The White Lotus – S01E05 – The Lotus-Eaters [Transcript]

As Armond attempts to do damage control, Belinda tries to redirect Tanya's focus to her business proposal. Paula grows increasingly disillusioned with the Mossbachers. A sidelined Rachel begins to question her future. Nicole rebuffs Mark for airing their dirty laundry to Quinn.
The White Lotus

Episode aired August 8, 2021

As Armond attempts to do damage control, Belinda tries to redirect Tanya’s focus to her business proposal. Paula grows increasingly disillusioned with the Mossbachers. A sidelined Rachel begins to question her future. Nicole rebuffs Mark for airing their dirty laundry to Quinn.

* * *



KAI: Hey.


KAI: What’s up?

Sorry. I couldn’t get away.

KAI: Come on. I got a surprise for you.

So, uh, I found us an empty room and, uh… I stole a master out of one of the housekeeper’s carts.





(MUTTERING) God. Shit.

Are we gonna get in trouble?

(SIGHS) I thought I’d locked the door. Fuck.

All right. Well, see ya on Wednesday?

You mean tomorrow? You’re on second shift.

You said I could pick my own shifts.

-You said a bunch of shit.

I forget what I said.

Well, I didn’t. You owe me.

Uh, apron.

You’ll need that.







Is that the face you make when you catch a fish?

(LAUGHS) When I catch a good one.


Do you leave this weekend like you said?


Oh, shit. (COUGHS) It’s the cigars.

You okay?

(COUGHS) Yeah.

(COUGHING) Let’s hang out later, okay?

Like when, do you think?

Uh… I’m not sure. I’ll– (CLEARS THROAT) I’ll try you.

I– I gotta get some water. (COUGHS)



I can’t believe you’re leaving soon.

I just– I want you to stay.

I know.

But it’s not up to me. It’s my friend’s family.

Your friend… she’s a jerk.


What about her?

KAI: Well…

Tell me.

After the show, she came up to me, and she was kind of, like, batting her eyes and sticking out her tits. (CHUCKLES)


Was she hitting on you?

Well, kind of, yeah.

But I wasn’t gonna do anything, you know?


What’s the big deal? I thought–

I thought you said you didn’t tell her about us.

She knows.

You told her?

No, but she knows.

That’s why she’s hitting on you.

That’s her twisted fucking thing.

Paula, don’t stress. Come here. Look at me.

I only want you.


I made you this.

It’s beautiful.

You like it?


Thank you.

Yeah. Try it on.

I, uh, I think you should really stay. I mean…

I know my place isn’t big, but you’ll fit.

I mean, we’d have so much fun, you know?

I– I’m not staying.

I have college and a whole life to get back to, and…

honestly, Kai, I– I doubt we’ll ever see each other again.

I– I– I’m just being straight with you.



But I…

I really like you.

I really do, and… I feel for you, and… your situation and your family, and– and everything you told me, and… maybe I could help you.

Help me?


I could give you something.

I– well, I can’t really give it to you, but…

I can help you take it.


CANOEIST 1: Now lift it out there. Hold it right.


Oh, we’re running.

CANOEIST 2: Oh, brother Quinn? What’s good?

Hey, you– you guys headed out already?

Fuck yeah, bro. We’re training every day.

Fuck. Whoa! That’s cool.

It l– it looks fun.

Oh, yeah.

We got a space for one more guy.

Desi’s still all fucking drunk. Wanna come? Get in.

Come on, you fucker. What you waiting for? Get in.

I mean, I won’t be any good, you know?

I’d just slow you all down.

We could use the dead weight. Make us stronger.

Come on, bro. Get in.

CANOEIST 3: Come in, bro.

CANOEIST 4: Come on, bro.

QUINN MOSSBACHER: Oh, get in back? Oh.



CANOEIST 4: Man, you a slow haole.

CANOEIST 5: Fuck it. Go around.

Thanks, dude.

CANOEIST 3: Here we go.



Why did you tell the kids how much you spent on my bracelets?

I just told Quinn.

I don’t know, I just think it makes us… sound kind of materialistic.

I mean, without the context, you know, of why you bought them.

Well, I gave him the context.


I did. I gave him the context.

We were having a conversation about sex and relationships and men and women, and I just wanted to be real with him.

But we agreed to not do that.

Well… (SIGHS) …look, I wanna have an honest relationship with my son.


