Bridgerton – S03E05 – Tick Tock | Transcript

Lady Whistledown's surprising engagement announcement reverberates through the Ton, while Penelope grapples with the need to disclose her true identity.
Bridgerton - S03E05 - Tick Tock

Season 3 – Episode 5
Episode title: Tick Tock
Original release date: June 13, 2024

Plot: Lady Whistledown’s surprising engagement announcement reverberates through the Ton, while Penelope grapples with the need to disclose her true identity.

* * *


[gentle music playing]

[Lady Whistledown] Dearest Reader.

While most seasons of our fair marriage mart follow a predictable pattern, this author likes it most when there is… a surprise.

[gentle music builds slowly]

[Lady Whistledown] It is said that surprise is one part secrecy and one part speed.

[heartbeat thumping]

And last night, an announcement came with great speed, indeed.

[muffled laughter and chatter]

[Colin, muffled] We are engaged!

[music peaks and fades]


[gasping, laughter]

[uplifting music playing]

Hyacinth, I do not think Penelope can breathe.

[Hyacinth] It is just… we’ve known Penelope for all these years,

and now she will be my sister!

I am delighted for you both.

Thank you, Lady Bridgerton.

[Violet chuckles]

[Francesca] What is your sour expression for?

I cannot believe you shall be married

before I am old enough to go to one tavern with you.

I’m sorry about that, brother.

[all chuckling]

Excuse me.

[music fades out]

Let me. Please.

Eloise. Eloise, wait.

My brother?

Are you quite serious?

For how long has this been going on?

It is very new. I am as surprised as you are.

For how long have you had feelings for him?

Do not answer that. I do not want to know.

You cannot marry him!


Does he know… that you are Whistledown?

No. He does not know. Please. Eloise, please do not tell him.

Colin is not like Lord Debling. He will not be gone for years at a time.

He will find out.

And until he knows the real you,

he cannot possibly love you.

You are right. But… please.

Just let him hear it from me.

I just need a little time to find the right moment.

But I will tell him. You have my word.

Very well.

[brisk classical music playing]

What happened?

She’s upset, understandably.

All will be well.

I am sure of it.

[Lady Whistledown] Regardless of how it happened…

it is surely a wonderful time for the happy couple.

[music peaks and fades]

[wind gusting]

[child 1] Get your Whistledown!

[child 2] Whistledown, cheap! Whistledown!

[children chattering]

Come on, get your Whistledown!

I will take one.

[man] Mmm.

[kissing, moaning]

[both chuckling softly]


Is that Lady Whistledown?

I’d think you would find her rather common.

[chuckles] It is anything but common to be a lady who speaks her mind.


In fact… you might want to read this one as well.


“It is said that surprise is one part secrecy and one part speed,

and last night, an announcement came with great speed, indeed.”

Must you continue reading aloud, Mr. Dankworth?

If we use our minds to read,

there may not be enough wits left for the baby.

Mama must’ve read a great deal when she was pregnant with you, then.

She goes on to say, “It may come as a surprise to all

that Mr. Bridgerton’s rumored assistance

in helping Miss Featherington find a husband

has, instead, led to the two of them finding each other.”



Give that to me.

[music fades out]


Colin Bridgerton betrothed to Miss Penelope Featherington.

[Lady Danbury] Ha!

Is this one you had a hand in?

I certainly did not.

But I am rather pleased by it.

What the city lacks in natural beauty,

it certainly makes up for in entertainment.

Who needs fresh air when there is fresh gossip?

Oh, good grief.

[rousing music plays]

[Charlotte] I let my guard down for one week,

and then my sparkler refuses the lemonade from my marquess.

I can only imagine the analogies Whistledown will see fit to make.

She will compare me to a sour fruit

or find some impudent quotation to ridicule me in front of my peerage.


[door opens]

[Brimsley] It is here, Your Majesty.

Read it to me.

[Brimsley] Mm…

[door shuts]

Ah. “Miss Francesca Bridgerton is also making the most of the season.”

