Mare of Easttown – Episode 5 – Illusions [Transcript]

In her mandated therapy, Mare opens up about her family's history with mental health struggles. Meanwhile, Lori tries to get to the bottom of her son's outburst at school, and later, Mare meets with a semi-retired source to help find a possible connection to her three cases.
Mare of Easttown - Episode 5 - Illusions

Original air date: May 16, 2021

Elderly Easttown resident Betty Carroll dies of a heart attack at the wheel, crashing into a telephone pole and causing a blackout. At her wake, her husband publicly confesses to an affair with Helen. At a get-together, Mare learns from casual conversation that Erin briefly lived with Lori’s brother-in-law Billy. She focuses on a beer bottle Billy leaves unattended. Lori learns from her son Ryan that John has been cheating on her again with a woman he saw in the past. Brianna grows suspicious of Dylan, who was absent from their bed later in the night of Erin’s death. Dylan meets with Jess to burn Erin’s hidden journals, though Jess secretly keeps one. Mare goes on a date with Zabel, but it sours when she continuously brings up the case. Later, she sees what looks like a prowler and pursues him into his home, tackling him, only to find that he’s an elderly man. Chief Carter settles the incident but chastises Mare. Deacon Mark is beaten by some locals after the rumor of his old accusation spreads. Returning to the parish, he confesses to Father Dan that he picked Erin up the night of her death and drove her to the park at her insistence, but still denies killing her. Mare accompanies Zabel to interview a girl who narrowly escaped kidnapping by a man in a blue van. Zabel admits to Mare that he stole a private investigator’s files to solve the case that made his career. Based on partial plates from the girl’s account, Mare and Zabel track down the kidnapper, Wayne Potts. Katie and Missy alert the police to their presence in the basement, and Potts immediately shoots Zabel in the head. An unarmed Mare flees through the house, eventually retrieving Zabel’s gun and killing Potts as backup arrives.

* * *




DREW: Gran!

Hold on.

SIOBHAN: Drew, come here.

I’ll be right out.

DREW: Yeah, I don’t like it. It’s too dark.

It’s okay. It’s okay.

MARE SHEEHAN: It’s okay, here I come.

Here. Here’s Gran. Here’s Gran.

It’s okay, buddy. Come on.

There we go. I got you, I got you. Hold on to me.

Do we have any real flashlights?

Uh, yeah, they’re, um… They’re by the sink.

HELEN FAHEY: Only one works.

MARE: What about candles?

Um, yeah. I think we got a few.

DREW: My turtle.


I left him on the floor.


Christ, he’s probably shitting all over the place.

Okay. There you go. Go with Nana.

Take my phone, all right.

Gran didn’t mean to say “shit.”

Here, Nana. Matches.

Thank you, sweetie. Thank you.

FRANK SHEEHAN: Everyone okay?


FRANK: I got some extra batteries.

SIOBHAN: Hey, Dad.

Hey, it’s Pop Pop. He brought batteries!

How are you, bud?

Yeah, we’re gonna go outside and look at the moon.

FRANK: Oh. Fun.

We’re gonna light candles.

LORI ROSS: Bring that one in your room.

MOIRA ROSS: Thank you.

LORI: Mm-hmm.

JOHN ROSS: It’s gonna be okay, Ryan.


It’s our secret, all right?

Only us.


RYAN ROSS: Mm-hmm.




Seven-five-two-two to Delcom. Expedite E.M.S. I’m at the scene of the accident on Panel Road. Victim’s ID is Betty Carroll. No pulse.

How are things with Faye?


Not totally great at the moment.

I’m sorry.

Don’t be. We’ll figure it out.

(EXHALES) Been through worse, we’ll get through this.

How are you?

I feel like I don’t ask you that enough these days.

It’s fine, Dad, really. (CHUCKLES)

No, sweetie. It’s not fine.

(EXHALES) And for so long, uh…

your mother and I were so wrapped up in our own crap and…

Kevin’s issues.