But, Mark… I am very curious to hear what you said exactly.

I said that I had an affair, and that I regretted it, and that it– it was the worst period of my life.

That’s exactly what I said.

Do you see how that’s selfish, Mark?

Well, I think he took it pretty well.

Selfish in regards to me.

To me.

Because I have a relationship with him too.

And now I’m gonna have to talk to Quinn and explain how I feel about it all, and why I never told him about it, and then I’m gonna have to have a similar conversation with Olivia.

And I don’t wanna have to talk about it with them.

I don’t wanna have to talk about it at all.

I’m on vacation.

I’m trying to unwind from the stress that is my life.

Well, I think it can wait.

I mean, it’s not like he had a lot of follow-up questions, and I don’t think he wants to talk about it either.

No, yeah, yeah. N…

Nobody wants to talk about your affair, Mark…

which is why we agreed to not talk about it.

‘Cause I’m still in a lot of pain.

(SNIFFLES) And it still hurts me a lot.

And I want it to be over.

(SOBS) And I want it to be behind us.

And you bring it up again? Here?


I’m sorry.

Mom, do you have any aspirin? Paula has a migraine.

I have some Advil in my, um, makeup bag.

OLIVIA MOSSBACHER: Wha– She’s allergic to Ibuprofen.

Of course she is.


Don’t you have anything else?


What’s wrong?

I have some Aleve in my purse in– in the bar.



Hope you enjoy your breakfast.

Thank you.

This is for you, sir.

Hey, thanks.

KITTY PATTON: Shane, doesn’t this remind you of the heritage house where we stayed in Manila?


KITTY: The open feeling?

SHANE: Yeah.


Aloha, Pattons.


How are we this morning?

Yeah. We’re good.

How are you?

I’m very well, thank you.

I have some very good news for you.

I think you’ll be pleased to hear.

Uh, the Volkmers have just checked out of the Pineapple Suite.


ARMOND: And I have made it the top priority of our housekeeping team.

So we should be able to get you in there by midday today.


Now, this is the one with the plunge pool, and the outdoor patio?


Oh, good.

I’m just double-checking ’cause there’s been so much confusion with the room.

I know.

I basically flew here just because I did the booking, and I felt like I had failed my only son and his new bride.


Can I get a latte, please? No foam.

No foam latte, great. Thank you.

WAITRESS: Absolutely.

No, it was 100 percent our mistake.

I planned the wedding. I planned the honeymoon.

But I’ve been everywhere in Hawaii.

And of course, I have very strong opinions.

I usually stay at the Mauna Kea, which is where I’m going after this very quickly with a great girlfriend from forever ago,

Miss Porter’s School for Girls, Cathy Clements.


But… I’ve lost my point.

I lost my train of thought. What was I saying?

Mom, what– (LAUGHS) Mom, what is your point?

My point is I read somewhere in Conde Nast that said this was the most romantic hotel in Hawaii, and I thought, “Well, that’s where they need to go.”

Because my baby deserves the best.

Thanks, Mom.

Well, if you’d like to put your luggage together, I’ll have the bellman move them over when the room is ready.

You know, the number you gave me for the general manager on, uh, this card. No longer in service.



Oh, that’s odd.

Is it? And I came by your office last night just to let you know the number wasn’t working but, uh, you were occupied.

Well, very sorry about that.


And you were really, really busy.

And so late at night.


Well, enjoy your breakfast.

Your latte.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

I don’t think it’s the most romantic hotel in Hawaii, do you?

It’s perfectly fine, but are you finding it very romantic?

It’s okay.

It’s nice.

Loco moco.

So, who’s the guy?

You know, the one you’ve been sneaking out every night to have sex with.

I think you know who he is.



Where have you been?

I was on this, um… canoe.

Uh, these local guys, they… they were training.

They’re– they’re gonna paddle from the Big Island to Kauai.

Honey, we were worried.

They were really cool, so–

MARK MOSSBACHER: Yeah, well, you should have let us know.

I don’t have a phone.


Hey, you getting excited, bud?

About what?

Today we get outta the pool. We could actually scuba dive.

Oh, right.

And I asked, and they said it was okay if the whole family came out on the dive boat.

What are we gonna do while you scuba?

Enjoy being on the water.

It’s a fun excursion with the whole family.

Yeah, Mom, you seem thrilled.

Paula, are you feeling better?

Your migraine?

