Grey’s Anatomy – S20E08 – Blood, Sweat and Tears | Transcript

Owen and Teddy have the day off but encounter an injured civilian; Monica enlists Amelia's help with an operation on a young patient; the interns complete their procedure logs, allowing them back into the operating room.
Grey's Anatomy - S20E08 - Blood, Sweat and Tears

Grey’s Anatomy
Season 20 – Episode 8
Episode title:
Blood, Sweat and Tears
Original air date:
May 16, 2024

Plot: Owen and Teddy have the day off but encounter an injured civilian; Monica enlists Amelia’s help with an operation on a young patient; the interns complete their procedure logs, allowing them back into the operating room.

* * *

[Grey] The human brain contains roughly 100 billion neurons.

Alone, these neurons would only allow us to retain about as much information as a flash drive.

Fortunately for us, our neurons connect and combine, creating a web that exponentially increases the brain’s storage capacity.

It is so peaceful up here.

Oh, yeah.

It’s great.

Yeah. According to the map, the waterfall is just around the bend.


[Grey] In fact, this process creates so much space that we can store the equivalent of three million hours of video content.

Um No waterfall.

Did I read this wrong? I mean, that is a waterfall, right?

Yeah, yeah. But the map also rates this trail as moderately difficult.

I’m sorry. This was supposed to be a fun day off.

No, I am having fun.

Mud on the boots, fresh air.

It’s the great outdoors, right? Let’s go. Okay.

[Grey] So, why can’t we remember everything we try to commit to memory?

“Following resection of the ileum, a patient is most likely to require supplementation of which vitamin?”


Round starts in five minutes. Coffee takes longer.

Yesterday, she yelled at me for going to the bathroom.

Well, everyone is on edge because the ABSITE’s tomorrow.

Or because she’s not getting laid.

I’m not getting any either.

[phone buzzes]

[barista] That’ll be 4.85, please.

[gasps] Wow.

Oh. Uh, yes.

I swear my wallet is in here somewhere. [chuckles]

Hey, let me get it. Do you want breakfast?

I’m in an unhealthy relationship with these almond croissants.

Uh. No, you really don’t have to.

I know. I want to.

Here. Keep the change.

[barista] Thank you.


She bought me coffee.

Yeah. Maybe she was being nice.

Or weird.

I don’t have time for whatever this is.


[hospital announcer] Dr. Wagner to Radiology.

Dr. Wagner to Radiology.

I’ve been texting.

I’m on your service today.

I think we can downgrade Mr. Quint from

Just [shushes]

I’m practicing my speech to Altman in my head.

I am quitting general as soon as she gets here.

Altman’s off today.

No. What?

I was up all night rehearsing.

You could channel all that energy into signing off on Mr. Quint’s stepdown room.

Also, Mrs. Valenti still looks distended, so you might wanna order a CT.

Also, did you review the nurse’s notes from last night?

Did you forget how this works?

I tell you what to do.

Now, go do all that.

Then what are you gonna do?

I’m gonna stew thinking about how long it took my resident to do what I asked.

Crap rolls downhill, Schmitt. Go.

And they wonder where I get my tone of voice.

[sighs, groans]

[Helm] Out of my way.

[Kwan groans]

I was here until 11:00 last night doing rectals.

A headsup would have been nice before dumping Helm.

I didn’t dump anyone. I just needed space.

Walk faster.

She’s like a pissed off bee.

I finished my procedure log.

Sorry it took a minute. I was studying for the ABSITE

Just hand it to me, Griffith.

You’re supposed to submit that to me or Schmitt,

but why start following the rules now?

Well, congratulations.

In under two months,

you have collectively done dozens of Alines,

chest tubes and other critical procedures.

And I know it is not how you wanted to spend your time,

but you went back to basics,

worked together, and you’re ready to move forward.

Does that mean we’re allowed back in the OR?

Effective immediately.

Wait, can I please scrub in on Dorian’s

I was on his case from the day he got here.

Have I given the impression that this is a democracy?


Griffith and Adams, you’re with Dr. Bailey.

Millin, with Shepherd.

Yasuda, Ndugu. Kwan, Lincoln.

Oh, uh And study when you can today.

If you don’t score above the 30th percentile

on your exam tomorrow,

Joe’s is hiring.

I actually loved that job, so joke’s on her.

Keep up with your notes and pages and please don’t kill anyone in the OR.



