X-Men ’97 – S01E07 – Bright Eyes | Transcript

Cyclops focuses the X-Men on finding Bolivar Trask. However, when the team locates the Sentinel inventor, they realize that they all have been played by a mastermind.
X-Men '97 - S01E07 - Bright Eyes

Original release date: April 24, 2024

As the X-Men hold a funeral for Gambit, Rogue flies all over North America in search of Gyrich and Trask, questioning Gen. Thunderbolt Ross and Captain America of their whereabouts along the way. She finds Gyrich in Mexico and absorbs his memories. Later that night, Bastion kills Gyrich. While assisting in the recovery efforts in Genosha, the X-Men are contacted by Trask, who tells them to meet up with him in Madripoor. Upon their arrival, the team learns from Trask that Mister Sinister has been developing a highly advanced Sentinel. A vengeful Rogue drops Trask to his death before he reveals himself as a hybrid human Sentinel and attacks the X-Men. Trask takes them down one by one before he is stopped by Cable, who tells them Sinister is working for a greater threat that they must stop. Elsewhere, Bastion reveals to Sinister that Xavier’s death was a cover up for him to migrate to the Shi’ar Empire. Furthermore, it is revealed that Bastion has Magneto held captive.

* * *

[theme music playing]

[thunder rumbling]

[people sniffling]

Remy LeBeau would be the first to remind you that life, like the cards, is wild.

Yet he moved through his life as a force who believed better times lay ahead, that luck always won.

Per his kinetic gifts, Gambit had endless faith in potential.

Yet he seemed so blind to his, haunted by the life of bayou crime into which he was born.

A sinner beyond saving.

“Such were the cards,” he’d say.

I think he was bluffing.

How could Remy, so tuned to potential,

fail to see how his sins had made him into a hero?

Every gambler has a tell.

Modesty was Gambit’s.

[sobs] How could she not be here?

He saved all of us.

He saved her.

He loved her.

Grief’s a lonely war.

Rogue’s gotta figure it out on her own.

Logan, you were spared witnessing

that which Rogue and I saw in Genosha.

What she battles is not mere grief.

And our dear Jubilee is wise to be afraid.

[intense music playing]

[man over PA] This is a top secret United States facility.

You are trespassing. Cease and…

[soldier 1] Fire at the mutant!

Kill the mutant!


[soldier 1 screams]

[soldier 2] What’s going on, man?

[soldier gasps] See that?

What do we do, sir?


need I remind you that we’re standing in the same place built to hold the Hulk?

Our intruder is an unhinged mutant from the swamp.

She ain’t no…


What’s that?



Daddy always used to say breakin’ into prison

was easier than breakin’ out.

Now, I know you know why I’ve come a-knockin’.

Where are Henry Gyrich and Bolivar Trask?

Thought your kind were the good guys.

You killed those, sugar.

Now you get me.

I’m sorry, Scott.

The UN just can’t commit any more help.

You’ve gone a week now with no new survivors.

It’s time to let go, son.

Finding even one more survivor could give mutants some hope.

What about Val Cooper?

Rescuers still haven’t located her.

Look, folks are frightened.

They think Dr. Trask just kicked off

an all-out war between humans and mutants.

And if scared voters see me helping your kind…

Uh, sorry, son. Just unfortunate optics.

“Optics,” sir?

Guess if Genosha had looked more human,

you would be more focused on death tolls over polls.

Now, hold up.

I’m playing politics here

to ensure someone less kind to your cause

doesn’t end up in the office you’re so quick to disrespect.

Be patient, Scott.

Check the headlines, Mr. President.

They’re all about the virtue of patience.


We’re on our own.

Team ready to leave?

They’re processing,

but ready.

I got too comfortable.

Never again.

No one could have seen this coming.

Magneto did.

He warned us repeatedly.

And so did Madelyne.

I know what she meant to you, Scott.

To Nathan.

I know it seems strange,

but after losing Storm, the thought of having something of a sister was


None of that matters right now.

Right now, we have to be strong.

For the team.

For every mutant still out there who’s watching these images.

They need hope.

It’s what the Professor would do.

Then let’s go remind the world that times like these are when dreaming matters most.

[Hank] “Look for the helpers.”

“You will always find people who are helping.”

