Batwoman – S02E13 – I’ll Give You a Clue [Transcript]

When Sophie must face a foe from her rookie days with The Crows, Ryan, Mary and Luke are also pulled into the villain's game, the tables are turned on Alice when she finds herself in dire circumstances; Jacob continues to revisit the past.
Batwoman - S02E13 - I'll Give You a Clue

Original air date: May 9, 2021

Five years ago, game show host Arthur Brown threatened to blow up his studio but was caught when his riddle was solved, apparently by Sophie, who won a promotion. Now Brown has escaped and plans to torment Sophie. When Brown gives the clue she is with Mary and Ryan, who work together to rescue her first victim — Brown’s daughter Stephanie. They learn that Stephanie is a puzzle expert, who really solved Sophie’s riddle, and has a cryptogram written on her. As she and Luke work on the message, the other three search the studio but Ryan and Mary are trapped under a bomb. Ryan has to send Sophie to get help from the Batcave, outing herself. Meanwhile, Stephanie knocks out Luke to confront Brown, who plans to kill her, but Luke recovers to save her. Meanwhile, during Jacob’s Snakebite dream with Beth and Kate, Alice calls for help but he thinks he’s hallucinating. Later brought to Mary’s clinic, Jacob codes. Black Mask and Circe torture Alice but won’t tell Batwoman’s identity, though she reveals that she knows who those two really are. Alice stalls by offering to give Circe a new face — putting it on, she realizes that it’s Kate.

* * *


[Man] Do you know why it’s called beginner’s luck?

I’ll give you a clue.

It’s because it’s unexpected and because it doesn’t last.

As far as I’m concerned, it’ll last for 13 life sentences.

I love puzzles, but yours, rookie crow, is missing a few pieces.

How did you solve cluemaster’s riddle?

I know, it’s just my first day, but a little advice…

Don’t advertise the crime you’re about to commit if you don’t want to get caught.

But that’s how I showcase the sheer stupidity of mankind.

I provide the authorities with all the clues and then watch as they screw it all up anyway.

I’m sorry your view of mankind is so bleak.

Get well.

No one has ever matched wits with the master.

Tell me how you did it.

Moore, please. I must know.

You have the rest of your life in here to figure it out.


[Knocking on door]

Sun’s up, fun’s up, Brown. Get up.


What the?


Luke, on comms: So not to backseat hero, but maybe leave one conscious to plant the tracker.

Takes all the fun out of it.

Man: Aah!

Ryan: Hyah!

Man: Unh!


Where’s Black Mask?

Let me guess. You’re more scared of him than you are of me.

You have a code. He doesn’t. Do the math.

I love math. Here’s some.

There are 3 bones in your ankle.

If I break two, how many are lef…

Tavaroff: Freeze.

Hands in the air.

You got to be kidding me.

He’s ours. Back the hell away.

Kind of in the middle of something.

Kind of gonna shoot you in the face.

Hands in the air.


You hearing this?

Luke: I know it’s temping, but don’t.

You want to know why you guys suck?

And here we go.

It’s not just because you don’t care about 99% of the people in this city or just because you lie and you cheat and you cover up murders.

It’s because you legit suck at your job.

5 seconds until we shoot.

I put a tracker on his boot, moron.

Guy had no idea. He would have led me back to Black Mask, I would have had the upper hand, and the most dangerous man in Gotham would have been behind bars!

Instead, your Alpha asses show up late acting like I was the enemy, and they gave me time to do this.

I’ve seen my fair share of torture toys if you know what I mean.

I think she knows what I mean, but, um, what the hell is that?

Oh, you don’t need to worry about this.

I’d rather you use your energy conjuring up a name.


When you crashed my snakebite cookout last night, you brought a friend…


Friend? Ha ha ha!

No. That conniving, pointy-eared manipulator led me down the garden path of… partnership and trust only to stab me in the back, but you know what?

It’s my fault. I should have known.

You put on the suit, you’re not happy until Alice is behind bars, but you know what really irks me…

Shut up!

I’m the one doing the torturing here, not you.

