the bombings, receiving commendation from his Israeli counterpart, Katz, who recently proposed relocating Gazan Palestinians to an artificial island under Israeli control.

This lack of condemnation from Italian institutions illuminates why many young people are disillusioned with political establishments, viewing them as bastions of lies, hypocrisy, and double standards. The mantra “Two peoples, two states” rings hollow with each new Israeli atrocity against humanity.

Western democracies’ swift moral denunciation of Russia contrasts starkly with their defense of Israel’s actions, the most morally reprehensible since Nazism’s demise. This stance has forced UN judges to demand Israel halt its genocidal actions against Palestinians, revealing the limitations of international law when faced with unilateral aggressions. The relentless bombing of Gaza, unprecedented even by World War II standards, continues unabated, with Tajani’s efforts ensuring no pressure is applied to Israel. The West’s claimed moral high ground is overshadowed by the tragic loss of 12,000 Palestinian children, victims of an alliance between European complicity and American weaponry.

Il Fatto Quotidiano, February 6, 2024


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