“Her eye seems to be no longer on the Marquess Samadani

and instead on John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin.”

“Certainly a fine match.”

Is that all?

Uh, yes, Your Majesty.

[rousing music ends]

[light classical music plays]

[Kate exhales] Hmm…

I hope you are thinking pure thoughts,

considering we are returning to our family home.

I am simply enjoying the view of my ravishing wife

and soon-to-be mother of my child.

[Kate] Mmm.

I am eager to tell the family.

So much so that I can shout for all of Mayfair to hear!

[Kate chuckles]

[Anthony sighs]

[gentle music playing]

[indistinct chattering]

[horses whinnying lightly]


[Violet sighs] Oh.

[laughing] Oh, my dears!

Finally, you arrive!


I could get used to such long journeys if every return was like this.


[laughter and chattering]

Brother. Good day.

[Kate] You too.

And from where have you returned?

Just out for a morning stroll.

[Colin] Yes.

I read a curious piece of news in Whistledown this morning.

[Colin] Mm-hmm.


Oh. What is it?

Brother, you must tell them.

You delay, so I shall.

[Violet laughs]

Colin is engaged to Penelope Featherington.

Hyacinth may be the most excited of us all.


Thank you.

[Kate] Ah.

Oh, well, what wonderful news.

Of course.

Thank you. I am in high spirits.

It seems… [clears throat]

…we brothers have much to catch up on, indeed.


[Violet chuckles]

What else did I miss?

I am one of the brothers as well.

I think of you as the family pet.



[Gregory] That is so unnecessary.


[Violet] Yes, we do.

[music fades out]

[Eloise] She used me.

That is the only conclusion one can draw.

Do you know she, in fact, met my brother first?

Which leaves me thinking that our entire friendship

must’ve been a ruse to get to him all along.

It’s a good thing your friendship is long over, then.

Forgive me. It is rather shocking.

But I have had a shock of my own.

My parents told me they are in the process of arranging a marriage proposal.

From Lord Greer.

Lord Greer?

Is he not on death’s doorstep?

Sadly, no.

Though ripe in years,

he has assured my father he is the picture of health.

[sighs softly]

I would not have gone on and on if I had known your plight.

No, it is all right.

If I do have to marry a man who could be my great-grandfather,

we can at least use his money to shop

and queen over society like Lady Danbury.

Throw splendid balls and flirt shamelessly with widowers.

[both chuckle]

[soft music playing]

It sounds like quite a life.

[chuckles softly]

[music fades out]

Devon was very well, but… we have bigger fish to fry.

[Benedict] Hm.


[Anthony] First…



[Benedict chuckles]

No furtive looks necessary.

Come now, you must admit, it’s all rather sudden.

What was sudden was my last betrothal.

So I cannot blame either of you if you are prone to think me foolish.

My feelings for Penelope are not a thunderbolt from the sky.

I have known her a very long time, and perhaps

I have always felt something for her.

My only foolishness this time was not realizing it sooner.


[Colin] Mm.

Have you said these words to her?

The final part, the betrothal, it…

it did all happen rather swiftly.

Ah, it’s swift because you…

Are you going to duel with your own brother, or…

Well, you are marrying her, and for all the right reasons, it seems.

That’s all that matters.

But tell her.

[light music plays softly]

Very well. Perhaps I shall go and see Penelope now.

First… to your wives.


Thank you.

[clears throat, sniffs]

[sighs] Can you believe that? I did not know that.

[music fades out]


This is how I hear of my daughter’s engagement?

You hide out in your room all day,

and you let me read about it in Whistledown?

I did not much feel like announcing the happy news to you.


Is that what you think this is?

What else could it be? I am to be married.

Lord Debling was a reasonable match.

A reach, to be sure, but with all his eccentricities,

it was a secure match.

And you’ve thrown that away to play out, what?

A fancy on the neighbor boy,

who happens to be the most desired man of the season?

