Kota Factory – S02E03 – Atmospheric Pressure | Transcript

Jeetu searches for staff for his institute, making some reluctant choices along the way. Filled with self-doubt, Vartika evades practice tests at Aimers.
Kota Factory - S02E03 - Atmospheric Pressure

Original release date: September 24, 2021

* * *

Sir, we have a meeting at 3:30 p.m. Its–

Come in!

Good morning, sir.

Good morning, sir.

Good morning.

Why are you not in the classroom?

Sir, the physics class–

Isn’t physics a part of the IIT syllabus?

Sir, that’s what we wanted to talk about.

We’re done with two chapters, but we haven’t understood anything.

Which batch are you in?

Twelfth A3.

Twelfth A3.

Do you have any idea whom you’re talking about?

Sir, we’re talking about Professor Bhargav.


If at all any one of you makes it to the IIT, you’ll be reading a book written by him on electrodynamics in the third semester!

Before you could finish asking him your question, he’ll give you the answer.

From HC Verma to Irodov… he can solve any problem from the physics book.

That is where the problem lies, sir.

He can solve them, but we don’t understand his methods of solving.

Toppers understand his methods, but students like us get left behind.

Sheet, DPP, everything is incomplete.

If we don’t understand the concepts of current… then we’d find magnetism difficult.


Do you all feel the same way?

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Go back to your classroom.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Get the car.

Yes, sir.

This is an electric field, “E.”

Imagine the ball is hanging somewhere here.

Mass, “M.” Charge “Q.”

And the radius is “R.”

So, tell me, what should be the minimum velocity for it to complete the circular path?

You’ve learned this in the 11th grade.

It was root 3GR, right?


It should be root 4GR!


How? Root four is two.

It’s from the chapter on circular motion. Does no one remember?

Bhaiya, it’s root 5GR.


Who said that?


We have no shame, do we?

Forgot everything that you studied in the 11th grade!

Only one person remembers!

What’s your name?

She’s my girl.


I swear!

You weren’t in Prodigy last year!

I taught her in the 11th grade.

No, I was taking private tuition.

I swear on my mom.

No way.


What was your score on the last test?

I didn’t take the last test… as I was not well.


Vartika was sick?

She was on her period.

So, every question that turns into a concept demands more respect.

You should memorize… not only the method but also the final answer.

But Vartika is on her period right now!

In fact, this question is not from electro!

Are you sure she is your girl?

That was the only use.

Yes. She’s his girlfriend, but–

Very good, Vartika!

You’ve got to rock the next test!

Is it a yes or no? Tell me!

Yes, Bhaiya.

And the useless bunch, listen to me carefully!

Yes, Bhaiya!

Yes, Bhaiya!

A concept is knowledge that we can use to solve different questions.

When did you study this?

Years ago in the 11th grade, right?

Thank you.

Vaibhav, let’s go someplace else.


It’s the end of the month… and I have run out of my pocket money.

So, let’s eat at the mess.

Come on, please.

Don’t talk about eating at the mess. Not today, at least.

Today is Thursday.

And they make oily vegetable curry on Thursday.

That curry smells more pungent than SO2.

No one laughs at my inorganic jokes other than you.

So sad!

Don’t worry. Just order whatever you want.

I have saved some money.

Guys spend thousands on lounge tickets, popcorn, and movie tickets for their first date.

This is the least I can do.

How long can we keep eating curd and sugar, anyway!

You’re referring to Uday and Shivangi, aren’t you?

I know the story.

Did they also use to have curd and sugar?

All jokes are going to the drain.

Okay, fine. But I will plan our next date.


Plan anything you want, but only after two days.

We’re not meeting before that.


What do you mean why?

Jeetu Bhaiya’s test is coming up.

We shouldn’t waste time.

I waste your time?



It’s good for both of us.

Don’t you want to score good marks?

Jeetu Bhaiya asked your name.

He’ll be watching your performance closely now.

Order no. 420!

Our order’s up. Let me get it.

Ma’am, I’ve thought of Mr. Sharma, Mr. Pandey, or Mr. Negi for maths.

