Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part Two (2024) | Transcript

The Anti-Monitor (the Monitor's evil counterpart) is released into the DC Multiverse and begins to destroy the different Earths that compose it. The Monitor attempts to recruit heroes from across the Multiverse to fight back.
Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths - Part Two

Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part Two (2024)
Genre: Animation, Science Fiction, Action
Director: Jeff Wamester
Stars: Jensen Ackles, Darren Criss, Meg Donnelly, Stana Katic, Jonathan Adams

Synopsis: An endless army of shadow demons bent on the destruction of all reality swarms over our world and all parallel Earths. The only thing opposing them is the mightiest team of metahumans ever assembled. But not even the combined power of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and all their fellow superheroes can slow down the onslaught of this invincible horde. What mysterious force is driving them? And how do the long-buried secrets of the Monitor and Supergirl threaten to crush our last defense?

* * *

[man laughing hysterically]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[hysterical laughter continues]

[chuckling maniacally]

[projectile weapon whooshes]

[man grunts]

[chuckles weakly]


Jim. Hold on.

[Gordon coughing]

[coughing, laughing]

[Batman] I have an antitoxin.

[Gordon wheezing]

[exhales slowly, stops breathing]

Damn that bastard.


You were a a diversion.




[device chirps]

[device beeping]

[beeping speeds up]

Ugh. Missed. [Inhales sharply]

Ooh, I know what you’re thinking, Batsy.

What a waste.

Uh, ‘fraid not.

Evidently, there’s plenty more Commissioner Gordons where that came from.




Do be a dear and take care of this noise.

I can’t hear myself think.




[grappling hook whooshing]


Huh? [Groans]


[gasps softly]



[Batman grunts]


Bats, I think you know Solomon Grundy.

This is Killer Crock. Have you met him?


So many Earths.

How does one even keep track? [Cackles]


[electronic beeping]

[The Joker vocalizing]


[Grundy grunts]

Quiet, please. Aiming here.

[chuckling maniacally]

[Grundy groaning]

[Killer Croc hissing]

[Batman grunts]

[batarang beeping]


[Killer Croc cries out]

Oh, for crying out loud.

Don’t make me come over there.

[both growling]

[Batman] Shoot that tower, Joker,

and the whole planet dies.

You see, that’s what everybody says.

But how am I supposed to know that’s true unless I pull the trigger?

[chuckles maniacally]


[electronic beeping]



[device winding]


[projectile weapon whirring]



[beeping speeds up]



[Grundy grunts]

[groans softly]


[gun cocks]

[chuckles maliciously]

[Grundy grunts]



[grappling gun fires]





[rope whirring]

I told you to stay out of this.

The hilt would have hit his head.

[Grundy grunting]

[rope whirring]

[The Joker grunts]

We’re not killers.

You trained us well. We know what we’re doing.

I didn’t train you.



You needed help.

[The Joker groaning]

When the Justice Society was assigned to search for The Flash…

I’m the one who gave them the assignment.

A wild goose chase.

The Flash is dead.

He’s missing.

There were no witnesses. No body.

The last thing I needed were a bunch of dilettantes and senior citizens getting in my way.

This isn’t even your Earth.

It’s the Earth whose tower is in the middle of Gotham.

That makes it my world.

And I work alone.

Who died and made you king?

Everyone on Earth-3.


[Psycho Pirate] Well, this is getting awkward.

I’ve seen my share of doctors in my day, but I’ve never had one give me the silent treatment.

Perhaps this is a new technique, a subtle attempt to draw me out.

Get me talking. Is that the idea?


I know all about this process.


It all started 25 years ago in the English countryside.

I was a perfectly ordinary boy named Charles Halstead.

Well, nearly ordinary.

I was very solitary. Loved books.

Treasure Island, Blackbeard. “Avast ye, matey,” that sort of thing.

Hated other children.

[Charles play-fighting]

[Psycho Pirate] Gave me a thumping headache.

Honestly, adults, too.

[man] Take him inside!

[Psycho Pirate] I’m not a mind reader.

[man yelling]

[Psycho Pirate] More like an emotion reader.

A hyper empath.

I feel what you’re feeling.

[yelling indistinctly]

[Psycho Pirate] It’s horrible.

[woman arguing]

[Psycho Pirate] The more people,

the more emotions, more pain.

[Charles groans]

[Psycho Pirate] My mind seemed to amplify

whatever emotions came my way

before sending them back out.

[woman grunts]

[Psycho Pirate] A kind of feedback loop would emerge.


[Psycho Pirate] My parents harbored no more hatred for one another

than any other married couple.

[both arguing loudly]

[Charles groaning]

[Psycho Pirate] Until I drew it out of them.

[Charles groaning]

[Psycho Pirate] I’m sure most children

seeing their parents trying to murder one another

would have felt just the way I did.

Like it was the end of the world.


[shield buzzing]


[Monitor] Satellite.