I do not think it’s unreasonable.

Colin cares for me.

Has he told you that he loves you?

[soft music builds slowly]

Not in… those exact words.

Oh, Penelope.

Do you not remember how the Bridgertons treated us like dogs

when Marina’s scheme was uncovered?

Now you’ve been out all hours of the night with no chaperone.

And then you traipse in this morning with news of an engagement

to the very same Bridgerton boy, using Lord knows what wiles to entrap him.

Excuse me.

Mr. Bridgerton is here, ma’am.

Mr. Bridgerton. What an unexpected delight.

I will not be staying long. But since we are all speaking so freely…

That was not meant for your ears.

I am still speaking.

Your daughter did not entrap me.

I proposed to her out of love, nothing less.

[gasps softly]

And were you not so narrowly concerned over your own standing,

you might see that Penelope is the most eligible amongst you.

In the future, I advise you not to sully our Bridgerton name

by suggesting otherwise.

[soft music builds]

[music fades out]

I wanted to show you this before our wedding.

It’s been in the family a very long time.

This is to be our home.

I know it does not look like much now, but

once we lay out some of our furnishings and decorations…

Are you concerned that we should not be here alone?

There is not yet any staff, but I thought, well, since we are to be married…


You do not realize how much that meant to me.

What you said to my mother.

No one has ever stood up for me like that.

Oh, I will always stand up for you.

Because I love you… Pen.

[tearfully] Are you sure?

Everything I said to your mother is true.

And you should see it as well.

[gentle music playing]

You… are the cleverest, bravest woman I have ever known.

You make me feel seen in ways I have never felt seen before.

And then there is…

the way your hair cascades down your shoulder.

The way your eyes shine when you look at me,

like two blue pools.

The firmness of your lips parted just so.

The softness of your skin.

And then there are…

other parts I’ve been…

I’ve been dreaming about.

[breathing heavily]

You must tell me to stop if you do not wish for this.

I do not wish for you to stop.

[panting, moaning softly]

Lie down.

[music peaks and fades out]

[romantic music playing]

[chuckles softly]


[clears throat]

You are so beautiful.

Tell me what to do.

I will do everything.


Tell me.

You could… touch me.



Not there.

[gasps softly]

Not yet.

May I?


[moans softly]

[breathing heavily]

[whispering] Oh, yes.


Why did you stop?

Are you ready?

Is there more?

[chuckles softly]

This may hurt.

I cannot help it, I promise. But…

it should only be this first time.

[inhales sharply]

[Colin sighs]

[grunts, panting]

[chuckling softly]

[moans softly]

All right?

It is all right, yes.

[both panting softly]

[breathing heavily]

[both grunt lightly]

[gentle music stirring]

[both breathing rapidly]

[Penelope moaning]

[Colin sighing]

[both chuckling]

Was it all right?

It was perfect.

Can we do it again?

Give me five minutes.

Maybe ten.

[both laughing]

[music fades out]

[whispers] Anthony, we cannot.

Why not?

[chuckling] Because Newton is watching.


I want it noted I was right.

What? About your dog?

Our dog.

And no, about our news.

It is not the appropriate time to tell the family.

Not with the betrothal

and Francesca’s courtship with Lord Kilmartin.

Your mother has her hands full.

We can keep our secret a little longer.

Is this the only reason you wish to delay our news?

You are happy, I hope?

Oh… very happy.

[bright classical music playing]

And very busy.

[sighs] I must plan the best betrothal party ever thrown

before they nominate someone else as viscountess.

[up-tempo classical music playing]

[indistinct chattering]

I would say so.

Fine-looking hound.

Good boy.

[dog barks]

[Francesca] I have been playing since I was five years old,

even though my fingers were too small to reach all of the keys.

My sister Daphne had just begun her lessons,

and I begged Mama to let me sit with her as she learned.

On the days her tutor came, I would wake at six to practice.

I would certainly rather be awakened by your playing than by my valet.

My family did not see it that way.