Give me her name so I can destroy her life the way she destroyed my business.

It eludes me.

You’re lying.

Black mask enjoys people making it difficult for themselves.

Well, then I’m your girl.

Now if that doesn’t pry something out of you, well, we got 9 more tries.


Ryan: Yo. I’m ordering from that bomb vegan wing place.

You want me to order you something?

Ryan, hey.

Why is there a crow in our loft?

I thought you were working late.

I was, but then drama showed up and ruined my night, so I cut out early.

Why is crowphie here?

We were just hanging out.

I didn’t realize I had to run guests by you.

You don’t. It’s just… her?

Ok. Look. I’m not here to add to your drama.

The guys at work sent me Tequila for my 5-year anniversary, and I wanted to share it with someone.

You’re welcome to join us.

And honestly, based on the vibage that you just walked in here with, it kind of seems like you could use some ultra-expensive Tequila right now.

So am I supposed to just act like I’m cool with her being here?

As a lesbian who was married to a man for 3 years, I will say drinking is the key to denial.

I thought you were bi.

Yeah. There’s a lot we don’t know about each other yet, Ryan.

Woman: ♪ Make you wish that you never came ♪

One drink.

Sophie: Never have I ever had sex on an airplane.

Different woman: ♪ Put it all back together


Everyone, relax. It was private.

Never have I ever sexted the wrong person.

Ryan, drink.

Wait. What?

Ohh! Oh, my bad!

My bad.

Mmm. Yeah. Your bad.

So whatever you have going on with Imani, just FYI, consider me an unwilling third.

Ooh! Who is Imani?

I got one.

Never have I ever compromised my values to support a white supremacist organization.




This is not working.

No, no, no, no. Hang on, hang on.

I got one. Ok.

Never have I ever kissed Batwoman.


Ha ha!

Never have I ever been saved by Batwoman.


When did Batwoman save you?

Last Halloween.

Oh. The O.G. Makes more sense.

Why does it make more sense?

I don’t know, Ryan. Why would it make absolutely no sense for the new Batwoman to have saved you?


It’s ok. Heh heh.


Woman: ♪ ’cause it’s something that’s falling ♪

Sophie: Eww.




They say the worm is lucky.

No. No, no, no. This…

That ain’t a worm.

This is why you don’t drink hooch from the crows.

Woman: ♪ Crawling

I think it’s a puss caterpillar, the southern flannel moth, genus megaloypyge.

It’s one of the most venomous caterpillars in the world.

Oh, no, no, no, no.


Ok, but according to the Internet, a single caterpillar isn’t lethal.

So we’re good, right?

Wait. I don’t think we’re the target, and I don’t think this bottle came from your boys.


“A girl’s been poisoned.

“[Not you. That’s no fun.]

“Can you save her before midnight?

“I’ll give you a clue, hot shot:

“Probably not. Love…


Mary: Ok. Who the hell is cluemaster again?

Ever watch “quiz Bowl” back in the day?

Uh, is that the “jeopardy!” Rip-off?

Not on purpose.

The host Arthur Brown got fired and went on a murdering spree.

Along the way, he laid out clues for law enforcement to figure out where his next kill would be.

It stumped everyone for weeks.

Called himself cluemaster.

Guys, Arthur Brown escaped blackgate today.

Oh, fine. I’ll call my dad.

Tell him we made contact.

No, you can’t.

This is all a part of cluemaster’s game.

If we involve the authorities, he’s gonna see it as cheating.

He’s toying with me.

Getting his revenge.

For what?

He thinks he’s the most brilliant mind in Gotham.

He believes I’m the only person who’s ever solved one of his puzzles, and it’s driving him crazy.

Ok. Well, it’s time to solve another one.

Yeah. “A girl’s been poisoned.”

“Not you. That’s no fun.

“Can you save her before midnight?

“I’ll give you a clue, hot shot: Probably not.”

Thanks. That’s not a clue.

It’s got to be. He’s very specific about the words he uses.

Has he ever called you hot shot before?

Not that I know of. Why?

