Button, Button | by Richard Matheson

Button, Button | by Richard Matheson

In “Button, Button” by Richard Matheson, a couple is offered $50,000 if they press a button that kills a stranger. Norma presses it, and her husband dies instead.

Stephen King's "You Like It Darker"

Stephen King’s “You Like It Darker”

Stephen King’s “You Like It Darker” explores the dark depths of human consciousness through 12 unsettling, eerily familiar stories, highlighting his horror mastery.

Literature and Censorship

Literature and Censorship

2022 saw a record rise in US book bans, sparking debates on censorship vs. inclusivity in literature, with classics under scrutiny for modern values.

Michael Shea – The Autopsy

A doctor stricken with cancer, Doctor Winter, gets called into a mining town to examine the victims of an underground explosion at the mine…

Beyond the Wall of Sleep | by H.P. Lovecraft

“Beyond the Wall of Sleep” by H.P. Lovecraft follows the story of a medical intern working at a psychiatric hospital who becomes fascinated with Joe Slater, a patient from the Catskill Mountains, known for his barbaric and isolated upbringing.

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