Yeah. Much better. Thanks.

Is that why you couldn’t stay for dinner last night?

Paula was disturbed by the entertainment.

The hula dancing?

Oh, y– you’re allergic to fire?

It bothers her to watch Hawaiians have to dance for a bunch of white people.


I think it’s just a way for them to honor their culture.

And they seemed to be having a really good time.

Look, obviously, imperialism was bad.

Shouldn’t kill people, steal their land, and then make them dance.

Everybody knows that.

But it’s humanity.

Welcome to history. Welcome to America.



I mean, what are we gonna do, huh? Really.

Nobody cedes their privilege. That’s absurd.

And it goes against human nature.

We’re all just trying to win the game of life.

How are we– how are we gonna make it right? Hmm?

Should we give away all our money?

Would you like that, Liv? Hmm?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Mm-hmm.

M– maybe we should just feel shitty about ourselves all the time for crimes of the past?

Wear a hair shirt and not go on vacation?



The date.

Was it not good?

Uh… No, it was good, you know?

He worked for the, uh, Bureau of Land Management.


Not Black Lives Matter.


TANYA MACQUOID: He stayed over.


Yeah. And then he left.

Yeah. And he– yeah, he seem– he seemed like a nice guy.

So what’s the problem?

I just know I’m gonna get hurt.


I think you might be getting ahead of yourself a little, you know?

Maybe he likes you.

Yeah. He likes the first layer.

Maybe. I don’t know. You know, he–

But what about the second layer and the third layer?

And then every step along the way, you know, I have to worry about, you know, is he gonna like the next layer, you know?

And then I get all afraid, like, you know, how much do I wanna show him? You know, is he gonna be repulsed?

Or is he gonna be alarmed?

And at the core of the onion, Belinda… is just a straight-up alcoholic lunatic.

That– that’s not true.

No, it is. It is. And I just wanna show my hand.

I don’t wanna play poker anymore. I just wanna skip all the layers, and just go straight to the crazy, and just like, you know, let the chips fall where they may. And, you know, just show him, just show him the core of the onion.

I think you… you just have to trust your instincts, you know?

This is exactly the kind of deep work I think we can get into at the center.

I mean, I think there’s just so many women that feel the same as you.

You know, I talk about some of that in the, um, in the proposal. And there’s…

probably too many ideas. (CHUCKLES)

But, um, dream big, right?

We, of course, can always, um, pull back.

And there’s no rush in, um, reading it, um, right now.

You– We can talk about it at dinner.

Okay, well…

Well, I will look at it.

I, um, actually have to get back to the spa, so, um, I’ll see you tonight?


Okay. Get some rest.

ARMOND: Here we are.

KITTY: Hmm. Wow.

This is a lot of pineapple.

Not subtle with the theme.

RACHEL PATTON: You can’t really see the ocean.

You can, actually, if you just go out on the patio and peer over the volcano.


Well, Mr. Patton.


Hope you’ll be happy here. Um…

And because of all the… difficulties we’ve had, I’d like to offer you the room free of charge.

Sounds good.

You know, I want us to be… copacetic. (CHUCKLES)

Yeah. I bet.


KITTY: Odd. I’m not a fan of this AstroTurf.

SHANE: How great is this, huh? Finally.

KITTY: Didn’t see the plunge.

It’s not as big as I though it would be.

SHANE: Is there a bigger one?



I don’t wanna take this on the boat.

I don’t wanna lose it. My grandmother gave it to me.

Okay. Then don’t.

Can I put it in the safe?

Is it valuable?

It is to me.

Okay, yeah. Sorry.

Mark, your truth changes from minute to minute.

You’re up, you’re down. One minute, you’re dying.

The next minute, y– it’s a wonderful life.

Okay. Well, maybe I should be more like you then.

But even if I could be some self-protective corporate robot out in the world, I still couldn’t pull it off at home.

Do you ever edit yourself at all?

Even when you’re apologizing, you’re so insulting.


The clasp is kind of old.



It’s not healthy to be so honest all the time.

What’s the code to the safe?

Can you knock, please?

Why? It’s not like you guys ever do.

Paula wants to put her grandmother’s locket in the safe. What’s the code?

NICOLE MOSSBACHER: Ten twenty-six.

OLIVIA: Ten twenty-six?

Aw. That’s my birthday, Mom.



I just haven’t dealt with that at all.