The ever affable Mister Rogers.

[Cyclops] Teams haven’t risked clearing the Citadel.

Too unstable.

Jean and I can handle it.

Rest of you go show humanity that the X-Men are here to stay.

Stellar work, Amelia.

Triage dies down when the dead stay dead.

When we first set up and the injured started flooding in, bad things happened. Everyone wants to be a survivor, but when you actually see one fresh off the belt, a survivor is the last thing I’d wanna be.

[Trish] Dr. McCoy.


Oh, this place…

I’m so sorry.

I’m heartened to know that it is you who will bear witness to what happened in Genosha.

The death of the dream.

Walk with me.

Would you like that?

[Hank] Please.

Stand down, Rogue.


Where’s Henry Gyrich?

He was moved out of Riker’s last week.

Genosha wasn’t just a mutant tragedy.

It shames us all.

But rampaging across the country dishonors those who were lost.

[Rogue] Skip the hogwash and tell me what America’s top cop is doin’ all the way out here.

Like you, I’m hoping to use Gyrich to get our hands on Bolivar Trask.

He built the Sentinels.

He’s the natural first suspect for that Master Mold in Genosha.

Last week, Gyrich was transferred out of US custody by some covert division in the UN.

Black book, so secret…

They love telling ya about it, huh?

No. These sorts don’t talk. Ever.

Hmm. Looks like they skipped town before you got here.

Almost like they knew someone was on the hunt for Gyrich.

[Rogue] “OZT.”

So, who’s Gyrich to these folks?

Exactly what I plan to ask him.

I was able to hack the servers here.

Gyrich was transferred to a facility in Mexico City.

Once I get the thumbs-up,

I’ll lead my team to Mexico to apprehend Gyrich.

I reckon we nab Gyrich now before our mystery boys move him again.

This uniform shows up in Mexico bashing heads in with you, it sends a message.

Damn right.

That you stand with mutants.

Unless you don’t now?

[Captain America] Gotta do this by the book, Rogue.

Right now, my hands are tied.

Well, if your hands are tied, you won’t be needin’ this.


Start bulking up, kid. War is comin’.

Think there’s really gonna be a war?

My foster parents called this morning asking the same thing.

I told them not to worry.

Hadn’t heard from them in months.

You call your mom?

I’m on a ski trip in the Alps.

Don’t look at me like that.

What if we’d been here, huh?

What if you were here?

The call she gets, not getting what the cops are saying.

Something about an attack, her son, mutants, dancing…

Stop pressuring me, Jubes.

Look what happens when we don’t hide.

When we shove it in their face.

Is it worth it, Jubilee?

I just know I wouldn’t want my parents finding out who I was on the 5:00 news.

Don’t want them burying a stranger.

Will you come with me?


The priority for the foreseeable future must be damage control.

Hell, tall order when mutants everywhere are taking to the streets.

“Riots are the language of the unheard.”

Martin Luther King.

But smashing windows is destruction, not communication.

Normal people won’t accept mutants if they feel threatened.

That fear is the whole issue.

[Hank] Perhaps the Professor’s vision for the future was too nearsighted and begging for your tolerance was our first mistake.

Oh, Hank, no, that’s not what I was saying.

But it is what you mean.

That is the issue.

As was your reporting outside my home while my friends were dying.


Now, forgive me.

I dare not waste any more of your tolerance, Ms. Tilby.

Now, this can’t be right.

This ain’t no jail.

This is a damn resort.

[♪ opera music playing]

[guns firing]

[soldier screams]

[glass breaks]

[Gyrich] I have no idea where Bolivar Trask is.

I’d wager the ops who put you up nice and fancy might know.

What’s OZT anyway?

Let’s just say you freaks

aren’t the only ones making friends in high places.

[both grunt]

Tell Summers his wife’s cute psychic probes won’t work this time.

Not against this.

Not against him.

Honey, this ain’t that sorta probe.


Quit fighting me!


[continues screaming]


[both groan]

Psychic echoes.

This much death can stain a place.

So many last thoughts, unfulfilled dreams, cycling on repeat, stuck, rotting.

So many futures lost.

So many pasts unfinished.

Lacking closure.


Like us.

[Cyclops] I’m sorry, Jean.

I told you, this isn’t your fault.