Anthony once hid my piano stool for a whole week.

So I would not wake him so early.


[Francesca] I believe it was the reason he moved to a bachelor’s apartment.

Uh… the viscount is home now, is he not?

Indeed. With my new sister.


It is almost nauseating how perfect they are together.



Would you be nauseated by the idea of marriage for yourself?

No, I…

I wish to be married. Very much, in fact.

I just hope my husband will not hide my piano stool from me.


I would not dream of it.

[music peaks and fades out]

We may need an extra table or two in here for the desserts.

Oh, and have cook make extra cinnamon biscuits.

Gregory’s favorite.

Of course, ma’am.

That is all for now, Mrs. Wilson. Thank you.


I have been needing a respite from planning our hospitality.

You seem to be quite good at it.

Oh, I am. [chuckles]

But I’d still much rather be out riding somewhere.

Do not tell your mother.

Hm. [chuckles]

Is your mind on Penelope?

I am not entirely surprised she kept a secret from me.

This is not the first time she has done so.

But Colin…

And once again, I am left to face the fact that everyone eventually pairs off.

While I, too, would rather be out riding.

Metaphorically speaking. I do not much like horses.

Family is everything.

It is why you must talk to Colin, tell him how you are feeling.

[solemn music playing]

There is no better feeling than the truth.

You should know Gregory hates cinnamon biscuits

since Benedict dared him to eat a whole plate, and he threw them up.

Ah. [chuckles]

He likes fruit jellies now.



Well, fruit jellies it is.

[both chuckle]

Thank you.

[sighs deeply]

[music fades out]

[footsteps approaching]

[Varley] Ma’am.

Are you all right?

Am I to take it as an insult

that Mr. Bridgerton thinks I am preoccupied with standing?

As if it is a misdeed to protect this family’s place in society.

There’s nothing wrong with that, ma’am.

And how was I to know that it was a love match between them?

It is certainly uncommon.

Not just for Penelope.

For any of us.

I am certain she will understand. You were only trying to protect her.

Perhaps you should tell them as much.

Speaking of standing…

[sighs] A connection to the Bridgertons wouldn’t hurt at this moment.

I told him you weren’t here.

That solicitor poking into Jack Featherington.

He wants to see you again.

[gentle music plays]

[sighs softly]

Do I look a mess?



But you are my mess.

I hope I was all right for you.

I know you are more experienced.

There is nothing that compares to this.

Not even the women in Paris?

[both laughing]

Will you let me read more of your writing?

You promised me you would.

That is true.

And I do not like to break a promise.

Colin, there is something I must tell you.

What is it?

[knocking at door]

[tense music plays lightly]

Damn. That must be the servants, no doubt, bringing over my personal effects.

We can take my carriage across the park.

No one will see us.

[footsteps approaching]

[Charlotte chuckles lightly]

[liquid splashes]

[door opens]

Lady Danbury.

Take a seat, and enjoy this momentous day with me.

What is it that we are… celebrating?

The demise of Lady Whistledown.

[inhales deeply]

[exhales sharply]

Do you smell that?

It reeks of weakness.

She antagonizes no one.

She makes no attempt to gloat

about my sparkler’s turn toward the mediocre.

She is undefended.

[quietly] Thank you.

Now is the time to strike.

And what is your plan, Your Majesty?

It is already done.


My Royal Messengers are marching through the streets as we speak.


Oh, Lady Danbury.

We are going to have so much fun.

[mischievous music plays]

[horses whinny]

[music fades out]

[fanfare playing]

A letter from the queen.

From the queen.

Thank you.

[indistinct chatter]

Whoa! Easy.

[man] By proclamation of the queen.

What is it?

[driver] Go on!

It is a message from the queen.


“Dearest members of my most esteemed ton, I hereby…”

[Charlotte] “…declare that whoever brings legitimate evidence

of Lady Whistledown’s identity to the palace

shall receive a £5,000 reward.”

“Yours truly, Her Majesty Queen Charlotte.”