How we doing this morning?

My lung is still collapsed,

but I’m having a great hair day, so…

I’ll take it. Yasuda.

Emmy Chen, 16, born with cystic fibrosis.

Admitted for a persisting left pneumothorax.

Currently on Mucomyst and twoliters nasal cannula.

I’ve had way worse.

Tomorrow, she will undergo a VATS pleurodesis

to irritate the outside lining of the lung and chest wall.

No way I’m consenting to that.

We’ve talked about this.

You and your parents agreed.

My body, my choice.

For the tenth time, that’s not how you use that phrase.

And your body is leaking air from your lung into your chest.

So listen to Dr. Ndugu.

Hi, Caroline.


I’m Dr. Beltran. This is Dr. Millin.

[Emmy] And I’m Emmy.

And unfortunately, peds is a full house today,

so welcome to Emmy’s world.

We’re just living in it.


Hi. You must be Diane. How was your trip?


And thank you again so much for seeing us.

We’ve heard great things about you from our support group.

Well, I hope I can live up to the reputation.

Can I take a look?

You’re better than the first doctor we saw.

He was super judgy.

[Emmy] Safe space here.

We can hear you, Emmy.

That doctor judged me for being trans.

[Emmy] Yep. Most doctors suck.

Thank you, Emmy.

Millin, present.

[Millin] Uh, Caroline Early, 14,

presents with progressive discomfort behind the left knee.

Diagnostic ultrasound at an outside facility showed a lipoma,

scheduled today for an excision.

Your last scans were a couple months ago,

so I wanna get an MRI and just repeat ultrasound

just to make sure nothing was overlooked, okay?


We’ll be back for you soon, okay?


[Webber] Dr. Griffith, present.

Dorian Cardenas, hospital day 55, transferred back


Fiftysix. Transferred back to the ICU after recurrent sepsis

and highoutput enterocutaneous fistula. Treated with IV antibiotics.

Has since recovered from the infection.

Scheduled today for a laparotomy and takedown of the EC fistula.

Hey, it’s a good day.

You ready for surgery?

Does anyone answer “yes” to that question?

You okay with an abdominal exam?



It looks like 320 ccs overnight.

[Bailey] Mmhmm.

How exactly does this surgery work?

As you know, Dorian’s skin and small bowel are connected.

So today, we are going to remove that connection

and while we’re at it, we’re going to try and reverse his ostomy.

Wait, really?

You are young.

Your nutritional markers are where we want them, so we’re gonna try.

One step closer to a cheeseburger.

I’ll believe it when I eat it.

[doctors laugh]

[Hunt] Maybe we should just give up on the waterfall.

Wait, I I’ve seen this tree before.

Are we Are we going in a circle?

[hiker] Rosie!

[Rosie screams]

[Rosie screaming, crying]

[hiker] Rosie!

[Rosie] Dad, help me, please!

Please help me. My ankle.

What happened?

My daughter fell. Please help.

[Rosie] Did people come? Can they help us?

Rosie, my name’s Owen. This is my wife, Teddy.

We’re both doctors. We’re gonna figure this out, okay?

All right. No service. I’m gonna go down and call 911.

[Rosie] Ow, ow, ow.


can you move your arms and your legs?

Yeah, but my ankle really hurts though.

Okay. Try to keep your weight off it and stay calm.

[Rosie] Is that a joke?

[sighs] Sense of humor’s still intact.

Okay. Once we get the park rangers on the phone,

there’ll be help in less than ten minutes.

I’m on a ledge!

Try not to move too much, okay?


I’m here, honey! I’m here!

Hold on. We’re trying to get help.

How am I gonna get out of here?

[hiker] Hold on! I’m gonna get you out!

Dad, what are you doing?

[hiker] I’m coming, Rosie!

Sir, wait!

Dad, no! Dad!

[hiker screams]

No, no, no!

[Rosie, hiker scream]

Joseph, are you hurt?

[Rosie] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

[Joseph groans]

I cut my leg. [groans]

It’s It’s pretty bad!

Rosie, I need you to take a look.



No, I don’t I don’t think I can. We’re on the edge of a huge drop!

I need you to tell me what you see.

Oh, my God. Okay.

[both groaning]

[crying] Oh, my God. He’s gushing blood.

When you say “gushing,” do you mean it’s slow and steady?

I mean gushing!

We’re gonna need to try and stop the bleeding, okay?