Because I’m on vacation. Yeah. Vacation. That’s right, buddy.



Uh, Bob, let– let me call you back. Okay.


(SIGHS) I’m so sorry that I was eavesdropping.

(CHUCKLES) Well, I– I, um,


(CHUCKLES) I’m gonna– I’m gonna go do a few laps.

Oh, okay.

Well, I’m gonna just go in and lay down on my bed… and just wait for you to text me.

Uh, well, I was gonna text you.

I– I’m just gonna go swimming first.

We’ll hang out later, for sure.

I’ll see you in a few hours.





All right. I think I’m gonna take a swim in the ocean.


Oh, I’ll come with you.

No, no. It’s all right.

I’m gonna go pretty far out. Wanna get some exercise.



But I…

SHANE: I’ll be back.

Bye, Mom.

See you later, honey.

Have a nice swim.


You’re a good sport to let your mother-in-law crash your honeymoon.

No, it’s fine.

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I’m leaving tomorrow morning first thing.

It’s honestly not a problem, really.

It’s ni– it’s nice.

Well, I know you got enough of me in the whole lead-up to the wedding.

But it was a big success.

Everyone said what a beautiful bride you were.

Everyone was talking about it.

Thank you.

You were so, so pretty. It is undeniable.






Oh, my God.

Shane’s always been a catch.

He’s had so many girls just throw themselves at him over the years, but he chose you.

And he seems happy. You make him very happy.

He makes me happy.

That’s good.

It is.

He says, though, you haven’t been very happy on the trip.

He said that?

He did. He just said you’re having a little bit of an identity crisis.

It’s not a big deal. And of course, it makes sense.

You know, when I married Don, I had my own money, my family money, and that gave me a, you know, a little more power in the relationship.

No marriage is perfectly symmetrical, you know?

One person might have more money, or is better looking, the other could have the bigger career, or maybe one has more friends or cachet. Do you know what I’m saying?

Not really.

I’m just saying you shouldn’t feel insecure.

A lot of great girls came and went, but you won.

And there’s a reason you’re here and all those other girls are out of the picture, you know?

So I just think you should feel great.

Yeah, but what is the reason?

Like, why am I here? What do you mean?

Well, you’re very magnetic, and you’re so beautiful.

You’re making me sound like a trophy wife.

Well, what’s so wrong with that?

A trophy shines. It’s a source of pride.

A trophy’s made of gold. You know, it’s not the worst.

Yeah, but that’s not what I wanna be.

The most important thing is, Rachel, you make him happy.

That’s your secret power. So just keep making him happy.

I know you will.

Ladies, can I get you anything from the bar?

Yes. Can I have an Arnold Palmer, please?

And an extra side glass of ice, lots of ice, and two lemons.

HUTCH: Absolutely.

Rachel, do you want something to drink?


Thank you.

Thank you.

HUTCH: Yeah. I’ll be right back with that.



What’s up?

Now is the time.



We’re going on a dive boat. We leave the dock at 3:00.

She’s not gonna bring her jewelry with her on the boat.

Look, I– I don’t know about this, Paula.

Just one of those bracelets, just one, is worth 75,000 dollars.


Kai, think what you can do with that.

You know, you could finally hire a good lawyer to fight these fuckers.

Oh, shit. (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Paula, I–

You can help your brothers.

They won’t give you shit for taking this job, that’s for sure, not after the way you come through for them like this.

I just– I don’t– I don’t– I don’t steal from people, you know?

They stole from you.

They stole all of this from you. You know that.

But it’s different. It’s– It’s different people.

No, they’re the same people. They’re all the same people.

Don’t you see they’re all the same people?

All of these people, at some point, have stolen from someone like you.

And they don’t need it. They won’t even miss it.

They have all this money, and they don’t even know what to do with it.

And then there’s someone like you who’s struggling.

I know, but–

That’s not right.

I agree. (STUTTERS) But I just– Aren’t these people, like, your friends? Like–

They’re not my friends.

No, they’re not my friends.

Holy shit, Paula, I don’t know.

We leave the hotel Thursday and there might not be a better time than now.

You still have that master key, right?

So it’ll get you into our suite?


PAULA: The code to the safe is 1026.

It’ll be easy.

And you can finally get the money to fight and get back everything that was stolen from you.

Look, you can do what you want, but at 3:00 p.m., the suite will be empty.