Finally, the woman will get the consequences she deserves.

Imagine… unmasking Whistledown.

You’ll not try, will you?

I am certain I will not have to.

Someone else will surely root her out.

[tense music playing]

Now, what did you wish to tell me?


It is not important now.


Eloise. I have been looking for you.

Uh… may we?

[Eloise clears throat]

I apologize… for not telling you sooner about my feelings for Penelope.

In fact, I think I shall stand.


It is strange enough to have one’s brother speaking about feelings for one’s friend,

but you knew we were at odds and still went behind my back.

I know. And I am deeply sorry.

But I love her, El, in more ways than I can even express.

Perhaps it is better you do not try.

And you loved her once too.

You were inseparable.

I remember the day the Featheringtons moved in across the square.

From that day on, it was, “Penelope this,” and “Penelope that,”

and “Penelope and I are going to read Don Quixote, and going to be knights.”

I was devastated to learn we were not allowed to take fencing lessons.


Penelope is going to be your sister soon.

There was once a time that would’ve been your greatest dream.

It would mean the world to me to have your blessing.

And I know it would mean a great deal to Penelope too.

Oh. I almost forgot.

I have a gift for you.

I know you despise Whistledown as much as I do.

[Eloise exclaims softly]

[tense music plays]

[music fades out slowly]

[Lady Cowper] We are delighted by your intentions

towards our daughter, Lord Greer.

I assure you, should we marry,

we shall be pillars of society.

As my wife, Miss Cowper will reflect me.

None of this fashionable dress.

Somber clothing is best. Gray or brown.

And we do not flit about town, engaged in gossip within the ton.

We shall attend no more than one ball per month

and only if the hosts are of strong moral character.

I certainly do not believe in music,

and modern art nowadays is absolutely scandalous.

Her tender eyes and ears will never be exposed to such filth.

[clears throat] That sounds delightful.

Do you not agree, Cressida?

Very good.

And, of course, I do still expect babies.

I so love children.

I would be happy with four or five.

Hmm. Of course.

[pensive music playing]

[breathes deeply]

[music fades out slowly]

Why does no one simply consult the local parish registry for her name?

She must live somewhere.

You suggest to look in a registry for someone named Lady Whistledown?

Well, obviously, not that exactly. But she must have a first name.

That is how you think Whistledown will be discovered?

She shall not be discovered. She is too good at hiding herself.

Speaking of hiding… how did you secure Mr. Bridgerton?

Did you find a spell in one of your books?

[both chuckling]

Girls, you shall not abuse your sister in this household.


You were the one who…

We have all been acting in an uncouth way of late.

With the excitement of dual pregnancies and a surprise engagement,

we have all quite forgotten ourselves.

But as head of this household, I will remind us.

Featheringtons support one another.

[chuckling scoffs]

Is that what you were doing? Supporting me?


You are right. I have been unkind.

But it stops now.

And thankfully, we have your engagement party coming up

to allow us our fresh start.

We do?

Which Penelope and I shall attend alone.

It will give you two time to deliberate

on how best to amend your behavior towards your sister.

I am going to my room to read.

[Lady Featherington] Very well.

[pensive music plays]

[Lady Whistledown] It seems the only thing quicker than the match

between Miss Featherington and Mr. Bridgerton

is the rest of London’s quick return to old ways,

with Lady Featherington racing to attach herself to the Bridgertons

and the queen back on her fruitless hunt

for Lady Whistledown.

But this secret is one that cannot be rushed.

[music fades out]

Forks go to the left, while knives and spoons go to the right.


Perfect. He’s learned so quickly.

He gets his quick mind from his mother.

Do you not think, Will?

[softly] Excuse me.

[woman] You shall be quite ready for your first outing in society.

How are your ledgers?

Still emptier than they should be.

You must take some time off this week.

I cannot…

You can.

And I insist you do.

[woman] Perfect.

Your ledgers will not miss you, but your family will.