[Rosie cries] Is help on the way?

Not yet.

Until then, you’re gonna need to try and help him yourself, okay?

Now, there are three steps to controlling bleeding:

apply pressure, pack the wound, and applying a tourniquet.

God, I didn’t even want to come on this stupid hike!

Right now you need to listen to me. Do you have a shirt that you can use?

You need to take that off and use it to apply pressure in your dad’s wound.

Okay. [whimpers]

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Okay. Okay.

Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

[crying] It’s not helping!

Pack the wound with some kind of fabric. You can use the same shirt.

You need to stuff that completely inside the wound.

Pack it as tightly as possible.

[Rosie whimpers]

[Joseph grunting]

This doesn’t seem sanitary.

You don’t have any options.

[Rosie] Okay.

[Joseph] Rosie.


Okay, it’s in.

[Hunt] Okay, good.

Now, press down as hard as you can. We need steady and direct pressure.


Okay. Okay.

Are you still there?

I’m still here. I’m not going anywhere.

Come on, Teddy. Come on.

You’re almost done.

Could you try not to move around as much?

How are we not done yet? This is torture.

[Beltran] Caroline, are you a betting woman?

[Caroline] I don’t know. Maybe.

All right. If this scan isn’t done by the time you count to a hundred,

I will give you $100.

I could buy so much embroidery floss.

Are you into crafting?

I make friendship bracelets. Usually during my study hall.

I can focus on tying all these tiny knots and it’s like I’m not even there.

Well, your friends are lucky that your hobby makes them such cool accessories.

I’m gonna start counting!

Too late. We’re done.

You can relax now.


Okay. What are we looking at here?

[Millin] Well, there’s not enough fat deposits for a lipoma.

There’s a nerve running through it. Is that a neurofibroma?

That I did not bet on.

Which of the following is an absolute contraindication to administration of TPA?

Uncontrolled hypertension, recent spinal surgery or the

Yeah. I don’t wanna study right now.

Calms me down. Think I’m nervous to be back in the OR.

Are you?


Kwan, our hip replacement got pushed a few hours,

so you can go ahead and keep studying.

[Kwan clears throat]

What are you doing?

I, um, am fixing a sock.

You’re taking the ABSITE tomorrow.


You asked me not to do op notes so that you could have time to prepare.

And I appreciate the time.

Which you’re using to fix a sock.

Yeah, it’s Um…



Would it be weird if I said yes?

You’re Serena Williams.

I’m not following.

She’s got a thing about socks. She won’t change ’em during a tournament.

She won’t even wash ’em if she’s winning.

You know how many athletes have lucky socks or shorts or beards?

You’re in good company, Kwan.


You just got one problem.

You need your op notes sooner?


The gauze.

It’ll never hold up.

Let me see that.

So the lesion looks benign, but

There is always a “but.”

[clears throat]


Unfortunately, it’s not a lipoma like your primary doctor thought.

It’s most likely a neurofibroma,

which is a spontaneous growth in the nerve tissue,

and it can damage the nerve itself.

Which is why you’re experiencing pain.

So, can you still remove it?


But we need the help of the neurosurgeon,

which is why my friend Dr. Shepherd is here.

Hi, Caroline.


Is Uh

I’m sorry. With all due respect,

we came here from Texas to work with Dr. Beltran.

We discussed limiting the number of physicians for Caroline’s comfort.

Yes, I know. But we need someone extremely skilled at preserving nerve tissue

to do the actual procedure.

Dr. Shepherd and I have collaborated on a number of patients,

so I know she’s the best. If I needed a neurosurgeon, she’s who I’d choose.

Plus, she’s really good at Gem Crush.

I don’t know. This wasn’t the plan.

[Emmy] You can say no.

Can Can we just have a second?

Please don’t take this personally.

No, of course.

Yeah. We’ll give you some time.

[Caroline sighs]

[Bailey] Almost through the fascia.


Let’s see what we’ve got. [sighs]

Damn it.

Griffith, Adams.

[Griffith] What is that? Are those adhesions?

It’s like one giant massive scar tissue.

Which is known as?

[Adams] Frozen abdomen. But why didn’t we see this on the scans?

[Webber] Sometimes you don’t see a frozen abdomen

until they’re staring you in the face.

[Bailey sighs]

Okay. This is going to be a long ride.

If the two of you feel the need to step out

and study for your exam, no one in here will question that.

