Grey’s Anatomy – S17E15 – Tradition [Transcript]

Jackson shares his big news with his colleagues while Koracick and Levi fight to save a pregnant woman's grandfather as she goes into labor. Maggie keeps a watchful eye on Meredith as Bailey and Richard put off telling her about DeLuca.
Grey's Anatomy - S17E15 - Tradition

Air date: May 20, 2021

* * *

[Man vocalizing]


Meredith: In some residency programs, graduating surgeons get a wooden chair, emblazoned with the emblem of their program.

♪ Thug life, baby

♪ It chose me, I didn’t chose this city ♪

♪ Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh

♪ Walk right over

♪ You’re a ten

♪ I’m a four-leaf clover

♪ Well, tell me, do you hate me? ♪

When those residents become attendings, the chair usually goes in their office, where it collects dust for the rest of their careers.

Relax. And come off the mouthpiece.

♪ Lookin’ like it’s time tonight ♪

♪ For fight or flight in Van Horn ♪

Well, don’t just stare at me. Did I pass?

Not only did you pass, but your lung capacity is 50% greater than we’d expect.

And your sats are consistently in the high 90s.

Maggie: Mer, you killed it.


So, as long as your labs check out, we’re kicking you out.

[Chuckles] Are you happy?

I am happy. I’m just not sure I believe you.

We are going to have this framed.

Well, I am. I’m having it framed.

You give your program years of your life, your sweat, your tears, and in my case, at least, your blood, and your program gives you a chair.

Oh. Please.

Give me some good news. Is it happening?

Is it finally happening?

Yeah, looks like it’s finally happening.


Perez, let’s get a clap-out ready.

And you know what? Keep it quiet.

I want it to be a surprise.

Understood. I know how to handle a queen.

[Chuckles] Ah. Mm.

DeLuca took such good care of her.

We need to tell her about DeLuca.

I wish he could see this.

Maybe he can.


I suppose it’s a nice tradition, if you’re into that sort of thing.

And if you want a constant reminder of the hell you went through to get here.

Hey, you okay?

Yeah. Sorry. I just, uh… [Door closes]

I needed a minute to…

[Breathes deeply]

Meredith’s going home.

[Chuckles] She’s going home.

I mean, I haven’t had good news since forever, and I-I know that we are still in the thick of things, but we’re finally getting a handle on how to treat this.

I actually feel hope.

It’s about time.


I’m ready. Let’s go. Okay. Okay.

Oh! Sorry. Sorry.

Sorry. Sorry.

Sorry. After you. Okay. No, ser… Okay.

[Laughing] Oh, my God.

[Both laugh]



Scout is dressed and chewing on his plastic cat.

It is a giraffe.

I used to get dressed.

Clothes are overrated.

Says the man leaving for work.

You sure you don’t want to help Ellis with some finger painting?

No, I’m good with work.

If Nico ever sends me those post-op scans.

I used to get texts about post-op scans.

[Cellphone beeps]

Oh, my God.

What? Oh, my God!

Mer’s pulmonary function tests show a total lung capacity of almost 4 liters.

That’s amazing.

And aren’t her other numbers good enough to send her home instead of rehab?

What if she comes home?

[Gasps] What if she finally comes home?


Oh, my God. Oh… my… God.

Oh, my God. What if she finally comes home?

This place is a dump.

She is gonna report us for child abuse.

What… What? Hang on. Hang…

Look, if you start now, it’s gonna take Ellis all of five minutes to undo the whole thing.

How about I go to the hospital, confirm the good news, and I’ll call you with an update?

That’s a good idea. Good.

Yes. I will see you later.

Oh, God! Oh!


Why aren’t you going?

Because you’re crying. No, no.

This… This is gonna happen all day.

Just go, go.

Alright. [Crying]

Oh, God.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Woman speaking indistinctly over P.A.]

You didn’t get my text. Which one?

The one about Dr. Grey.

Oh. Yeah.

One less person to wheel to the freezer truck.

Gotta go. Incoming.

Dr. Meredith Grey!

Chief of general surgery?! Mentor to all?!

Okay, so, you need to teach me everything you possibly can before you move back to Italy, which I’m a little devastated about because everyone says that you are the best OB.

I did quit, but then I begged Bailey for my job back this morning.

I am getting married instead.

What? Ha! Yeah.

Congratulations! Grazie mille.

I’m still going back to Italy, though.