I feel like we forgot to ask you how you’re doing.

I just take for granted that you’re okay, and that’s not fair, Siobhan.

I’m not gonna do that anymore, okay?


I met someone.

FRANK: You met someone?


MARE: Fucking turtle.



MARE: What day is it, Kev?



MARE: August…


MARE: …fourteen.



MARE: And what’s special about today?

KEVIN: It’s my birthday.

Fine breeze and some fine water.

As you can see, the lake behind us.

Follow me, Mom.

Let’s jump in together. One, two…

MARE: Two, three! (LAUGHS) Hey!

KEVIN: …three!


Kevin was pretty normal little kid, yeah?

Funny, silly, active.

We got the Tourette’s diagnosis when he was eight.

Soon after, the mood disorder emerged.

He’d… he’d hit his sister, hit me, explode into violent tantrums over the smallest things.

And did his behavior ever frighten you?

Sometimes… yeah.

Did you try any counseling or… perhaps some medication?

(CHUCKLES) Oh, God. What wasn’t he put on?

Adderall, Ritalin, uh, Epitol, Loxitane…

Olanzapine, that shit was the worst.

He blew up like a balloon on that one.

He’d be on his knees every morning begging us not to make him take it.

GAYLE GRAHAM: Did they help him at all?


This mood disorder, is there a history of that… in your family, outside of Kevin?


Well, my dad was depressed.

He was never officially diagnosed but my… my mother would just send him out of the house when she’d notice him sinking. And, uh, he’d go live with his brother in Drexel Hill for…

(INHALES) …a few weeks and come home when he, uh… felt strong enough.

And what about you?

Any periods of depression?



Yeah. I mean, there were times, you know.

(SMACKS LIPS) Yeah, thinking back… maybe I was. I mean, I probably was.

There was a period after Siobhan was born and Kevin was starting to become difficult and, uh… yeah. Um…

But, you know, growing up, my mom, she didn’t have patience for any of that.

And she was overwhelmed dealing with my dad, so… you know, I didn’t wanna… (EXHALES) …burden her any more than she already was, so I just… coped with it.

Yeah? And how did your father cope with it?

Well, he shot himself.

Yeah, I was 13 years old.

I’m so sorry, Mare.

That must have been so much to carry as a young child.

How did it make you feel?

Like I wasn’t enough for him.

You think… maybe it’s… something you inherit.


GAYLE: What?

You know, suicide, mental illness?

‘Cause I read a bunch of articles about these scientists who think maybe it’s… you know, passed down from generation to generation.

You think… maybe?

GAYLE: What are you looking for when you’re reading these articles?

Um… hope, I guess.

GAYLE: Hope that your grandson won’t turn out like…

Like my dad.

Or Kevin.

GAYLE: Does it worry you that he might?

Oh, God, yeah.

I’m terrified.

HELEN: Poor Betty Carroll.

I mean, she was just going out for cereal, and she had a heart attack and crashed into that pole.

Cheerios killed her.

Well, not exactly, Mom.

Mrs. Carroll was gonna have a heart attack with or without the Cheerios.

HELEN: Not necessarily.

I mean, what if she saw a deer or a raccoon in the road and, you know, it spooked her enough that her heart exploded?

MARE: Drew, go put your jammies on, honey.

DREW: In a second.

No. That’s what you said ten minutes ago.

Go put your pajamas on. Now.

Now. Go.


Go, run.


JOHN: Pass the damn ball!

BILLY ROSS: Come on! Pass it!

Do you like this?


Yeah? Okay.


That’s very pretty.

That’s beautiful. Bracelets?

I watched your documentary project.

Oh, yeah?

I thought it was beautiful, Siobhan. I was so moved.

It was really brave.


So, I had this media lab teacher my freshman year, this brilliant, inspiring woman named Meg Frawley, and she just took the head position of Media Studies at Cal Berkeley last year.

I think you should talk to her. You two would really hit it off.