But I was not sure, so I haven’t had a word with them yet.

I am sure about chemistry though.

I want you to join us.

Thank you.

If you say yes, we can decide about the maths tutor together.


It’s a unique name.

Otherwise, Force, Vector, Catalyst, Motion… not a single keyword is left which hasn’t been used for institute names.

One of them is also called Resistance.

Even Mr. Agarwal used to say, “Learn the meaning of all these institute names, and half of your syllabus is done.”

You seem to be pretty impressed with Mr. Agarwal.

You would be too if you had met him.

He would even abuse pretty gracefully.

Thank you for the offer.

But before I give it a thought, I would like to know a few things.

Yes, of course.

Why me?

Ma’am, you teach not only organic but also inorganic and physical.

So, it’s cost-effective.

And… you’re a female.


Girls will get more confidence.

We make girls sit in the front… but still, they feel out of place.

Whenever they talk about IITians, it’s always like, “He does this. This is how he studies.”

They never say, “She does this. This is how she studies.”

Their mental image of an IITian is that of a boy.

And how would they develop that confidence if they haven’t seen any female IITian yet?

In fact, it would’ve been much better if you were teaching maths.

Mr. Agarwal’s daughter teaches maths.


He was a visionary.

When the boys have any problem, they come to me.

They can share anything with me.

Girls are also as vulnerable, but…

They all need someone like you.

According to me… Mr. Pandey is not the right option.

Then, whom would you recommend?

Even I don’t know that.

Then, let’s see someone who would know this.

Let’s go.

Namaste, sir.

God bless you.

Please have a seat.

What brings you here?

Sir, it’s been a while since we met… and I wanted to tell you that I have opened my institute.


So, now, we are thinking of expanding it.

Opening an institute is always exciting, but one needs discipline to run it.

You are three minutes late.

Anyway, let’s utilize the remaining seven minutes.

Sir, we needed a maths teacher for the institute.


But why only maths?

Because I’ll teach physics and Miss Sarika will teach chemistry.

Namaste, sir.

So, we’re looking for a good maths teacher… who would bond with students and tutor them properly.

You’re not only looking for a good maths teacher but also a founder teacher, Jeetu.

Founder teacher!

He should be a good teacher as well as a risk-taker.

He shouldn’t be afraid to take the next step.

He should be large-hearted.

He shouldn’t feel insecure when more teachers join in.

And above all, he should know how to respect the management despite being the founder teacher.

Even if it means swallowing a bitter pill.

Sir, do you have such a person in mind?

Not yet.

But that doesn’t mean… one won’t evolve later.

Meet Gagan Rastogi once.

But he teaches at Maheshwari, right?


Let’s go.

Namaste, sir.

Meena, has Vartika not come in?



I know she cares about me more, but she is your girlfriend. So, you should know this.

What’s wrong with him?

Did he get angry?

Shut up.

See, Meena… not every guy trusts his girl as much as Uday does.




Are you not coming today?

I am afraid so.

I have a headache.


Then, you can take the test in the evening.

But it’ll be late then.

Jeetu Bhaiya won’t mind.


Yes, I am listening.

I think this headache will last the entire day.

You know what… get me an extra paper after the test.

I’ll solve it at home.



Hey… where are you going?

To treat a sick person.

Bro, is he preparing for Medical as well?

These things happen, Uday.

When people don’t feel confident about clearing the IIT exam, they start thinking about other options.

It happens.

Meena… whom have you been spending time with?




Oh, great!

It seems like you don’t have a headache anymore!

Will you tell me why you didn’t show up?

Don’t you have to take the exam?

I’d told you this is Jeetu Bhaiya’s exam. One can take it any time of the day.

But someone wasn’t paying attention.

She was busy making excuses.

Come on, pack your bag. Let’s go.

She won’t listen.

Even I am tired of telling her.

Meenal, even you are not taking the test?

Focus on her, would you?

Wait a second.

Will someone tell me what’s going on?

We always score low in the exams no matter how hard we study.

That lowers our confidence.

These two have even stopped taking exams.