What are you doing?

I’m making hot shots.

Ok. That’s kind of sexy.

Anybody recognize this symbol?

I do. I know where to go.

[Alice grunting]


[Breathing heavily]

Alice: Aah!

[Cell phone ringing]


Hi. I know I’m probably the last person you expected to call.

Who is this?

It’s Alice. Um, Beth.


I don’t… I… I don’t understand.

I need you to trace this call and come rescue me.

I’m being held by Black Mask, and the fact that I am the man.

Who had several shoot-to-kill orders on me should underscore my desire to get the hell out of here.

Jacob Kane?


You have the wrong number.




So wait. Cluemaster knew you’d recognize some random-ass logo in the middle of nowhere?

It’s locked. Give me a boost!

Sophie: After I put him away, he became obsessed with me, where I went to school, where I trained, what kind of Tequila I drink.

He couldn’t figure out how some rookie crow could solve a puzzle that no one else could.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. What?

I don’t need a boost?

You’ll be fine.

Mary: Heh heh.


First fence?

It’ll come as a shock to you, but b&e doesn’t come naturally.

Start looking for our Vic, keep your guard up.

Mary: What was this puzzle about?

“Quiz Bowl” was throwing a party to honor the game show’s top winners.

Arthur always thought the writers dumbed down the questions to appeal to a wider audience, so…

He put a riddle in the “gazette,” said he was gonna bomb the party.

So how did you solve it?

The truth… I didn’t.

All rookies spend a year on the tip line, and on my very first day, a girl called in frantic, told me about the puzzle, then told me what it meant.

I was promoted to field agent the very next day.

Because you lied and took credit for something you didn’t do.

You don’t think it haunted me every time I strapped on a gun my first year that maybe I didn’t deserve to be there?

So whose glory did you steal?

Someone who begged me to keep her identity a secret, so I did.

This will come as a shock to you, but I can be trusted.


“Just a nip should do the trick.”

It’s an antihistamine.

It’ll counteract the poison.

Help! Help! Help me! Help!

What did he do to her?

Sophie: Oh, my god. It’s Stephanie Brown, Cluemaster’s daughter.

Help! Help me!

Agent Moore!

Stephanie, we’re gonna get you out of there.

How? Th-there’s no lock, no door.

What is… this?

Did… did he poison me?

Are you kidding me?

Just relax, ok?

My dad poisoned me and locked me in a box!

You relax!

Sophie: Hang tight.

Well, thanks. Yeah. Where else am I gonna go?


And your brilliant plan will be?

We’re at a firing range.

We shoot it open.

With the girl inside?

Mary: Would you guys shut up?

What are those?

I found these under the railing chained to that gun.

It’s one of his puzzles.


So if you two would just release each other’s throats for two seconds, maybe we could actually figure this thing out.

4 targets.


4 bullets.

That’s how we get her out.

Look. We hit each of those targets in this specific color order.

Sophie: Too easy. The blocks detach from the chain, which means they’re probably not in order.

Besides, those symbols have to mean something.

Mary: Ok. Alphabetical by animal then?

Ok. So, uh, bird bobcat, fly, and then spider.

Bobcat? That’s a puma, which means it comes after fly.

It’s a bobcat, which means it comes before.

You want to bet her life on it?

Hey! There’s a girl dying in a box. Think.

If they’re not in the right order, why chain them together in the first place?

Ryan: Food chain. They are in pecking order.

Ok bobcat/puma eats bird, bird eats spider, and spider eats fly.

Let’s find out.

Whoa, whoa! Who said you were shooting?

Pretty sure I just did.

Anyone want to discuss the 5 shots of Tequila you downed tonight?




Someone who probably holds a high score in duck hunt or a military marksman?

Unless you have some sharpshooter skills you’d like to disclose.

Go for it.

Thank you. Now back up.


Any questions?

Ryan: Nope.

Hey. Drink this, drink this.


It’s gonna be ok.

No. It’s not.


I don’t think he’s done.

Word of advice.