Oh. Yeah. I’m only going for a month.

I’ll help where I can, and…

I’ll scatter my brother’s ashes and, um, yeah, there will be plenty of rounds when I get back, but now I need you to update my patient roster while I find coffee.

Oh, wait. [Scoffs] I can get you coffee.

No. Cappuccino?

Uh, double espresso, but no, Dr. Wilson, y…

Just call me Jo.

Jo, you are an attending.

You don’t… Not anymore.

[Siren wailing]

Dr. Koracick. Thanks for meeting us.

Do I know you? Your forehead and your irises look familiar. What…

I’m an intern here. James Chee.

He almost quit after his first day when you took over the class.

Oh. Right. Not my finest moment.

What do we have here, Chee?

William Lawrence, a 68-year-old Suquamish and Duwamish man, presents with aphasia and right-sided paralysis.

Hello, sir. What does a duck say?


Yeah. Just making sure.

Helm, call a stroke alert. I’ll meet you in CT.

Go, go, go, go, go.

I treated him for COVID a couple months back

at the urban Indian health clinic I work at on my time off. We’re not paying you enough?

He made a full recovery, but about a half an hour ago, his granddaughter brought him in like this.

How’s he doing? I-I’m his granddaughter.

You have to save him.

That’s the plan. He’s an elder in the tribe.

A language keeper.

Well, that doesn’t change the plan.

Dr. Chee, show Mr. Lawrence’s granddaughter to the waiting tent.

We’ll update you when we know more.

Come on. Let’s go.

So, you’re going to fulfill this new leadership position from Boston?

I am.

Not here, in Seattle, where you work?

For me. [Sighs]

My official resignation.

I have to take off first thing in the morning.

What?! Bailey, I know it’s sudden, and I apologize.

It’s just… It’s a really good thing.

The work I’m gonna be able to do, the changes we’ll be able to enact from the foundation…

It’s gonna be really great for all of us.

It would have been… Been better if you’d have left me a surgeon who’s double board certified in plastics and ENT.

Pretty good list of recommendations there on the second page. What? Wait.

Why am I the only one who’s surprised?

Did you know about this? I did.

It wasn’t my news to share.


I went to see my dad, who I realized my entire life has shown me exactly the kind of man I never want to be.

Checked out and unwilling to really fight for anything.

[Breathes deeply]

The two of you showed me the opposite.

Example after example of not giving in to hopelessness and despair and consistently resist complacency.

You get up over and over and over again and fight.

I learned the kind of surgeon, the kind of father, the kind of person I wanted to become from you.

I’m always gonna be grateful for that.

We’re proud of you, Avery.

I’m proud of you, son.

[Bailey sighs]

Thank you.


Talk to you soon.


To clarify what just happened, Jackson Avery is now…

Our boss.

I see that Ms. Mora was discharged this morning.

And Evan Pearson. Wow. He was only here for three days.

I’m not sure if our meds are getting more effective or the trends are changing, but we’re seeing more patients breeze in and out. I need more doctors in order to keep up with the turnover.

Already took care of it.

Y-You called these guys?

Ouch. No. Sorry.

I just… I-I just thought that we would grab a few residents, not heads of departments.

They said it was slow downstairs.

Well, if you don’t need us two, then…

you know, I could just go back and check on the ICU or…

No, no. I mean, it’s just…

You know, um, it’s up to you.

Do… Do you want to be up here?

I just want to help.

Well, it’s probably just gonna be proning patients and checking vent settings and inspecting chest tubes, but, I mean, if you don’t… if you don’t mind.

I’m happy to.

So am I. If I’m still being asked.

Oh, um… Yeah.

Okay, great. Mm-hmm. Thanks.

Was that normal? Are they, uh…

My advice… Don’t ask.



You still have laps to do.


[Door closes]

I want to talk about something else.

You’re all making me feel as if I’m going to drop dead.

Not that I blame you.


So, Maggie, uh, when’s the big day?

Oh, you know, we’re still considering our options.

‘Cause there’s just a lot to plan.

We don’t want to do anything without his grandma and my dad.

Oh, right, right. Of… Of course. Mm-hmm.

Wait, have you even met Winston?

Well, apparently, we’ve been in the same room together.



But only on the phone, so…

Pierce locked that down.

[Laughter]Well, so did we.

He signed a five-year contract.

Well, Zola cannot stop talking about his dance moves, so I think he’s in.[Chuckles]


[Breathes deeply]

So, what else?