[Satellite] A small piece of debris from Krypton, Monitor.

It is so small I hardly noticed it.

There is no damage to the shield.

[woman grunts]



Debris, apparently containing

an adolescent Kryptonian female, presently suffocating.

[Kara panting]

[electronic beeping]



Satellite, I find the death of this creature


[Satellite] Ten billion Kryptonians are dead or soon will be.

You have witnessed untold galactic extinctions.

Why does this disturb you, Monitor?

I prefer my task of chronicling all phenomena

from a distance.

Please remove it.

[energy warbling]

[electronic beeping]

What have you done?

[loud crash]

[breathing heavily]

[Satellite] Bringing it aboard was the only way

to ensure it wouldn’t block your view.

[girl sighs in relief]

[Satellite] Rest assured,

she will soon expire from her radiation exposure.

It cannot die on the Satellite.

That would be intolerable.

You know what must be done.

[Psycho Pirate] My parents didn’t quite manage to kill one another,

but they’d had enough of me.

Their solution was typically British.

Boarding school,

in Bavaria, no less.

No sense taking any chances.

[Charles grunting]

[boys laughing]

[Psycho Pirate] As you can imagine,

the effortless viciousness of 100 adolescent boys

greatly acerbated my condition.

[Charles grunts]

[Psycho Pirate] Things were often strained.

My classmates took notice of me to such a degree

that they gave me a nickname,

perhaps because I wouldn’t give them

the satisfaction of hearing me scream.

[boys laughing]

[Charles grunting]

[Charles breathing heavily]

[boys chuckling]

[groaning softly]

[Satellite] You must eat something.

This nutrient is an exact replica

of a popular dish on your home world.

[Monitor] What’s wrong with it?

[Satellite] On top of the radiation poisoning

and near-death experience,

she has witnessed the annihilation of her species,

and lost everyone she has ever known.

She also has a cranial contusion

from her impact with the pod door.

Perhaps if you ate with her, it would stir a sense memory.

Or, if you prefer, we could just eject her out an airlock.

I have not absorbed energy in this manner in 100 million years.

[Satellite] Would you like a napkin, sir?

[spoon clinks]


[continues slurping]

[boy yells]

[Charles groans]

[all laughing]

[Psycho Pirate] The inexorable abuse

did procure an unintended boon for me.

[Charles groaning]

[Psycho Pirate] I began learning how to

control my power.

[boys laughing]

[Psycho Pirate] Needs must when the devil drives.

I discovered most human action is dictated by emotion.

Not reason, not altruism,

not even self-preservation.

A vain, transitory feeling

overrides them all.


Little by little, I took over the entire school,

bending it to my whims.

I learned, the painful cacophony

of so many people’s conflicting emotions can be alleviated

by everyone feeling the same emotion.

[clothes rustling]


[all laughing]

[stick whipping]

[Supergirl] Where am I?

[Monitor] You are on a Monitor Satellite,

a quasi-sentient craft

existing outside…


[Monitor] …normal times pace,

designed to facilitate observation and documentation

of celestial events.

[Supergirl] What are you?

I am the Monitor assigned to this craft.

[Supergirl] Who am I?

You’re Kara Zor-El of the planet Krypton.

That’s my home?

[Monitor] Yes.

Can I go home now?

Not right now, Kara.

I need your help here on the Satellite.

But can I go home later?

Perhaps, child

when our job here is finished.

[engines warbling]

[Supergirl] Who are you?

[Monitor] I am Mar Novu. I am a Monitor.

[electronic beeping]

A race of beings ancient beyond your comprehension.

We observe and record all events in this universe

and those surrounding it.

We bear witness but are forsworn never to interfere.

[Supergirl] Why?

[Monitor] Because…


We are Monitors.

Isn’t my desire the timeless humanitarian dream, Doctor?

Unity and equality.

All people feel what I feel, all the time.


Well, by that time, the Third Reich had risen to power,

even in our tiny village,

So, when no word had come from the school for some time,

the police were sent to investigate.

They were not adequately prepared.

[ominous music playing]

[soft creaking]

[Supergirl] Monitor, are you in here?


[Satellite] He is not here, Kara.

And neither should you be.

What is this place, Satellite?

The hangar deck. There is really nothing in here to interest you.

I’m sure it is time to continue your lessons, Kara.

Your understanding of the structure of the Multiverse

is quite lacking.

I… I know this object.

[Satellite] Kara, please come away.

And it seems to know me.

This brought me here.

From… Krypton.

[electrical pulsing]


Oh, it’s beautiful.

I remember my mother, my father.

I wanna go there. Now.

Take me back to Krypton.

[automated voice] Unable to comply.

Krypton is no longer a viable destination.

[Psycho Pirate] I like Nazis.

They’re already so brainwashed,

it’s child’s play for me to control them.

I barely had to.

Hate and fear are easy.

But affection, admiration,

those are more difficult.

