Batwoman – S02E14 – And Justice For All [Transcript]

Batwoman is faced with a new challenge when Gotham's addicts become ravenous for more than the next fix.
Batwoman - S02E14 - And Justice For All

Original air date: May 16, 2021

* * *

You. How are you… Your eyes. You have our father’s eyes. Kate.


Kate, it’s me Alice.

Shh. God, you talk a lot.

[Door opens]

Roman: I come bearing concealer.

Oh, my god.


You brought my circe back to me.

You’ve earned your freedom.


I think I should stay, you know, make sure the skin sticks to the musculature.

I wouldn’t want dear… Circe to prune.

I run a cosmetics empire. She’ll be fine.

You on the other hand will be minus one tongue should you utter a single word of what you’ve seen here tonight.

My men will see you out.

Circe: Daddy.


She’s kind of creeping me out.

Yes. We’re all confused.

Why are you still here?


Consider me a memory.

What is this, the smurf edition?

It’s supposed to be red and yellow.

Cooks made a couple modifications.

Huh! Aah!


Damn, bitch.

Call me a bitch again!

On second thought…


I just want to help you.

Man: Shut up.


No judgment.


Vesper: When Jesus talked about “those who eateth my flesh,” I’m pretty sure this is not what he meant.

A cannibalistic churchgoer tried taking a bite out of the bat last night after gnawing a hole through a fellow parishioner.

Talk to me, Gotham.

How many of these zombified zealots are out there?

Because I for one am hoping this was their last supper.

Earth, wind, and fire’s “Boogie wonderland” playing…

♪ All the love in the world can’t be gone ♪

♪ All the need to be loved can’t be wrong ♪

♪ Boogie wonderland

Imani: Thank you so much. That money will go directly toward our new computer lab.

You see this?

In person.

I’m never eating spaghetti again.

This wasn’t at the church.

A disemboweled body was found

at amusement mile this morning.

So, what, there’s more than one

flesh-eating zombie in this city?

I think we should wrap it up and go figure this out.

Oh, hell, no. Let the gcpd deal with that.

Look. Black folks and horror do not mix.

Ok. Some woman just donated a literal basketball court.

Ryan: Look at you making it rain

with other people’s money.

What’s up, Imani?

Hey. How’s your mom?

My mom?

Because she broke her ankle last night at work,

which is why I took you to her office

so that you could drive her car home.

Earth, wind, and fire: ♪ Dance

Right. Sorry. Uh, mom’s fine.

You know, rest, ice, compress, elevate.

Good. Good. Ry made it sound way worse.

I’m sure she did.

Anyway, I should go schmooze.

Maybe there’s a tennis court somewhere in here.

Thank you.

You look cute.

Thank you.

♪ Wonderland

I had to bail on Imani last night.

Yeah, I got that. Weird lie, though.

♪ Wonderland

What the hell is this?

[Bang on window]

You’re blocking a hydrant, buddy.

Thank you.

All right. Whatever. Let’s just do this.






Ryan: How did Kate date?

Terribly. Why do you think she was so broody all the time?

Ok, but I don’t brood,

so we’re gonna have to figure something out.

Well, welcome to the glamorous life of double identities.

Most people you care about are only gonna get to know one of you,

so either step up your lying game,

or get your brood on.

Woman: ♪ My, my, my, my freedom’s gonna raise me ♪

♪ Nothing’s gonna faze me

welcome, officers. Can I help you?

Got a call about a noise complaint.

What is this?

It’s a fundraiser for the Sheldon park community center.

Explains it.

Explains what?

Why you people are so loud.

Heh. “You people”?

Need to see a permit for the noise.

I’m the manager. Is there a problem?

They want a permit.

We don’t have a permit

it’s a bar. We’re allowed to be open.

Not according to her. It’s a fundraiser.

So if you don’t have the proper paperwork,

you got two choices.

You can shut it down,

or you can pay a $2,500 fine

and a Mark on your liquor license.

Really? This is Gotham freaking city.

There isn’t a bigger crime happening right now

besides… a bunch of black and brown folks dancing to pop hits?

Ok. Uh, officers, it’s not a big deal.

We are more than willing to turn the music down, so…

We don’t have to turn anything down.

The music has been the same level it always has been.

And we apologize for that, Ryan.

Ok. So. We’re fine. We’re cool. Thank you.

Ryan: Screw that, Luke.

They came in here trying to start stuff

because god forbid too many of us gather together in one place.

