Manifest – S03E10 – Compass Calibration [Transcript]

Ben's pursuit of a vulnerable Passenger's Calling lands him in the crosshairs of an enemy. Michaela unearths a dangerous arsenal of 828 hate. A seemingly natural disaster leads Saanvi to make a bold move. Angelina puts her connection with Eden to a dangerous test.
Manifest - S03E10 - Compass Calibration

Original air date: May 20, 2021

Saanvi’s latest experiment on the petrified wood causes a rare earthquake to hit New York. When Saanvi sees TV news coverage of a fissure in a road with lava underneath, right at the epicenter of the quake, she’s convinced that Mt. Ararat has come to New York to reclaim the piece of Noah’s ark. She and Troy engineer a ruse in the next experiment to cause an explosion that leaves only a pile of dust, when in reality they have removed the wood from the building. Ben goes to see 828 passenger Astrid, whose photo was in flames during his and Cal’s calling. Astrid has received a calling of a boy in danger, who turns out to be the son of known anti-828er Cody Webber, whom Ben encountered and assaulted in the past. Ben assaults Webber again when he won’t reveal where he’s hidden his son, but he and Astrid are able to rescue the child from earthquake debris. Jared says he has to arrest Ben for the assault, and Michaela reluctantly agrees. At the Stone home, an incident during the earthquake has Angelina believing that Eden is her guardian angel. Cal agrees that he, Angelina and Eden all have a connection. However, when Angelina puts her theory to the test, she starts a fire that forces Grace to throw her out. At the site of the road fissure, Troy and Cooper cause a distraction, allowing Saanvi to toss the petrified wood into the lava. The lava disappears and the pavement returns. Immediately Cal gets another calling.

* * *





[Rumbling continues]


I heard a rumor that coffee is more effective if you actually drink it. You missed a hell of a dinner last night. [Coffee pouring] But I gotta say… Sarah’s the real deal. She really loves Jared. Her mom may have been a monster, but… Mick, what’s… What is it?

[Sighs] I know who killed the Major.

Oh, my God. Who?



She was trying to help you, but she took it too far, and now she wants me to take her in. She thinks it’s the only way to save the Lifeboat.

But you’re torn.

About arresting her? Yeah, of course I am.

After the accident, when the gun went off, you didn’t want to arrest me. So I turned myself in. It was part of how I made things right. If this helps Saanvi and the Passengers and keeps you loyal to the badge… you have to take her in.




You busy?

[Chuckles] Always have time for you. What’s up?

Uh, Olive called, and she’s decided to spend another night at Levi’s.

So, what do we do? Do we tell Angelina to leave and give her money to find a place?

I mean, Olive won’t tell me what happened. Angelina’s been through so much. Maybe we just keep it status quo until Olive’s ready to talk.

Yeah. Yeah, that sounds right.


You okay?

[Exhales sharply] No, just something feels off. It has ever since I woke up this morning.

Yeah. For me, too. You know what day it is, right?


Oh, my God. The 17th. That explains it. [Sighs]

And yet, look at us.


With our family intact.

God knows I’m trying to keep it that way.


You keep doing what you’re doing. I’m off to try out some new recipes with Zeke. Oh. Angelina’s gonna come with me to help with Eden. I should be back in a few hours.


Where’s the superglue?

Come here.



I love you.


On the shelf next to the duct tape.

Thank you.

What was that all about?

What, your mom can’t give you a random hug?

I guess moms are just weird in that way.



Dad, can I ask you a question?

Always. Hit me.

Didn’t you get a Calling where passenger photos started to glow and caught on fire?

Yeah. I think it meant they were being tested. Since we’re all in the same Lifeboat, I tried to help. Why do you ask?

Well, I-I think she’s being tested.


[Engines roaring]


What has two thumbs and just differentiated the xylem cells of the Noah’s Ark sample? This guy.

This is fantastic. The more research we have, the closer we’re gonna be to understanding why that fragment disappeared for an instant.

And to solving the mystery of 828.


Have you gotten back to Dr. Cooper?

Um, I won’t have time until after we’re done testing today, but it’s on my list. Why?