I must say it took some effort to manipulate the Kriegsmarine

to offer me a commission as captain of a merchant raider.

These were German ships,

disguised to look like freighters and fly neutral colors.

We’d signal “Mayday” to Allied ships,

and when their would-be rescuers got close enough…

[speaking German]

[Psycho Pirate in singsong] Surprise.

[in normal voice] We’d blow them to pieces,

Or if they surrendered,

we’d relieve them of their cargo,

then blow them to pieces.

I’d amuse my crew by having the enemy cheer happily for us

as they sunk into the Atlantic.

[man 1] Long live the Third Reich.

[man 2] Victory to Germany.

[Psycho Pirate] At last, I was the pirate

I’d always wanted to be as a child.

[thunder rumbling]

It was too good to last.

[thunder rumbling]

[hull creaking]

[metal clangs]

[hull whines]

[waves splashing]

[Psycho Pirate] It was the end. Nothing could save me.

Frankly, I was enjoying the silence,

but I reached out with my mind one last time.

[energy warbling]

Just in case.

[water splashing]

[water bubbling]

[Psycho Pirate] That was one of the few times in my life

when I was actually surprised.

Honestly, it was much harder with him than the others.

The Sea King’s mental defenses are stronger than you’d think,

for a man with gills.


[weapon cocking]

[soldier grunts]

[helmet shatters]

[weapons powering up]

[soldiers grunting]

[energy warbling]

[weapon fires]


[Psycho Pirate] But inevitably


everyone is a disappointment.


[energy warbling]

You are late for nutrition,

and you completely forgot your Chronal Displacement Physics class.

You must learn self-discipline if you are to…

[yells] You lied!

[objects clatter]

I remember everything.

You could have stopped it, or at least saved millions.

But you did nothing!

Non-interference has been sacrosanct to my race

since before your sun existed.

You said you’d bring me home.

I have no home. You just kept me here like a zoo specimen.

We made a home for you.

A cage!

“Come see the last living Kryptonian.”


You are not the last Kryptonian in this reality.

There is another.

On this world of savage primitives.

[electronic beeping]

They are like you, only superficially.

I don’t know how your kinsman bears it.


[electronic whirring]

Kal-El is your cousin.

Kal-El is alive?

And you kept me here for…

I don’t even know! How long have I been a prisoner here?

The Satellite exists in many universes simultaneously.

Time as you know it has no meaning here,

and you are not a prisoner.

I’m through waiting and watching

and doing nothing.

I’m the opposite of you, and I’m going to do something.

It is forbidden to interfere.

Just watch me.

[Psycho Pirate] From there, it was a simple thing

to create an alliance between Atlantis and the Third Reich.

But I must be boring you to tears, Doctor.

Forgive me.

After all,

it was you who invited me here.

You have something for me.

That’s what they tell me, at any rate. So, please…

Speak up.

Not in the mood to talk?

Well, you soon will be.

[energy warbling]

[energy warbling]

Clearly your mind is too far gone for me to reach you.

There’s nothing left.

[Doctor Fate] Did you say something?

Oh, it’s you.

Sorry. I was worlds away.

[energy warbling]

That won’t work.

There are too many of me.

Here, there,

and, oh, so many other realities.


People think I’m mad.

In reality, I show extraordinary focus.


[metal clangs]



Come now, Charles.

[chanting in Latin]


[Doctor Fate in English] Is that any way for the mighty Psycho Pirate to behave?

Especially since I’m about to give you a gift.

The ability to travel between realities.

[energy warbling]

Come closer.

[Psycho Pirate groans]

[dramatic music playing]

[breathing heavily] Stay back.

I don’t want it. I don’t want it.

[Doctor Fate] You shall have it all the same.

[Psycho Pirate groaning]

You have a role to play in the Crisis to come.



[fire crackling]

Guard. Guard!

Open this door!

Get me out of here now!

[electronic beeping]

[Monitor] Another universe lost.

The Antimatter wave shows no sign of weakening or slowing.

In fact, as it jumps between realities,

its power increases by…


Is the destruction of all universes boring you?

Checking in on Kara again?

[Satellite] She is a remarkable being, Monitor.

And we are tasked to observe.

All significant events, Satellite.

[Satellite] This is significant.

She fights against Brainiac’s attempt to remake this universe.

[Monitor] Brainiac possesses the Miracle Machine.

And employs the Dark Circle.

Her task is hopeless.

[Satellite] And yet, she fights on.

Despite the impossible odds.


Yes, she does.

It is almost


[Satellite] It seems Kara has beaten the odds.


[birds singing]

[Satellite] Kara.

Satellite? What are you…

[Satellite] I’m sorry, Kara.

[Supergirl] You!

[Monitor] Kara, this display is beneath you.

You know Monitor shields are impervious to any attack.

Then I’ll just have to tear the ship apart with my bare hands.

