Star Trek Discovery – S05E08 – Labyrinths | Transcript

When Burnham is trapped within a "mindscape" designed to test her worthiness to retrieve the Progenitor's powerful technology, Book, Rayner and the crew of the U. S. S. Discovery must hold off the Breen long enough for her to escape.
Star Trek Discovery - S05E08 - Labyrinths

Star Trek Discovery
Season 5 – Episode 8
Episode title:
Release date:
May 16, 2024

Plot: When Burnham is trapped within a “mindscape” designed to test her worthiness to retrieve the Progenitor’s powerful technology, Book, Rayner and the crew of the U. S. S. Discovery must hold off the Breen long enough for her to escape.

* * *

Previously on Star Trek: Discovery…

We have to get the Progenitors’ power and keep it safe.

This clue is the most important thing

in the Federation right now.

We are looking for a very specific manuscript.

It is a handwritten Betazoid text called.

Labyrinths of the Mind.

Try the Eternal Gallery and Archive.

It’s like a bank, but it protects knowledge.

It changes location about every 50 years.

This is where it is now.

The Badlands.

Been there.

It’s as fun as it sounds.

Scans show a Breen Dreadnaught heading this way

at maximum warp. We received this.

RUHN: Your Federation has captured

two fugitives who have incurred an Erigah.

Be ready to hand them over upon our imminent arrival.

It goes without saying that we can’t allow the Breen

to become aware of the Progenitors’ technology.

BURNHAM: Oh, it’s you, isn’t it?

You are the bloodline, not the primarch.

He can’t succeed without you.

Yeah, lucky me.

Direct descendant of the emperor.

Scion of the Breen Imperium.

The Federation’s hiding something from you.

A power so great

you won’t need L’ak to claim the throne.

And I can get it for you if you take me with you.

If you wish to avoid war, she is my price.

Dr. Vellek believed that since the technology could be used to create life, it might also be used to revive the dead.

Bit of a stretch.

BURNHAM: Doesn’t matter. What matters is that she thinks it’ll bring L’ak back. That’s why she’s doing this.

BOOK: We can’t give her to them.

There is much to be lost by keeping her.

This is wrong, Michael.

This isn’t how our story ends.

[rhythmic pounding]

[pounding continues]

[whispering]: I’ll fix this.

I promise.

[rhythmic pounding stops]

[speaking Breen]

Without the Scion, some believe

that our claim to the throne has been eradicated.

In fact, it has grown stronger than before.

His murder will galvanize the other factions behind us.

And with the power promised by his Joined,

we will defeat all who stand against us.

For the Scion!

ALL: For the Scion! For the Scion!

For the Scion! For the Scion!

For the Scion!

For the Scion!



Apologies, Primarch.

I can bring him back to you!

The power we seek created life.

In the words of someone who saw that power,

“It can also renew life.”

That is why we need to find it.

That is why I’ve come.

I ask to be set free, Primarch,

so that I may assist

in the noble quest

to restore the Scion.

Of course, we want nothing more

than to see our Scion returned.

Speak to my soldiers again,

and I will eviscerate you in front of them.

I don’t think your Scion would look very kindly upon that.

Your value to me does not

extend beyond your ability

to acquire the Progenitors’ technology.

For your sake,

make sure we succeed.

RAYNER: The Badlands.

Largest plasma storm in the quadrant.

RHYS: Hell of a place to hide a clue.

Well, it’s kind of beautiful in a twisted sort of way.

Lieutenant Gallo, what are scans telling us?

Sensors can’t penetrate through the storm,

but they have a communications beacon out here.

Looks like it’s made of the same alloy as the library card.

Lieutenant Tilly, transmit a scan of the card to the beacon.

Aye, Captain.

Any updates from Fed HQ?

Nothing yet, but it’s safe to assume Ruhn’s on his way here.

Captain, the Archive’s hailing us.

Put them through.

Hello and welcome.

I’m Hy’Rell, one of the sworn order

who tend to The Eternal Gallery and Archive and call it home.

I’m Captain Burnham of the Federation starship Discovery.

Thank you for the speedy response.

Oh, we saw you coming.

Very exciting. We love visitors.

I’ll be explaining how to get into the Archive in a moment,

but first, there’s a little speech we like to give.

The Eternal Gallery and Archive is proud to house

the largest known collection of historical

and cultural artifacts in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants.