But I need to know now.

Dorian cannot have distraction in here.

I cannot have distraction in here.

Then buckle up.

Right angle.

I’m gonna need traction.

How’s it looking? Any improvement?

[Rosie] Oh, God.

It’s better, but he’s still bleeding through the packing.

I finally got through. Help is on its way.

Where is the dad?

[Joseph groans]

You have got to be kidding me. Is he injured?

Well, I can’t see from this angle, but Rosie says it’s a leg wound.

Lot of blood, possible femoral injuries.

There’s blood everywhere! How does he have any left?

Maybe I should just try to slide down there and

And gravely injure yourself so the EMTs have to send another team? Hell no.

He could die. He needs a

Rosie, do you have a belt?

I’m wearing yoga pants.

Okay. That would be a “no.”

Anything with a strap?

Yeah, I have a small fanny pack.

Does the strap come off?


Okay, that’ll work.

You’re gonna make a tourniquet for your dad’s leg.

You’ll rap it around his leg right above the wound,

and you’re gonna tie it as tightly as you can.

[Rosie] It’s okay.



[Joseph groans]

I’m sorry. I’m done.

Okay. Now, can you see any sticks?

[breathing shakily] Uh… Uh

Yeah. Yeah, there’s one right here.

Okay, now take the stick,

and tie it to the tourniquet right where the knot is.

You’re gonna twist that stick and it’ll tighten the strap.



Okay, I’m twisting.

[Joseph grunts]

[Rosie] It’s getting tighter.

Great. You’re doing great.

Just keep going until the bleeding stops.

[Rosie] I think

I think it stopped. [panting]

[Hunt] Great work, Rosie. Now hold that in place.

Help is on the way.

Just hang tight, okay?

[sirens approaching]

[Bailey] Okay. Griffith, get the Metz.

You’re gonna take down the adhesions.

I’m not sure I can see where the adhesions end and the intestine begins.

You want me to change my mind?

[Griffith] Metz, please.

[Bailey] All right. Nice and easy.

One layer at a time.

Never go any deeper than what I show you with my right angle.

[Griffith] Okay.

[Bailey] Good.

We’ve barely made a dent

in this dissection.

Griffith is doing just fine.

Do you think we should continue?

Dorian’s had complication after complication.

We can’t even see. If you go further, you could cause even more damage.

He was dead on the first day here.

Kwan held his heart in his hands.

He’s had multiple cases of sepsis.

I’ve opened him bedside as he was dying, but he’s still here.

He’s holding on. So,

I am too.

I see things through. I am seeing this through.


[Griffith] Okay.

[Bailey] All right, Griffith.

They came a long way to see you.

That must be flattering.

It’s enraging.

Caroline shouldn’t have to travel

to see a doctor who treats her with respect.

You didn’t wanna stay in Texas, try to help more kids there?

You know, as much as I hate it,

I think maybe it is safer for them to come see me here.

I mean, it’s just gotten so hostile.

[sighs] Forget the awkward stares and the microaggressions.

One family was talking about putting a bulletproof vest on their son

just to come see me because he’s trans.

That is… [sighs]

Yeah, there’s no words to describe it.

Hopefully Caroline’s mom will talk to her.

And Emmy won’t.

Have you seen Emmy Chen? She’s not in her room.

Yeah. She’s kind of a wanderer.

Well, thanks for the headsup.

You two wanna help me find her?

We’re about to prep a patient.

Oh, you won’t be if it’s Caroline. She’s also gone.

You gotta be kidding me.


The elastic bandage is the most underrated dressing.

It controls swelling, eases pain, and it’s durable and flexible.

Everything you could want in a sock.

How’s your continuous suturing skills?

Even distance. Decent tension.

Great. What kind of suture?

20 silk. Strong and permanent.

Yeah, works for me. Let’s do it.

They’re moving Mr. Quint now.

So once he’s settled, make sure you check his white count again.

And track down Dr. Wilson.

Make sure she sees that we schedule Mrs. Price’s chole.

Can I scrub in on that?

Did you hear anything I said before “chole”?

Technically I’m on Dr. Ndugu’s service.

Crap rolls downhill, Yasuda.

Yasuda, did you see Dr. Ndugu’s text?

Gotta go. Sorry.

[stammers, sighs]

Emmy and Caroline are missing.

Oh? Maybe they scrubbed in on a surgery.