I need you to come down…

Don’t touch me!

What are you doing?

Luke: Hey! Ryan: Get off of me!

Stop it! Stop!

My god! Stop!

Officer: You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used

against you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one, then one will be

appointed for you by the court.

[Indistinct chatter]

What is all this?

Party’s over.

I can see that. Where’s the manager?

In the paddy on her way downtown.

What? What the hell happened here?

I said the party’s over.

Got it.

Apparently for “noise and capacity violations.”

Ok. Well, I assume the security cameras will confirm.

Are you accusing me of falsifying my report?

Trust me. That’s a lot better than what I should be

accusing you of right now.

Ma’am, there’s no need to get aggressive.


I’m a crow who knows what she’s talking about.

Look. Quit wasting my time,

or I’ll have you removed.

I would love to see how that works out for you.

Do you know Mary’s cell?


What about the clinic?


Who actually knows people’s numbers by heart anymore?

Do you really think that’s helping anything?

Excuse me, Mr. “pardon us, officer.

We’ll turn the music all the way down.”

Ok. What exactly would you like to say to me right now?

We could have used your backup.

Yeah. I was your backup,

but, no, excuse me for trying to

defuse the situation peacefully.

Peacefully? That’s a privilege.

A priv…

A privilege. Ok.

Ryan, I’m sure that you think that

growing up with rich white kids

taught me how to play nice,

but it taught me how to keep my head down.

There is a difference. I don’t just

run into fights when I know I can’t win.

Ok. How about we just focus on getting out of here?


Uh, Sophie.

I could call the crows hotline

and see if they can connect me.

Sophie: Yeah. That’s definitely going to voicemail.


What is happening to me?

[Door shuts nearby]

Hi. Hey, hey, hey.

Ooh! Back off!

Shh, shh, shh.

Something’s wrong. I know I don’t know you,

but for some reason, I just want to eat your face off.


I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I…

I don’t know what’s happening to me.

Just run.


No, go. Run! Go! Get out of here!

How did I just do that?

Easy, brother.

Oh, my god. Ok. Listen.

I took a hit of snakebite, and it did something crazy to me.


I need medics in the alley off grand Avenue.

I need help.

I’m not gonna hurt you.

I just want to help you through this.

[Man snarling]

[Officer screaming]

[Biting sounds]

Did you tell him you were a crow?

Yep. He didn’t believe me.

Damn. Even the crow card didn’t work?

Ok. For the record, I wasn’t playing a card.

He needed to know that I knew what I was talking about.

Ok, but we all know if you had been wearing

your uniform, you wouldn’t be sitting with us right now.

And we all know if you hadn’t touched a cop,

he’d have no reason to play the assault card.

Are you saying it’s my fault I’m in here?

No, but in the cop’s mind, it is.

It’s like whenever I think we’re getting somewhere

you remind you will always be a crow first.

Alice: Ehh. These conversations

are always so awkward, Dr. Rhyme,

but I think it’s time that I moved on,

you know, found a new therapist,

someone who actually had my best interests in mind,

someone who would mention in my therapy sessions

to erase my sister from my memory

that she’s actually alive

and, uh, not only alive but brainwashed by you

into believing that she’s some dead girl named circe sionis.

Needless to say, Dr. Rhyme,

you’re fired.

Now I couldn’t tell you about Kate.

Roman would have tortured me to death.

I was… i was hedging my bets.

Oh. So it’s, um… it’s Roman that you’re afraid of.

Heh heh.

Tell me how to break the spell

so I can get Kate back.

It’s not that simple.

Ha ha ha!

I merely grazed ocean’s arm,

and all my memories of him started to return.

Because I simply removed ocean

from your subconscious.

Your sister underwent days of uninterrupted hypnosis.

For her to embrace another persona,

I had to shatter her psyche

into a million pieces.

Help me not… To kill you… Right… Now.

Find me something of hers,

something simple,

something uniquely Kate Kane

that will rattle a core memory.

Bring it to me,

and we’ll go from there.

Is this necessary?

You were 10 chest compressions away

from full-blown flatlining,

so… I’m keeping you for observation.

Mary, I feel fine.

Then you can tell me what the hell is going on.

I was attacked in my car by some false face thugs.

They, um… they injected me to make a point. Heh.

“Stop messing with us.”

I’m not your daughter right now. I’m your doctor,

and I counted 16 track marks

on your arms and legs,

so… this wasn’t just one time.

What is going on with you?