I’m sorry to interrupt, but we’re in a bit of hurry.

Of course.

We can talk while we travel.

Sending coordinates and velocity adjustments now.

As this is your first visit

into the Archive, please follow my instructions precisely

and do not deviate.

The Archive is not responsible for any damage, dismemberment,

or death that may result in your failure to do so.

Was that meant as a joke?

I guess we’ll find out.


Commander Asha, take us in.

Aye, Captain.

HY’RELL: The Archive has made its home in the Badlands

for nearly a century. These uniquely treacherous

environs help protect our collection.

Archivists, such as myself,

come from a wide array of backgrounds.

We have devoted our lives to the preservation

of galactic knowledge.

We appreciate the information,

but if you don’t mind, we need to focus. Thank you.

I understand. I’m here if you have any questions.


Status report.

Radiation levels are rising.

Shields are down to 70%.

Captain, Hy’Rell’s telling us to cut engines.

Hy’Rell? HY’RELL [staticky]: It creates a reaction

with the ionic discharge…

No. We can’t hear you, Hy’Rell!

Cut your engines, or it could be catastrophic.

What does she expect us to do without engines?

Coast on our current momentum, I guess.

Well, she hasn’t led us wrong so far.

Cut the engines.

Aye, Captain.

I can’t stabilize without engines!

Follow the path as best as you can.

Shields down to 52%.

Pulling from the grid to boost.

Radiation levels still rising.

Shields at 37%.


Hang on, everybody! [Grunts]

[alarm sounding]

[alarm stops]



Holy shit.

[laughs softly]

Nice work, everyone.

There it is.

Let’s go get that final clue.

[original Star Trek theme plays]

ASHA: We’ll be within range

in less than a minute, Captain.

Thank you. Lieutenant Gallo?

Shields back to capacity in less than ten.

Commander Rayner?

We took a beating,

but no significant injuries or damage. We’re good.

Captain, we’re still seeing high levels of,

uh, Cherenkov radiation.

It’s a by-product of the plasma activity.

We won’t be able to cloak.

Then neither will the Breen.

Lieutenant Christopher, hail Archivist Hy’Rell.

Aye, Captain.

She’s responding.

Ah, it’s good to see you made it all in one piece.

I’ll have the Archive lower

their shields so you can transport in.

Thank you. I’ll be down shortly.

There is just one other matter.

My scans show that there is a Kwejian aboard Discovery.

Is that correct?

It is.

We have an item from Kwejian in our possession.

As it is one of the last remaining artifacts

of that world, we would appreciate it greatly

if your colleague could accompany you

and provide some context on it.

I’ll ask him to join.

Maintain Yellow Alert and eyes up.

The Breen are likely on their way.

Rayner, you have the conn.

You wanted to see me?

[door whooshes shut]

The Archive has something from Kwejian.

You can come with me if you want.


Good. We should go.

I-I should apologize.

Look, when you all sent Moll


I mean, I get it.

You have a duty, your mission.

I know it was a tough call.

Yeah, not all yours. Yeah, I get that.

But I supported it.

And I stand by the decision.


I do care about you.

And what’s important to you.


Let’s go.

And down that aisle, you’ll find our extensive collection

of original Valaric manuscripts.

We can take a detour if you like.

No thank you. We’re pressed for time.

And speaking of, I asked my first officer

to report about our recent run-in with the Breen.

You did receive that, didn’t you?

We sure did, and we thank you for it.

So if the Breen track us here,

we’ll do everything we can to…

Oh, not to worry.

The Breen are contributing members of the Archive.

We have quite a bit of experience

dealing with cultures in active conflict with one another.

We’re here to serve everyone,

as long as everyone follows the rules.

And if they don’t?

Why, we send them to the dungeon, of course.

Just kidding.

We don’t actually have a dungeon here.

It’s really more of an oubliette.

I’ve set up viewing rooms for you both.

They’re right this way.

The manuscript you requested.

Labyrinths of the Mind.

Has anyone else ever come looking for this?

Our records show you are the first.

What can you tell me about the person who left this here?

Only the basics, I’m afraid.

According to our records,

Dr. Derex was an accomplished neuroscientist,

originally from Betazed.

Became an Archivist herself later in life.

Lived out the remainder of her days here.

I’ll leave you to it, while I show Mr. Booker

to his viewing room.

Thank you.

[door closes]

[sighs softly]



Is your name really “Book”?

