The Regime - S01E06 - Don't Yet Rejoice

The Regime – S01E06 – Don’t Yet Rejoice | Transcript

With the palace walls now breached, Elena and Zubak find themselves on the run – and seeking help from an everyday citizen – to evade capture by the rebels. Later, Elena leverages her skills in diplomacy – and duplicity – in a last-ditch effort to stay in power.

Mary & George – S01E07 – War | Transcript

George travels to Madrid with Prince Charles to ask for the Infanta’s hand in marriage; meanwhile in London, Mary succeeds in becoming a close confidante of the now seriously ill King.

Ninja Kamui - Episode 8

Ninja Kamui – Episode 8 | Transcript

The CEO of AUZA dreams of taking total control of the country’s energy infrastructure using Yamaji’s ninja organization. Emma makes it her personal goal to stop them with Higan’s help. Meanwhile, Jason and Mike are still on the run.

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