If Sachin stops showing up for net practice, then how would he play?

Come on, let’s go.

I haven’t even completed my syllabus yet.

I never manage to complete it.

When I study projectile, Bhaiya teaches Newton’s Law.

When I study Newton’s Law, he teaches work-energy.

And when I study work-energy, he–

Starts teaching center of mass.

Are you going to narrate the entire syllabus?

Before we finish studying one topic, another test comes up.

Gaining expertise in anything seems impossible.

Because I don’t feel confident… I don’t feel like taking the test.

You guys have completed the syllabus, right?

You’re done with DPP and the sheet as well.

Then, why don’t you want to take the test?

I just told you.

She studies and takes the exam, but she scores low marks. So, her confidence–

Do you not pay attention when I talk? Tell me!

How will you survive in IIT?

You don’t need to worry about me.

If you don’t take the exam, you won’t even get into IIT.

Got it?

Let’s go.


When you guys get a fever, where do you go?

Go on!

You won’t listen to me anyway!

So, do as he says!

Bloody sexist!

Now, stop wasting time and meet me outside.

I am waiting. Hurry.

Oh, shut up!

Okay, I will. Bye.

You had to pick him as your boyfriend!

What happened, Meenal?

Bhaiya, you know I always take the exam.

But this time, Vartika told me not to.

That’s why I didn’t.

But that is no excuse.

You can’t stop taking exams just because you haven’t perfected a subject.

Perfection is impossible to achieve.

A capacitor discharges 99% in microseconds… but it takes infinite time to discharge 100%.

Remember! It doesn’t matter how much or what you study… you can never have 100% knowledge of anything.

Go back to your seats.

Does everyone know the table of two?

Yes, Bhaiya!

Yes, Bhaiya!

Have we all perfected the table of two?

Yes, Bhaiya!

Yes, Bhaiya!

Then check if I’m writing it correctly.

It’s correct.

Did I make any mistakes?

No, Bhaiya.


Let’s consider this.

It’s six this way.

And this way as well.

Which combination does this represent?

The first one.

This one.


Everyone, read this out aloud. What do we call this?

Two ones are…



Two twos are…


Two threes are…


This is the first group of three, and this is the second one.

We write it like this and say it like this…

“Two threes are six.”

But this is how we understand it.

So, have we perfected the table of two?

I don’t even know the tables anymore, dude.

Me neither.

Our Hindi is not that great either.

The whole of India writes “shringaar” like this.

But it’s right, Bhaiya.

It’s right.

It’s wrong.

But have you ever had trouble understanding Nirala or Dinkar’s poems?

Or while multiplying, when this depth in the table of two was missing?

If you had stayed adamant saying, “I won’t study until I perfect this,” then you would’ve still been in the third grade.

You can never have 100% knowledge of anything.

Even if you’re weak in some subject, you should keep moving ahead with the class.

You’ll gain expertise with time and experience.

But that’s peer pressure, Bhaiya.

Peer pressure is a good thing.

Just your peers shouldn’t be stupid.

Then, it’s okay to stay under pressure. You’ll only gain from it.

Let me explain.

Imagine we all have to travel from A to B.

Now I’ll take the same route as everyone else, right?

Only if my destination is different will I take a new route.

Otherwise, I’ll just go with my peers.

Am I right?

Yes, Bhaiya.

Yes, Bhaiya.

But we’re even scared to take the exams.

Bablu will arrange for a bus tomorrow.

It’s the JEE Advanced.

Everyone will go together, okay?

Okay, Bhaiya.

Yes, Bhaiya.

Yes, Bhaiya.

Yes, Bhaiya.

No… not at all.

I don’t know why Mr. Agarwal suggested my name.

But I don’t like maths… and even my children won’t like it.

Maths is just a tool.

Children learn to use it on their own.

I don’t have a problem joining your institute… but my maths should work.

These are some terms, sir. Let’s discuss them.

Terms are simple.

Doubt classes, extra classes, and lectures should only be from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

I want a one-hour lunch break and two cups of tea without sugar every day.