Jackson’s moving to Boston to… run the Fox Foundation.

What about Catherine?

It should be interesting.

It’s sad, is what it is.


Any other tragedies I should know about?


Um… well, it’ll be tragic if you have to spend one more night here.

Yes. Come on. On your feet.

Come on. Let’s go. Chop, chop. Come on.


Have I ever told you that my days of wearing ugly bridesmaid dresses are over?

[Bailey chuckles]

Maggie: Who said you were going to be a bridesmaid?


Uh, looks like he had an ischemic stroke on the left side of his brain due to…

[Sighs] Probably that.

And by that, you mean the large clot in his internal carotid artery?

Okay, book an IR suite, please.

Unless you have someplace else to be.

Woman on P.A.: Dr. Sellers… Dr. Marty Sellers, 4619.

[Baby crying]

Hey, Luna. Meet your new roomie.


Hayes: Vanilla?


That’s your handwriting?

Yeah. I just… Oh. I, uh…

Sorry. I was in a rush.

Great. That’s what we’ll tell the parents when it’s wrong on the birth certificate.

Crap. Give me a pen.

[Cellphone chimes]

Go. I got it.

[Baby crying]



That’s, um…



Well, you’re lucky I’m in pink scrubs today, so I can take a little extra sad.

Well, you look good in them.


[Chuckles] Turns out you can change careers in the middle of a pandemic, I guess.

Yeah. We’re totally normal.

These last couple months, um…

[Breathes deeply] Thank you.

You’re thanking me for all the sex?

[Chuckles] I’m thanking you for being a good friend, especially when I really needed one.

[Chuckling] Okay.

Also, the sex is worth… worth a thank you. Yeah.


Well, thank you for saying goodbye in person and not in a letter, and for being…

A bridge. You’re more than a bridge.

You’re a friend.

When I feel like I have fewer and fewer of those.

[Cellphone chimes]

It’s Carina. A patient’s fully dilated and effaced.

Now that you’re a resident again, I do have some dry cleaning I need picked up before I leave town.

Can’t hear you. But good luck saving the world.




Whatever happened to putting in your two weeks?

One day’s notice.

You know, Avery should have to hire his own replacement, as far as I’m concerned.


Any word on Meredith’s morning labs?

Uh, I keep refreshing my e-mail, and nothing.

Mm-hmm. But I have every reason to believe that…

[Cellphone chimes]

Oh. Hello.

Yeah? Oh, the physical therapy gave clearance.

Just as I suspected.

There’s no longer any medical reason to keep her here.

You can’t keep not telling her, Bailey.

I know. I-I just don’t want to.

Meredith’s gonna be clapped out tonight, and if Andrew DeLuca were alive,

you can bet he’d be the first in line to cheer her on.


[Sighs] She needs to know he won’t be here.


I’ll remove the clot with a catheter endovascularly and then place a stent.

Once the blood flow’s been restored, we’re hopeful that his symptoms will improve, uh, fairly quickly.

He has teachings, stories that have been passed down for hundreds of years in Lushootseed, the ancestral language of our people and this land.

I tried to learn them as much as I can, but it’s a full-time job, and I already have one of those.


We can’t lose him.

Indigenous communities have already lost so many elders to COVID.

We’ve been hit hard.

The clinic’s been packed, and still doesn’t have enough PPE.

The government was supposed to send in a shipment, but…

Let me guess… All booties.

Body bags.

I’m… Oh, I’m so sorry.

That’s awful.

Tribes in other parts of the country with less access to healthcare and running water have it worse, but we believe we’re all connected, like my Diné friend here.

Mary Ann, I’m gonna look out for your grandfather.

I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure he can pass down his knowledge to little junior in there.

Thank you so much…

[Gasps] Oh! Mary Ann, are you okay?

Helm, Chee, get a wheelchair.

She’s not due yet. Okay, okay.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

It’s alright. [Groans] I need my husband!

Jo: Okay, Mary Ann, when’s your due date?

In five days. [Groans]

Any past medical issues or surgeries?

Okay, Mary Ann, you’re 8 centimeters dilated.

You’re having this baby today.

T-This can’t be happening right now.

Um, my OB at the clinic. Dr. Mills.

I-I’m supposed to have this baby there with her.

It’s okay. Dr. Wilson here will call… Yeah.

And see if she’s available to join us.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. And my parents, and… and my husband.


