The Gaza Plague and the Palestinian Victory

Israel's attempts to claim victory in Gaza are futile amid growing global support for Palestinians. Netanyahu's strategic failures highlight the need to end the Zionist project.

Tommaso Merlo details the ongoing conflict in Gaza, highlighting Israel’s futile attempts to claim victory despite significant political and military setbacks. The global community now recognizes the failure of the Zionist colonial project and sides with Palestinians against what Merlo describes as genocide. He criticizes Netanyahu’s strategic missteps and the broader failures of Israeli policy, suggesting that the only solution is ending the Zionist project. The article underscores the deepening internal divisions within Israel and the growing support for Palestinians worldwide.

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by Tommaso Merlo

In Gaza, the dying continues. The Israelis are searching for hostages house by house. First, they bomb the neighborhoods, then advance with armored vehicles and foot squads that shoot at anything that moves, inspecting basements and tunnels. It’s a dirty job that takes time. They use less powerful bombs that kill dozens instead of hundreds so that Western media and politicians look elsewhere. Netanyahu has already lost the war in Gaza but needs something to pretend he’s won. Something like the live or dead heads of the hostages, or at least the end of Hamas‘s ammunition and thus the fighting, so he can plant the Star of David flag in Rafah Square and take a smiling photo. He has lost the war and all touch with reality. After nine months, Hamas still resists, claiming the lives of Israeli soldiers. We are at over three hundred, but beyond the military embarrassment, Israel‘s defeat is entirely political. After decades of buying politicians and media across the West, the whole world has understood the truth about the disastrous Zionist colonial project and the Palestinian tragedy, with no doubt about who to side with in the face of yet another genocide. Decades of lobbying and unscrupulous propaganda have ended up in Gaza’s rubble. The joke of occupation being sold as a right to exist, or the timed anti-Semitism used against anyone criticizing Israel, has allowed decades of impunity. An incredible global brainwashing that will be studied in history books.

But Netanyahu’s defeat is also strategic. They wanted an exodus to Egypt because their real goal is Palestine without Palestinians, but that plan has failed. It’s impossible to cold-bloodedly exterminate two million people, and they are at an impasse. There’s no formula for the aftermath, and once the wounds are healed, the surviving million young Gazans will seize the first chance to unleash their trauma. Like it or not, Palestinians resist and have many children on increasingly small and unlivable patches of land. It’s physics. Pressure accumulates and causes explosions. Netanyahu and his accomplices will never admit it, but the only real solution to the Palestinian issue is the end of the Zionist project. Colonization has failed; the question is if and how coexistence will be possible. Meanwhile, Israel’s streets and highways are filled with angry relatives of hostages, ultra-Orthodox who refuse to enlist, and many ordinary people who want peace or at least a return to a decent life. Far from a promised land, Israel has become an open-air hell, with many Jews fleeing. The only new thing is that they’re also fighting among themselves now, indicating deep internal divisions, frustration, and fear.

The Gaza plague spreads while Hezbollah bites in the north for months. No one has ever humiliated Israel within its borders like this, thanks to missiles and drones. So far, Netanyahu and his accomplices have limited themselves to retaliatory raids in Lebanon but have already deployed the army, and if it comes to a ground attack, it could be another turning point. Hezbollah is not Hamas and has supporters ready to help throughout the region. The situation is dire for Israel. With increasingly fragile Western support, a reputation forever tarnished, a shamed lobbying network, a country torn apart by its own hatred, international courts at work, Palestinians showing no signs of giving up, isolated globally, surrounded by fierce enemies, and with terrifying karma, the colonial project started in 1947 has already failed. Netanyahu wants to pretend he won in Gaza but has actually crashed the entire Zionist project. It’s only a matter of time; the Palestinians will win, and it remains to be seen if and how coexistence will be possible.


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