[Satellite] Please don’t.

I almost convinced myself this was all a bad dream.

But here you are,

snatching me away from my new world right in the middle of…

You returned to this world’s 21st century

to search for your missing loved one, Kal-EL,

and the human known as Batman.

What do you know about this? Did you abduct them too?

[Satellite] We have taken no one,

but Monitor knows where they are.

Kara, your friends

and all life-forms are in mortal peril beyond imagining.

But perhaps there is something we can do.

[electronic beeping]

And your people, the Monitors, they can’t stop it?

They will not.

They simply watch

as the Antimatter wave obliterates all existence,

even their own.

Do you think this plan of yours has a chance of succeeding?

Logically? No.

But you have proven to me that only by taking action

can one transform doom into salvation.

Are you ready?

Giving me a portion of your life-force energy.

You sure this is necessary?

Since meeting you, I have learned to be certain of nothing.

I do know

this is dangerous.

Then hit it.

[device powering up]

[warbling increases]


[fire crackling]

[groaning softly]

[distant explosions]

[breathing shakily]


[chanting spell in Latin]

[indistinct voices whispering]

[crowd clamoring]

[helicopter hovering]

[crowd clamoring]


[glass shatters]

[crowd booing]

Well that, I suppose, is that.

[energy warbling]

[gun cocks]

Charles Halstead, originally of Earth-2, you are needed.

Am I? I see. And who might you be?

I am a Harbinger of the destruction of your world.

I have been sent to gather the Earth’s greatest champions.

[Charles] I think you’ve come to the wrong place.

I know of your ability to move between realities.

You’ve traveled to many Earths trying to remake them in your image,

but you always fail.

[Charles] Well…

Try, try again.

[chanting spell in Latin]

The neighboring universe has been obliterated.

Soon all realities will end,

and you will have nothing to rule over.

The Monitor can help.

[glass shatters]

[Charles gasps]

You begin to intrigue me. Who is this Monitor?

He is the only entity in the known universe

with the knowledge and desire to save all realities.

Is he indeed?

I hope so.

For all our sakes.

[crowd chanting in Spanish]

[Mr. Terrific] Earth-21, all clear.

[Superman] Earth-18, all…

Wait a minute.

I’ve got contact.

[Mr. Terrific] Can you confirm, Earth-18?

It’s on the very edge of my vision, but…

[electronic beeping]

Yes, confirmed. Buckle up, everybody.

[Mr. Terrific] Monitor Satellite to all Earths.

Condition red. Antimatter wave sighted in Earth-18 universe.

Power up all towers,

begin planetary phasing.

[tower powering up]

Good work, Clark.

Now get out of there.

The old Kryptonian vision ain’t what it used to be.

[Wonder Woman] It still gets the job done, my love.

Now, please, fall back to Earth-18.

[Doctor Light] Tower zero at maximum power.

All tower receivers operational, Mr. Terrific.

[Mr. Terrific] Thank you, Dr. Hoshi.

And it’s just Michael.

[alarm beeping]

Wave accelerating. Brace for impact, Tower 4.

All other towers, increase power.

[electronic beeping]

Once Earth-18 phases, it’s coming for you next.

God, help us all.


[rumbling intensifies]

[powering up]

[energy warbling]

[electronic chiming]

[powering up]


[energy buzzing]

Satellite, this is Earth-17.

Our tower is overheating again. I could use some backup.

Understood, Superman. Dispatching now.

You’re needed.



Please step into the trans-mat chamber.

[electronic beep]

[energy warbling]


[electricity buzzing]

[electronic beeping]

[energy warbling]

Kara! Little help here?

[wind whooshing]

[electricity buzzing]

Okay, Kara. Hit it.

[electronic beeping]

[tower powering up]

[rumbling intensifies]

[riders approaching]

[Atomic Knight] Thanks, Superman.

We really don’t have the infrastructure

to take care of something like this.

Hey, you guys do a great job considering your situation here.

[Atomic Knight] I’d better help them replace those coolant conduits

before the next one hits.


Cheer up. We did it. Everyone made it.

[sarcastically] Hooray.

We saved radioactive cinder Earth.

At least until the next Antimatter wave, anyway.

Live it up, Atomic Knights.

Hey, I get that this isn’t easy for you.

Brainy is dead.

Dawnstar dissolved in my arms.

You don’t even remember Krypton.

I lost my whole world.

And now I get a new home.

Gone! No. Worse. They never existed.

They never will exist.

[energy whooshes, warbles]

I see you were successful.

Prepare for trans-mat back to the Satellite for redeployment.

He just watched, you know?

My adopted father just stood there and watched Krypton explode.

He saved you.

I was blocking his view.

[energy warbles]

[waves splashing]

[energy warbles]

No. No, no, no, not here.

Kamandi to Satellite.

There’s been a mistake. You sent me back to my Earth. I told you.

[Superman] I’m sorry, Kamandi.