I will call everybody.

Oh, my grandfather! His surgery.

I’m on my way.


That’s one impressive thrombus right there.

[Door closes]Helm, pop quiz…

What’s the normal etiology of an ischemic stroke?

Hello?! Did that sound rhetorical?

I, um… I don’t remember.


You don’t remember, or you weren’t paying attention?

Where do you need me?

Schmitt, step right up.

What’s he doing here?

He’s taking over for you. Call me old fashioned, but I think our patients deserve surgeons who can at least muster the strength to pretend to want to be here.



[Lid thuds]


Oh, uh, any updates on Mer?

I’ve been too busy to check, but I’ll ask Teddy.

I miss something?

Nope. No. Um… no.

Where do you keep your… incentive spirometers?

Okay, what’s going on?

Winston: Sorry. It’s just the new guy

trying to get the lay of the land.


[Clears throat]

Alright, I couldn’t help but notice earlier, you and Altman seemed… friendlier today.


So I… But it’s not my business.

It’s not my business.

You know, I couldn’t explain it, even if I tried.

Which is fine, you know?

Privacy is in short supply these days.


I can’t wait to get mine back.

As soon as Mer’s got her house under control, Amelia and I are out of there.



Good luck with that.

Incoming. Okay.

Yep. Let’s go.



That was a big one.

Uh, contractions are three minutes apart.

They’re getting closer together.

It’s almost time.

[Door opens]


The good news is, is that your husband and parents are on the way.

The bad news is that Dr. Mills had an emergent premature delivery and won’t be able to make it. Twins.

I was supposed to be with the same OB that delivered me.

I’m so sorry.

But I promise, we’ll take great care of you and your baby.

Oh. How’s my grandfather?

Oh, that’s me, too. Got it.

[Door opens]

Before I’m in too much pain to remember my own name…

[Door closes]

…do you think you could save the placenta for me?

Of course.

We’re taught to bury it on Suquamish land, so she always knows where her home is.

Mm. That’s beautiful.


[Monitor beeping]

Koracick: Deploying the stent.

Is Dr. Helm coming back?

She is not.

So, you… you met our friend William at the Indian Health Clinic?

Yes, sir. I volunteer on my time off.

Mostly primary care visits, but there’s also an apothecary, so sometimes I’ll make salves for burns and scars using local plant medicine.

Other times, we use traditional practices like prayer and song.

And I do a lot of smudging.

What’s that?

Burning sage, right?

Or, uh… tobacco?

Here they use cedar.


But I’m Navajo, and we use tobacco.

It’s one tradition a lot of tribes have in common.

[Door opens]


Any update for Mary Ann?

Oh, just have to shoot one more angiogram…

[Door closes]

…to make sure the blood flow has been restored and he should be good to go.

Great. Okay.

Did we run out of blue scrubs?

Oh, she changed specialties.

[Door closes]

[Chuckles] Yeah, but really.

That’s really what happened.

She was sick of general.


Dr. Koracick?


So, you’re ditching us?

Well, I mean, in fairness, I saved you.

So anything after this

is really gonna feel like a letdown anyway.

Right, because that was all you.

I mean, Altman kind of helped out.

I think I recall Bailey and Richard being there now and then.

But, yeah, I did… I did the heavy lifting, mostly.

Do you know how cold it gets in Boston?

Yes, Meredith.

I did spend the first 18 years of my life there.

Well, good luck finding any racism.


So, what’s first on the agenda?

Making sure the girls are settled in, happy.

And then change the world?

And then change the world.

So… I win.

How’s that?

I’m the last man standing.

It was you and me, from our residency class.

Everyone else has either abandoned me or died.

We were the only two left.

You think they’re giving out a medal for that?

I could… I could stick around.


They probably should, because it sucks.


Did I ever tell you what I thought the first time I met you?

Oh, God. Um…”legacy hire,” probably.

Or, “Is he single?” maybe? No.

No. No, no, no, “legacy hire” is what I…

Is what I meant, yeah.

I thought, “That’s a big name to live up to.”

I mean, you would know. Mm.

I honestly can’t imagine a time when the name wasn’t ruined.

It isn’t ruined.

It took some well-deserved hits, and you are making it your own.

You’re reinventing it.

I’m impressed.

Well, don’t give up hope. There’s still plenty of time for you to make something of your life, kid.



Okay, now you can go.