I don’t answer my phone on Sunday. I don’t go to any annual functions.

No one invites me to family functions, so that is fine.

I’ll take eight holidays in a year… but only eight.

And the contract will be for two years.

And if… you want to announce your institute on the day of the Jee Advanced results, then you must get the contract prepared within two days.

Because I’ll have to give a 15-day notice to Mr. Maheshwari.

I didn’t understand what you mean by the two-year contract, sir.

I must be guaranteed a two-year salary.

I’m quitting Kota’s–


I’m quitting India’s biggest institute.

What if you close the institute tomorrow… or you and ma’am go separate ways! This would be necessary then, right?

Sir, we were thinking of an equal partnership.

Ma’am will, of course, be there.


This is not an equal partnership.

You’re taking the risk. So, you can keep the stakes.

I only deserve a salary.

So, I don’t have a problem joining the institute.

But we’ll have to make the maths work.

Of course, I had to come.

This time, I’ve even brought these kids along.

Alright. So… it doesn’t matter what the first question is.

You must choose the questions from your favorite topic and tackle them first.

As soon as you get the answer and you see that it is one of the options, there will be a gleam in your eyes. Your body will be relaxed.

Your heartbeats will be normal… and you’ll begin to race ahead.

What if we couldn’t even tackle the first question?

This is the JEE exam.

A month later, these questions will be in exercise three instead of one or two.

I mean, you’ll find them very easy.

You guys will rock it! Okay?

Don’t think too much.


Go on– Hey, it’s okay!

Do well.

All the best, brother.

Hey, it’s okay.


Did you see that?

There were all kinds of kids here.

Some were normal.

Some were really nervous.

And when you’re nervous, you’re bound to make mistakes.

So, as I said, some are completely normal.

Some are like him.

They score five marks, but they always take the exams.

Some are like you.

They can do well but are afraid to take exams.

So, what can we do about it?

Vartika, right?


Vartika, are you scared of exams because you think you’ll score low… or your friends will laugh at you… or your name will be at the bottom of the list, or you don’t know what you’ll say if your parents ask?


Close your eyes.

Imagine that you’re trapped in an iron cage.

Now, imagine a hungry lion entering the cage.

He’s ferocious, and you’re unarmed.

What will you do?

I don’t know.

Stop imagining.

The fear of a thing is more frightening than that thing itself.


You must be aware… that we don’t let just anyone join the Maheshwari family.

Yes, sir.

You’re an ex-IITian. You’re talented as well.

You should have joined Maheshwari.

Why did you choose Prodigy instead?

Sir, of course, my long-term plans were to join a bigger institute.

But I thought I should start tutoring the weak children first.

I successfully tutored them, motivated them. So, I became a teacher.

That’s why, in the beginning, I joined Prodigy instead of Maheshwari.

I quit once I was done there.

By the way… the salary they offer to entry-level employees is better than yours.

The situation was different then, Jeetu Bhaiya.

And now, again, it’s different.

Thank you for the offer, sir.

It’s very tempting.

But now, I have decided to open my institute.

Running an institute won’t be easy.

You’re a teacher, not a manager.

You’re right, sir.

I am a teacher… that’s why I’m opening my institute.

Fine. If you have made up your mind… then, best of luck.

Alright, sir.

And yes… I am not an ex-IITian.

I am an IITian.

Sir, this trend of opening one’s own institute is spreading like a virus.

He’s thinking of opening one with Gagan.

I can shut it down if you want.

I have seen dozens of teachers like him.

No. He’s different.

There are very few like him.

What did you find so different about him, sir?

I didn’t… but his students did.

When I insulted him in front of that boy… the boy felt hurt.

In today’s time, you’ll find very few teachers who are respected by their students.

He didn’t put up a temporary flex outside his coaching class.

He got an insignia engraved.

He won’t budge.


Yeah, Miss Sarika.

Let’s get out of this room… and finalize Mr. Gagan.

Imagine we all have to travel from A to B.

Now I’ll take the same route as everyone else, right?

Only if my destination is different… will I take a new route.

Otherwise, I’ll just go with my peers.


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