He has a working theory that the testing might be having unintended consequences.

[Telephone rings]

Yeah. Um, yes. Can you escort her in? Thanks.

Sorry, talk later.



You ready?

I am. Just not yet.

Uh, are you serious?

Look, Mick, we’ve had a huge breakthrough with 828. I can’t say what exactly, but it’s a game-changer.

Okay, Saanvi, I thought we both agreed that you would turn yourself in.

No, I am. I’m going to. I have to. You know, it’s part of my path to redemption.

It’s part of mine now, too.

I just need until the end of the day to finish my research and to hand it in. I promise you.

[Cellphone dings]

Um… Okay, yeah, um, end of day. Yeah. Good luck.


[Knock on door]


[Astrid breathing shakily]

Astrid! Come on.

I-I know you’re there. I just want to talk.

Leave me alone. I have a Taser.

I’m Ben Stone.

I called a few times. I sent some e-mails.

I’m a Passenger, too.


I thought you were one of the people… who hate us.


Are you… maybe hearing voices in your head or seeing things?

I think you’re being tested, Astrid.

I’m here to help.


[Siren wails]

[Police radio chatter]


Yeah, someone just called it in.

Bomb Squad just arrived, so they’ll sweep.

In the meantime, we got to manage all these people that were inside.

By “manage,” you mean figure out if any of them know who’d want to set off a bomb?


There must be something you can do!


Does anyone have an ounce of compassion here?


What seems to be the problem… Val?

I’m supposed to pick up my son from school, but they’re not letting us leave. I’m so sorry.

Maybe there’s someone else that can pick him up?

They’ll put him in after-care, but I left my phone in my purse, so I can’t even message the school to let them know I’m running late.

Thank you so much. No problem.

Once you’re done, I’ll grab your statement, and then once the situation’s contained, you can just grab your stuff and run, okay?

Okay. [Dialing]



I need some taste testers.

I’m in. Alright.

There you go. Oh, these are beautiful.

Thank you. Alright.

Let me know which one you prefer.

I’m probably only gonna make one.

What’s your baby’s name?

Eden, but, uh, she’s not my baby.


Uh, no.

She… I’m just… Just a friend.

Nah. I see how she is with you.

There’s something more than that.

[Eden cooing]


Calibrating the thermal spectrum line.

Set. Stabilizing.

[Machinery humming]


Initiate the test.




Woman: Stay calm. Stay calm.

Um, this might be an excellent time to talk to Dr. Cooper.


Oh, it’s okay. Here.




[Rumbling continues]

[Objects clattering]


[Glass shattering]

Get down!

[Eden crying]



Come on. Is everyone okay?

Oh, I gotta check on Cal.

It’s over.

It’s okay. I-I was sitting right there.

I could have been crushed.

Cal’s okay, thank God.

It was an earthquake. In New York?

Apparently no one saw it coming.

Eden did.

She was crying, insisted that I come to her to… to protect me.

She’s your guardian angel.

[Crying] Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Is that true? Are you my angel?


Okay, listen up, everybody.

Bomb Squad just confirmed the call was a hoax.

If you’ve given your statement, employees, you can go back inside and grab your things.

The store is closed until damage from the earthquake can be cleaned up. Thank you.

Hey, go get your son.

If you can think of anyone who had an issue with the store, call me directly, okay? Thank you.

Was that a Calling?

No, that was real.

Is that what was happening in your Callings?


Astrid, I know I’ve dumped a ton on you, but we have to solve this.

You don’t understand.

My anxiety, it’s too much.

But if one of us doesn’t follow this Calling, then we all go down, so, please, let me help you.

Our lives depend on it.

A skull.

I’ve been seeing a skull.

It’s angry.


Draw what you saw.

As much as you can remember.

Uh, it’s… It’s on a checkerboard.

Checkers? What does that mean to you?

Do you… Do you play checkers?

Mm, no. And the board is, um, warped?

Kind of wavy.

Astrid, that’s… That’s not a game board.

That’s a… a r… a rally flag that they use in car racing.

I still don’t know what that means.