Uh, yeah.

How fun to have a Book visit me in the library for a change.


This box is Tuli wood.

[Book sighs]

We were hoping you could tell us what it is.

[sighs] Mm-hmm.

It’s a

a cutting from the Kwejian world root.



It was given to us long ago,

but was recently moved to a place of honor.

It is part of our sacred duty

to ensure that cultures that are lost are never forgotten.

[Book exhales shakily]



[voice breaking]: Thank you.

If you would like to take that with you,

we consider that your right,

as one of the last living Kwejian.

[Book sighs]

We would only ask that you return someday

and tell us what’s become of it so we may have a record.

[laughs softly]

BOOK: Michael, you won’t believe…






Burnham to Discovery. Do you copy?



I’m at a really good part.



This isn’t real,

is it?


Your consciousness has been transported into a mindscape.

A virtual space created

from what your neural activity indicates

as the most important place in your life.

I’ve never been here before.

The mind doesn’t lie.

Who are you, exactly?

I’m the program Dr. Derex created.

So why do you look like you?

My form was generated from your subconscious,

so you tell me.

So this is a test.

Same as with every other clue we found.

So I’ve got to figure something out, pass,

get the clue and get out, yeah?

Sounds like you know the drill.

Then let’s get on with it.

I’m ready.

Are you?

[high-pitching whirring]

She’s stable, at least physically.

Doesn’t seem to be in any distress.

What happened to her?

I don’t know.

I’ve worked here for decades.

I’ve never seen anything like this.

It looks like some sort of nucleonic emitter.

It’s connected to her frontal lobe,

and it appears to be running a program in her mind.

Okay, can you stop it?

Not safely.

And transporting her back risks severing the nucleonic beam.

Disconnecting it while the program

is still running could be fatal.

I’m going in after her.

This must be it, right? The transmitter?

Why isn’t it working?

It must not be capable of multiple connections.

But each clue so far has had some kind of challenge involved.

We have to assume that… that that’s what this program is.

We can’t just wait around and hope she passes the test.

If the clue’s here, we have to find it ourselves.

Hy’Rell, I need everything you’ve got

on this neuroscientist.

Any biographical data,

any books she’s accessed.

I’ll be back shortly.

[door opens, closes]

AVATAR BOOK: Okay, the clue’s in here somewhere.

Find it, and you’ll know where it is in the real world.

BURNHAM: Find the clue? That’s the test?

No, the clue is the objective.

The test to find it, you’ll have to figure out on your own.

I don’t have time for games.

The scientists who hid the Progenitors’ technology

including Dr. Derex

wanted it found and protected.

That’s what I’m here to do.


I hope you succeed.

Let me know if I can help.

Can you narrow down where to look?

I’m not allowed to give hints.

What about “yes” or “no” questions

can you answer those?

Depending on the question. Yes.

Oh, my brain should’ve picked Tilly.

[sighs] Derex was a neuroscientist.

So what kind of test would she have created?

There is too much here

to search randomly.

She wants us to succeed? Yes?


Then she would have created a…

A way to narrow the scope of the search.

I assume this is here for a reason?

Everything’s here for a reason.

So, the clue wouldn’t be in Fiction or Art.

Neuroscience is too easy.

But if it were hidden on a shelf

or in something that looked like a book.


Is that it?

The History section?

What’s your logic?

They started the clue trail during the Dominion War.

Jinaal said they wanted it found during a time of peace.

He believed peace was possible.

The only way progress like that happens

is by learning from the past.

Those who learn history aren’t doomed to repeat it.

So we’ll go through all the books on the Dominion War,

go from there. Where’s the History section?

Have you thought about what might happen if you fail?


The mindscape shuts down,

and your brain functions will cease.

Security precaution.


I shouldn’t be surprised.

Jinaal would’ve let an itronok eat us.

It is not too late to leave.

I can release you now.

Last chance.

I’m gonna finish this mission,

and you are going to help.

Lead the way. Let’s go.

[high-pitched whirring]

I found everything you asked for.

Biographical data and a list

of all materials accessed by Dr. Derex while in residence.

It’d be faster to list what she didn’t access.

There is another matter, as well.

A Breen ship has arrived at our beacon.

They are requesting access to our Archive.

You can’t let them in, not now.

We cannot be perceived as taking sides,

but I will handle this appropriately.


Commander Rhys, Red Alert.

The Breen are on their way.

