The Rise of a New Fascism: Financial Oligarchies and False Progressivism

Elena Basile contrasts Orbán's clerical-fascism with today's more dangerous financial oligarchies. She sees hope in populist movements like the 5 Star Movement and Linke.
Viktor Orbán

During the period I knew Viktor Orbán, from 1999 to 2003, Hungary was divided between Hungarians from the Puszta and those of Austrian origin. Orbán represented a clerical-fascist vision that contrasted with progressive Europe. Today, however, we face a new, more insidious fascism: that of financial oligarchies which, disguised as progressivism, dominate Western societies. EU diplomatic action is demonized while unfounded dogmas spread. The real threat is not Russia, but the betrayal of European interests by the Western elite. Today’s progressive left, instead of denouncing as in the past, has become the mouthpiece of these policies. In this context, only movements considered populist like the 5 Star Movement and the European group Linke offer hope for a return to humanistic values.

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EU Warmongering is Even Worse than Orbán

by Elena Basile

I knew Viktor Orbán in Hungary from 1999 to 2003 when I served Italy as deputy head of the embassy. He represented the Puszta, Hungarians who differed even in physical appearance, short and dark-haired, compared to the tall and blond Austrians who voted for liberal and socialist parties. I remember his neo-fascist speeches, his alliance with the Church, the receptions with more prelates than laypeople. Those were golden times for me. It was easy to feel part of the progressive, liberal, and socialist majority, the European federalists, on the right side far from a clerical-fascist vision of society. Who would have thought that, thanks to the litmus test of these wars, I would come to know a new fascism, more powerful and rooted in Western societies: that of financial, arms, and energy oligarchies, using the fake progressivism of today’s false liberals and socialists to implement domination plans on the international scene, sowing chaos and instability? By comparison, even the rustic neo-fascism of leaders like Orbán or Salvini appears more naive and less dangerous.

Today, I read with inexplicable masochism the editorials of “progressive” analysts, sure that the trip to Kiev and Moscow by the current Hungarian president of the EU, the first sign of a diplomatic Europe in over two years, is to be condemned. Educated and cultured people try to convince the reader of unfounded dogmas. A normal diplomatic action – talking to two heads of state to understand the possibilities of mediation between opposing interests – is demonized. It is repeated that the president of Russia wants to divide Europe and has declared war on democracies. The “just peace” is his defeat; otherwise, he will occupy Europe. We, who care about Ukraine’s fate, a failed country that has lost much of its population and will continue to lose young lives and territories in the suicidal war with Russia, we who want an economically developed, democratic, and neutral Ukraine, we true pro-Ukrainians are called pro-Putin. This is the Orwellian world that destroys logic, distorts reality, proclaims unfounded dogmas. Russia threatens Europe like the Vietnamese would have landed in Los Angeles. The difference is that during the Vietnam War, the progressive left denounced the mafia-style US policy, while today it becomes its mouthpiece.

I cannot repeat Hypatia’s unanswered questions, nor return to the reconstructions of a US strategy that I tried to document well in my book The West and the Permanent Enemy. I can only express the dismay of many of us, the majority of the conscious civil society, at the betrayal of peace and the interests of European peoples by the so-called cosmopolitan and enlightened Western elite. I cannot believe that the culture available to intellectuals and analysts does not generate rational analysis but indecent propaganda, demonization of the enemy, hypocritical slogans. To many of us, it seems like living in a nightmare, where we begin to doubt our moral and intellectual integrity. How can we feel like holders of the truth, how is it possible that we cannot find a fact, just one fact, that can justify NATO’s criminal narrative? And we repeat: a neutral and democratic Ukraine, the European security architecture, and coexistence between Atlantic Europe and Eurasia are a common good. Russia does not have the power, does not have growing demographic rates on scarce territorial surfaces, does not have the hunger for raw materials to nurture dreams of territorial conquest at home. It is continental and Mediterranean Europe that is betraying its interests, replaced by American ones. Germany’s economic crisis is emblematic of this. The prevalence of aut aut of the secret services reveals the influence on European politics of the American deep state: CIA, Pentagon, military-industrial complex, neoconservative blob.

In this dark horizon that pushes us to impotence, it is clear that the differences between the center-left, center-right, and radical right are only in the different means of entertainment. It is hard to rejoice at the victory of the Labour Party and the PD if their economic and foreign policy does not differ from the right except for details that do not really make a difference. I am instead happy that the 5 Star Movement has joined the European group Linke. It is in this left, considered populist because it opposes established powers, that we can glimpse at the end of the tunnel the faint light of a return to humanistic values of peace and respect for human dignity.

Il Fatto Quotidiano, July 7, 2024


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