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NIKKI GLASER: PERFECT (2016) – Full Transcript

Nikki Glaser brings her sharp wit to her first hour-long special, "Perfect." Glaser contemplates what it means to become an adult woman, and talks frankly about her relationships with porn and sexual shame.


Nationalism does nothing but teach you to hate people you’ve never met. All of a sudden you take pride in accomplishments you had no part in whatsoever.

BARRY LYNDON – di Enrico Ghezzi [Il Castoro Cinema]

Barry Lyndon non ha bisogno di chiamarsi Settecento. Se il titolo in Bertolucci indica l’intenzione astratta di definire storicamente quello che – dalla schematica situazione iniziale – si è riproposto come un film dai personaggi classici e «umani»; un film in cui della grandezza e casualità della Storia c’è solo la fluvialità del tempo e l’ampiezza della produzione (la storia economica del film), in Kubrick il nome – come si accennava – deve definire lo sparuto soggetto che è protagonista.

THE PLUCK OF ‘BARRY LYNDON’ – Review by Jonathan Rosenbaum

So Barry Lyndon is a failure. So what? How many “successes” have you seen lately that are half as interesting or accomplished, that are worth even ten minutes of thought after leaving them? By my own rough count, a smug little piece of engineering like A Clockwork Orange was worth about five. I’m reminded of what Jonas Mekas wrote about Zazie several years ago: “The fact that the film is a failure means nothing. Didn’t God create a failure, too?”



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