I do. It’s, uh… I-It’s a logo o-o-on a building run by someone who hates 828ers, and me in particular.

Astrid, I need you to come with me. No.

Uh, I’ll do what I can to help, but this is your Calling to solve.

No, I can’t. I can’t leave.

Astrid, I need you to get over your fear and come with me, please.

You think I can just get over it?

That I’m just choosing to have crippling anxiety?

No, but that’s the thing.

W-We don’t have a choice over this, either.

No. No, I can’t.

I can’t go to work because I have panic attacks where it feels like I am dying.

Do you have any idea what that feels like?



Yeah, I do.

My son, uh… had cancer.

He fought so hard.

He was so… brave.

Braver than I ever would have been.

And on this day, eight years ago the doctors told me he wasn’t gonna make it.

That we should stop treatment and just let the cancer take over his tiny little body.

And no matter how much you prepare it’s not supposed to happen like that.

I’m supposed to protect him. He’s my boy.

Right then, I felt like I was the one who was dying.

And now, because of 828, he’s got a Death Date all over again, and I will do anything to make sure he survives a second time.

So I need you to follow this Calling not just for you, but for everyone else on that plane, including my son.





News Anchor: Dozens of injuries have been reported in the aftermath of this rare and unexpected earthquake in New York, a city not built to withstand this kind of activity.

Beverly’s okay?

Forgot all about it. Taking a nap.


Speaking of which, I need to get Eden home for her nap, but I don’t want to leave you here with all this.

It’s not safe… Not with Beverly.

Um, I’m happy to take Eden home.

Is that okay with you, sweet girl?


Let me just grab her bottle from the fridge.


What is it?



Olive doesn’t fully trust her, and that whole “guardian angel” thing?

Angelina’s intense, but she truly loves Eden, and Eden loves her back.


Is this your famous empathic ability that I’ve been hearing so much about?

[Chuckles] Actually, it is.

I can… I can feel it.


What do you mean not a coincidence?

There was a tremor yesterday.

Barely perceptible, but my instruments picked it up.

And it happened almost simultaneously with yesterday’s testing.

It’s like the quake today happened just as we were testing again.

It’s almost as if… we caused it?

[Sighs] The timing tracks, if not the location.

Yesterday, the epicenter was under us.

Directly under Eureka.

But today’s epicenter was here 80 miles north of us.

And look what happened there…

It opened up the kind of fissure that you’d see near a volcano.


There’s not a volcano anywhere near New York.

There is not.

At least, not yet.

We took something from Mount Ararat.

And now it’s almost like.

Ararat is coming to take it back.

Have you spoken to Vance about any of this?

I was going to, but this epicenter doesn’t seem as significant as yesterday’s.

No, I think it is. Maybe even more so.


[Horns honking]

[Car door closes]

Your description made me think of this logo.

Is that what you saw?


Although I-I don’t know why it would send us here.

The place is closed.

Looks like somebody went through the gate.

Come on.








You gotta be kidding me. Ben Stone?

What the hell are you doing here, besides violating a restraining order?


I don’t know, Cody. You tell me, why am I here?


I don’t have to explain anything to a damn 828er in my own damn shop.




[Taser crackling]


[Breathing heavily]


What took you so long?

Alright, listen up.

Power’s out in half of Astoria.

Let’s coordinate a response on traffic and patrol.

Alright, come on. Let’s hop to it.

That quake was somethin’, huh?

I never felt one before.

Yeah, me neither. That was nuts.

Yeah, well, a lot of crazy things happened after 828 came back, right?

Val: Detective Stone, I tried to reach you.

I know who called in the bomb threat, and I think I know why!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. What’s… What’s going on?

Oh, my God. [Breathing heavily]

Oh, my God. W-What’d I do?

Astrid, you saved me, alright?


Let’s, uh… Let’s get him restrained before the effects wear off.

Astrid! Come on!


I know this guy. He’s a rabid anti-828er.

But this is your Calling, alright?

So why are we here?

I don’t know.

I was scheduled to leave work to pick up my son, right?

But the bomb threat forced me to stay.

By the time I got to my son’s school, he’d already been picked up, and now he’s gone.