The last person who tried to one-up me ended up with his eyes gouged out like two olives on a toothpick.

Now that makes me want a Martini.

Well, just tell black mask who Batwoman is, and you’ll be drinking one soon.

Here’s the thing. I could, but then I wouldn’t have the satisfaction of killing her myself.

It’s personal, but I’ve had limited success with my vengeance games as of late, and quite frankly, it’s left me feeling rather…

Pbb… unfulfilled.

Feelings. How awful.

I hope it’s worth your life one… eyeball… at a time.

Funny story.

You remind me of an inmate I heard of at Arkham.

Sweet circe sionis.

Poked the baby blues out of some corporate bigwig.

My mouse and I used to call her “can’t CEO killer.”

Ahh. Memories.

He deserved it.

Who, dear?

The corporate bigwig.

He crossed a line, and I had to make sure he never found his way back.

You. You gouged his eyeballs out.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Why, if it isn’t circe sionis.

I heard that you were trampled to death in the arkham breakout.

On the contrary. I was rescued by my father.

And did you get those horrific burns before or after daddy saved you?

Touchy subject?

Enough about me.

It’s time to talk about Batwoman.

Bring me Black Mask.

I’ll tell him exactly what he wants to hear.

Ryan: So you woke up to discover you were covered in some coded message?

Stephanie: You say that like your dad doesn’t write cryptograms on you while you’re unconscious.

Got to be a clue to his next move.

Spoiler alert… his next move is killing you, agent Moore.

I swear when I asked you to cover for me I had no idea he’d become so obsessed with you.

It’s not your fault.

Hold up. You were the one who solved cluemaster’s puzzle back in the day?

Agent Moore took the bullet.

There’s got to be a key built in.

If I can find the key, I can crack the message and stop him before he makes his move on you.

Why would your dad do this to you?

I grew up trying to solve his puzzles.

As I got better, he used me as a barometer.

If I couldn’t solve them, they were good, so this morning after he flew the Coop, he paid me a visit.

He thought I’d be his partner in crime, tried to enlist me in his little revenge scheme.

He said that it took Einstein 10 years to crack general relativity, so he wanted his masterpiece to take half that time.

5 years, hence the fifth anniversary of me arresting him.

He said now he can finally finish what he started.

Mary: And let me guess.

We won’t know what that is until you crack that thing, which is when?

Just me? I don’t know.

It could take hours, it could take days.

What if there were two of you?

It’s a cryptogram.

Well, thanks from last year.

Thought you guys said he was a human computer.

Where’s the ram?

I’m sorry. Who are you exactly?

See if you can figure it out.

I’m smarter than my king. My technology protects Wakanda.

Your name is Shuri?

Aw. You think it’d be as easy as kissing a frog.

What is happening?

No idea.

I think it’s how nerds flirt.

I woke a monster by reading from the book of the dead.

I helped lay an iron giant to rest.

As smart as I’m mighty, the chosen one still gets all the credit.


I have to admit. I was not expecting you to get that.

Uh, the first letter of every answer to her clues of badass ladies spelled out her name.

Clever. Shuri, Tiana, Evie, pepper, Hermione…

Great. Um, yeah. So if we are through the foreplay section of the night, can you two geek out on how to figure out that thing?

“You’re stumped”?

Nah. I see exactly what’s going on here.

Mary: Heh!

Ryan: Mrrww!

“You’re stumped.” That was “quiz Bowl’s” catchphrase whenever a contestant lost.

He wrote it here among a bunch of random letters.

It’s a substitution cipher.

So we have to encrypt which units of plaintext have been replaced with ciphertext.

How long is that gonna take?

Depends. Units can be a single letter, double letters, mixed.

Monoalphabetic, polyalphabetic.

Where do you think your dad is now?

I figure if we can figure that out then we don’t have to deal with this.

Sophie: He said he wants to finish what he started.

“Quiz Bowl’s” the last place he tried bombing before I stopped him, so keep working this angle.

We’ll go see if he’s there.

[Mary claps twice]

I can’t believe this is still here.


This show always creeped me out.

