Star Wars: The Bad Batch – S03E14 – Flash Strike | Transcript

Odds are against the Batch as they operate behind enemy lines.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch - S03E14 - Flash Strike

Star Wars: The Bad Batch
Season 3 – Episode 14
Original air date: April 24, 2024

Plot: Hemlock is alerted that the Bad Batch infiltrated the relay station and sends fighters to intercept the incoming vessel. Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, and Rampart are forced to crash near Tantiss base and continue on foot, hunted by Stormtrooper patrols. With the base on high alert, Omega takes advantage of the distraction to scout her planned escape route and finds the Zillo Beast in an underground enclosure. In the jungle, Rampart accidentally awakens a large creature that attacks them. He is separated from the others and gets captured. Echo infiltrates the base and encounters Emerie, who tells him about the other children being held with Omega.

* * *

We’ll be exiting hyperspace soon.

The base’s scanners will detect us once we’re on approach.

Then we’ll detach from the science vessel’s hull before then and infiltrate on foot.

The jungle is deadly.

Yes, exactly. At least listen to him.

Well, how is Echo gonna get off that ship?

He’ll find a way.

[alarm beeping]

Get into position.

[console beeps]

[footsteps approaching]

[console beeps]

What’s the status of the science vessel?

[Scorch] En route, but we have a potential security breach.

Clone Force 99 infiltrated the orbital station with former Vice Admiral Rampart.

Where are they now?

[Scorch] They fled aboard a stolen shuttle when the science vessel departed.

They could be tracking it.

Dispatch fighters to monitor airspace.

[engine roaring]

[Hunter] Disengaging.


[alarm blaring]

Multiple fighters inbound.

[engines roaring]

[Crosshair] That’s not a standard formation. They’re expecting us.

[alarm beeps]

[Imperial technician] Our fighters have engaged a rogue shuttle.

Lock down the base.

Neutralize the threat, Commander.

[Scorch] Activate laser cannons.

[Hunter] Hang on!


[Bayrn coos, giggles]

What is that?

[rumbling continues]

Laser cannons.

Doctors, there is a base-wide security alert.

Follow lockdown protocols. I’ll secure the lab.

Monitor the children in my absence.

Your concern for the specimens is unwarranted.

[device beeping]

[whispering] What’s going on?

They found me.


My brothers.

[engines roaring]


[Crosshair] Deflector shields are failing.

[alarm blaring]

[alarm blaring]

[Hunter] There’s no time to land.

Wrecker, prep the rappel cables.

[Wrecker] On it.

On it? On what?

[Wrecker chuckles] You don’t wanna know.

[Hunter] Autopilot engaged.

What do you expect me to do?

[Hunter] Try not to hit anything on the way down.

Whoa! You’ve got to be kidding!

[Wrecker] Lines ready.

[Wrecker laughs]

[Crosshair, Wrecker grunting]

[Hunter] Now!

Whoa! [Grunts] Wait!

Wait! The cable is jammed!

[screams, pants]


[Imperial technician] Confirmed hit.

The shuttle was shot down and crashed in the jungle.

Have patrols search the crash site.

[Scorch] Sir, our science vessel is on final approach.

Have the entire ship searched and the crew scanned.

No one leaves that hangar without authorization.

[stormtroopers chattering]

[engines roaring]

[console beeps]


[lieutenant] Step aside. This cargo must be off-loaded at once.

[Scorch] We’re here to search this vessel and check everyone’s clearance.

That was already completed at the orbital station.

[Scorch] Hemlock’s orders.



[engines roaring]

[Wrecker groans] I don’t see ’em.

Should we break comm silence?

[Crosshair] No. We continue toward the base.

Hunter will head that way too.

[Wrecker] A-Are you sure we’re headed in the right direction?

[Crosshair] I’ve been here before.

It’s not a place you forget.

[Wrecker grunts] You broke out of here once.

At least this time you’re breaking in. [chuckles]

[Crosshair] I’d rather not do either,

but Omega didn’t leave me behind when she could have.

[sighs] I owe her.

[leaves rustling]

[footsteps approaching]

See? He found us.

[Wrecker] Did, uh, Rampart make it?

Unfortunately, yes.

[Rampart] I heard that. [Pants]

You three truly are defective clones.