I know you hate it there, but there are some relays on that tower

that need to be replaced,

and you’re the only one who knows about post-Great Disaster Earth.

You don’t know what it’s like here.

I’m alone. The last boy on Earth. The last human.

Not this time, son.

We’ve sent a specialist who can help you.

Superman out.

I think he means me.







Easy there, young one.

[groans] I can’t die like this.

You don’t know me.

I’m Solovar of Gorilla City on Earth-1.

And I know what it means to be in the minority.


Your kind have been hunting me all my life.

Taught me to run, hide


Learn one more thing, then.

[gun cocks]

To trust.


That’s it, please! [Coughs] I’m done.

[gasping] I can’t… I can’t do any more.


[Monitor] You’re the only one who can do it.

Without you broadcasting calm and confidence,

there would be panic and chaos on all the surviving Earths.

It’s too hard.

[gasps] Warmth.

[breathing shakily] Compassion, caring.

They’re too complex, even with this amplifier.

I’m sorry.

I don’t have enough power to influence that many people.

[gasps] But…

Uh, no, no, never mind. It’s impossible.


It’s clear that you possess almost unfathomable power.

Grant me even a fraction of it,

I could help so many on all the various Earths.

But it’s impossible.

Impossible, why?

My past is an open book to you.

Trusting me would be the height of folly.

Learning to trust was the beginning of wisdom for me.

What are you doing?

[energy warbling]


[Psycho Pirate gasping]



The power.

Mar Novu… why?

I am very old, Charles.

But I am only now beginning to understand

that knowledge is nearly useless

without a degree of faith.

[computers beeping]

Okay. Let’s review what little we do know.

[sighs in exasperation]

Oh, come on.

We’ve been over this.

Ugh. [In Japanese] Right.

[in English] One, what we originally thought was a one-time threat,

an antimatter tsunami,

turned out to be an ongoing storm with multiple waves.

The waves can change in speed, intensity,

and arrive without any predictable pattern.

Exactly the way waves don’t act.

Uncharacteristic behavior leads to many uncomfortable questions.

During the Gordanian War,

Thanagarian prisoners were awoken by their captors at all hours

as a method of torture.

Torture implies a torturer.

Are you saying this isn’t a cosmic natural phenomenon,

but an attack by some sentient being?

That’s ridiculous.

[The Question] Just because an answer is ludicrous doesn’t mean it isn’t correct.

Maybe in your world, weirdo.

Who invited Conspiracy Guy here anyway?

I’m sticking my tongue out at you.

He’s weird, but often right.

[Wonder Woman] We’re wasting time.

[Doctor Light] I bet you read Ayn Rand unironically.

[Mr. Terrific] Can everybody focus here?

All your worlds are in jeopardy,

and questions are not only welcome,

but necessary to the scientific method.

The fact remains that whatever the source,

these attacks continue to come in all universes to each of the Earths.

And it’s only a matter of time before one of our towers gives out.

Eventually, they all will.

Everything ends… forever.

Since we don’t know the source, we can’t attack it.

The only other option is escape.

And there’s nowhere to go.

[Mr. Terrific] You might just have something there.

Escape to nowhere.

There’s a theoretical dimension called Netherspace.

What if we use the towers to broadcast your transmatter beam

to move all the Earths there?

A commendable idea.


the power required to move those worlds would be

nearly incalculable.

[Blue Beetle] You’re not fooling anyone.

Oh, hello.

I know exactly who you are, Doctor Spectro.

[sighs] That was a lifetime ago.

I have been known on many different worlds by many different names.

I try to match the name to the world.


A ridiculous name for your ridiculous world.

I was Rainbow Warrior on another.

Told them my real name was Roy G. Bivolo.

Like the rainbow?

Red, orange, yellow… [sighs]

Nobody gets it.

You can’t charm your way out of this, Doctor.

I’m gonna let everyone know that you’re a dangerous criminal sociopath.


You’d need a proper diagnosis from a professional for that.


[energy warbling]

[in echoing voice] You like me.

You know your powers won’t work on me, Spectro.

My will is

[weakly] too strong.

[in normal voice] My continued existence, painful as it is,

is my primary impulse.

Simply speaking,

I have no choice but to help you save the universe.


[grunting] What… what’s happening to me?

[grunting] Beetle, do something!

[energy warbling]




I always liked that guy.

[energy warbling]

[Hawkman] Satellite, this is Earth-19.

[sensors beeping]

I have a visual on the anomaly.

This is the shortest period between waves we’ve experienced.

Is this a confirmed sighting, Hawkman?

[Hawkman] No question.

In fact, the light seems to be brighter than before.

Brighter? I don’t like it.

These waves are already inconsistent.

This is Earth-1. I’ve got a sighting here.

It looks more intense somehow.

Cycle up all towers immediately.

[tower powering up]

Satellite, something’s different about this one.

[rumbling intensifies]

It’s not a wave.