[woman] That’s it, to the right.

Well done.

[solemn music playing]

[music fades out]

[indistinct chatter]

[up-tempo classical music playing]

Thank you.

Good evening, gentlemen.

You have outdone yourself, sister.

Look at the place.

Thank you. You all look dashing.

Not as much as Gregory.

Brother, wherever did you get such a fine hat?

I will be an Eton man soon.

It is high time I begin presenting myself as one.

Perhaps Eton will make your brain big enough to fill that hat.

[Kate] Oh! Ah…


Well, as a man of the house, you must greet our guests.

Ah. Welcome.

Miss Hyacinth.

A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lord Kent.

[Gregory] Do not take interest in her.

I have a new bow and arrow. Would you like to see it?

[both chuckle softly]

[light classical tune playing]

[Lady Featherington] Hm.

The decorations are somewhat more drab than I remember, are they not?

My bride-to-be.

Good evening.

And here is my son-to-be.

Lady Featherington.

It is pleasant to receive such a warm greeting from you.


I deeply regret my earlier comments.

Let us put it in the past.

Tonight, we celebrate our collective future.

Well, if that is your intent, then it shall be mine to honor it.

Oh, I must tell your mother how much I love

what she has done with the decoration.

Are the drinks nearby?

Eloise mentioned that Miss Cowper invited herself.

I was not sure I could say no.

It is all right.


I rather relish her presence, so that she can watch you in your triumph.


[Lady Danbury] Anyone who questions their match is a fool.

And all she had to do to get him to marry her was be herself.

She is an extraordinary young woman.


Lady Bridgerton.

Lord Anderson, welcome. [chuckles]

Marcus. I did not realize that you were coming tonight.

We ran into each other out promenading the other day.

A happy coincidence.


And I invited him.

[inhales sharply]

I see.

Well, to the happy couple.

[Violet] Mm.

[Cressida] Lord Greer is horrible, Eloise.

I have been thinking on ways to circumvent his proposal.

Will you help me?

Of course. Just… excuse me.

Either my brother is the most understanding person ever born,

or you have not yet told him.

I am waiting for the right time.

It does not concern only you.

This secret, this lie, with the queen’s reward, it is bound to come out.

And when it does, Colin will know I kept it from him as well.

If it proves too difficult for you to reveal the truth,

I will be merciful and reveal it to him myself.

You have until midnight.

[stirring music plays]

Your refreshment.

Is everything all right?

[clock ticking]

[breathing shakily]

[pleasant classical music playing]

Good evening.

Lady Arnold, please allow me to introduce you to my sister, Lady Bridgerton.

Delighted to make your acquaintance.

It seems you host a hell of a party.

I like her already.

[Francesca] May I present my brother, Viscount Bridgerton.

I’ve heard nothing but the highest praise for you, my lord.

So, you have not been speaking with my family then?

[all laughing]

Lord Kilmartin, you must tell them the amusing story

you were telling me the other day, about the boots.

Ah, yes.

The boots.

Well, there was, uh… there was mud…

a great deal of mud on them.


[chuckling lightly]

Shall we get some refreshment?


What do you think?

They are rather… similar.

Yes, but do you not think

Francesca could use someone to bring her out of her shell?

And given that the queen is opposed…

Oh! So much so it may have inspired her Whistledown reward today.

Perhaps you should take the direct approach, for once.

I know it is unlike you to cajole your children.

You mock me.

As you rightly mocked me all last season.


Excuse me.



There you are, Lady Bridgerton. We keep missing one another.

Duty of a hostess, I am afraid. [chuckles]

Well understood.



Good evening, everyone. If you will allow me a few words.

Most people, when they fall off a horse, are counseled to get back on it again.

I say stay down, for in the mud,

you may happen to be blessed with your future bride.

[light laughter]

It was my atrocious riding that led me to meet Miss Featherington,

Pen… and I am so grateful to be here with her tonight.

I look forward to our life together,

to knowing each other fully,

and to never taking a single day with you for granted.