[Door opens]

Man: Help. Help. Help.

I need your help.

Here! Oh!

Who are you?

My name’s Richard Monaghan,

but you’re gonna know me as the guy

who’s gonna try to eat you alive.




Not a good time.

Agh. Fresh bullet wound.

What are you doing here?

I’ve been waiting for you to come back.

Where have you been?

Black mask’s wine cellar.

It’s, um… it’s a long story.

I got to go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.

Hey, hey.

I’ve been down here for two days

waiting for you to show up.

What’s going on?

Trust me.

You don’t want to deal with this.

Would I be here if that were true?


You can talk to me.

Kate’s alive.


Want to tell me what you took besides snakebite?

Nothing. I swear to god.

Then I should just be seeing the psilocybin from the mushrooms

and the diethylamide from the fear toxin,

but your readings look like a Latin midterm from hell.

Mephedrone causes panic attacks, mood swings,

and violent episodes,

and your glucose levels are weirdly high,

which could explain the insatiable hunger sort of.

Why do I want to eat people?

I am still working on that.

How did this happen?

Were you bitten or something?

No, no. I took some weird new version of snakebite.

How’d you know about this place?

She helped my friend from the gym

with a heroin O.D.

What do you mean by new version of snakebite?

It was blue.

They’re usually red and yellow.

It looked off. I don’t know.

I didn’t really care.

Just wanted to get my fix.

I just wanted to see her.


My wife,

the love of my life.

She died in a car crash

before we really even got a chance to know each other,

and the snakebite changed that.

It lets me sit down with her

and, you know, have those meaningful conversations.

Gave me a do-over.

I think it’s important so see people of color,

especially black people, in law enforcement.

I know it’s a flawed system,

but I also know I can make it better.


Because I grew up in a community policed

by people who didn’t look like me,

and now I have the power to change that.

I want to show little black girls

that they can go to top-tier schools

and stand up to bullies and be trusted

to make life-and-death decisions.

And I admire that. I really do,

but, Sophie, the crows are just the wall

between the 1% and reality.

I risk my life every day

face exposed to the world

to protect this city. You know that.

So do not sit there and tell me that’s not brave.

Heh. You can choose when to be Ryan

and when to be batwoman.

I don’t have that option.

I am Sophie Moore in that uniform,

and I am Sophie Moore out of it

for better or for worse.

I can’t just turn it off.

Look, Ryan.

We get it.

You know, life hasn’t been easy for you.

But none of ours has.

I’m sorry I got heated.

We’re all heated, girl,

but that’s how we burn it down.

Officer: All right. Come on. Let’s go.

Man: Come on. If I was gonna a steal a car,

would it really be a station wagon?

Let’s go.

Grand Theft Auto. You?

Literally nothing.

Cops, man. Always trying to hold us down.


Those deprived of our justice

and freedom.

Power to the people.

Ryan: Oh, god.

Sophie: Oh, my god.

At least we’re safer in here than we are out there, right?

Why? What’s happening?

You haven’t heard?

Gotham’s been taken over by zombies.

[Woman screaming]

[Attackers growling and snarling]



4612 to base.

We have a major problem down here.

Man, on radio: We have a 10-33 out to batwoman.

Man, on radio: All available officers respond

to an incident downtown.


Officer: Freaking things are everywhere.

Where the hell’s batwoman?

We need to get out of here.

Officer: Wilder, fox, Moore, clear out.

Ryan: Wait, Imani. You did this?

Imani: A civil rights attorney is in the lobby

handing out 3 counts of unlawful arrest,

racial discrimination, and assault.

Man: That’s right. Stick it to the man!

Thank you. Seriously.

It shouldn’t have happened in the first place,

but on the plus side,

my night just opened up. Yours?

Luke: Ryan.

There’s this thing I have to do.

Sounds important.

I’m sorry, Imani.

It’s cool.

I’ll see you when I see you.

Still hungry.

Jacob: I need more gauze.

When’d you learn how to suture?

20 years in the military.

Bed 3 needs a transfusion.

Fridge is in the corner, alphabetical order.

[Cell phone vibrating]

So you chose the zombie apocalypse to turn off your phone?

Ryan: I’ll explain later.

I take it you’re watching the news.

More like the news is here.

My clinic is filled with people missing chunks

of their bodies.

Luke: Any idea who’s attacking them?

Users of a bad batch of snakebite.

The chemical makeup changed.

False face doesn’t know how to make it without Angelique and ocean.