Cal Berkeley?

Like, in California?

ANNE: Yeah, babe.

(CHUCKLES) In California.

I already submitted my applications.

Yeah, but just talk to her.

And if you don’t like what she has to say, then I wasted 20 minutes of your life and I’ll make it up to you.




Well, I have to figure that out.

She’s so happy.

She’s been looking forward to trying on those dresses all week.

Don’t tell her, but, uh, we got a limo…


…to take her and her friend to dinner and the prom.

HELEN: (CHUCKLES) Oh, that’s wonderful.

She’s gonna have a ball.

MARE: Mm-mm.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

That’s enough. All right, time for bed.

Let’s say goodnight. Say goodnight.

Goodnight, Ryan.


LORI: Bye, cutie.

MARE: Brush your teeth.

Goodnight, pal.

LORI: Sleep well.

MARE: Night.

Anyone need a beer?


I’d take another one.

I’m good.

Lori tell you the news, Mare?

What news?

We went to visit Kenny over at Delaware County Prison the other day, and he asked us if we would consider taking Erin’s son, DJ, in.

Take him in?

Like… like adopt him?

What’d you tell him?

We told him we’d think about it.

Kenny still has to talk to the lawyer.

JOHN: Right now, DJ’s still living with Dylan and his parents.

Do you think Kenny ever hit her, John?


MARE: Come on.

We all know what he’s like.


There were times we suspected things weren’t good, but…

BILLY: Here you go.

…Erin was tough, like her mother.

I mean, you remember Rachel.

She didn’t tell anybody she had leukemia until she was going into hospice.

Erin was a lot like that. She… she didn’t like to talk about stuff.

No, but we all knew he wasn’t treating her right.

Of course. That’s… why we took care of her.

Erin even lived with Billy for a little while.

When did she live with you, Bill?

Oh… (CLEARS THROAT) …God. That was like, uh… three years ago. At least.

What did she move in for?

Well, her mother just died and Kenny was drinking a lot, I think, and… and we didn’t want her around that.

So I asked her to come stay with me, and I fixed her up a room in the basement.

Mm. How long she stay?

Uh… three weeks, maybe?

It was little longer than that, wasn’t it?

I thought it was at least a couple months she was with you.


I really don’t remember. It was a long time ago.

I gotta get going.

JOHN: Where are you going?

BILLY: Uh, Matty’s having that fundraiser for his daughter at the Duffer’s.

You know, I told him I’d stopped by.

Have a good night.

See you later.

Bye, Bill. Have fun.

BILLY: Thanks. I will.




DYLAN HINCHEY: So I guess you heard the news about DJ?

BRIANNA DELRASSO: What’s gonna happen to him now?

My parents and I met with Child Youth Services yesterday.

Your parents wanna keep him?

Well… How do you feel about that, like… having to see him every day now that you know?

I don’t know. It’s fucking weird, you know?

So what’s your situation?


…my lawyer thinks I can plead down to a misdemeanor.

We’ll see.

Either way, I’m not going to college next year.

Might just enroll in that Hopkins Beauty School out on 352.

My friend went there and, uh… you know, she works in a real good salon in Bryn Mawr.

Doing hair for all the rich Main Line women.


Just keep thinking I’m gonna wake up and… it’ll be like a bad dream.

Bet you were scared, huh?


Listen… you know, Dylan… if you ever wanna talk about it… you just need someone besides your parents…

I got other friends. (SNIFFLES)

Look… it’s just that we were dating, what, two months before this happened?

I’m just saying, you don’t gotta like come around here if you don’t want to.

You know, there are things from that night.

When I woke up, you weren’t in bed.

I was probably out in the den feeding DJ.

BRIANNA: No, you weren’t out in the den.

Then I was probably out here smoking.

BRIANNA: You weren’t out here smoking either.

Dylan, I walked around the whole house, and you weren’t anywhere.

Where’d you go, Dylan?

You should probably leave.

Get the fuck out of here, now.