Earth-2 to Satellite.

A blinding light here, but not much damage.

[electronic beeping]

Multiple alerts are calling in to report the same, Batman.

Maybe this one was just a dud.


[electronic chirping]

[ghostly breathing]



Satellite, reporting an unusual development from Earth-2.

If it’s to tell us that some kind of shadow demons

are peeling themselves off the walls,

save your breath. You’re not so special.

We’ve got about a million of them on our hands.



[Batman grunts]




[demons growling]

Great Caesar’s ghost.

I only wish it was.

Welcome to hell.

[soft growling]

[Psycho Pirate grunts]

Where am I?

[echoing voice] Nowhere.


Inside me.

Why do you help them?

[Psycho Pirate] What?


[echoing voice] The others.

Him. Especially him.

The Monitor?

[echoing voice] Yes.


[Psycho Pirate] Who are you? Do you have a name?

[echoing voice] What is a name?

It’s just a word that means you,

like Charles or the Monitor.

[echoing voice] Not like Monitor!

Nothing like him! He opposes me.

Obviously, you’re nothing like him.

You’re the opposite of him.

You’re the Anti-Monitor.

[Anti-Monitor] Yes.

Anti-Monitor. Yes.

But why do you help him?

What other choice do I have?

[Anti-Monitor] You can change the others, Charles.

Make them feel the way you feel.

It hurts when they don’t feel like you.

But you cannot change them all.


I can try.

[Anti-Monitor] There are too many… people.

What if you had your own universe?

Full of people who felt whatever you feel,

You would be…

Their king.

[Anti-Monitor] Their God.

[demons snarling]

[demon snarls]



They’re intangible.

I killed one!

[Mr. Terrific] Negative, Superman.

Our initial data indicates

these things are actually a single creature.

[Doctor Light] In other words, keep shooting.

[Monitor] It’s an intelligence,

a being attacking all reality.

All existence.


[The Question] First time you’ve been surprised in a billion years.

You should have questioned your own infallibility.

Hippolyta to Satellite. Earth-46 tower in jeopardy.

These demons are impervious to my Amazons’ attacks.

[Mr. Terrific] They are potentially vulnerable to light attacks,

Queen Hippolyta.

Don’t let them reach that tower.

I must help my sisters.

[Monitor] Diana.

Earth-46 is an Amazon-ruled Earth,

but they are not your sisters.

And that is not your mother.

Maybe not, but they’re close enough.

And they’re alive.

I plan to keep them that way.

[demon snarling]

[Batman grunts]

[demon roars]

[Earth-2 Robin] Let there be light.

And there was light.

And it was good.

[Huntress] Give ’em hell, Bat family.

Growing up, my father taught me to stick close to the shadows.

But I guess this is a little too damn close.

[demons snarling]

[demon snarls]


the light has to be significantly bright to harm them.

[demon growling]

[demon snarling]

[demon screeches]


[demons screeching]

Solovar! They’re back!

[electrical buzzing]

[gun firing]

[Solovar roaring]




[yells, grunts]

[Kamandi straining]



[demon snarls]


[Kamandi gasps]




[powering up, beeping]


[breathing heavily]

[Solovar grunts softly]


[groans softly]

[blood spurts]

Oh, no. No, no, no.

We’ll get you back up to the Satellite.

They’ll fix you right up.

Too late.

Stay alert. They’ll be back.

Stay alive, boy.

This world needs you.

[exhales, stops breathing]


[Monitor] Understood, Batman.

Relaying that information to all Earths now.

[electronic beeping]

Doctor Light, where are you going?

The answer’s in my name, Your Majesty.

[electronic chirp]


[demons snarl]


[Wonder Woman grunts]

[demon snarls]

[Wonder Woman grunts]

[demon screams]

Light. Understood. I’m on it.

I should have known.

The light of Truth shall scatter the darkness.


[demons snarling]


[demons screeching]

[Wonder Woman grunting]


[Hippolyta] You have done well.


Forgive me. Hippolyta.

You’re so much like my own adopted mother.

She died along with all the Amazons in a horrible war.

Strange then, that you didn’t die in battle alongside them.

I’m immortal. I cannot die.

[scoffs] Must be nice.

An eternity watching people die in front of me?

It isn’t a gift. It’s a curse.

Again. Forgive me.

No forgiveness is necessary.

We are grateful for your help, Wonder Woman.

An entire Earth led by Amazons.

How wonderful.

Our planet, Themesterra,

is a rare pearl.

The shadows flee at intensely bright light.

Is there sufficient electricity nearby, to…

When we threw off male oppression,

we discarded the infernal wheel of technology as well.

It did not agree with our ways.

Are all the men…

They live still. Controlled.

They serve us.

It’s better than they deserve.

[soldier] My queen,

the Swords of Hemera flash with the brightness of daylight

when used in a just cause.

Get them.

