Orbán Challenges EU Leaders with Putin Meeting in Moscow

Orbán's visit to Moscow demonstrates his unique diplomatic approach, contrasting with EU leaders' war-centric policies. This event exposes Western propaganda's failure to conceal Orbán's success in peace talks.

Orbán’s visit to Moscow to meet Putin is a significant historical event. It marks the first time a European Union leader has visited Russia since the US demanded a break in relations. This visit highlights Orbán’s ability to meet both Zelensky and Putin, discussing peace and defying the prevailing narrative that Putin is untouchable. Orbán’s diplomacy contrasts sharply with the warmongering approach of European leaders, who appear more interested in conflict than peace. His skill in engaging with all parties exposes a reality that Western propaganda struggles to conceal. The difference in approaches among European leaders underscores a lack of vision and a preference for conflict over diplomacy.

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by Giuseppe Salamone

Orbán‘s visit to Moscow to meet Putin should be seen as a highly positive historic event. Regardless of personal views on Orbán, who in domestic politics I equate with Giorgia Meloni and wouldn’t want even under torture, one cannot overlook the enormous significance of this meeting.

It is the first time an EU Premier has met Putin since the US imposed a cut-off. This visit shows that EU leaders, who have embraced warmongering as a creed, are again proven wrong as the Kremlin shows no prejudice in meeting EU and NATO leaders. This proves that those refusing to talk are the ones not wanting peace. Simple!

Despite attempts to delegitimize Orbán, claiming he does not represent the EU and acts independently, he is currently the EU’s president. This frustrates Brussels officials who see him meeting both Zelensky and Putin, discussing peace, and debunking the narrative that Putin won’t negotiate.

Once again, Putin meets Orbán, publicly stating his willingness to discuss peace. Today, Orbán is the only EU leader speaking of peace, able to meet all parties, and using diplomacy rather than weapon manufacturers. Orbán’s ability to be heard by all is a hard reality for Western propaganda to deny.

I wish those governing my country had Orbán’s diplomacy and international influence, a leader who pursues citizens’ interests and makes more friends than enemies. Instead, we hear from Tajani, who dismisses the timing of such visits, or Borrell, who claims Orbán has no EU mandate. Yet, a survey would likely show most Europeans would mandate Orbán to negotiate peace.

For these underdeveloped minds, peace has become heresy, pacifists the main enemies, and honest intellectual reasoning a threat to be silenced. Each can think as they wish, but we face a dangerously manipulated narrative. Orbán was good when allowing Sweden and Finland into NATO but bad when seeking dialogue. In the West, moving for war is good, for peace, bad. Even Orwell didn’t foresee this. Finally, our leadership went to war lacking one crucial thing: a brain. Because to be servants, you don’t need a brain…


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