Ninja Kamui - Episode 10

Ninja Kamui – Episode 10 | Transcript

Higan mourns Emma’s death when a letter challenging him to a duel arrives from Zai. Mike and Jason want to leak the data they hacked from AUZA to the public but discover they can’t due to Emma’s external memory drive being encrypted.

Ninja Kamui - Episode 9

Ninja Kamui – Episode 9 | Transcript

Emma and Jason combine their efforts to launch a hacking attack on AUZA, which results in them obtaining top-secret information. Meanwhile, Mike and Higan fend off a squadron of mercenaries sent by AUZA to stop them.

Fallout - S01E08 - The Beginning

Fallout – S01E08 – The Beginning | Transcript

In a flashback, Howard discovers Vault-Tec’s plan for nuclear war. In the present, Maximus fights Moldaver; Norm finds Vault 31’s sinister purpose. Lucy rejects her dad after learning his dark past.

Fallout - S01E07 - The Radio

Fallout – S01E07 – The Radio | Transcript

Maximus saves Lucy from Vault 4 expulsion, stays as she escapes with Thaddeus’s help. They deceive Brotherhood with a fake head; Lucy escapes with the real one. Norm enters Vault 31.

Fallout - S01E04 - The Ghouls

Fallout – S01E04 – The Ghouls | Transcript

Lucy and The Ghoul encounter dangerous situations, leading to a moral dilemma and intense confrontations. Norm uncovers secrets in Vault 32, linking back to his mother’s past and raising questions about the residents’ fate.

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