And torches, lanterns, anything that casts a light.

May the goddesses grant they may be enough.

[grunts] Sorry, I didn’t…


In a ship full of weird costumes… um…

So you’re a psychotic pirate or something?


Yes, that’s it, exactly.

I didn’t know until you said it.

When in Rome, right? I’m Charles.

Where are you rushing off to?

Well, now there’s some kind of shadow army attacking the towers.

Monitor ordered me back to Earth-1 to help hold them back.

You must be anxious to get your hands on them.

We have to keep those towers going.

We all saw what happened to your Legion friends.

These creatures are surely responsible.

I’m sure you’re feeling

a little payback is in order.

Um… I…



[Psycho Pirate] They need

to really feel it.

What do you have left except for revenge?

As Long John Silver says…

[in accent] “Thems that die

will be the lucky ones.”

[Supergirl sighs]

[exhaling deeply]

[energy pulsing]

[rumbling intensifies]

[demons snarling]

I’ve got this area covered.

You’re not the only one who can light it up, Doctor.

No, I simply do it better.

Why don’t you take your novelty jewelry

and cover the southwest corner?

Call me if you need help.

Don’t hold your breath, Doc.

I’ve been in more firefights than you’ll ever know.

[demons snarl]

About time you got down here.

Heat vision. Your brightest intensity.


Heat vision.

[demon screeching]

[Supergirl exclaims]

[Superman] Kara!

Oh, you’re gonna pay for that, ugly.


[Supergirl] Long live the Legion!

[demon growls]

[Supergirl screams]


[doors opening]

Kara? What is it? What’s wrong?

Mother? How? You’re alive?

[exclaims] I must have been dreaming.

But it was so real.

Kal-El was there and he was older, and all my friends…

And you were…


[chuckles softly] Of course, dear, because I am dead.

Everyone on Krypton is dead.


[Brainiac 5] Perhaps I can explain.

[Supergirl] Brainy! Dawnstar!

I… I don’t understand. What’s happening? Are you…

[Brainiac 5] No, we’re not dead.

Because we were never alive.

We’ve been erased from existence.

Everything we’ve ever done, or thought, or said,

is gone… forever.


[Anti-Monitor] It’s terrible, isn’t it?

He seems to enjoy the view.

[Supergirl] I know.

I know. He just came and watched.

Interesting. You think he just happened to be in the neighborhood

when your planet blew up? Huh.

What? What are you saying?

On my world, a shockingly high number of firefighters are serial arsonists.

It’s strange, isn’t it?

[Anti-Monitor] This Monitor has been present

for every major galactic tragedy in your history.

And many before that.

Interesting coincidence.


[ominous music plays]


[Psycho Pirate] It doesn’t have to be this way, Kara.

You can fight back, save them all.

Your mother, your friends.

Your cousin.

[Anti-Monitor] The universe can be remade.

It can be rectified.


[Anti-Monitor] You must strike at your enemy.

Your kidnapper.

Your monster.

You’re the only one who can do it, Kara.

You’re the only one who can save the universe.

Save us all.

[demons snarling]


[Batgirl grunts]

[electronic beeping]

[demons screaming]

[electronic beeping]

I told you to stay away.

The actual phrase you’re looking for is “Thank you.”

Well, at least we know this Bruce is just like ours.

I’m nothing like your Batman.

I don’t recruit children to fight in a war. How many died?

They knew the risks.

That Batman is a fool.

I’ll tell you what he wasn’t.


He was a great man. He gave us a purpose. You don’t know.

Leave Father alone.

Who are you to question him?

He’s not your father, you little whack job.

Take that back.

[both grunting]

You asked for this.


[Batman] Stop it!

This is no time…


Oh, big man, shoving kids around.

You made a misery out of my adolescence.

Damned if I’ll stand by and watch you do… [grunts]

[Batman] I was right

to drop your counterpart at the orphanage.


[demons snarling softly]

[Amazon soldiers yelling]

[demons screeching]

[Wonder Woman yelling]

Fire doesn’t harm these demons,

but at least it hinders their advance. [Grunts]

Your Amazons fight bravely. But where are the men?

They are sealed into their quarters, whenever we go to war.

[demons snarling]


You’re losing this battle.

The men must be released so they can fight alongside us.

You must be mad. They cannot be trusted.

[demon snarls]

[Hippolyta grunts]

[grunts] They’ll fight by your side.

You don’t know what this world was like before our revolution.

A hell for our kind.

I believe you. But you must fight together or die.

I would die gladly before even considering arming the men.



[energy buzzing intensifies]




What… what am I doing?

Light, stop!

We need to fight the shadows, not each other.

Why should I limit myself to one enemy? [Grunts]

[grunts] Okay, lady’s gone crazy.

[grunts, groans]

[man] Nice trick.

Got any more?

Hey, old timer.

This place is too dangerous for…

Wait a minute.

I know you.