How long have you been here?

If I had to guess, maybe a year.

The first few months, I was like you, everything was a blur.


There was another girl here, Hilary.

She took care of me while I was going through withdrawal.

Where did she go?

She got pregnant…


…by him.

And he didn’t like that.

One day, I woke up and she was gone.


Don’t worry. He won’t come for us tonight.

Friday is his poker night.

Whenever someone comes over, he’ll tie us up so we keep quiet.








There she is.

I got you a coffee


I’m supposed to be the one buying.

Tough shit. Got here first.

You look good.


How you been, Tam?

I’m a grandmother now. (CHUCKLES)

MARE: No shit?


Good for you.

You still working?

Hmm, I got a small stable I keep around.

You know, a few older gentlemen I visit once a week and tickle their balls.


TAMMY: Hey, it pays the rent.


TAMMY: Lets me spend more time with my grandbaby.

Well, there you go.

So what can I do for you, Mare?

Remember us talking about her last year?

TAMMY: Yeah. Sure. Sure.

MARE: That’s Katie Bailey.

Since then, two more girls are gone.

She’s missing.

This one’s dead.

TAMMY: Oh, geez.

Don’t know her, but this one.

This one, I’ve seen before. Yeah.


TAMMY: Yeah.

Hanging outside the Harrah’s on the river.

Sometimes… Sometimes on the corner of Belmont and Caldwell.


Are you a cartoonist now, Mare?

No, there’s just, uh, a prowler. Um…

Uh, down on the Harrah’s, you said?

TAMMY: Yeah.

MARE: Okay.

I don’t hang out at the Harrah’s myself no more, but, um, once in a while I’ll stop by and talk to some of the girls, and I seen her around a couple of times.

Um, will you just ask around for me?

TAMMY: Yeah.

See if anyone suspicious been on the streets, trying to pick them up?

TAMMY: Yeah, yeah. Sure. I’ll put the word out and see what comes back.


STUDENT 1: Oh, I hit her!

-(ALL LAUGH) -STUDENT 1: Oh, geez, all her stuff…


Look at her over there, she dropped all of her stuff.

Look at her walk back, look at her walk back.

Look at her over there. Oh, my God! (LAUGHING)

STUDENT 2: Throw another one! Throw another one!


STUDENT 1: Oh, my God. I hit her with it.


STUDENT 1: Lick your fingers, retard!

I can’t believe…




TEACHER: Hey, hey, hey. Get off!

Let me go. Let me go!

Get off of him! Calm down!

STUDENT 3: He deserved it.

STUDENT 4: I know, I know.



You wanna tell me what happened?



Does this have to do with Dad?

I saw you in the room with him the other night.

Was he asking you to… keep a secret from me?

Is he doing it again?

Ryan. Ryan. Ryan!



Is your dad doing it again?

Ryan, can you look at me?

Is it with the same woman as before?




FAMILY MEMBER: Thank you so much for coming.

GLENN CARROL: It happened so fast.

I’m so sorry.


Do you think there’s a part of Mr. Carroll that’s relieved?

I’m just saying.

Jesus, Mare.

She seemed to drive him nuts all the time.

You said as much yourself.

You’re allowed to say that when a person’s alive.

After they die, everyone’s a saint.


Betty, she was a… She was a nice lady, you know?

GLENN: Thank you.

Have you, uh, spoken to Frank lately?

No. Why?

Karen Comisky’s daughter works over at the Springton Inn, and Faye was supposed to go and check out their wedding reception hall, and she never showed up.

Just saying.

Excuse me. I’m sorry.

Oh, okay, all right.

Excuse me.



Hello, everybody.

Uh, hello, everybody.

Hello, everyone.


(SHOUTS) Listen up!


Uh, first, I wanna thank you all for coming here today to honor my dear Betty.

(SIGHS) But there’s something else I’d like to say, and I gotta get it off my chest.