Okay. Thanks.




RACHEL: Hi, Mom.

MOTHER: Hey, Rach, how are you? You guys having fun?

I don’t know. I’m just having–

Um, I don’t–

MOTHER: What is it?

Um– I don’t know. Um, I just– I feel like– I’m thinking that this isn’t–

MOTHER: It’s hard to hear you, sweetie.

I just got to the market. Can I call you when I get home?

Yeah. Yeah, of course.


Yeah, just call me later. Okay. I love you, Mom.

MOTHER: Yeah, I’m gonna call you later.

I love you.

Okay, love you.

Love you.

MOTHER: I’ll try you from the car.



All right. Have fun up there.

Thanks for the ride.


We had to get Paula some Dramamine.

Uh-hmm, right, okay.

I love how you drive us on these family outings, but you spend the entire time on your phone.

It’s a work e-mail, honey.

Oh, I know it’s just so pathetic having a job that pays for the vacation.


NICOLE: Okay. Thank you.

Whoops. Watch your toes.


Hey, one last thing.


And then let’s put it to bed.

I was just realizing that the reason I– I told Quinn is because if I can’t give him a lot of reasons for him to respect me as a man, then maybe if I’m just honest about my failures… maybe he’ll respect me for that.


I mean… I just need someone in my life to respect me, you know?

Are you serious?

Oh, come on. I didn’t–

“Come on,” what?

I mean, it’s not like you act like you do.

Okay, I’m gonna go.


I’m not in the mood anymore.

Nic, come on.

I’m fucking over this. Thank you.

Why am I the fucking punching bag?

All I do is everything I possibly can.

And just because I fucking hold everything fucking together, everybody gets to fucking poke?

Mom, what’s with the Tourette’s?

Whatever, Olivia. I don’t need this from my own fucking family.

I’m tired of being the fucking punching bag. (SOBS)

Nic, come on, Nic. God damn it.

What just happened?


MARK: Nic!

She’s not coming?


I got to go deal with this, and if– if I don’t come back in a few minutes, just take them all out without me, okay?


You’re not going?

What the hell?

It’s okay. There’s nothing to worry about. (STUTTERS)


Could you take me to my room, please?

Yeah. Yeah, of course.

MARK: Nic!



KAI: Hello?

















(SCREAMS) What the fuck? What the fuck?

Get your fucking hands off me! Get your fucking hands off me!


Listen, listen, listen. I’m not gonna hurt you.

Just stay on the floor, okay?

Okay, okay. I am, I am, I am.

Don’t do anything. Don’t do anything.

KAI: Just count to 1000.


And just don’t fucking move until you’re done counting.

Don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me.

Don’t fucking move. Please, please.


Oh, my God, Mark!

Oh, my God. Mark.


Don’t hurt him. Don’t you– (SCREAMS)


Are you…

What do we do? What do we do?

MARK: Call the police.





HOUSEKEEPER: Hey, Kai, how are you?

Hey, auntie. All– all good.



Front Desk.


Yes, okay. Christie, the police are here.

Go out, and bring them up to the Tradewinds!

I’m gonna head up there now. Fuck me! Reggie!




OLIVIA: What’s going on?

MARK: It’s okay. Don’t worry. Everything is, um, everything is gonna be okay.

OLIVIA: What happened to you?

We’re fine.


Go see your mom.





So, you really didn’t hear from him, huh?

Yeah. I’d rather not talk about it.


So, did you, um, get a chance to look at the proposal?

I’ve been distracted.

That is totally understandable. Um…

Did you send it on to your business manager?

I’m going to.

Really sorry. I’m just super curious, you know, and eager to hear what you guys think.

But we can talk about it another time.

Yeah. He tells everybody he’s going to the office every day, but really, he’s just sitting in his car gambling online.


Carol told me he was doing great.

She said he got some big promotion…


…recently. No?



SHANE: He’s about half a million dollars in debt.


SHANE: His wife left him.

She took the kid.

She’s living with her folks. He’s dating a stripper.

Last I heard, he’s staying in an Airbnb near the airport.

So, yeah.

Things are going real great.


KITTY: Shane, you’re too much. (CHUCKLES)

You know, what would be really exciting for me would be to make it a holistic experience.

Spiritual therapies and body treatments.

And I would love, love, love, love, love to make it so women from all economic backgrounds could benefit, you know? Not just rich women.