You’d think those little blue blokes

would know how to make a ring that’d hold a charge better.

You said the worlds were ending. You knew.

Are you a part of this?


Not so fast, Gramps.

What… [gasps]

What the hell?

[Monitor] Charles, why are you doing this?

Broadcasting hate, fear, distrust?

I’m just giving more of what they already have.

Your actions have no logical motive.

[Psycho Pirate] When I helped you before, there was no other option.

Now I have a choice.

What other option, Charles?

There is only destruction, oblivion.

[Psycho Pirate] Wrong. There is the Anti-Monitor,


[Psycho Pirate] There is no more Charles.

Your loving daughter recognized what I am.

A psycho pirate.



[demon snarling]

Oh, no. Not now!

[energy buzzing]

[powering up]

[both grunting]

[all grunting]


[powering up]



[demon snarls]


[breathing heavily]



[demons snarl]


[grunts, breathes heavily]


[demons snarl]



[demons screeching]

[Wonder Woman grunting]

By the Goddesses! No!

[Monitor] Not now.



You believe in me at last.

As I’ve said, you are a delusion,

a manifestation of my own inability

to account for the astronomical unlikelihood

of knowable existence.

It matters little.

The Presence is pleased that you have come to experience empathy.

[Monitor] This… caring has cost me much.

Why must I suffer it?


You believe you’re paying the cost now?

Since the very dawn of time,

you have been absorbing more galactic power.

What good has my power done?

All reality is being ripped to pieces.

[The Spectre] To whom much is given,

much will be required.

You are not paying yet.

But when the time comes, you must.




[man] Come on.

Really, let me have it.

No one will miss an old pariah like me.

Show me what you got, Green Lantern.

I told you,

Green Lantern isn’t my name.

It’s my job.

My name is…


[man] That’s it.

That’s my name.

I’ve been trying to think of it for 100 years, 1,000 years.

No one has called me that in a long, long time.

It’s all coming back.

What are you?

What am I now?

I used to be one of the most powerful sorcerers on Earth.

Bloke name of John Constantine.

[mystical chiming]


Still enough juice to pull off a clean-up spell.

Cleanup spell?

You still look like hell.

Uh, nice rhyming, sunshine. Well, what do you expect?

I haven’t had a ciggie in, I reckon,

a thousand years. [Groans]

Toughest part of quitting is the first 100 years.

Don’t wanna be going through that again.

If you’re some kind of magician,

why don’t you just magic up something to stop ’em?

Hello? I just remembered my name.

My bag of tricks is not quite up to this.

Ugh, it looks like I’m elected. Again.

[all grunting]

[demons snarling]


[demons growling]

[John] In brightest day…

Oi, speed it up a bit, mate.

In blackest night,

no evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil…

They’re afraid.

Afraid of this light.

[buzzing intensifies]

Look here, I’m no expert, but I think you’re overcharging.

That’s a bad sound.

[groans] Oh, it’s gonna get a lot worse.

[buzzing intensifies]

[Constantine] You’re overloading.

[groans] Damn straight it is.


Get your bloody hand out!


Slipped into something more comfortable?

Left my power ring in there.

Had to make sure it’d blow.

It was worth it.

[demon warbling]

Good man, John.

[all grunting]

[demons snarl]

[both grunting]

[breathing heavily]


[yelling, grunting]

[demon warbling]

[both grunting]


[both yelling]


[demon snarls]

[Huntress groaning]

[gasps] Dad.

[Batman grunting]


Don’t just stand there! Help him!

[demons snarl]


[groans softly]

Huh? Where’d they go?

They’re retreating.

I don’t like the look of this.

They were about to slag the whole planet. Why break off their attack?

They’re not. They’re changing the target.

Batman to Satellite. Code Red.

Transmat me aboard immediately.

Start moving all available operatives to Earth-1 tower as quickly as possible.

It’s bad.

Bad enough.

[demons snarling]

Their numbers are growing, dammit.

More and more of them are arriving all the time.

[demon chortling, warbling]


A single creature.

That’s all it ever was.

Pieces of a whole.

Shadow demons were susceptible to light attacks.

This thing should be no different.



[Monitor] Wrong.

I was wrong about it all.

Not a phenomenon, a sentience.

Not a wave, an army.

And now, a being.

I see.

Then this is all your fault.

Yes, it is.

All living things, in all realities, are about to die.

And I killed them.

[The Spectre] A remarkable change.

Millions of years of cold observation, bottomless indifference.

And now, it’s all your fault.

I would give anything to save them.

Would you indeed?

[energy warbling]



I see, of course.

You’ve watched billions die.




It’s working. Keep it up.


It’s growing a shell.

[metallic clanging]

Worse. Armor.

It’s adapting again.




[groans softly]

[sobs] No. No.

What have I done?

[energy buzzing]

[buzzing intensifies]

[Anti-Monitor] Now die.

[instrumental music playing]


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