If you had any common sense, you wouldn’t have come here.

You won’t get out of this alive.

[Hunter] We’ll take our chances.


[ships approaching]

[commando] We’re at the crash site. There’s no one aboard.

[Imperial technician] Commence a radial sweep of the jungle.

[footsteps approaching]


[droid] Wait. You are not authorized to be here.

This area is under my jurisdiction.

[Echo] Ah, well, I was, uh, checking the manifest.

[droid] What is going on here?


Thanks for the hand.

[droid beeps]


[data pad beeps]

[data pad beeps]

Why haven’t our vitals been taken today, and where did everyone go?

I don’t know. This is weird.

I need to scout out what’s going on.

And this is my best chance, before the others come back.

[Bayrn coos]

If something happens, and I’m not back in time, cover me.

Cover you?

What does that mean?

Keep watch.

If the droids come snooping, stall them.


You’ll think of something.

I’m counting on you.

[Bayrn cooing]

[Bayrn coos]




[gasps, pants]

[engines roaring]


[Crosshair] You fall behind, you get left behind.

You used to believe good soldiers followed orders.

[Crosshair] Depends on who’s giving them.

The Empire betrayed us both.

And you think you can fight them?

That’s not you.

You’re like me. Loyal to no one but yourself.

[Crosshair] I’ve changed.

Sure you have.

[insects chirping]

[Echo sighs]

[console beeping]




[sighs, panting]

[engine roaring]

[creatures chittering, chirping]


[chittering, chirping continues]

[Wrecker] So, do we, uh, go around?

[Crosshair] No. It’ll take too long.


[Crosshair] Especially with dead weight slowing us down.

By all means, take your time.

[Hunter] Ground troopers

are already scouring the area.

Climbing is our best option.

It’s not like we’re being hunted down.

[Wrecker] I… [groans]


I knew you were gonna say that.

[creature growling]


[Hunter] Slowly step away.

[growling continues]

[pants, whimpers]


Shoot it. Now!

[Hunter] No. Blaster fire will give away our position.

Our position won’t matter if that eats us.


[Rampart whimpers, panting]


[growls, roars]





[Wrecker] Yeah! [Chuckles]


[Wrecker grunts]

[growls, roars]

[Hunter] Wrecker, look out!




[Crosshair] Come on.

[Wrecker groaning]



[whimpers, pants]

[stormtrooper 1] Did you hear that?

There they are!

[creature roars]

[stormtrooper 2 exclaiming]


[stormtroopers grunt, scream]

[Crosshair] Where’s Rampart?


[grunts, groans]

[coughs, pants]


How much longer will Omega be?

[Bayrn coos]

Do you think something went wrong?

I-I don’t know.

[door opens]

[droid] Report to your rooms for examination.

[data pad beeps]

Doctor, um, I’m… I’m still hungry.

[Scalder sighs]

It will pass.

[grunting, pants]



[Zillo Beast roaring]

[Zillo Beast whimpers]


Dr. Scalder, I don’t feel very good.

[sighs] Run a diagnostic on SP-54.

[droid] Affirmative.

[scanner humming]

[humming continues]

[grunts, pants]

Your vitals are normal. You appear to be fine.

From now on, monitor her more closely.

[droid] Acknowledged.


[Jax] Can I go next?

Wait your turn, SP-32.


[console beeping]

[alarm beeping]

[console beeping]

Troopers are not allowed in here.

[Echo] It’s, uh, a special security patrol.

Uh, i-it’s all clear.


That’s your name, isn’t it?

Omega talked about you all.

I’m Emerie.

[Echo sighs]

Omega told us about you too.

She said her squad would eventually come for her.

[Echo] Not just her.

We’re here for all the prisoners you’ve been experimenting on.

I… I was doing my job.

[Echo] Yeah, I’ve heard that before.

You’re a clone.

How can you be part of this?

Omega saw something in you.

I want to believe that she was right.

Tell me where she is.

She’s in the vault,

but you won’t get anywhere near there without my assistance.

If we’re gonna free those children, you’re going to have to trust me.

Wait, w-what children?

Omega is not the only child confined inside this base.

[Bayrn coos]

[device beeps]

[sighs] That was too close.

What took so long?

I found something big.

I have a plan, and I’m gonna need your help.


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