I guess this is, uh… the real thing, huh? This is it.

You’re not gonna come to my clap-out?

How do you know about the clap-out?

Are you new here? No one can keep a secret.

Oh, God. I mean, I know it’s become a tradition, but it really feels…

It’s a little too much. I know.

Yeah. I mean, I survived, and so many people haven’t and won’t.

And not because I did anything special.

Just because I’m lucky and I have the privilege of great health care.

I should be applauding the people who took care of me.

This place almost broke with you sick, so maybe let them celebrate a win, huh?

Yeah. It just feels…

I feel you, but none of them are gonna stop.

They’re all gonna be there. I’ll be there.

I just didn’t want that to be our, uh… I-I didn’t want it to be our goodbye.

I don’t want this to be our big goodbye.


You go give ’em hell, Avery.

[Breathes deeply]

Well, thanks for showing me how.




Oh, I can’t… I can’t do this.

You can. And you will.

Yeah, you’re almost there.

[Breathing heavily]


♪ Bite my tongue

♪ Count to ten

Okay, Mary Ann, at the count of three.

♪ Close our eyes You ready?


♪ And just pretend

♪ That this could have

One, two…

♪ A happy end



♪ Close your eyes Okay, good, good, good.

♪ And just pretend

[Baby crying]

There she is.



♪ Ah-ah

♪ Let’s pretend

[Breathes sharply]

♪ Take me home

Hello, Rosie.

Okay, Wilson, begin fundal massage.

Once we cut the cord, we’ll deliver the placenta.

♪ Back where I belong

♪ Let me rest my weary bones

♪ Take me home

♪ Take me home

They teach you that at the clinic?

No. Grew up with it.

I was born into a family of healers.

Same here.

Only change “healer” to failed Broadway singer and substitute math teacher.


Levi: Mr. Lawrence, how are you feeling?

I’ve been better.

Well, given the day you had, that’s to be expected.

Can you tell Mary Ann I’m okay?

Yeah, as soon as she’s settled.

Squeeze my fingers.

Your great-granddaughter was jealous of all the fun that you were having.

She decided to make an appearance.

She had the baby?

She did. So, get some rest, and we’ll be back soon and set you up with the, uh, time-honored COVID tradition of meeting new family members over video chat.

[Chuckling] Okay?[Chuckles]

You know, Amelia wants out more than I do.

It’s one of the only things she talks about.

Well, talking about it and doing it are two very different things.

Historically speaking at least.

Didn’t you and her share a house?

Yeah, we did, but Meredith’s house… it just has this power.

It’s like a magnetic pull.

Karev used to call it the Sister House, because no matter who else lives there, you’re just kind of in their orbit.

They do have a special bond. Mm.

Okay, you’re making it sound like a coven.

It’s just a house. Sure.

It’s nice there, man.

It always smells like toasted waffles in the kitchen, and the kids are excited when you walk through the door.

I never had that growing up.

Well, me either. But I think I’ve filled my quota.

I miss my house. And my bed.

And my guitar picks.

And quiet. God, I miss quiet.

Well, quiet is overrated.

Hard disagree.


When Meredith comes back, there will literally be too many people in the house.

It’ll probably break fire codes, so we gotta go.

Totally. On your side. Me, too.

And there’s a reason that I got my own place before I moved here.


So that’s it?

I’m trapped?

Pretty much.

Oh, I hate this.

Richard: I do, too.

But nobody would be happier for her to go home than DeLuca.


[Breathes deeply]

[Door closes]

What is it?

What? Pleural effusion?

The physical therapist changed his mind about rehab?

No, no, no. Nothing like that.

Then what is it?

M-Meredith, there is something we need to tell you.

It’s about Andrew.


He’s okay.

Meredith… he’s not.


[Breathes deeply]


He… is with his mother.



Your grandfather is fine.

He is awake and asking to see his great-granddaughter.

One new life and one saved.


I told you nothing could kill that man.


I want to thank both of you.

We… haven’t had the best of experiences in big hospitals.

Oh, it’s our pleasure.

When could he meet our baby girl?

It should be any time now.

Oh. There you go.

Right. Someone wants to say hello.


What’d I tell you?

Pretty cute, huh?

She’s perfect.

She has your eyes.

And your… feet.


Thank you for that.


Hi. Hi, Rosie.

[Rosie cooing]

I’ll be right back.

Dr. DeLuca.