All the cool kids are doing it, except for me.

Well, at least you have more time to study.

I have a photographic memory. I don’t need to study.

I need to cut. I deserve to cut.

Entitled much?

I finished my procedure log weeks ago

and then I had to wait patiently for everyone else to finish theirs.

That was you being patient?


And now that all the bottomfeeders are finally done,

I can’t scrub in to save my life.

I I am dying here.

Well, on behalf of all the bottomfeeders, my sincerest condolences.

Did Ndugu check the attendings’ lounge?

What, you think they’d let themselves in?

I put nothing past Emmy Chen.

She’s been my problem child since day one.

You sound like my mom.

I was not an easy kid.

I thought she was hazing me my first week here.

She paged me 20 times just to look at one TikTok video.

And it turns out her parents work,

and they have two other kids, so she’s alone a lot.

I’ve spent more than a few dinners in her room.

She’s a headache, but she’s my favorite headache.

Reminds me of me at that age. Stubborn as hell.

We probably would have been friends.

Hmm. Probably not.

[Shepherd chuckles]

Seriously? You know you’re not supposed to eat before your procedure.

She knows. We’re not idiots. They’re for later.

And you shouldn’t be out of your bed.

It’s my fault.

I just wanted to take a snack, and we didn’t have time

Emmy! Emmy?

Emmy! Emmy, Emmy.

Emmy, are you okay?

We need oxygen and a gurney.

[Beltran] Give me her head. Come on.

Stay with me.



Joseph Scott, 47yearold male. Status: post fall into a cave.

Sustained a left leg puncture wound from a rock.

Arterial bleeding with significant blood loss.

Controlled with a tourniquet and packing in the field.

No other injuries or head traumas.

And Altman.

Right. What do we got?

Rosie Scott, 19yearold female.

Status: post fall into the same cave.

Isolated left ankle injury. Awake and alert. Vitals are stable.

How’s my dad? Is he okay?

He’s tough. He’s hanging on, okay?

Let’s do a workup on her ankle.

Gonna get him straight up to the OR, okay? Rosie, he’s in good hands.

We’ll update you as soon as we can.

Hell of a way to spend your day off.

All right. Kwan, let’s get her inside.

[sighs] What if she hates me? It was my idea to leave the room.

It’s gonna be okay. She’s getting help.

Take a deep breath for me, okay?

[breathing deeply]

Good, good. Okay.

Welcome back. Welcome back.

All right. Let’s go.

We gotta get your chest tube hooked back up to suction, okay?

What’s wrong? You’re scared? It’s okay.

No, no, no. Leave it on. I’ll try to name it. What is it?

The pneumothorax? You’re scared it’s worse?

Okay. You’re scared you won’t recover?

You will. I got you.

I’m here. So is Caroline.

We’re all here. We just want you to be safe, okay?

But I swear I’m gonna put a tracker on you.


[Bailey sighs]

That’s all connected to the

[Bailey] Stop talking. I’m thinking.

Yeah, it’s not gonna work.

We’d have to take too much of his bowel

Wait. But you said that

Yeah, I know what I said.

But the amount of bowel he has is far less than what we thought.

Look, there’s friable bowel around the fistula.

After we resect this area and get to healthy bowel… [sighs]

…he’ll be worse off than when we started.

Could we put him on medication for short bowel syndrome?

That could help, but he still doesn’t have enough bowel to keep him off TPN.

We did all this, and now Dorian’s gonna have to get all his nutrition

from an IV bag for the rest of his life?

He’s 23.


No, no. He’ll end up in liver failure by the time he’s 30.

Do you think I don’t know that?

Do you think I’m at all okay with that?

[Griffith] In pediatric cases of short gut syndrome,

which of the following techniques increases residual bowel by 20%?

Dr. Griffith, the OR is not a place to quiz yourself on your ABSITE exam.

[Bailey] A serial transverse enteroplasty procedure.

A STEP procedure.

Tell me what it is, Griffith.

[Griffith] You cut the residual intestine in a zigzag fashion.

[Bailey] And why do we do that?

To lengthen it and help increase absorption.

But it is not the standard of care for an adult.

Because most of the research on it focuses on pediatric patients.

And nothing this man has gone through has been standard.

Change of plans.

Adams, switch with Dr. Webber.

We are converting to a STEP procedure.

Follow my lead. Do exactly as I say.