No, for…

For how complicated things got between us.

Our lives have never been simple.

[Cyclops] It feels different this time.

Different than when I died in that shuttle crash?

Or when I sacrificed myself to the sun or Dark Phoenix?

Yet you always came back.

One of us did.

[groans] Scott.


Up ahead. A telepath?


[man] This way, this way!

Jean telepathed! They found someone!

[people chattering indistinctly]


[crowd cheering]


Diamond transmutation has never been one of Emma’s abilities.

Perhaps a dormant mutation triggered by duress?

[coughs] I’ve always done well

[coughs] under pressure.

[Morph over comms] All X-Men to the Blackbird immediately.

It’s Trask.

[Bolivar] I didn’t know what he was using my DNA for.

He said nothing about Genosha.

Who didn’t?

Mister Sinister.

Sinister promised to help me get my life back.

He didn’t say it’d be a mutant massacre.

Why would we possibly believe a murdering maniac like you, Trask?

Come to the UN Peace Legion in Madripoor.

I’ll clear the building.

Note this.

The lobby vending machine is never out of diet.

Come see the horrifying face of your future.

[screen turns off]

To review, Trask created Master Mold,

i.e., all of this is literally his fault.

I.e., we can’t trust him.

[scoffs] Really is stranger days.

Buckle up, team.

We head to Madripoor.

[Ford] Your mother is taking afternoon wine in the parlor.

Nonalcoholic spritzers will be available for you and your friend.

Thanks, Jimbo.

No one raised this way is “normal.”


You got this, okay?

We go in, charm with small talk and…

Mãe, I’m a mutant.

[♪ soft music playing]

Or that.

This is such a relief.

It is?

It is?

Baby, four of our homes have caught fire mysteriously

since you turned 16.

And do you truly think your father and I

believe a band of Somali pirates hijacked your yacht in the Hamptons?

You knew?

Why didn’t you say anything?

Your father and I agreed, it was your secret to tell.

A mother knows, Roberto.

And you would be one of the X-Men, if I’m not mistaken?

They call me Jubilee, ma’am.

Thank you for helping my son.

I was afraid he’d be facing this all alone.

Now, the trick will be making sure we keep this all private.

Wait, what now?

What do you mean, keep it private?

Honey, shareholders are rattled by anything mutant-related,

especially after this awfulness in Genosha.

They can’t know we have a mutant in the family.

So, we’ll have to discuss some new rules concerning your associations

and how to be more



[Nightcrawler speaks German]


[Rogue] Oh, Kurt.

Indeed it is I, sister.

How do you feel now?

[sniffles] Well, bit of a headache, but…

[sighs] I’ll live.

[♪ melancholy music playing]

Remy’s dead,

but that don’t mean I’m ready to accept it.

We all grieve in our own way.

[scoffs] You sure pulled the short straw

in the adopted sister department, didn’t ya?

Got the gal who goes bonkers over losin’ a boy.

Over losing two.

And her confusion is only natural.

But she did not cause Gambit or Magneto to be killed.

She helped them live.

[Rogue gasps and sobs]


[♪ operatic music playing, “Lakmé, Act I: Flower Duet”]

[radio warbling]

[ ♪ rock and roll music playing, Sheb Wooley “The Purple People Eater”]

[chuckles] Bravo.

Just as you dreamt it.

[Bastion] Yet you nearly ruined my surprise.


[EKG flat lines]

[radio warbles]

[♪ operatic music resumes]

[thunder rumbling]

[Wolverine sniffing]

[Wolverine] Now we know what Trask meant by clearing the building.

Sleeping gas.

Praise be. “They’re never out of diet.”

Über-secret break room behind a busted vending machine?

Mmm. A-game, bad guy, A-game.


[Trask] August 28,

the MK-1 model is proceeding with minor adjustments

made to its AI unit.

Asimov’s law be damned, we cannot limit our scope.

The mutants must be made to heel and all…

Since when did the United Nations house classified cybernetics facilities?

[Rogue] Hey, y’all.

Same mystery getup as the fellas who were guarding Henry Gyrich.


[Wolverine] OZT?

Not ringin’ any bells from my spy days.

Maybe we ask poor man’s Oppenheimer before he…

[Bolivar] I made the Sentinels to protect normal people.