Carina. Um… before you go, I just… I just wanted to say that, um… your brother was incredibly kind to me.

He was good.

He was noble.

He was sweet.

And he was brave.

And I-I just… I just want to say that.

I know that you’re going to scatter his ashes.

And I’m so incredibly grateful to have known him.

♪ Oh, that the song I’m singing ♪

Thank you.

And beautiful work today.


♪ Was an ocean wide


♪ And that the word I’m bringing ♪

[Chuckles] What’s her name?


After Mom.

Rosie, I’m your scapa.

Your great-grandfather.

This is your mother and your father.

We are your family. And you are ours.

You come from the Coast Salish people.

You are Suquamish.

You come from this land.

Rosie, one day, you will be able to tell the story of when you were born.

Of how the world was experiencing a time of great difficulty and devastation.

Grandparents could not even hold their newborn grandchildren when they came Earth side.

But it was also a time of great resilience and change.

And you will be able to tell them about an abundance of joy you brought to your syaye, your family, upon your arrival, just at the time we needed it most.

♪ Be halfway around the world

♪ ‘Fore truth can get its trousers on ♪

Make sure he has a neuro check every two hours and…

With all due respect, Helm is having a tough time.


It might make her feel better to help.

Uh… I don’t know.


I don’t think I know anything anymore.

♪ Up to that high rock plateau

Do what you want.

♪ Make my home inside the winds ♪

[Indistinct conversations]


[Conversations continue]

Okay, okay. Okay. Folks, I know we’re excited, but you’re gonna spoil the surprise.

So let’s keep it down until Perez wheels her out.



Okay. Yeah. Okay, here she is.

Get ready, get ready!

[Cheers and applause]

Man: Whoo!

Yeah! Finally!




Yeah! Yeah!


[Cheers and applause stops]

Fair. Fair.

What happened?

Uh, Dr. Grey is not in her room, and all of her things are gone.


[Indistinct conversations]


Nice one, Grey. Brilliant.

Evening, everybody.


Where the hell is she?



You know, you’re really milking this.

We’re supposed to leave the chairs at the entrance.


This is so much more fun. [Laughs]

Your chariot.


You good?

Take me home.


Thank you.

[Indistinct conversations]

Maggie: So Meredith just left?

I guess fanfare’s not her thing.

[Laughing] I guess not.

Um… you two have a minute?

Yeah. Of course.

When, uh, I asked you earlier if you’d chosen a date for the wedding,

I hope you didn’t take that as me inviting myself, or trying to take anything away from your father.

Um, I know the lines of our relationship have been blurry, but I would never presume anything.


We didn’t really want to do this right now.

Yeah, maybe over coffee.

Or dinner.

Richard, my father is going to walk me down the aisle.

Of course. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

But he had a really great idea.

We’d like you to officiate the wedding.

[Breathes sharply] Oh…


Obviously only if you want to.

We couldn’t think of a better gift for you to give us.

♪ The stories they wrote for us ♪

♪ Are a thousand years old

It would be the honor of my life.

♪ Pick it up

♪ The pen other lovers dropped ♪

♪ And color a page for us

♪ Sincere as stone

♪ Blur the edges of the world you know ♪



I was looking for you. Are you okay?


♪ Whole


You okay?

♪ Pick it up

I used to pretend my, uh, stuffed animals were sick and bandage them up.

I never wanted to be a singer or a super hero.

It was always this.

And now all I think about is leaving and never coming back.

♪ Cut by another’s words

I don’t know what happened to me.

[Breathes sharply]

It was more death than you thought it would be.

♪ Fill your cup

♪ Don’t give away too much

For so long, all I wanted from Nico was… more.

And then he asked me to move in with him, and I froze.

I might have even run. [Chuckles]

♪ Now the vacancy inside my heart is whole ♪

Great story about how you have a boyfriend.

What I’m saying is, this pandemic isn’t just affecting people who get sick and die.

This isolation… It’s making all of us… less ourselves.

Move in with me.


We can be alone together.


You know what I mean. [Laughs]



[Crying] Sorry.


And Wilson’s gonna be okay with this?

She is an OB resident.

[Chuckling] She’ll be home less than we will.

[Chuckles, sniffling]

♪ You were moving like a poet

♪ I was falling, I was falling for you ♪

♪ We were falling into chorus

♪ You were wading in the water

Bailey! Bailey!


You have been wearing that shirt since Saturday.