New cooks must have improvised.

Well, whatever it is, it’s resulted in a mephedrone spike so intense that it’s actually changed the composition of their pupils.

Snakebite accesses the brain’s memory storage in the hippocampus.

I think this new recipe makes people crave memories, but thanks to some major synaptic misfirings, someone else’s memories.

And that’s why they’re eating brains.

I think I know how to fix this.

Sophie: Listen up. This new strain of snakebite is killing people.

Our task is to seize all paraphernalia and to subdue any users with nonlethal force

until we can figure out a treatment.

All the attacks occurred within a 4-block radius

of Gotham presbyterian.

We think the original batch targeted the addicts

squatting in that church.

Tavaroff: As in Gotham presbyterian

outside crows district?

Inside or outside crows districts,

these are innocent citizens.

Kane issue this order?

The commander isn’t answering his phone at the moment.

So he probably doesn’t know that you were just arrested?

Shouldn’t you at least take the day off

just to wash away the jailhouse stench first, Moore?

[Officers laughing]

That’s acting commander, as in your boss.

Want to test the limits of what that means, Tavaroff?

All right. Let’s kick some zombie ass, boys.

Luke: According to Mary, a controlled dose of clonazepam

will sedate brain activity,

which will neutralize the effects of the mephedrone

and force the bad snakebite out of their systems.

Ok. So how do we dose that many people all at once?

At once?

Please tell me that’s a gas gun.

Uh… not exactly.

You have to inject each person one at a time.

But that means…

You’re about to get

up close and personal to some truly nasty cannibals.

[Enigma grunting]

I thought you came back to kill her.

What, now you’re her lackey?


Something like that.

I take it you found something of Kate’s

that I can use to unlock her.

Quite literally.

The keys to her motorcycle.

You see…

I was the first to walk, talk, wear a training bra,

but when it came to riding bikes,

my dear sister was finally first.

Kate loved her stupid bike,

and these were the keys to her one as an adult,

a red triumph.

And what core feeling will

her motorcycle keys provoke?


Kate rode her motorcycle to be free,

free from the burden of protecting this city,

free from my father’s overbearing grip,

free from the burden of having to save her…

Irredeemable sister.

It’s promising.


My clients come to me,

hoping I can reverse their loved ones’

dementia, Alzheimer’s.

I warn them that with restored memory

comes a flood of remembered pain,

sorrow, and hatred.

My smartest clients eventually realize

that their loved ones’ lost memories

were possibly the best thing that could have happened

to the both of them.

Do you understand that, Alice?

You won’t be getting back the sister you want.

You’ll be getting back the girl smart enough

to lock up a psychopath in arkham.

Answer the question!

Will it work?


Between the keys and Kate’s trigger word,

I’m optimistic.

I’m sorry. What trigger word?

This item will help her to remember

who she is at heart,

but unlocking her brain is like decrypting a computer.

You need a password.

What is it?

No! No! No.

[Man groaning]

[Attacker growling]

[Grappling line fires]




[Attackers growling]


Ok, everyone. Keep your chill.

I’m here to try to get you help.

Seriously, guys, I am not here to kick

your ass… Booty, but I will if I have to.



[All grunting]

Luke: Batcave to batwoman. Status check.

All good.



Tavaroff, why do I hear gunfire?

Tavaroff, do you copy? Hold fire.

Sorry, commander. They were a lost cause.

Let’s find whatever snakebite they left.

Let’s wrap this up.

Mary: Thank you for this.

I don’t know what I would have done without you.

Don’t thank me.

None of these people would be alive right now

if it weren’t for you and this clinic.

You wanted to see Kate and Beth again, didn’t you?

That’s why you kept using.

The snakebite let you redo all of the mistakes you made with them

and gave you a do-over.


Yeah. You’re right.

I wanted to see Kate and Beth again.

What do you want me to say, dad?

Do you want me to feel sorry for you?

You don’t think that I wanted a do-over?

I lost all the same people that you did.

I feel the same pain that you do every day,

every night

because I lost everything, too,

except I’m not trying to escape it.

I’m trying to learn how to live with it

because apparently I was dumb enough

to think that you would do the same thing for me.

You want so badly to live

in this fantasy with the two daughters

that you lost that you can’t see

that you are losing the one daughter you have left.

[Richard moaning]

Oh, my god.

Ohh, ahh.

Get the hell away from us!

Go on! Get the hell away!