[Violet sighs]

[man] Congratulations.

[woman] Hear, hear.

[guests clapping]

[guests exclaiming]

[Lady Danbury] Health and happiness.


[clears throat]

[tense notes play]

Congratulations to you both. [chuckles]

Here is to truly knowing each other.


Before the clock runs out.

[tense music plays]

[clock ticking]

Hm. The clock of life, of course.

[chuckles] Ticks for us all. To your good health!

[music stops]

Thank you, Eloise. I…

I should like to add how… proud I am

of my lovely daughter, Penelope.

[Violet chuckles]

To the match of the season, and the Featherington-Bridgerton family.


I cannot tell if this party needs stronger drinks or weaker ones.

Now, perhaps some dessert and charades in the drawing room.

[indistinct chattering]

[pensive music playing]

Shall we?

Of course.

Bridgerton rules, everyone.

[music fades out]

The person who guesses correctly shall take the next turn.

We shall continue swapping around the room until the intellectual genius of the group

reveals him or herself.

Who shall go first?

Ah. I think Penelope.

It is her night, after all.


Very well.


[clears throat] “My second is conveyed to my first by the company of family.”

“My whole is a product of spring.”

“A product of spring…” Surely a flower of some kind.

Lilies. Forget-me-not. Lilacs!


Ease is conveyed to one’s heart by the company of family.

Heart’s-ease, the flower.

Eloise is correct.


Very good, sister.

Well done. Your turn, then.

[light music playing]

Here we go. Round two.

[clears throat] Thank you.

“My first is a contraction for society.”

“My second denotes a recluse.”

“My third forms a part of the ear. My whole is but a quibble.”

Something “nun.”

Yes, exactly.

Earlobe. Earlobe!

Um, no! Wait, no.

[man laughing]

Is it not, um…

A “conundrum”?

Yah! Yes!


Very good.

[Benedict] You are good.

Clever. Well done.

[overlapping chatter]

“My first, I would venture for. My second, I would venture in.”

“My whole is more talked of than practiced.”

A dwelling, perhaps?

No. “Venture for, venture in.”

It is friendship, is it not?

It is.


[light clapping]

Will the rest of us participate in the game as well?

There is a history between these two.

And perhaps it will finally be settled.

[Lady Arnold speaking softly]

[Benedict] I will get us a drink.

[music fades out]

[Eloise] “My first is somewhat soft and yellow, especially in the spring.”

“My next are busy, meddling fellow forever on the…”


It looks like Nicky is about to learn chess.

[Alice] Mm.

Well, you know, Daisy finally mounted a horse this week.

She did?

Mm-hm. She had this look in her eye.

Her fear subsided, and she did what was most difficult.

And all I could think was… “I wish her father were here to see this.”

I’ll get us a drink.

That’d be lovely.


Yes, they’re just over there.

[Colin] Very good, Will.

[Anthony] Finally. The cycle is broken.

[overlapping chatter]

[Will] “My first wettens the wilds to create new life.”

“My second adorns a young girl’s hair until she becomes a wife.”

“My whole can lead to pots of gold, ending years of strife.”


That is the one.

[Colin] Ah!

[Anthony] Very good.


[woman] Bravo.

Very good.

[somber music playing]

[Lady Featherington] “My first is a term to relay a circumstance present at…”

Do you want to hear my plan?

To avoid marrying Lord Greer?

[clears throat] Of course.

I am going to take a flat in Vienna,

live my own life with the reward money from identifying Whistledown.

[chuckles softly]

Eloise, do you not care I’m being forced to marry a man thrice my age?

Uh, of course I care.

And I’d very much like to shout at your parents

if I thought it’d make any difference.

But as much as I would love to see Whistledown finally exposed,

you will never find her.

You do not think I am clever enough.

No… No, that is not what I meant. I could not find her myself.

And you are far more clever than I.

Cressida, I am sorry. Please, I cannot do this right now.