For the love of your family who has to smell you, please change it!

♪ We were falling into chorus

Come on. Okay.


♪ I was taking in the motions

Okay, let’s get this over with.


♪ You were moving like a poet ♪

♪ I was falling, I was falling for you ♪

♪ We were falling into chorus ♪

♪ Falling in, we’re falling into chorus ♪

♪ Falling in, we’re falling in, we’re falling in ♪


♪ Falling in, we’re falling in


[Gearshift clicks, engine shuts off]

I didn’t think you’d show up.

Yeah, well, I was in the neighborhood.

I had to drive the getaway car.

What’s, uh… What’s up?

You know, I heard you were taking over the foundation, and I-I called Catherine to get the details.

I’m impressed.


You needed me to be in a parking lot for you to say that?

You know, I lost, uh, six roommates when I was being treated for COVID.

Three were husbands and fathers, one was, uh… One’s single, one was very happily divorced, and [Chuckles] um… one came and went so fast, you know, I didn’t… I didn’t even get a name.

And, uh… I was the only white guy.

I know I’m not exactly out of the woods, but I just felt like I owed it to them to be better, you know?

Because… [sighs] chaos and i-injustice and pain and…

The world is only that way because we let it be.

Or because people who look like me made it that way.

And… so what I’m saying, I, uh…

Let me become worthy of being spared.

I want to be an ally.

I want to spend whatever time I’ve got left making this lousy, stinking place better.

You know, you can use me however you want.

I can operate, uh, administrate…

Hell, I’ll even help you understand how ignorant white people think.

I’ll do anything.

I don’t need money. I don’t need a big title.

You don’t even have to stop hating me.



Just… I just… Just let me help.


Monday. 6:00 a.m. Boston.

I’ll e-mail you an address.

And, yeah, technically, I do have space on my jet, but I really don’t want to be tempted to fire you before we land, so… I’ll figure something out.

Good night, Avery.

Thank you.

[Engine starts]


[Vehicle departs]

[Both breathing heavily]

Well, that happened.

Yeah. Again.

[Both laugh]

[Sighs] Mm.

[Both breathe deeply]

What’re you thinking right now?

Remember after a rough day in Iraq, we would stare at the sky and we would talk about how much we missed hamburgers?

Mm-hmm. Vividly.

That’s what I want.

I mean, not the talking about it.

But the actual eating.

Maybe two. Mm-hmm.

Mmm. And French fries and… Mm-hmm.

And onion rings and… and maybe…

Maybe a vanilla milkshake.

Yeah. Okay.

Listen, I’m buying, okay? Mm.

Okay. But, uh…

[Both chuckle]

♪ I’ve been waiting for the tides to change ♪

♪ For the waves to send you my way ♪

Your mom was Val.

And we loved Val.

And you are Luna.

And you have a family here.

Every time I step into an OR, I think about your mom.

And you.

♪ ‘Cause I’ll be there when you can finally make it home ♪

♪ And I don’t mind ’cause we both know ♪

Ah, God, Link was supposed to call when you were on your way home.

We had signs and hats, and I swear we were not living like this most of the time.

Amelia, come sit down.


It’s just the way I like it.

You did a great job.

I can never thank you enough.

♪ You know, when you’re by my side, darling ♪

[Door opens]Okay, I think she’s on her way home!

Uh, hurry and get the signs and the donuts and…

Is there really donuts?

In the kitchen.

Uh… don’t move!

It’s not done yet, but… we made this for you.

I love it!

It is so beautiful.

Okay, everybody, come sit up here.

Let’s eat donuts.

You all can tell me every single thing that happened while I was gone.

♪ You said hold the line


♪ I won’t let go

♪ ‘Cause I’ll be there when you can finally make it home ♪

Traditions have never really been my thing.

But at their best, they help us remember who we are, where we’re from, and those who came before us.

They give us something to pass on to future generations.

♪ Because when I’m in a room with you ♪

♪ That missing piece is found

♪ Ooh, ah-ooh

♪ You know, when you’re by my side, darling ♪

♪ Nothing can bring us down

♪ Ooh, ah-ooh

♪ It’s like when you’re far away from me ♪

♪ I get lost in the crowd

♪ Ooh, ah-ooh

♪ Because when I’m in a room with you ♪

‘Cause if you don’t know where you’re from, it’s kind of hard to know where you’re going.

Unless, of course, where you’re going… is home.



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