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The White Lotus

The White Lotus – S01E06 – Departures [Transcript]

Rachel shares some harsh truths with Shane and confides in Belinda, who’s reeling from bad news of her own. As the Mossbachers turn the page on their harrowing scare, Quinn reveals major life plans. With nothing left to lose, Armond goes on an all-out bender – and exacts the ultimate revenge on his nemesis.

The White Lotus

The White Lotus – S01E05 – The Lotus-Eaters [Transcript]

As Armond attempts to do damage control, Belinda tries to redirect Tanya’s focus to her business proposal. Paula grows increasingly disillusioned with the Mossbachers. A sidelined Rachel begins to question her future. Nicole rebuffs Mark for airing their dirty laundry to Quinn.

The White Lotus

The White Lotus – S01E04 – Recentering [Transcript]

After Shane shoots down her latest career plans, Rachel is further blindsided by an unexpected arrival. Just as Belinda begins to take her business proposition seriously, Tanya’s attention turns to an intriguing hotel guest.

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