[speaking Breen]

Hello. I’m Hy’Rell, one of the sworn order who tend…

We tracked a Starfleet jump signature to this location.

They seek an item which belongs to me.

As a matter of policy, when it comes to conflicts

between our visitors, the Archive does not…

I hope, for your sake, that it remains in your possession.

Sir, in light of the fact

that we have several priceless.

Breen artifacts in our Archive,

I’ll do you the courtesy to suggest

that you rephrase your request.

Give it to me!

Or the Archive and its contents will be made ash.

[others speaking Breen]

Your request is denied,

and all Breen privileges are suspended until further notice.

May you gain knowledge elsewhere.

L’ak told me the Breen had great reverence

for their culture and history.

Not you, though, hmm?

You say what is hidden down there

will reveal the location of the Progenitors’ technology. How?

You have to combine it with the other clues that Discovery has.

You made no mention of other clues.

Discovery is here already somewhere.

You can easily overpower them.

Find what’s in the Archive, take what they’ve got.

We’ll have everything we need.



Is there

anything else?


Do not test my patience again.

[Moll groans]


[Burnham sighs]

Are the lights getting dimmer, or are we

we’ve just been at this too long?


Never mind.

[sighs heavily]

There’s nothing in the “Dominion War” section, or any other wars.

Nothing in Betazed history, Trill history,

or the Mirror universe.

I’m going the wrong way, aren’t I?


Damn it.

Why didn’t you tell me?!

You didn’t ask.

I told you everything in here was for a reason.

You assumed the reason was history.

[groans] Try being proactive next time.

It’s your mindscape. I can help you,

but I can’t solve it for you.


Why is this library the most important place to me?

Why did my subconscious pick this place

for the test?

It’s the mission.

Isn’t it?

It’s because the mission is here.

And when I’m on a mission, that’s my priority.

That’s why this place matters so much.

Speaking proactively, you may be onto something.





BURNHAM: Labyrinths of the Mind.

This mission is in a labyrinth of books.

Labyrinth. Labyrinth.

Oh, it’s a maze.


BURNHAM: Finishing the mission means getting out,

and getting out is how I find the clue.

I am supposed to find my way out,

back to the reading room where it all started, right?

Unless you’d rather die in here.


Well, there are mathematical methods for solving mazes.


Trémaux’s algorithm.

I just need to find a way to mark my path,

to eliminate routes.

Thank you.

For what it’s worth,

I prefer this version of you that is helpful.

Tilly would’ve been just as frustrating.

For what it’s worth.


Nothing in there leads to the clue.

How about her reading list?

A Comprehensive Guide to Talaxian Hair Styles.

Hupyrian Folk Tales.

Euclidean Geometry.

I don’t know. Seems like she just loved learning new things.

Any suggestions?

[Klaxon alarm sounding]

Excuse me.

Unfortunately, our conversation with the Breen did not go well.

We have raised our shields, which means

transport back to your ship will be impossible

for the time being.

My apologies.

I must go prepare our defenses.

I’ll help you.

Let me know if you need me.

Damn it. Discovery, what’s your status?

Sir, we’ve detected the Breen on approach

through the plasma storm.

RAYNER: How far out?

TILLY: The plasma

is blinding our sensors so we’re relying

upon gravimetric calculations. Lieutenant Naya?

I’m guessing we have two minutes.

RAYNER: Discovery is no match for that ship’s firepower.

Find a way to conceal yourselves

and stand by for further orders.

Rayner out.

We can’t cloak.

We’ll have to use natural cover.

Commander Asha, take us out of the oasis,

back into the plasma storm.


If it blinds our sensors, it’ll blind theirs, too.

Lieutenant Naya, monitor weather patterns in the plasma storm,

send the data to Asha’s station, keep us as safe as you can.

Aye, Commander.

Just stating the obvious here,

but we can only withstand that storm for so long.

I know.

[sighs heavily] We just need long enough.



[whooshing continues]





That’s where we came in.



[door squeaks shut]

What the hell?!

Thought you had it, hmm?

Why are you making this so hard?

I’m doing what the scientists wanted.

I’m-I’m trying to…

They didn’t ask for you.


They wanted the technology in the right hands, yes.

They wanted it protected… yes.

But who’s to say you’re one of the good guys?

How could they possibly know that you, Michael Burnham,

out of anyone alive, could be trusted with it?

There’s a test here.