I’m gonna need a GIA stapler and multiple reloads.


Hi. Put a rush on these and text me their BPs every two hours.

I thought you were meeting me in the ICU to remove drains.

Yeah, I’m just checking on a few postpartum moms from yesterday.

But you’re in navy scrubs.

Oh, right. I forgot.

When I change my scrubs,

I just forget about all my patients from the day before.

Also, I checked your notes.

Half the things I told you to do you gave to the interns.

I supervised them because I’m a supervisor. Are you?

If you need help removing drains,

we have bigger problems than you just being annoying.

Bailey and Webber are still in surgery, so I’m also covering their patients,

and studying for the ABSITE.

Okay. Are you having the same conversation with them?

[sighs] You haven’t quit yet.

You made this decision, like, 48 hours ago,

and you’ve already checked out.


Hey. Your mom said you wanted to see us?

Yeah. I still haven’t decided on the surgery, though.


Well, that’s okay. Do you have questions?

Emmy’s been gone a while.

Oh, yeah. She just needed to get some tests done.

I’m making her a bracelet.

I didn’t know her favorite colors, so I chose mine.

Green and purple.

Caroline, we do wanna help you.

That thing Emmy did, can I do that?

Where you say what you’re scared of?

Oh, sure.

Emmy and I usually take turns though, so I’ll go first.


I am scared of forgetting my patients’ parents’ names.

So I write them on my hand.

[chuckles softly]

I’m scared

I won’t recover from surgery in time for the spring dance.


I’m scared of the hospital basement.

Actually, any basement.

I’m scared of going under anesthesia.

I’ve never done it.


I am scared of

not living up to my patients’ expectations.

I know that they’re counting on me.

I read online that when you’re on the operating table,

you’re naked.

I’ve never been naked in front of anyone,

let alone an entire room full of strangers.

I’m scared they won’t be able to

I’m scared they won’t understand. [sighs]

I’m scared they won’t see me.

[breathes shakily]



We see you.

You’re an amazing girl,

and we are gonna make sure that everyone in that operating room knows that.

[sighs] Okay.

I’ll do the surgery.

We will get you prepped.

And I will go tell Diane.

[chuckles softly]

Okay. This will be more comfortable.

I’ll be back to check on you later.

Can we talk?

Usually I’d say yes, but you’ve been ignoring me all week.

Yeah, because you screwed with my ability to become a better surgeon,

which honestly, I rank as high as cheating.

But I am coming to you as my boss.

I need surgery.

It’s our first day back operating,

Ndugu is not in the OR today and I finished all my work on his service.

Study for the ABSITE like the rest of us.

[Yasuda] Put yourself in my shoes.

When you worked at Joe’s, weren’t you dying to get back into the OR?


How are you my boss?


Beckman could use an extra set of hands on a TAVR.

OR 4.

You better run.

Thank you.

Oh, I mean it.

And And we’ll talk. Eventually.

Thank you.

[Altman] Punctured the SFA. We could do a primary repair.


We just need to clean the edges.

You know, this is not how I thought our day was gonna end.

[Altman] You’re telling me.

I had a cheese and charcuterie plate ready

for when we got to the top.


[Hunt] You know, when I was standing up there I couldn’t see anything,

and I thought for sure that he’d lost his leg or worse.

Some people are just lucky, I guess.

What’s lucky is that we were hiking the same trail.

[Hunt] Geralds, please.

Hey, thank you for today.

It was great.

Speak for yourself. I want a redo.

[chuckles] I don’t know. Reminds me of the old days. Me, you, out in the field.

Lots of blood, no supplies.

[Altman] Adrenaline likes us.

I mean, but would a bedandbreakfast on Whidbey Island be so terrible?

[Hunt chuckles]

Any fracture to the lateral malleolus?


If there was?

Well, it depends if it was stable or displaced.

Good. Displaced?

Plate and screws.


Why don’t you take this?

Is my ankle broken?

It’s a bad sprain.

You need to rest it, use ice and compression,

and keep it elevated.

[stammers] Any word on my dad?

He’s still in surgery.

He He left me and my mom when I was six.

Got remarried, started a new family.

We just reconnected last year.

And he invited me to go on this hike, and I didn’t wanna go.

And then he he told me to stay on the trail,

but I wanted to see inside the cave, and just

I needed some space.

So he has to be okay.

We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more.


Thank you.

[Webber] Another reload, please.