I mean, I… I… I was gonna tell Betty, but…

But now it looks like that isn’t gonna happen… and I can’t live with this anymore.

Uh, I can’t live with the guilt.


I had an affair… with Helen Fahey.



Lis… list… listen to me.

Affair’s a strong word. Very strong.

It happened twice.


Okay. Three times, tops.

But… You know… The fact that I can’t even remember how many should tell you all you need to know about what it meant to me.


I mean, what kind of smacked-ass makes an announcement like that at his wife’s funeral reception anyway?


Ma, what do you think?

I thought you were wearing the red dress with the… With the thing?

I tried. Didn’t work.

No, no, no, no, no.

Go back and try the red dress again.


He’s at the door. Mom.

Oh. Oh, in that case, you look great.

(EXHALES) Homewrecker.

Holy shit.

Let’s go.

Let’s go. Bye.

So, did we get the user info back from SideDoor?

Yeah. Uh, Hauser and I interviewed the three people who messaged Erin yesterday.


All had alibis.

Solid alibis?


(WHISPERS) Fuck. Okay.


What about the ballistics report on the bullet we found at Brandywine Park? Anything?

Mare, you know, uh, I could be suspended for discussing details of an ongoing investigation with you.


Report’s supposed to be in on Monday.

Can we please talk about something else?

Yeah. Okay. All right. Sure.

This is a… It’s a date, all right?


Dink, dink, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. (CHUCKLES) Ribbit!

CARRIE LAYDEN: Oh, Drew. Thanks for inviting me over.

Of course.

I thought it might help you to learn his routine.



You know, always have a rag nearby when you wash his hair, you know, ’cause he’ll scream that his eyes are burning, you know, even though we use tear-free shampoo.

Okay. Good to know.

Oh, and never leave him alone.

CARRIE: Right.

Yeah, ’cause he’s active and, you know, God forbid he slips and bumps his head.

Yeah. Right. Of course.

Oh, no. Hey, I’m gonna grab your shampoo and then we can wash your hair, okay?

Why are you helping me?

It’s purely selfish, dear.

I’m afraid you’ll get custody and you’ll cut all of us out of his life.

And I can’t bear to lose another one.


All right. You ready?

DREW: Yeah.

CARRIE: Someone told me you don’t like soap in your eyes, so…

How’s your meal?

Good. Yeah.

I was eyeballing that tortellini special myself.

Oh, yeah?

Sounded good but I, uh… I chickened out at the last minute ’cause of the zucchini.

Well, can’t even taste it.

See that? Should have gone with it.


Trying to be a more adventurous eater but it’s hard.

I was watching this, uh, food show and this, uh, guy was… eating food and he, uh, was eating this like clam thing.

It was so gross. I was like… what is it called?

It’s like an abalone and salt and…

I just thought of something. I just thought of something.

COLIN ZABEL: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


It’s just a bite. I was gonna… I was gonna try a bite.

MARE: No. No.

No, Zabel. About the case.

There was a girl from Jersey.

She went missing a couple of years ago, Melville area. Her name was Hilary Cassell.

She, um, she had a story similar to Missy and Katie’s.

Drug habit led to prostitution…

I thought we were gonna talk about something else other than the case tonight.

MARE: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we did.

We just spent the last half hour talking about how you had a stutter as a kid.

Anyway… listen, there’s a guy, this detective over at Melville named Jimmy Miller.

All right? Call him. Tell him I said to call.

Ask for the file…

Mare, Mare, uh… why didn’t you tell me you went to Deacon Mark’s previous parish?


You went there and you questioned the pastor about Deacon Mark.

I didn’t tell you because he didn’t…

He didn’t have anything new to say.

It’s not a big deal. He, uh…

He said he was interviewed by the archdiocese, and they found…

Yeah. I know what he said, because I went there and I questioned him myself.

Like an idiot.

But that’s not the point. The point is, I’m showing you all of my cards…


…and you are showing me none of yours.

Grow up, Zabel.