That bomb threat was meant to hold me up.

Val, who called in the bomb threat?

I have no idea! I’ve never seen him before, don’t know why the Calling wants me here.

Alright, concentrate. There must be something.

There always is.


Wait, I… I recognize that tattoo.

My co-worker has the same one.

W-Which means he must be…

Val: My ex-husband, Cody Webber.

He called in the bomb threat so he could kidnap my son.

Absolutely not.

Saanvi, we have just landed the biggest discovery in history, and you want to stop testing

because of two earthquakes in completely different locations?

The locations were different, but look…

Yesterday’s epicenter was here, right under Eureka.

Today’s epicenter… Look where it was.

In the middle of nowhere.

[Sighs] Zeke’s cave. The Meth Heads’ lake.

The river that James Griffin came out of.

Today’s earthquake was in the center of all of these miracles.

In fact, dead center.

We’re being sent a message to stop.

This is grasping at straws.

Vance you know better than anyone that the Callings do not follow our rules.

Saanvi, the people I answer to have already been told we are on the brink of something huge.

If we stop now, they’ll just replace me, find someone else to do my job.

But to me, this is more than just a job.

We are closer than we’ve ever been to figuring out what happened to 828.

Can you really stop now because of two possibly unrelated events?

Because I can’t.

So I’m sorry, the answer is no.


Let’s see what happens during the next test, and we’ll go from there.

Spoken like a scientist.


When I finally got to the school, they said that Cody had already been there to pick up Robin.

Cody said he “had a feeling” I was gonna get held up at work.

Has he ever threatened to abduct Robin in the past?

No, but we’ve been in this ugly custody dispute over Robin for a few years now.

Cody’s gotten extremely protective of Robin, thinking he’s sheltering him from…

Well, Cody’s got these crazy theories.

Yeah, I’m aware.

My brother had a run-in with him when 828 landed.

Flight 828.

That’s when Cody started to become unhinged.

He believes that the real passengers died.

And the people who came back are a threat to humanity.

He started talking about “a coming war.”

If he thinks there’s a war coming, did he take your son to protect him?

Maybe his craziness about 828’s gotten worse than I knew.

The weird thing is, I actually know an 828er, a work friend, and she’s so sweet.

Yeah, well, now you know two.

Jared: Cody’s phone’s disconnected.

His apartment’s completely empty, and his boss said he didn’t show up to work today.

You said he worked at a garden center, but the last time he ran into trouble, he owned an auto-repair shop.

That went belly up a few months ago, and the bank owns it now.

Still might be worth checking out.

I mean, it’s right in the neighborhood.

We have a patrol unit waiting to take you home whenever you’re ready. Hey, we’ll be in touch, okay?

You should be there in case he shows up.


Are you gonna tell Ben?

No. Cody took out a restraining order.

Ben can’t go anywhere near that guy.

It’s better not to rile him up.

[Footsteps approaching]

There you are.

Oh, hey. Uh, where’s Eden?

Napping. Poor thing is exhausted from all the excitement this morning.


Beverly called Eden my guardian angel.

She saved my life.


Your mom doesn’t believe me either.

I-I do believe you.

My mom may not understand, but I do.

I think your mom’s listening to Olive, and why wouldn’t she?

She’s her daughter, and I’m just… nothing really.

I got a Calling… Before I even met you to make a home for you here.

You’re supposed to be here.


You and I are connected in a way other Passengers aren’t.

And I think Eden is part of this connection.

Yeah. I think she is, too.

And I’m guessing she’s gonna keep finding ways to prove it.

Especially if she really is your guardian angel.


Setting the thermal spectrum line to 180 degrees.

This is test Delta four.



Stabilizing… and set.





Is she alright?

Here, here.

Man: Is she alright? Is she okay?

You were right. Get her to medical. Now!

Gupta: Vance!


My God.

Gather every speck of this.

We have to salvage what we can.

[Snaps fingers] Get me Zimmer. I better get ahead of this.


What do you know about the tattoo?

My… My friend from work, Val, she has the same one.

I asked her about it once.

She said she and her husband got matching tattoos in honor of their son, Robin.