You haven’t passed it yet.

The lights are going out.

I’m running out of time, aren’t I?


You are.

[rapid chirping]

Her cortisol levels are rising.

Whatever she’s experiencing, she’s stressed, scared.


RHYS: Commander Rayner, do you copy?

Yeah. What’s going on?

RHYS: We’re detecting some kind of energy connection

between the dreadnaught and the Archive’s shields.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

It seems to be focusing on one particular spot.

Shit. They’re using shield-tunneling technology

to get their troops inside. Discovery, figure out

how that tech works and find a way to slow it down.

Aye, Commander.

Booker, I need you back here

right now. Breen are coming in.

BOOK: On my way.


I’m gonna need all the time you and Book can give me.

You got it.


BURNHAM: What is the test?

Is it why this mission is so important?

Every mission is important.

[sighs] So what is it?


Labyrinths of the Mind.

Is it me?

It’s my mind.


That’s why my subconscious picked you.

Because we talked earlier.


And what?

We didn’t fix it.

That’s why I picked you.

Because I want to fix it, but I don’t know how.

He looked at me like that, too.


‘Cause he thinks the job is all that matters to me.

And so, is that what you want?

Do you want me to admit that?

That the job is everything? Is that how I get the clue?

Or maybe, I should go even more psychobabble here

and admit that if I don’t complete this mission,

then I don’t know who I am.

Maybe I think that, uh

nobody will love me, or,

or care about me if I’m a failure.

And maybe that’s the reason why I lost you.


Is that right?

Some of those things may be true,

but they are not the answer.


Wait. So,

I succeed, I fix things.

What’s wrong with that?

What’s wrong with-with having a purpose?

You don’t have to go out every day and prove yourself,

why you matter.

You don’t have to prove that you deserve this uniform,

this rank, that

that you can be counted on, that you won’t quit,

that you won’t fail again.


Screw you.

I’ll find my own way out.

RHYS: Engineering,

how much longer till we can help the Archive?

We are working on it, Commander.

So how the hell do we disrupt a shield-tunneling technology

we’ve never encountered before

from a species we know almost nothing about?

And don’t forget we have to do it

without the Breen knowing we’re here.

How hard could that be?

ADIRA: Hey, look at this. Their tunnel has

a periodic fluctuation.

It’s, uh, 8.4 times per second.

Yeah. They’re-they’re using harmonic resonance…

BOTH: To match the Archive’s shield frequency.

I love when you two do that.

STAMETS: It’s an automated process, but

if we could make the Breen’s system think

that the frequency’s changed,

it would remodulate, closing the tunnel

so none of the soldiers could get inside.

The problem is, the Breen use base-duodeca coding,

which is, like, really hard to hack.

Remember when I was talking about all the odd jobs

that I used to have?

Uh, yes?

[Stamets gasps]

There was a stint where I fixed

comms relays near Hysperia.

Hysperians really know how to party, by the way,

but it’s another story.

Point is, we’d do remote repairs using

concentrated positron beams,

which can be set to pulse at pretty much any frequency.

We-we could direct

a positron beam right to where the tunnel meets

the Archive’s shields, and then, if we set the beam

to a different frequency…

That’s it. Do it again.

BOTH: The tunnel would automatically close!

ADIRA: Yeah, but eventually, they’re gonna

realize the error and-and correct it.

Yes, but, hopefully, by then, our team’s already out.

Great idea.

I live to serve.

Commander, we have a solution,

but it’ll take a few minutes.

RAYNER: We’ll do our best to survive that long.


They’ll come into this intersection here,

they’ll fan out and look for us, I’m guessing in groups of four.

Okay, I see a few places where we can hit them from,

depending on their arrival position.

No. There.

We’ll be hidden by shelving, but we’ll have clear

sight lines wherever they come in.

You think like a hunter.

Had to, to survive the Breen.

STAMETS: We’re closing the tunnel now, Commander,

but some of the Breen got through.

RAYNER: We’ll be ready.

[speaking Breen]

Whatever it is you’re talking about,

it isn’t your only problem.

Someone just took out one of your troops.

I told you Discovery was here.

[speaking Breen]


[weapon firing]


RAYNER: There’s more of that down here,

you gelatinous assholes!

[weapons firing]

Send me down there.

I’ve beaten Starfleet in close quarters.

Do you think I’m a fool?

I would never miss the chance to bring L’ak back.