I’m trying to help you out here.

Help me… or help yourself?


I’m sorry.

I’m sorry, Mare. I’m just thrown off. (SCOFFS)

You know what my mom said to me when I was leaving tonight to pick you up?

She said, “Mare’s only going out with you ’cause she wants to stay close to the case.”

This is the part where you tell me she was wrong.



Hey, Ryan. This is all my fault and I’m gonna fix it.

I’m gonna fix it.

I promise.

You just gotta hang in there, okay?









So what did you say to that detective?

I told her the journals were in her old hiding place.

She called yesterday asking about a necklace.

And what did you tell her?

Nothing. Just like you said.



Ain’t gonna bite.


DYLAN: Hey. Hey. Where are they?

Uh, they’re over here.

DYLAN: Hey. Come on. We said we weren’t gonna read them.

MARE: Hey!




Oh, fuck me. (PANTS)




Dennis, what’s going on down there?




It’s too good.


It’s, um, uh, order for St. Michael’s.

That’s that priest I was telling youse about.

TEENAGER 2: The fucking creeper?


What… what fucking creeper?

You know how my mom’s all super into her church group and shit?


She was like, “Stay away from that priest.”

Apparently, he raped some 14-year-old girl on a class field trip.

Thanks. Thank you.

TEENAGER 3: What the fuck?

TEENAGER 1: Yeah, it’s messed up.

TEENAGER 3: What a fucking sicko.

Hey, Father.

I heard you got yourself a little alter girl.


TEENAGER 4: Fucking clown.


TEENAGER 4: Ears not working, Father?

Yo, I’m talking to you, you fucking pervert.

TEENAGER 4: Answer him!

TEENAGER 3: Fucking pervert.

You pedophile punk!


TEENAGER 3: Oh, you need a towel to clean yourself up, Father?

TEENAGER 4: Come on.

TEENAGER 3: Fuck you.


What are you reading them for? Bring it over here.



CHIEF CARTER: We’re very sorry about all of this.

I’m sure you’re aware of all the recent activity with the missing girls.

Oh, my husband is 77 years old.


He’s got dementia.

Some nights he wanders out after I’ve fallen asleep.

And he forgets which house is ours.

What kind of idiot thinks that he might be the murderer?




What the hell were you thinking?

MARE: He was looking in people’s windows, Chief.

And I thought that…

CHIEF: You thought what?


He was the one that went down here kidnapping girls?

The one who killed Erin McMenamin?

He can’t even remember which house is his.

What did I tell you about staying away, Mare?

I forget.

Don’t play that shit with me.


Now, take your ass home.



Everything all right?

DEACON MARK: No, just leave me alone, Dan.


FATHER DAN: Oh, my God.

What… Are you all right? What happened?

Just leave me alone, okay?

DAN: No, please. Just let me see it…

Just leave! Go!

DAN: All right, plea… Please.

I can’t. (CRIES)

DAN: Just… Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

MARK: I can’t anymore.



DAN: Let me see your face.


DAN: Who did this?

Look, come on. Come on. Doesn’t matter.

(SIGHS) We need to call the police.

MARK: No. Dan, no. (EXHALES)

I was with Erin the night she was killed.

With her?

But you told me that you only spoke to her on the phone.

She called, upset. (SOBS)

Said… said to go pick her up, so… uh, I drove to Sharp’s Woods… and then I put her bike in my trunk.

And then I was gonna drive her home, that’s all.

But then she got a message from someone saying… asking her to go out to Brandywine Park.

And then she said that she…

She said that she wanted me to drive her there.

So I said, “Okay,” and I drove her there.

I mean, I tried… I tried to convince her to go home, but she was just… I mean, she was hysterical.

Just hysterical. And then she, um… she stormed off.

DAN: Why didn’t you go to the police?

Why didn’t you tell them all this?

Wha… I have a previous accusation?

That I have her bike in my trunk?

I was scared…

Till I threw it in the river.


MARK: I threw it in the river.

