Eric – Episode 5 | Transcript

Ledroit makes headway in both investigations. Cassie gets a phone call that changes everything, and Vincent continues to follow the map.

Episode 5
Original release date: 30 May 2024 (Netflix)

Plot: Ledroit makes headway in both investigations. Cassie gets a phone call that changes everything, and Vincent continues to follow the map.

* * *

[melancholy music playing]

[Clark] We live in a city where too many people have been forgotten and discarded.

[camera clicks]

All we are asking is that the NYPD face up to their responsibilities and do their job.

Another child is also missing.

Marlon Rochelle,

a 14-year-old boy who played on these courts.

A kid just like Edgar Anderson, but he doesn’t count because he’s Black and he’s poor.

So we are asking…

No, we are demanding that his disappearance be taken seriously, as seriously as any young boy’s.

Six days, Edgar Anderson has been missing.

Marlon Rochelle has not been seen for 11 months, yet the police continue to do nothing.

Deputy Mayor Costello must stop with his empty promises and clean up this city we love.

We need action.

[music fades]

[Eric panting]

[man yelling angrily]

Oh man. We’ve been doing this for days.

It’s gonna make sense.

None of this makes sense.

It will make sense.

Round and round in circles, wasting time.

Shut up!

What you can’t accept is that it’s all your fault that the kid ran away.

[distant siren wailing]


[Eric] Huh? That’ll give him nightmares.

Kid sees that sliding out from behind the door, he’s gonna run.

Stop talking and concentrate.

[Eric groans] My feet are killing me.

[water dripping rapidly]

[indistinct chatter]

[lighter flicking]


[Yuusuf] Hey, Raya. Quit smoking that shit around the boy.

[Raya] Let me take him. I can get good money for him.

Ah, I’ve been good to the boy. He’ll tell ’em.

Then the money will be mine.

[Raya] You think you’re safe ’cause you washed his face?

It’s your funeral, man.

[soothing music playing]

“Be good. Be kind.”

“Be brave. Be different.”

From the kids’ show?

[Edgar] Yeah.

That’s cool.

I like your style, little man.

I gotta go. We’ll talk about it later.

But for now, you stay real quiet, like before, huh?

[unsettling music playing]

I’m gonna get you home.

[Raya] I can watch him.

I’m not leaving you with him.

You come with me.

Lock the door after us, kid.

[door locks]

[music fades]

[water pouring]

[indistinct chatter]

[woman sighs]

God, will they ever leave? [sighs]

[inhales] Advil?

Over there.

[drawer opens]


[woman sighs]

[pills rattle]


we should talk.

I have a Realtor dropping in at 4:00.

There’s no point in delaying these things.

Also, our attorney has sent over some paperwork.

It’s pretty clear, but if you need help going over anything,

I’m sure he’d talk you through it all.

William left a donation to the New York Symphony Orchestra.

And I know we can both agree that William was very generous with you,

but I don’t need to remind you

that you have no legal entitlement to this apartment.

We were together seven years.

I want you out by the end of the month.

[Ledroit inhales]

Michael, I do believe you loved my brother,

but you killed him, plain and simple.

You brought this disease to his door.

I’m not sure the NYPD would be comfortable

knowing that one of its leading detectives was concealing his own health issues,

let alone that they have a homosexual within their own police force.

Did you take the photo off the fridge?

Of William and me?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I see what you’re doing, Caroline.

I loved your brother… very much.

And I say this without malice because I know you must be hurting.

But you’re trying to erase seven years of this…

this extraordinary thing we found together.

[Caroline sighs]

[Ledroit] Really?

I’m not the reason for William’s suffering.

He got it from someone else. I’m not sick.

I didn’t ruin William.

I loved him.

[melancholy music playing]

[approaching footsteps]

Tanya, you leaving already?

Let me walk you out.

[telephone ringing]

[telephone continues ringing]

[Edgar] Hello, this is the Anderson family.

Please leave a message after the tone.

[Cassie] Message after the beep.

[Vincent] Don’t forget…

[Edgar] Don’t forget to leave your number!

[Vincent] Bingo!


[Yuusuf] Hello.

I’ve got your boy.

Hello, who is this? Are you fucking with me?

There’s a tear on the cuff of his jacket.

[Raya] Don’t do this, man.

It’s a… it’s a red jacket.

And he’s got a mole on his shoulder.

On his right shoulder.

Is he… is he hurt? Is he okay? Have you hurt him?

[inhales] He’s safe.

[Cassie inhales deeply]

What do you need? What… what do you want? Wha…

Please just give him back.

Please bring him back.

[Raya] Tell her you want the money.

The payphone, corner on 34th on 6th. Opposite the laundromat.