And you don’t have to keep losing soldiers.

We will sacrifice as many as it takes.

Redirect all forces in the facility

to that sector immediately.

[responds in Breen]

He doesn’t give a shit about L’ak.

Or any of you.

You know that, right?

Hang on. Hang on. Hang on.

Book’s been shot.

Book. Hold on. Let me take a look.

BOOK: Oh, easy.

It’s not that bad.

Abdominal cavity.

I can’t treat this here. We need to get you to sickbay.

What’s the captain’s status?

No change. She’s still in it.

Discovery, report.

RHYS: We disrupted the tunnel,

but they’ll have it fixed soon.

And we can’t take this plasma storm much longer.

What do you want us to do, Commander?

Five more minutes.

If the captain’s not conscious by then, we evacuate.

Contact the Archive, have them ready to lower shields

just long enough for us to beam out.

Wait. What about the clue?

Clue won’t matter if we’re all dead.

No, no, no, no, we can’t.

RAYNER: Book, listen,

I know transporting means we could lose her,

but if we stay, we most definitely will.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

I needed a minute.

Your time is almost up.

I know.

I’ve tried everything.

There’s nothing else I can do.

I don’t want to die in here.

Are you afraid of death?

Not really.

I’m afraid a lot.

But not of death.

I’m surprised to hear that.

The great Michael Burnham,


More than I’d like to admit.

Of failing.

Not being enough.

A good enough captain




it drives me, that fear.

And I hate that.


I hate it so much.

It makes me feel…

Makes me feel small.

And weak.

[inhales sharply]


Sounds hard to live like that.


Well, I’ve been working on it.

But it’s always there.

It actually feels good to say it out loud,

even if you’re not really Book.

I should’ve told him that.

Why I pulled back.

But I was afraid

I’d failed him.

Or me.

And so it was easier to just…


Well, anyhow.

Can you at least tell me what the test was?

Before the lights go out.

No need.

You’ve passed.

[lights clacking on]


If you’re going to be the one to protect

what the Progenitors left behind,

you’ll need to know yourself.

Be able to be honest with yourself.

Especially with the things that are hard to look at.

Fear, guilt.

The things you may be vulnerable to.

Most can’t admit those things to themselves.

That you can is the only way you can be trusted

to do the right thing with so much power.


Congratulations, Michael Burnham.

Thank you.

That’s one hell of a test.



You don’t mess around, do you?

There’s a crystal in Viewing Room 7.

Once you wake up,

just go in, get it

and break it open.

The clue’s hidden inside.


I guess I should head back, then.

There’s one more thing you need to know first.

About something inside your final destination.

The way to get through it.




CULBER: Captain.


Book, you’re hurt.

[panting]: What happened to you?

What happened?

I’ll be okay.

BURNHAM: What’s our status?

We need to evacuate now.

Breen are here, more are coming.

I know where the final clue is.

We need to get there first.

Let’s move.

Commander Rhys, are you ready?

RHYS: On your mark. Archive’s standing by to lower shields,

but the Breen reinforcements are almost there.

RAYNER: How much time do we have?

RHYS: 30 seconds, if you’re lucky.

BURNHAM: It’s enough.


Commander, now! Energize!

Are Book and Culber in sickbay?

Aye, Captain.


What’s the status of the Archive?

Hy’Rell said several archivists were injured,

but none critically.


With reinforcements beaming in,

it won’t last long.

RHYS: Figured they’d need help.

I sent Gallo to work on our shield emitters.

Good idea. Commander Jemison,

have Gallo’s team route all the available power to your station.

Commander Asha, get ready to take us out into the open

and draw the Breen away from the Archive.

BOTH: Aye, Captain.

All right, Asha.

Let’s fly.

Primarch, we have Discovery on scans.

They’re hailing us.

Put them through.

Primarch Ruhn,

your business is with us, not with the Archive.

They no longer have the item you desire.

So you do?

And if you fire on us, you’ll destroy the clue.

If you do not send me the entire set of clues

immediately, I will destroy the Archive.

NAYA: Captain, the dreadnaught’s

charging some sort of energy weapon.

Primarch, wait!

There are a thousand innocent lives in that Archive.

Take this as your final warning.

[speaks Breen]

BRYCE: Captain, Hy’Rell’s reporting significant injuries.

RUHN: Give me the clues,

or more blood will be on your hands.

First I’ll need your assurance

that the Archive and everyone in it

will not be harmed any further.