[Gasps] Robin: Help me!

You just had a Calling. What was it?

Please. Don’t make me do this.

You don’t have a choice, Astrid. None of us do.

Now, it’s about his son? About Robin?

Don’t even say that name!

You people have no idea the hellfire that’s gonna rain down on you.

Astrid, don’t listen to him. Please.

Please. Lives are at stake!


It was dark.

I heard a-a boy crying, begging for help.

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

[Breathing heavily]

Your son needs help.

Where is he?

You’re all crazy.

You 828 freaks may not give a rat’s ass about your kids, but I protect mine.

Where is he?!

Get your hands off of me, Stone.

Robin. He’s… having trouble… breathing!

He’s… dying.

You tell me where you have him.

Tell me! Where’s Robin?!

Where is he?!




What’s happening?

Cal: It’s a test.

His trial by fire.


Dad, what are you doing?

Where’s the kid?! Talk to me!



Jared: Ben, what the hell were you thinking?

I’m sorry… I I found a pulse, but his head wound’s really bad.

Call a bus.

I was trying to solve the Calling.

I’m sorry.

His son’s in danger.

This is not how you solve your Callings, Ben.

No, I-it’s not my Calling. It’s hers.

Astrid Koren.

Astrid, my name is Michaela Stone.

I’m a detective. I was on 828.

I need you just to take a few breaths, okay?


You’re doing great.

I need you to tell me what you saw in that Calling.


I s-saw a boy. Dark hair.

He’s about 8 or 10.




I’m Lieutenant Vasquez. This is Detective Stone.

Mr. Webber, your son is in danger.

He’s trapped underneath something.

He can’t breathe!

She’s lying. She’s an 828er!

Okay, one more breath. What else did you see?

Uh… h-hands.

They were covered in something, uh, bright orange.

I gave him a bag of hot chips.

He gets that orange dust all over.

How could she possibly know that?

H-He’s missing a shoe.

He had a blister.

Please. Help us find your son.

You need to tell us where he is.

Jared: Sir, they’re trying to save your kid.

Do you understand?

This could be his only hope.

You have to hurry!

He… He can’t breathe! He’s dying!

Is your hate for us really stronger than your love for your son?!


I built a bunker so no one could ever find us.

But the generator wouldn’t start, so I left him to come here and get one.

Go. I’ll wait till the ambulance gets here.

Text me the address. This is your Calling.

I will be with you every step of the way, but we need to go right now, okay?

Come on.


Can I just say… that was epic.

Told you we didn’t need more than 5 grams of mercury fulminate.

You’re holding the wrong arm.

Okay, I just hope I mixed in enough sapphire residue into the ash to make it look convincing.

It’ll be convincing.

Hand it over. Come on.

I just hope we’re doing the right thing.

We are. Trust.

Go, go, go, go, go.


Michaela: Come on, Astrid. You can do it.





He’s not here?!

Hey, look at me.

This Calling… it chose you because it believes in you.

Did you see anything else?


[Groans] Nothing. But I heard something.

I could hear w-water dripping.


I don’t… I don’t hear anything.

It must be a different building. No!

He’s here. I can feel it.




There’s water on the floor.

There must be a leak in one of these pipes.



Robin? Robin?!

Hey, hey! Can you hear me?




Astrid! I need your help!

Come on!

Come on, you can do this. Come on.

Come on. I need your help. Please.

I need you to lift this up.

[Breathing heavily]

On the count of 3, I’m gonna pull him out, alright?

1… 2…


Robin, come on! Wake up!

Wake up. Hey.

Wake up. Robin, Robin…


[Breathing heavily]


Oh, my…

Okay, watch me, my little angel.

Okay? Are you watching?


We’re connected.

If you’re my guardian angel, show me.

This is our trial by fire.



Help me, Eden.

We’re connected.


Behold, an angel will guard you.

Behold, an angel will guard you.

Behold… Aah!



Behold, an angel will guard you.

Behold, an angel will guard you.

Behold, an angel will guard you.

Behold, an angel will guard you.

Grace: Put a bit of cumin. Zeke: Yeah?