Not that there’s anything wrong with…

Excuse me.

…um, rich women.

I just– You know what I mean.

Oh, my God.

Greg is at the Kahuna Bar. And he says he’s waiting for me.

Oh, wow. I really–


I hate to do this to you. No, and I– I really do.

I really wanna hear more.

It’s just, I– I don’t know how long he’s gonna be in town.


TANYA: Just…

That isn’t– It’s not gonna stay.


Um… Why don’t you just charge all this stuff to my room?

You can– you can even have more if you want.

I’ll let you know what happens. Okay?

Yeah. Please do.

Good luck.


Here we are.

I have spoken with our general manager and our corporate office, and your entire stay has been comped.

Thank you.

Well, it’s the least we can do.

Can I get a tequila?


Of course.

Unfortunately, your valuables are not covered by the hotel.

Yeah. Don Julio 1942.





Yes, right away.


There was always something a little off with the Cutlers.


They were always trying a little too hard, you know?

It’s a family we knew from the Bay Club.

The kid’s our age. His life’s a total disaster.

KITTY: You know, I knew they had money, but I could never figure out what the father did, Gavin.


Then one day, I’m at the bookstore and I see a book written by Gavin Cutler.


Turns out he’s a writer of crime fiction. Isn’t that insane?

SHANE: (LAUGHING) You gotta be kidding me.

KITTY: Everybody’s got to make their money somehow.




Hey, lady.

Oh. Let’s get you a drink.

What do you feel like?

Oh, um, I like Chardonnay.

GREG: Chardonnay, please.

Well. Oh, perfect.

I thought you were gonna text me earlier.

Oh, yeah. Well, I– I got caught up, uh, you know, watching the Nuggets.


GREG: You look great.

Oh. I do?

Uh-huh. It was fun last night.


And we can have fun again.


So, how was, uh, scuba diving?

Uh… I don’t know. Uh… I didn’t do it.

I wanna wait for you.

You do?

The guy said we could go out tomorrow.


It hurts to smile. (CHUCKLES)

How bad does it look?

It looks cool, Dad.

You look like a badass.


Yeah, Dad. You saved Mom.

(CHUCKLES) You’re a total stud.

(SCOFFS) I don’t know about that.


KITTY: Goodbye.

SHANE: Yeah.

Oh, I’m leaving super early, so you won’t see me, but I love you guys.

I’m so happy I got to see you.

You’re such a gorgeous couple, you have so much going for you, so be happy, okay?

Just be happy.

I love you.

I love you, darling.

(GRUNTS) Thanks for coming.

Be happy, Rachel.



I love you, guys.

And I’ll tell Cathy you say hi!

And enjoy Tahiti! I’m so jealous!

Yeah. Travel safe.

SHANE: Love you, Mom.

That was such a nice dinner.






Greg, come on.

You need to go.

What? (CHUCKLES) Why?

Well, you know, eventually, you’re just gonna leave.

So I think we should just cut to the chase.

Okay? Let’s just go.


Okay. We need to go now.


Yeah, I mean it.

I’m a very needy person, and I am deeply, deeply insecure.

This is–


Both my parents mentally abused me and– and– and my mother still tortures me, and she’s dead.

And I still have her ashes. I carry them around.

So now you see, that’s the core of the onion.

It’s already– (CRIES)

This is it.

This is the core of the onion, and I don’t want to–

I want you to get out of here and save yourself because I’m just like a– I’m like a dead end, you know?

This is a trap door. And I think you should get out.

And I want you to take these things.


I want you take ’em.

I want you to get out of here now! (CRIES)

The f– I’m not gonna take your dead mother’s ashes.

TANYA: I want you to get them out of here.

What the fuck am I supposed to do with them?

I don’t know. Put them in the trunk of your car.

Just get them out of here.

You can put them in a trashcan.

You’re fucking crazy.

It’s who I am.

And I– There’s nothing I can do about it.

(CRYING) Please get out. Please. Get out.

Greg, I told you to get the fuck out.


I still wanna fuck you.


(SOBS) Really?




Come here, crazy.

Come on.



You’re not really cuckoo.




Crazy day.




Sometimes, just watching them eat every night makes me wanna gouge my eyes out.

The Lotus-eaters.

“Hateful is the dark-blue sky, vaulted o’er the dark-blue sea.

Death is the end of life.

Ah, why should life all labor be?”