RAYNER: Captain?

RUHN: You are in no position to bargain.

I am if you want the clues.

Now swear on it!

A tergun to spare the Archive

and all its inhabitants.

A tergun is a sacred Breen oath.

You expect me to swear one

with a human?

That is exactly what I expect.

I need a moment to consider.

Tilly, get the rest of the clues up here.

We need to finish the map

so we can find where the tech is hidden.

On it.

Why would she do this?

The Federation’s compassion has always been its weakness.

To save the few,

they will risk the many.

It could be a trick, Primarch.

She would not risk that.

Not after seeing what our weapons can do.

Reopen communications.

They’re ready, Captain.

BURNHAM: Put them through.

RUHN: I will grant you tergun.

I will spare the Archive and all those inside.

Deviate from our agreement,

and they will die excruciating deaths.

Stand by for transport. Discovery out.


I’m here, I’m here.

Last clue.

Here we go.


TILLY: That’s it.

The coordinates to the Progenitors’ technology.

Get a scan of that map to Stamets.

Have him stand by to jump.

TILLY: Aye, Captain.

Prepare to vent main shuttle bay

and all plasma from both nacelles.

You heard your captain, get to it.

CREW: Aye, Commander.


we have received an item from Discovery

via transport.

Materialize it.

Is the object authentic?

It is.


Lock onto Discovery, prepare to fire.

What? No!

You’d be starting a war

with the Federation.

All the Breen factions will be drawn in.

They could turn against us.

RUHN: “Us”?

So you’re a Breen now?

I am the wife of the Scion.

The dead Scion.

[speaking Breen]

They’re locking onto us.

Evasive maneuvers.

Everybody hold tight.

Commander Stamets, are you ready?

STAMETS: Standing by, Captain.

We’re going to vent and jump simultaneously.

Black Alert.

[alert sounding]


Damage report.

I’m losing lateral thrusters!

Damage is reported on Decks 5, 14 and 18.

They’re firing again.

Fire back and hold steady!

Structural integrity is weakening.

Shields down to 30%.


Keep holding.


JEMISON: Shields are collapsing!

On my mark.



Is everybody all right?

Aye, Captain.

Aye, Captain.

Aye, Captain.

BURNHAM: Commander Asha, where are we?

22 light-years off target.

Commander Stamets?

STAMETS: I’m not sure what happened. The spore drive malfunctioned.

The sensors say it was damaged by the Breen assault.

We cannot jump again until it is fixed.

Warp drive is also damaged, Captain.

Looking into how bad.

Keep me posted.

Any casualties?

A few minor injuries, that’s it.


Lieutenant Tilly, considering maximum warp,

how long will it take the Breen ship

to get to the map coordinates?

Six hours, give or take.

Commander Rayner, I want all available personnel on repairs.

They have five hours, and then we need to go.

You got it.

Smart move, by the way, Captain.

Now Ruhn thinks we’re dead. Advantage us.

Someone once told me never turn my back on a Breen.

They still might beat us to the coordinates.

No, I learned something in the mindscape.

Something we’ll need to know when we get there.

And I can’t imagine Ruhn figuring it out.

What about Moll?

Primarch, we have confirmed

debris and traces of warp plasma.

Discovery has been destroyed.


Prepare to fire on the Archive.

You swore a tergun.

Don’t make this any worse for your crew

than you already have.

Set a course for the map coordinates.

The goal is L’ak.

The goal is whatever I say it is.

Recharge the weapons.

Take her to The Chamber.

But, Primarch, she…

Take her!

Yes, Primarch.

No, damn it, wait!

If you destroy the Archive,

it won’t just be the Federation coming after you.

It’ll be other Breen, too.

As revenge for your dishonor.

With the Progenitors’ power,

we will not worry.

But you don’t have it yet.

Do you?

L’ak will never support your succession

if you kill me.

I don’t need L’ak anymore.

Or you.

And there it is.

You don’t give a damn about your Scion,

your oaths,

or the lives of your soldiers.

Would L’ak do this?

Would your Scion be this selfish?

He left.

For a human.

He loves me.


But he left because of you.

Primarch, don’t.

How dare you!


[Breen clamoring]

I am the wife of L’ak.


and true ruler of the Imperium.

We will get him back.

Long will he reign.

Long will he reign.

Long will he reign.

Long will he reign.

Long will he reign.


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