It just gives it that kick without being spicy.

Hey. Hey.

Did Eden go down okay?

Yeah. I think she’s up now.

Angelina’s with her.

Oh, good.

You were right. Everything’s fine.





She’s scared. What?



Oh, my God! Fire!





You stay away from her!

No, no. I just needed her to prove it. It’s okay.

But now you see, don’t you?

See what?

That she’s my guardian angel.

She sent you a message to come up there.

You did this on purpose?

It was a test. A trial by fire.

I knew that Eden would never let me get hurt.

She just proved that she and I are connected.

Isn’t that right, Eden? No!

Get out.

No, but…


I can’t… I can’t leave. I-I belong here.

You need to get your things, and go.


Get out! [Eden cries]


Fire’s out.

You alright?

She’s lost her mind.

[Crying continues]

She was testing Eden!

Grace, I’m so sorry.

I could feel her intentions were good, but I missed it.

Her judgment.

I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

Feeling what she’s feeling and knowing what she’s gonna do next are two different things.

This is not your fault. It’s mine.

[Crying continues] What?

Olive knew there was something off about her.

I should’ve listened to her.

Hey, hey. This isn’t your fault either.

[Eden screaming]


Michaela: Your anxiety look, it’s not gonna get better overnight.

But there are a lot of people who can help you, and you have a hell of a support system.

Starting with me, okay?

Hang in there.

[Vehicle approaches]

Hey, is the kid alright?

Yeah, he’s fine.

[Sighs] Sorry, Mick.

It’s the second time he’s assaulted this guy.

Look, he sent him to the hospital this time.

[Sighs] I have to take him in.

I didn’t have a choice.

It’s okay. Uh, we’re cops.

Sometimes the right thing doesn’t feel right.

I wish there was something I…

Is the kid okay?


Yeah, he’ll be okay.


what were you thinking?

Astrid kept… seeing Cody’s son dying, and all I could see was…


When he got that final diagnosis, eight years ago today, Mick, I would’ve done anything to save him.

But you felt like you couldn’t.

Yeah, but this time, I could.

Not just could.

I had to. I…

Okay, I-I know that you think it’s your job to make sure… It is my job, Mick.


Mick, I got to save Cal.

I’ve… I have to.


Yeah, I know. I know you do.

But, Ben, not like this.

You nearly killed someone.

Then what?


There’s no way our Lifeboat survives that.

This second chance, it’s about redemption.


I hope we still have the chance to do that.


This is the part where you tell me it’s all gonna be okay.


I got to go do something else.

I’ll see you at the station, okay?


Mom. You can’t!

Angelina is supposed to stay with us.

A Calling told me that before I even met her!

We’re supposed to help her!

And we did.

But now she has to go.

No. [Footsteps approaching]

To get yourself situated.

I didn’t want this, but I have to protect my family.

I am a part of this family, Grace.

You said that yourself.

We are supposed to protect each other.

Cal and Eden and I.

You can’t separate us.


Goodbye, Angelina.

[Exhales sharply]



[Door closes]

Cal, I


I’m here for Dr. Bahl. One sec.

She’s expecting me. It’s fine.


I said one second. She’s not here.

What do you mean she’s not here?

She left an hour ago.


[Alanis Morissette’s “Reckoning” plays]


♪ Hey, hey, you marauders ♪

♪ You got away while they claim I am a liar ♪

♪ Why aren’t the gods and heroes all around me? ♪

♪ And everyone’s turning their eyes to the ground ♪

♪ And so, you strike ♪

♪ While it’s hot ♪

[Knock on door]

♪ While the barricades are broken ♪

♪ You attacked ♪

♪ At your will ♪

♪ While all the locks are frayed ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh, oh ♪


Whoa. Where do you think you’re headed?

This area is authorized personnel only.

Yeah, we need to get in.

It’s okay, officer. They’re my assistants.



Dr. Patrick Cooper, NSA.

Before we start our tests, I’ll need to confer with anyone who’s been in the immediate vicinity.

As will I.

Alright. Let’s round up, people.

Round up. Come on. Hippity hop.





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