Did you?

What? Kill her?

If I said no, would you believe me?

I just don’t understand why she’s coming here.

I thought she was off the case.

She is off the case.

Well, you think it’s a very good idea for you to be going out with her then?


JUDY: I know you like her, Colin.

How do you know I like her?

I see the way you look at her.

And because I know you better than anyone.


I don’t know.

Hey. Just be careful, that’s all.


My whole life’s been about being careful, Mom.

Look how far that’s gotten me.

Fuck. Bye.

Thanks for coming with me.

Well, I’m the detective on this case.

Of course.

ALLIE: It was last April.

I was out by the riverfront, and I don’t normally hustle out there, but… all my regulars cancelled and I needed the money.

All right.

Uh, and this guy pulled up, and he seemed normal.

And, um, I got in.

And he parked over by the stadium.

And, um… (SNIFFLES) …I went to get into the backseat, uh, to get undressed.

And, uh, before we could do anything, his hands were round my neck.

I… I thought my eyes were gonna pop right out of my skull and everything went black. And I… I just started kicking and fighting and, you know, anything I could do to survive.

MARE: Hmm.


And… and I must have hit him.

‘Cause, uh, when I opened my eyes, he was holding his face.

And I jumped out of the car and I ran.

What can you tell us about him, Allie?

Um, was he white? Black?

Um, he was white.

MARE: Uh-huh.

Um, he had a beard.

Uh, he smoked Winstons.

And the only reason I even really noticed was ’cause my grandmother was the only person I ever seen smoke Winstons.

Do you remember anything about the vehicle?

Anything specific?

Um, it was a van.

What kind of van?

Um, a work van, maybe?

It was blue.

I… I wrote down part of the license plate.

I was scared that he might come back again and look for me.

PA plate?

ALLIE: Yeah.


Jose. It’s Zabel.

I need you to run a partial through PennDOT and any LPR systems in the county for me.

We’re looking for a blue utility van, plate is “George, Henry, David.”

How long you think?

All right. Thanks.


Uh, my guy’s running the plates. Two hours tops.



MARE: Hey, I’m sorry for the other night.

ZABEL: You don’t have anything to be sorry for, Mare.

Just being honest about how you feel.

I just can’t do all of that.

All of what?

MARE: What you want.

How do you know what I want?

My life’s a shitshow, Zabel.

I’m about to lose custody of my grandson.

I’m still working through unresolved issues from my son who killed himself.

And, uh, my ex-husband basically lives in my backyard, so you’re right, I don’t know what you want, but… I’m sure it’s not that.

You could have just said that when I asked you out.

MARE: I know. And I should have.

But I just, uh…

even if they did kick me off the fucking thing, it’s still my case.

You know what it’s like when a case gets inside you like that?

It’s not a switch you can just turn off.

I didn’t solve that case.


The girl from Upper Darby.

Her parents hired a P.I. ’cause we weren’t working fast enough.

Some fucking drunk ex-cop looking to make some extra cash calls me out of the blue one day, says he wants to compare notes. Thinks he’s got something.

I ignored it.

Couple weeks go by, I’m in the area, so I drop by his house.

And his sister’s there packing up the place.

Says he’s in hospice. His liver gave out…

but help myself to any files.

So… find one marked “Zabel”…

I take it home.

Son of a bitch, if he didn’t piece it all together.

Neighbor gave an alibi that didn’t check out.

He caught it…

I missed it.


I filed a search warrant, we hit the perp’s house, find the poor girl’s shoe in his bedroom, guy confesses… case closed.

Why’d you do it?

ZABEL: I don’t fucking know.

I think I really just wanted to do something great… for once in my life.

Makes you feel any better, I hid drugs on my grandson’s mother.

That’s why they put me on leave.

Wait, you serious?

Holy shit.

Doing something great is overrated.

‘Cause then people expect that from you… all the time.

What they don’t realize is you’re just as screwed up as they are.


Hang on.