Richard: Hey, hey. Hey. You got any food?

You got any food? I’m so hungry.

Hey. Somebody give me some food, huh?



10-33 to Medina. I got one in the alley.

Medina: Copy. En route.

Hands in the air.


You’re gonna be ok, buddy.


Easy. We’re gonna get you some help.


Should have stopped me when you had the chance.


Ohh! Ohh! Agh!

That was way too close.

Thank god you were here.

You’re lucky. Almost didn’t make it.

[Onlookers cheering]

Ryan: “The gcpd reportedly located

“a false face hideout storing

“what they believe is the last bad snakebite batch.

“Authorities say there were 22 victims in total

“and thank the quick action by the crows

for keeping the death toll from being even higher.”

Who wants shots?

Can we have shots, please?

Thank you. Yeah. I’ll take all these.


Actually, um, I’m gonna need all of these

after the day I’ve had.

I’m out.

Yeah. I should call Imani anyway.

I mean I’m leaving the crows.

I didn’t listen when my sister warned me about them.

I didn’t listen when you two warned me about them,

and what kills me is I didn’t even listen

when my own gut warned me about them.

Hate, ignorance, apathy…

It’s bigger than me.

They don’t deserve you.

Besides, we need you with the good guys.

To different minds…

But the same heart.

Come on. Come on.


What did you do?

The thing I knew you couldn’t.

So you picked now to get your revenge

on her for screwing with our heads?

This has nothing to do with that.

Then why kill the only person

who can help me get Kate back?

Because I don’t want you to get Kate back.

I don’t expect you to get it.

Oh, I get it.

You’re jealous because you think

if I get Kate back I won’t want you.

I… love you.


You said it yourself.

You sat in a cell for 11 years

waiting for your sister to find you.

Did she?

Am I the only one who finds it ironic

that freedom is Kate’s emotional touchstone?

How nice must that be.

Tell me something, Alice.

After you escaped and you finally came face to face

11 years later, did she even recognize you?

Did Kate recognize you the way you recognized her

through the burns, the new voice,

the different personality?



And Kate tried,

but you were too hard to fix, Alice,

and when she had to choose between her city and you,

what did she choose, huh?

You’ve made your point.

She chose a bunch of strangers

over her own twin.

She locked you in another cell.

She gave up on you.

That’s not love, Alice.

That’s apathy.

Kate is toxic,

and you’re better off thinking she’s dead.

[Door shuts]

Ryan: The way you marched into that station was epic.

Everyone was shook.

So why are you treating me

to these watered-down drinks?

Oh, my bad.

Ha ha ha!

Here. I know the owner.

Hmm. My mama would have liked you.

I would have liked her, too.

After all, I’m sure you got all of that from her.

All of what?

Grit… integrity… Honesty.

Not entirely honest.

Not with you.

Truth is…

I haven’t been sharing all of me with you.

Yeah. I can take a hint.

I was actually surprised when I saw

your name pop up on my phone.


So what are you,

CIA or something?

It’s complicated.

Needless to say, I’ve been giving you.

The watered-down version of me, too.

You deserve way better, and I am sorry

I can’t give that to you right now.

Well, for the record, I’d rather you be CIA

than… dating around 15 other ladies.

Neither are correct,

but feel free to keep guessing.


Mary: Hey.

Luke: Hey.

Just checking in to see if you needed an extra hand.

Ha ha! Hilarious. Where are you?

I need a drink, and Ryan’s out

breaking Imani’s heart.

I’m headed to my uber. Uh, do you want to meet up somewhere, or…


No way.


He really is a car thief.


Oh. Eli I think is name was.

We met in the holding cell, and he is

full on jacking a car right now.

Get out of there and call 911.

Nah. I got this. I’ll call you back.


Yo, Eli.

How do you know my name?

Dude from jail.

“Power to the people.”

Right. Get lost. Don’t need heat.

Look. I’m not letting you do this.

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey. Eli, knock it off.

Hey, Eli. Stop.

Do yourself a favor.

Don’t make me your problem.

[Siren, tires squealing]

[Car alarm blaring]

What the hell’s going on?

Luke: Ok. Look…

Eli: Sir, this man is trying

to steal a car.


And now he’s attacking me.

Whoa, whoa! No!

Ok. This guy is a known car thief.

His name is e… Eli something,

and I’m trying to stop him.

You know what? I have photographic evidence.


[Gun shot]

[Slowed down gunshots]

Man: Greg, move your head!


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