Yeah. (SCOFFS)



I think I’ve made a terrible mistake.

What’s that?

Sorry about your locket.

The one your grandmother gave you.

So weird you put it in there and then… like an hour later, it’s stolen.

Bad luck, I guess. Right?



AIRLINE CUSTOMER: Did you have a good vacation?

SHANE PATTON: It was my honeymoon.

CUSTOMER: Where’s your wife?


RACHEL: I don’t want to be a plus-one my whole life.

MARK MOSSBACHER: This is why people go on vacation.

My hero.

You were on fire last night.


QUINN MOSSBACHER: I’m not going home.

OLIVIA MOSSBACHER: What are you doing?


Texting who?


TANYA MCQUOID: I’m realizing I’m getting back into this pattern again.

It’s not healthy.

SHANE: We are starting down a very dark road.

Why are you ruining everything?


DILLON: Is this like a kamikaze situation?

Are you gonna take me down with you?

ARMOND: I’m getting fired. I don’t care.

Fuck this place!



* * *

MIKE WHITE: At the beginning of the series, Paula’s a little bit of a cipher.

We don’t really know much about her, and I wanted to shift the focus to where suddenly the sidekick is now looming large in the plot of the show.

Paula was disturbed by the entertainment.

The hula dancing?

Oh, you’re– you’re allergic to fire?

Paula feels like Olivia is a product of privilege that has taken away from people like Kai, and she feels like, “I can bring him justice.”

What’s up?

Now’s the time.


KEKOA KEKUMANO: Kai’s genuine, and he wants to do good, but he’s kinda stuck in a predicament.

“Do I end up stealing or do I let people take advantage of my people and my land?”

You know, you could finally hire a good lawyer to fight these fuckers.

WHITE: She tries to make the argument that thieving is just, and there is something about the fact that he feels so powerless.

Her arguments kind of land with him.



CONNIE BRITTON: For Mark and Nicole, when this violence enters their lives, it’s an opportunity for Mark, and he rises to it, he protects her. He becomes her superhero.


I love it because it’s so messy and sloppy and really pivots their lives in a great way.

What do we do? (SOBBING) What do we do?

MARK MOSSBACHER: Call the police!



That’s what was needed to pull them out of a very painful time for them.

I’m a very needy person, and I am deeply, deeply insecure.

JENNIFER COOLIDGE: Tanya’s not 20. When you hit a certain age, you eventually have to face yourself.

(SOBBING) I want you to get out of here and save yourself ’cause I’m just like a– I’m like a dead end.

you know? (STUTTERS) Just a trap door.

And I think you should get out.

JON GRIES: Greg actually manifests real empathy.


Come here, crazy.


And I think that he is attracted to her, he is attracted to the crazy.

He likes that.

COOLIDGE: She gets a guy handed to her that’s sort of overly simple and still has a hard time making it all work.

Enjoy your breakfast.


Armond, in the beginning, is doing his best to hold together this kind of image of professionalism and this kind of– projecting an image of himself or who he wants to be.

And I think as the show goes on, he loses a grip on that.

LUKAS GAGE: Dillon, once he sleeps with Armond, he realizes that he no longer has to be beneath Armond on the totem pole.

You said I could pick my own shifts.

You said a bunch of shit.

I forget what I said.

Well, I didn’t. You owe me.

He has something to hold against him. He has blackmail.

A lot of great girls came and went, but you won, and there’s a reason you’re here and all those other girls are out of the picture.

Yeah, but what is the reason? Like why am I here?

Well, you’re very magnetic, and you’re so beautiful.

Yeah, you’re making me sound like a trophy wife.

Oh, what’s so wrong with that?

ALEXANDRA DADDARIO: Essentially, her mother-in-law’s telling her this is what you’re good at.

You’re not good at being a journalist.

You’re fine at it, but what you’re really good at is making my son happy.

Kitty is very close to her son, Shane.

She knows what a catch he is.

She just thinks that Rachel is very lucky that she got him.

Be happy, Rachel. Okay?

Kitty is well-intentioned, but she ends up accelerating the conflict between Rachel and Shane.

I think I’ve made a terrible mistake.

WHITE: I think that, sometimes, you’re vacationing, and you want this idea of just being away from all of the problems of society.

And then, you realize that the vacation is also a part of those problems, and some of them are societal problems and some of them are personal problems, and so there really is no escape.


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