All right, bye.

Seven matches on blue vans in the area the night of Erin’s murder. Got the addresses.

Let’s go knock on some doors.

What was that for?

How do you know what I want?


MARE: Does that van over there belong to you?


How long have you had it?

About four years.

I run my housekeeping business out of it.

Anyone else you work with ever drive it?

No. Just me and my sister.

Does that van over there belong to you?

It was my husband’s.

Your husband around?

He died two years ago. What’s this about anyway?

WAYNE POTTS: Am I in some sort of trouble or something?

No, you’re not in any trouble, Mr. Potts.

We just need to get some details from you.

Details about what?


Might be easier if we step inside.

It would just take a few minutes.



♪ Act tough Ain’t room for second best ♪

So, what can I do for youse?

Is that your Ford cargo van outside?

Yeah. Though I wish it wasn’t. Thing’s been nothing but a headache since the day I got it.

Are you the only one who drives it?

Just me.

Would you mind turning the, uh, music down for us?

♪ As the world goes by You’re thinkin’ like a fool… ♪


♪ Out there is a fortune Waitin’ to be had ♪

♪ If you think I’ll let it go You’re mad ♪

♪ You’ve got Another thing comin’ ♪

♪ You’ve got Another thing comin’ ♪

♪ You’ve got Another thing comin’ ♪

♪ You’ve got Another thing comin’ ♪


MARE: Zabel.

No gun.

♪ Comin’ for you ♪

♪ You’ve got Another thing comin’ ♪

♪ Baby ♪


Sorry about that.

ZABEL: No problem.

Is that a bar you got back there?

Yeah. Belonged to my uncle. He owned it for 20 years.

He wanted to hand it down to his son, but his son didn’t want nothing to do with the place, so he turned it over to me back in… 2016.

What you do for a living?

Uh, I make deliveries for…


What’s wrong?

People are here. And he didn’t chain us up, which means he wasn’t expecting them.


(SCOFFS) You still haven’t told me what this is about.


Busted radiator. It’s on the list.

I got a sagging pipe upstairs.


It’s not moving anymore.

Hit it harder!


MARE: What’s the camera for?

WAYNE: My uncle installed them just to keep an eye on the cash register and whatnot.

You live alone?


Mr. Potts?


Yeah. Just me… All by my lonesome.













MISSY: Over here!

Let us out! Help!

Open the door, please! Please!








MARE: Goddamnit! (GRUNTS)









OFFICER 1: Fall in! We need more backup!

OFFICER 2: I got someone on the ground.

OFFICER 3: All units, all units…

POLICE OFFICER 4: Is there anyone else in the house? Ma’am?

Ma’am, is this blood yours?



MARE: And what’s special about today?

KEVIN: It’s my birthday.


KEVIN: Follow me, Mom. Let’s jump in together.

One, two, three.


♪ I hear you calling And I want to come ♪

♪ Run straight Into the valleys of your arms ♪

♪ And disappear there ♪

♪ But I know my love ♪

♪ Could fail you ♪

♪ Because in a clearing When the sunlight comes ♪

♪ Exposing all the shadows ♪

♪ In our intricate behavior ♪

♪ I see a sort of fading ♪

♪ We build our own unfolding ♪

♪ It’s in the morning When the sadness comes ♪

♪ The tears fall down In patterns on the windows ♪

♪ And our shape is undone ♪

♪ You only wanted holding ♪


I let Hauser go this morning.

Tomorrow morning, you take the case back.


I woke up at two in the morning and Dylan wasn’t in bed.

MARE SHEEHAN: Is there something you’re trying to hide?

I think I want a lawyer.

Yeah, I would too.

What the hell’s the matter with you?

Sit down, I need to tell you something.

Did you toss her back into the river, deacon?

Just leave me alone.

No, that’s impossible.

Get in the fucking car!

Jess Riley asked for Mare. Said she has information on Erin McMenamin.


Get Mare on the phone. Do it now.


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