I will find a way to obtain that reward.

[music fades out]

Lord Kilmartin, are you enjoying your evening?

Yes. Thank you.

Without such an audience, I should like to share with you three

the true story of my muddy boots.

[Violet clears throat]

Here is what truly happened. Um…

[clears throat]

A suspicious streak of mud found its way into our home.

And there we were, myself, the servants, even my mother,

chasing this mysterious mud through the house.

Even as servants tried to clean it, more spots appeared, as if from a phantom.

As I reached the end of my rope,

I finally looked down to discover the phantom was, in fact,



Chasing the mud with my own boots.

[gentle music playing]

All that to say, sometimes I miss what is right in front of me.

But not Miss Francesca.

Her… I saw straightaway.

You are right. This is quite a story, after all.

[woman] Mr. Bridgerton.


[Colin] Very good.

[Violet] Hm.

[Lord Kilmartin] Thank you.

“My first is nothing but a name. My second’s still more small.”

“My whole of so much smaller fame, it has no name at all.”

[guests exclaiming]

How about… “nameless”?

Aw… Well, yes.

Something Lady Whistledown will not be for much longer.

[guests chuckling]

The queen has made sure of that.

Well, I think she is…

Who’d pursue a matter as trivial as Whistledown’s identity?

It all feels… vulgar.

I would argue Whistledown is the vulgar one.

Though the ton can do with a little vulgarity.

What I was trying to say…

If she is unmasked, it will spell ruin for her family.

And certainly any hope of marriage.

[tense music playing]

[breathing shakily]

[clock ticking]

[tense music builds]

Excuse me.

[music fades out]

We should tell them tonight.

I thought you wanted to wait.

You and I…

we are at our happiest in this moment.

And if I am honest, I have wished for it to just be the two of us a little longer.

It is a great change, but you and I will make our way with our child

the way we have always done with each other.

[stirring music builds slowly]

[breathing heavily]

Such reward is not enough to entice Lady Whistledown to come forward.

[Lady Featherington] Indeed, many would commit wilder acts for such a sum.

[Alice] We saw three young ladies chasing after delivery boys this morning

to seek her identity.


[Will] Surely she would hate to be unmasked.

Perhaps she would love to be unmasked. The power, the infamy,

freedom to do whatever she wants.

Not to mention the money.

[men chuckling]

And then, of course, there’s the fact that she would not have to marry.

That is a good point.

She may see herself living a finer life than any of us.

[Alice] But can you imagine living with that secret all this time?

It must burn away at her.

[Lady Featherington] Terrible, living a double life like that.

[Will] I could not keep that secret for more than an hour.

[Marcus] Nor I, surely.

[clock ticking]

Pen. Where did you run off to? I was looking for you.

I… I only needed a moment.

I know something is bothering you.

I can feel it. All evening, you have been shirking my gaze.

[clock ticking, clanks]

No, Colin…

I would understand if you got swept up in the carriage.

If you do not now share my feelings.

Colin… I need to tell you something.

Pen. Pen. Are you well?

[Penelope gasping]

Colin. I need to tell…

Eloise, please have a servant fetch a cool towel.


[Anthony] Mother, Lady Danbury.

We have some news.

We are expecting.

[Lady Danbury gasps]

[laughing] Oh! That is the best news!


Let us tell the family. They will be so delighted.


Excuse us, everyone.

I have an announcement.

It is time that I put an end to the speculation.

You would like to know who Lady Whistledown is?

You shall know.

I am she.

[guests exclaiming quietly]

Miss Cowper, surely you jest.

I jest not.

I am Lady Whistledown. And you are right.

I can do whatever I want.

[stirring music continues]

Colin… I cannot breathe.

[gasping for air]

[guests exclaiming]

[Violet] Miss Wilson!

[frenetic music playing]

[Anthony] Get some water.

[Eloise] Give her some air.

[Colin] Pen!

[indistinct chattering]

[music peaks and fades]

[theme music playing]

[music ends]


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