[Electronic whirring]

What the hell did we just step on?

Cluemaster: It’s “quiz Bowl” time!

Ryan: Hey! Show yourself!

“Quiz Bowl” theme playing…

Cluemaster: Welcome to a special edition of “Quiz Bowl,” agent Moore!

It’s got to be a recording.

I’m your host cluemaster Arthur Brown, and you…

We got to get out of here.

Are standing on an explosive pressure plate.

No. It’s weight-sensitive.

You step off, it blows.

Have I got your attention?

Good! Don’t blow up!

We’ll be right back after a word from our sponsors.

C4 is wired to the plate.

Any ideas?

That whatever we do we do it quick?

Sophie: He’s not here. It is a recording probably to distract me from the puzzle he put on Stephanie.

Welcome back to “quiz Bowl.”

Can you figure out a way off in time?


In the end, you’ll solve it.

Until then, are you ready to win yourself more time?

Yes. Give us more time.

But if you’re stumped, it’s instantly game over.


Let’s get to the “Quiz Bowl.”

Today’s theme is Gotham villainy.

First clue. A poor man’s version cluemaster, this questionable wordsmith turns green with envy when compared to me, the premier enigmatist.

Is it: A, the joker;

B, poison Ivy; Or, c, the riddler?

All: Riddler!

I’m not seeing it. You?

I thought the “y” in you’re was a substitute for “s” and that would make the “o” a “y,” and that’s when my eyes started crossing.

Tried the Caesar cipher?

That’s way too boring for him.

Yeah. I figured.

What’s this? Playfair?


You know the playfair cipher?


You went to mit.

Class of ’16.

Skipped a few grades.

Why? Did you?

I was planning on it, but…

Not smart enough?

Heh. Uh, long story.

Puzzles were how I earned my dad’s affection.

Called me his little pointer.

Turns out he was just training me to be his puzzle-breaking lab rat so that he could terrorize goth…

Did you crack it?

“Quiz Bowl” was a decoy.


Ok. So where is he?

I’m really sorry, Luke.

[Bell ringing]

Whoo! We are ready!

Come on!

Hit me with it!

Let’s go!

Let’s go!

This frosty foe gave the dark knight a run for his money.

Is it: A, Mr. Freeze; B, the penguin; Or, C, Captain Cold?

Sophie: A, Mr. Freeze.

Ryan: Whoa, whoa. No. Hang on!

Victor fries. When his wife got sick, he tried to freeze her till the found a cure.

“A run for his money.” The penguin owns iceberg lounge, which has a backroom casino.

Angelique used to work there.

[Ding ding ding]

I stand corrected.

Your final clue.

Batwoman thwarted this tally-totaling Hitman just after donning her new do.

Is it: A, Victor Zsasz; B…


[Ding ding ding]

Pretty confident.

I read about it in the paper.

That’s all for this episode of “Quiz Bowl”!

45 minutes on the clock, and remember, agent Moore, in the end, you’ll solve it.

Mary: What does that even mean?

We should call Batwoman.

She could get us out of this.

Yeah. Because that’s a possibility.

Uh, how would we even get a hold of her?


So you just beckon her, and she what, grapples on over?

She’s shown up every time I’ve turned it on.

Well, it’s Friday at 2 A.M.

I’m sure she’s busy.

You’re probably right, Ryan, and what is your idea again that we can accomplish in 45 minutes?

We need to replace our weight on the pressure plate with an exact counterweight.

And how do we do that?

We call Luke!

[Cell phone vibrating]


The once-powerful queenpin of Gotham now protecting the city’s hero. It’s pathetic.

I’ve had enough of this.

Give me Batwoman’s name, or end up all over my malbec.

What’s in a name?

Circe, Black Mask…

Roman sionis.

What did you do?

Circe told me her father rescued her from the arkham breakout, so I got to thinking how would dear, old dad feel about his precious daughter hanging out with a guy who wears a kinky skullcap?

Unless dear, old dad is the guy in the kinky skullcap.

You just gave me 3 reasons to kill you.