“Now I am become Death.”

We’re gonna have to save this dirt bag from himself, aren’t we?

[Rogue] Now, don’t do anythin’ silly, Doctor.

Tell us what OZT stands for.

Some group that rose from the ashes of my old Sentinel program.

While you X-Men have been holding hands with mankind,

they’ve been placing dominoes.

What about Mister Sinister?

[Bolivar] That madman is one of the most brilliant engineers in history.

He said my designs were “cute.”

He’s building a new type of Sentinel.

Worse than what we saw in Genosha.

The technology in these cases is light-years ahead of ours today.

How could he even obtain such access?

I don’t know.

But I won’t let him make me any more of a monster than he already has.


[Rogue] Easy, boy.

You want redemption?

Help us get the real bad guys.

What else can you tell us?

Anythin’ helps.

I’m sorry.

I have nothing.

Same, sugar.

[Bolivar screams]

[body thuds]

[woman screams]

Rogue, what have you done?

What we all wanted to do.

[gasps] Is this who we are now?

That maniac killed Remy and thousands of people on Genosha.

That rotten piece of scum put a good man,

my man…

[ominous voice] Terminate mutants.




[bones cracking]

What in the name of all heaven?

[Hank] Trask has mutated into some sort of…

[Cyclops] Human Sentinel. Okay.

Prime Sentinel protocol activated.

Terminate mutants.

[all gasp]

[Nightcrawler] Rogue!


Jean, you get the building, I’ll get the debris. [Grunts]

[Prime Bolivar] Surrender, mutants.

[Jean] I can still sense Trask’s mind inside.

He put Rogue down with one hit.

We can’t pull our punches.

X-Men, take him down.


Mutant neutralized.

Morph! No!

Mutant neutralized.

[Jean grunts]

Mutant neutralized.

Stay down!

Do you remember what my inferior form asked you in the Sahara?

Tell me, orphan.

How does it feel to be abandoned by the future?


Electromagnetic cluster grenades

are the quickest way to take these suckers down.

Cable? What the hell are you doing here?



Your eyes…


All along?

It can’t be.

[Cable] Get out of my brain.

You’re not her.

[Cyclops] Oh, my God.


Let’s skip the reunion, Dad.

Trask got it wrong.

Sinister’s working for someone else. Someone worse.

And if you X-Men don’t stop him,

there won’t be much of a future worth living in.

[Bastion] Admit it. You’re impressed.

Impressed by your masterpiece tipping our hand to the X-Men?

How does this help you deliver the prize you promised me?

[Bastion] Trask was a rough draft

and his tussle with the gene-freaks gave us invaluable tactical data

for my real masterpiece.

The X-Men will learn from this, too, you blithering fool.

You should’ve waited until roll out and overwhelmed them.

[Bastion chuckles]

[Bastion] Oh, Sinister, you and the villains of old have been failing

since ’92 to squash these pests.

What you would do is my road map for what not to do.

You were one of those villains once.

Hmm. Yet, unlike the rest of you, I evolved.

Here. The next bit’s a pill for your antsy.

My techs repaired a damaged alien satellite

the X-Men used to chat with their allies, the Shi’ar.

[Lilandra] …your Empress is to be married

and our empire shall welcome a new emperor.

Professor Charles Xavier.

They said Gyrich killed Xavier.

[Bastion] Our merry band of muties have been selling the world a very big lie.

And so have I.

[ ♪ rock and roll music playing, Sheb Wooley “The Purple People Eater”]

♪ Well I saw the thing Comin’ out of the sky… ♪

Nifty bop, right?

I’ve had to be bad lately.

But heat, like music, it softens things.

Softens follicles.

Opens pores.

Makes the flesh pliable.

This way, once I have to get to work…

Smooth as butter.

So long as you stay still.

So long as you don’t resist.

Simply listen and obey.


You were born for this.

♪ It was a one-eyed, one-horned Flyin’ purple people eater ♪

♪ One-eyed, one-horned Flyin’ purple people eater ♪

♪ A one-eyed, one-horned Flyin’ purple people eater ♪

♪ Sure looks strange to me ♪


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  1. You cannot love Hank’s dismissal of Trish’s position and hate the George Floyd/BLM Protests without admitting your own hypocrisy.

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