[Bailey] Excellent solve.

I think this is gonna work out nicely.

[Webber] Deploying the staple.

[monitor beeps rapidly]

[Griffith] He’s coding.

WhWhy? What happened?

[Bailey] No, no, no.

We’re losing him. Okay. Move.

You two, out of the way now.

Okay. Starting compressions.

Push epi. Okay. Come on, Dorian.

You’ve come way too far to give up on us now.

Come on.

Come on.

[Shepherd] Hey.

How’s Emmy doing?

Hey. She’s good.

Her O2 sats are up. She’s pretty much her old self.

So, on her phone, and wondering where I am?

[chuckles] Something like that, yeah.

Uh, sounds like Caroline’s surgery went well?

Yeah, thanks to Dr. Shepherd.

All right. Well, I gotta go check on a patient, but I’ll round on Emmy later.


Still waiting for mine.


They weaned her off oxygen in the PACU, and vitals are great.

Well, how you feeling, Caroline?

A little tired.

Not bad for someone who just got a tumor removed.

So how long will it take to recover?

Well, she will need followup care, but I expect a quick recovery.

Yeah, that school dance is gonna be fire.

[Emmy] No one says that anymore.

You can just say she’ll have fun, like a normal person.

Thank you.

I’ll text you pics.

You better.

Thank you both of you for taking such good care of my daughter.

[Shepherd] Of course.

I think we make a pretty good team.

Hey, Rosie.

He should be awake soon.

You know, we

we fought about that fanny pack this morning before we left.

He said that hikers need backpacks so they can bring supplies

and be prepared for anything.

But I was stubborn,

and I brought it anyway because it went with my outfit.

[chuckles] Well, I bet he’ll feel differently about that fanny pack now.

Thank you for saving us.


Rosie, you did all the saving. All I did was talk. [chuckles]

I mean, what you taught me wasn’t hard.

It’s just I just didn’t know it was what I needed to do.

But if you hadn’t been there, my dad wouldn’t be here now.

[monitor beeping rapidly]

[Webber] Push more epi, please.

Come on, Dorian.

[grunts] Adams, take over compressions.

Good. Good.

[Adams] Come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Griffith, what do you see?


Vfib. It’s a shockable rhythm.

[Bailey] Okay. Uh

Paddles, please.

Check his pulse.


[Griffith] Nothing.

No pulse.

[Bailey groans]

All right. Charge to 150. Clear.

Adams, clear!

Adams, clear! Adams!

[Griffith] Lucas! Hey, hey. It’s okay. It’s okay.

It’s okay.

And clear.

Charge to 170.


Charge to 200.



Again. Clear.


[sniffles, sighs]

Oh, Millin. So I have good news and bad news.

The good news is I found a surgery.

The bad news is now Ndugu needs someone to pull wires on one of his patients.

So, could you just do me a huge solid and pl


Are you okay?

I haven’t gotten a single question right today.

I’m going to fail.

No, no. You’re not going to fail.

Yeah, and then I’m gonna be unemployed.

I’m gonna have to crash with my hippie parents or my stupid brother.

You’re gonna do fine.

I know all of this.

I know it backwards and forwards,

but every time I look at the test, my mind just goes blank.

I love my job.

I don’t wanna get fired.

Sounds like you need the Yasuda technique.

What is that?

My patented study method.

It has a 100% success rate.

By 100%, do you mean just you?

Do you want my help or not?

And what about your surgery?


I’ll get on one tomorrow.

Okay. So…

Here we go.


I saw you updated Rosie’s chart.

Uh, yeah. I thought I’d try to get some of your notes done

before I get back to studying.




I’ve watched you work all day.

I know you’re gonna ace the ABSITE, and not because of luck.

It’s because you work hard. You’re prepared. You know your stuff.

Remember that when you’re in the exam.

Thank you.

But I should still wear the socks though, right?


And if you have to clean them, handwash only.

[whispers] Oh, yeah.

[Bailey sighs]

You’re still here?

I’m monitoring him myself.

I sent the interns home.

ABSITE’s tomorrow.

You’ve done a good job with them, Bailey.

Him too.

Yeah, it doesn’t feel like it. And he’s hangin’ on,

but who knows if he’ll wake up what his functional output will be.

And the interns

And I thought I did a good job with them too.

I thought the repetition and the focus

would prepare them for anything. But this?

I mean, shot pointblank on his way home from work.