Relax. This is a good thing.

You happened to kidnap Gotham’s most illustrious skin seamstress.

I… I make faces, human faces.

If you want your daughter to stop hiding behind that cheeseboard, then let me help you.

I can give you your beautiful daughter back.

Tell me how.

Oh, I’ll do one better. I;Ll show you.

Sophie’s right. We need Batwoman.

Unfortunately, Batwoman is standing on a bomb at the moment.

Doesn’t have to be.

What are you saying? You want me to tell Sophie?

Maybe it’s not the worst thing in the world.


Still no answer. Tried 10 times.

Ryan: Ok. It’s a puzzle, guys.

Cluemaster said, “in the end, you’ll solve it.”

We just need to figure out what that means.

I already have.

The answer is there is no answer.

In the end, meaning end of my life, I’ll figure that out.

The way out is to die.

Ryan, we need to do something.

Easy to say from the cheap seats.

You know this pressure plate was meant for you, right?

You know there’s a terrorist roaming somewhere in Gotham who needs to be stopped, right?

Mary: Hey. Ok. The arguing is not helping.

She is the one refusing to trust me.

Why would a I trust you?

Because not trusting me means you both die.

I will never trust a crow, especially you.

I now you’re Batwoman, Ryan!

Heh. What?!

That’s crazy.

Mary, please tell her that sounds crazy.


Insane? That’s insane.

We can keep this little charade going while you’re both standing on a bomb, or you can tell me what to do to save you.

[Ryan scoffs]

Go to Kate’s office at Wayne.

There’s a necklace on the shelf.

You turn it, and it’ll open up an elevator.

If you take it all the way down, you’ll end up in a cave with a bunch of gadgets.

Grab the red-and-black Baton.

Smart choice.

I’ll be back.

It explains why Sophie came over with that big-ass bottle of Tequila.

What are you even talking about?

She was trying to liquor you up…

Because we both know you can talk…

To get you to confirm her suspicions about me.

She would never do that.

Really? Why? Because she’s your friend?

You and Luke were on my ass for putting Angelique’s life before protecting my identity.

Where’s your concern for it now?

I don’t think that this is about protecting your identity.

Really? Then what is this about?

That you hate the crows so much you can’t think rationally.

I know your history with them, and I know how awful they were to you, but we’re standing on a bomb, Ryan, and you would rather watch it tick down with me on it than trust a legitimately good person, so thank god Sophie knew you were Batwoman because now we might actually have a chance at not dying.

My childhood home?

I’ll give you a clue.

Your puzzles are getting easier.

Cluemaster: On the contrary, Pointer.

You’re getting smarter, maybe even smarter than me.

You know it’s a dog, right?

Why are you wearing that creepy outfit?

For years, I held a grudge against a quiz show for dumbing down their answers.

My world was so tiny back then.

Oh, but there’s nothing like 5 years in prison to expose you to all the ignorance and stupidity on this planet.

Let’s weed them out together.

What, because you’re such a genius?

Your fight’s not with agent Moore.

No rookie cop’s smart enough to outwit the master.

You don’t get it. She didn’t outwit you.

Then why did I spend the last 5 years behind bars?

Because I put you there.

I saw your puzzle in the “gazette,” I solved it.

I spoiled your plans by calling the crows.

Agent Moore answered. I begged her to say that it was her so that you wouldn’t do to me what you were gonna do to all those innocent quiz Bowl winners.

I taught you, nurtured you, I… I made you in my image.

Why would you betray me? We’re the same.

One difference, dad. You’re going back to prison.

[Gas hissing]

[Stephanie coughing]



What are you doing, dad?

What, you’re gonna kill us both?

Life is a puzzle, Stephanie.

This is the only piece that fits.


No! Dad, unlock the door!

Unlock the door!


Stephanie, get down! Get down!

Hey. You ok?

How did you find me?

Just because I didn’t go to MIT doesn’t mean I didn’t get in.


I’m sorry, Mary. You’re right.

I don’t trust her, and now it’s gonna get us killed.

It’s just…

When I walked in tonight and interrupted girl talk between you and Sophie…

If you want to talk, Mary, talk to me.

She thinks my dad’s on snakebite.

What?! You’re… no way.

Yeah. That’s what I said, but she found a used syringe in his office, and…

It does.

It matches some strange behavior, and if you think about everything that he’s lost…

Both wives, Beth, Kate.

I mean, after he closed down the clinic, he pretty much lost me, too.

Can you blame him for wanting to escape all this?

Sophie just… wanted to check in on me.

She just wants to see me happy.

Well, let’s just hope she wants to see you alive.

[Door slams]

Pretty sure she does.

I got it!

What’s the plan?

Go up to the big stagedoor, open it all the way, and take cover! Go!

What are you gonna do?

What… what the? Ugh!

Hang on.

You ok?

That… was… awesome!

Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!

Like I said, you can trust me.

[Radio chatter]

He couldn’t stand to live in a world where I was smarter than him.

Well, according to the EMT, he’s gonna make a full recovery, so I guess his consequence will be having to.

You know you’re nothing like him, right?

Genetically, I’m 50% him, which basically means a coin flip will determine if I eventually go full Vader.

Ok. It’s not gonna happen.

Took you out pretty effortlessly.

Ok. “A,” it was a cheap shot, and, “b,” you were protecting me.

I was protecting you?


You knew he’d be here, and you knew he was dangerous.

Only thing you didn’t know is that I’d be able to apply your keyword.

It took me a minute to find an Arthur Brown who once lived on sycamore ave., though.


Grew up in this house.

I spent my entire childhood trying to impress a miserable egomaniac, and for what?

For him to try and kill me?

I don’t want anything to do with him.

And you don’t have to.

You will find your own people.

I did.

I’d give you my number, but I have a feeling you’re smart enough to figure it out.

Hey, dad. Stopped by the penthouse, and the doorman said he hadn’t seen you in days.

Where are you? I’m worried, ok? Call me back.

Woman: Mary, need you stat!

Oh, my god. What happened?

Couple homeless guys found him in Burnside Park.

Snakebite injector still in his leg.

Mary: Dad, dad!

Get the paddles! He’s coding!

Dad, dad, stay with me, ok?



So… maybe cluemaster was right all along.

You are good at puzzles.

Emily Afton: ♪ As an escape

How did you put the pieces together that I was Batwoman?

When we infiltrated false face.

I found the drive assist battech under the steering console.

I had it analyzed and replaced before you even noticed it was missing.

It contained recorded audio of you telling Luke you wished you were in the Batmobile.


I’m not your enemy, Ryan.

You mean you’re not Batwoman’s enemy because we both know a few days ago you thought Ryan Wilder was an ex-con without a future.

And I’m here to say I was wrong, and I’m sorry.

Prove it.

Keep this from the crows.

I already have.

The other day when agent Tavaroff was running Batwoman’s DNA for an I.D., I erased the one casefile it could be traced back to…

Ryan Wilder.

I know what it’s like to be outed.

I didn’t want to force you to trust me.

I wanted to earn it.

I hope this is a start.

How do I know you won’t kill me the second I put this on her?

Roman: You don’t. It’s called suspense.

The correct answer is because a mask like this requires touchups.

You may have made your millions selling overpriced wrinkle cream, but human flesh is my department.

Put on the damn face!

I assume you have a concealer in her skin tone.

Well, unless you want her looking like Michael Meyers.

[Door shuts]

Are you sure this is…

Really what you want… Circe?

I want to be me again.

That’s all well and good, but the real Circe died in Arkham.

I know because I was one of the inmates who stepped over her dead body on my way out the door.

My name… is circe sionis.

If you say so.

Now… this will be close, but it won’t be perfect.

That wasn’t the agreement.

Oh. No. I’m sorry. My work is exquisite, but the girl in this photo has Brown eyes, and yours, my dear, are blue, but eyes and their adorable, little sockets are your specialt…

You. How are you…

Your eyes.

You have our father’s eyes.


Man: Greg, move your head!


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