And he’s just one of the thousands of gun violence victims

who show up in hospitals every year.

One of thousands who have to undergo surgery after surgery after surgery.

[stammers] I don’t know how to prepare them for that.

I don’t wanna have to prepare them for that.

I’m still not prepared for that.

No one is, Bailey.

No one is.

[heavy rain falling]



How’s Rosie?

She’s good. You know, shaken up, but good.

Listen. If we were just able to teach

a 19yearold how to stop her father from bleeding out,

why couldn’t we teach that to everyone?

Think of how many traumas occur every single day

and how many lives are lost because someone with medical training just isn’t there.

I mean, we could make videos, hold classes, build websites. I don’t know.

But if stopping a bleed was taught just like CPR,

we would save so many more lives.

I mean, what do you think?

I think it’s a great idea.

You do?


I mean, would you be able to fund it?

I mean, even just the research and development?

Um… I

Well, I just I’d have to see how much I have left.


This is gonna be great.

Come on.

[Schmitt sighs, mumbles]

That’s me apologizing.

You could just say, “I’m sorry, Levi.”

Fine. I’ll give it to Helm.



I almost lost a pregnant mom the other day.

And now I can’t get her out of my head.

And now I’m literally worrying whether all of my patients

are still breathing in the middle of the night.


Link found me at 2 a.m. last night

logging into the hospital system

just to see everyone’s blood pressure.

So, no, I’m not checked out.

I’m just… freaked out.

You are an amazing surgeon.

You’re so good both specialties want you.


Mistakes happen. You’ve told me that, like, 20 times.

Why are you still making mistakes after the first time I told you?

[scoffs] You can go to OB now.

I’m good.

Oh, hey. No dinner with Emmy tonight?

Nah, she has a new bestie. I’m old news. [sighs]

Oh, hey. Um, thanks for earlier.

You said nice things to Caroline and her mom.

Hmm, well, I lied. You suck at Gem Crush.

I’m never letting you near my phone again.

But you would let me operate on you.

Well, I’ve seen your hands.

So I, uh, wanna say a thing. Uh…

and I’m a little afraid to say it.

So I’m just gonna blurt it because that is what I do.

[chuckles] Would you want to go out with me sometime?

Clearly I misread the situation. Um…

You were just very complimentary today, and you bought me a coffee, uh…

Please forget that I said anything ever.


No, it’s just, um…

I am going through a really messy divorce.

And my wife’s still in Texas, so…


Emmy’s parents are in the family room.

I’m happy to talk to them, or

No. No. I’ll come with you.


Hey, you okay?

I’m fine.

I’ve been there. It’s hard when the person on the table is more than a patient.

I couldn’t stop.

Bailey was right there telling me,

and I still couldn’t.

I guess it’s been my problem all along, right?

I don’t know when to let go.

You know how I thought of the STEP procedure today?

You’re an ABSITE genius?

I thought of you.

You’re fearless when you advocate for your patients,

no matter who’s in the room.

I’ve been afraid to take chances when I might be wrong,

thinking that’s putting my patients at risk,

but it’s riskier not to take the chance.

And you taught me that.

I’m a braver doctor because of you.

I’m a better doctor because of you.

[Grey] Our brains are constantly adapting to the present moment.


What time is it?

The test starts in five minutes.

No, that’s impossible.

We literally just fell asleep.


The test starts in five minutes!

I know!

Oh, my

Just run!

[Grey] Our brains can override information we no longer use with newer, more relevant ideas.

So this is a class?

We’ll also have video tutorials, community outreach.

Well, it sounds like the kind of thing the Fox Foundation can get behind.

We could start this at GreySloan, and if it goes well,

we could branch it out to all of the Fox Foundation hospitals.

Have you spoken to your chief of surgery?

I don’t wanna be the cause of any marital discord.

[chuckles] Yeah. Teddy likes it.

I just I didn’t wanna put her in an uncomfortable spot asking for money.


No, you don’t. Church and state.


Okay, Dr. Hunt.

I will look into our discretionary fund and see what I can find.

[Grey] Our brains make these decisions for us, whether we like it or not.

[lecturer] You will have a total of 240 questions divided into two 150minute blocks.

You have a 45minute optional break and cannot go back to section one after submitting.

Please enter your authorization codes and begin.

[Grey] They help us hold onto the things that matter and make space for whatever the future may hold.


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