You bring the money.

Okay, okay.

In cash. I’ll bring the boy. 9:00 tonight.

If I see cops, you don’t get him. You talk to anyone, he will not be there.

[tearfully] Okay. Can I talk to him, please?

Can I just talk to him?

Please, please. Can I just…

[Raya] Oh great. Cops will be waiting with her. It’s a fucking trap!

[menacing music playing]


[replaces receiver]

[tense music playing]

[Raya] What? You ignoring me now?

[Yuusuf] Yeah, ’cause I don’t fucking trust you!

Get your own plan.

[Ronnie as Mush] Well, he’s been living underground for a while,

so he’s a little shy,

but soon we’ll have a new friend here at Good Day Sunshine.

[unenthusiastically] Yay!

[approaching footsteps]

Something is not working.

It’s fine. Big smiles, everybody.

Remember who we’re doing this for.

Jerry and his Sunshine Band.

Where’s Vincent?

[Murray] Hey, Cassie.

[Cassie] Hey, Murray.

[Lennie sighs]

I haven’t seen him in days.

What? Where is he? I need to talk to him.

Where is he? I need him.

He’s been… fired, Cassie.

They let him go.

These are his drawings.

This is Eric.

[woman] We’re testing him out today.

There’s a Good Day Sunshine charity meet and greet…

Shut the fuck up, Ellis.

You fired him?


Lennie, he pulled you up. He pushed you forward.

He showboated every ounce of you. Not just himself. His ideas are the foun…

Are fucking crazy! And I have to frame them and shape them.

I got us this gig. I do the deals.

What was the last puppet that you built, huh?

That you, yourself, built, made from scratch?

[Lennie] You know what? This is a tired narrative.

Everybody knows he’s the creative genius.

And I schmooze. I polish the suits because he can’t.

[exasperated] Ronnie?

He’s an addict.

I’m sorry, Cassie. He was fucking up the show.

The eyes are wrong.

[train car clattering]

[Eric grunts]

Here. Here.

[Eric grunts]


[girl] I can’t wait…

[Eric] Huh?

[boy and girl speaking indistinctly]

[Eric] Bad idea, Vincent.

Too late.

[unsettling music playing]

[Eric grunts]

[doors open]

[woman] Hold on to my hand.

[indistinct chatter]

[Jerry] Everyone at PLN and Good Day Sunshine

are very proud of the work we do with the GDS Charity,

feeding children and their families in this great city of ours.

What the fuck?

[Jerry] We’re all coming together today to clean up our neighborhood.

The neighborhood we love!

And it’s wonderful to have the Hudson Sanitation guys out in force…

[cheering and applause]

…cleaning up our streets and making this city great again.

[Eric grunts]

Now, I’d like to hand things over

to one of the charity’s biggest supporters,

Deputy Mayor Richard Costello.


[Eric grunts quizzically]

[Vincent] What’s that fucking rat doing here?

Thank you so much. It’s so great to see everybody here.

What the fuck?

[Costello] In a moment, we are gonna meet the new Good Day Sunshine friend.

But firstly, today is about raising awareness for our program

to restore and support the regeneration and improvement of New York City.



[Costello] Yeah! [chuckles]


[Sebastian] What?

By closing down our shelters?

[Costello] No, sir.

[Sebastian] Making more people homeless?

No, sir. We’re gonna do it by cleaning up our streets,

by relocating our shelters, and building new homes.


You just watch.

Okay, now it is my good fortune

to introduce to you my friends at Good Day Sunshine,

who have been telling me there’s a new kid in town.

[cheering and applause]

Ain’t I looking at him?

[Ronnie as Mush] Now play nice, Bug.

[Lennie as Officer Charlie] Hey, guys, what’s all this talk about a new kid?

[Ronnie as Mush] Now, he’s kind of shy.

He hasn’t had a home for a little while.

[Lennie] Oh.

But he’s gonna come live with us at Good Day Sunshine.


You can see him on your TVs real soon.

Hey, Eric!

Eric, come on out. Don’t be shy.

There he is, kids!

[cheering and applause]

All right. I’m coming! I’m coming!

♪ The trees are green And the sky is blue ♪

♪ The sun is up And it’s smiling down on you… ♪

[Eric] What the fuck is that?

♪ What you doin’ today? ♪

[Eric grunts]

♪ Put your hand in mine Come on, let’s play! ♪

♪ Good Day Sun ♪

♪ Good Day Sunshine ♪

Well, hello, world.

And how are we all today?

[cheering and applause]

I’m Eric.

And don’t go forgetting that name.

[unsettling music playing]

Jesus Christ.

[inhales deeply]

[Eric] Is… that thing your master plan to get your kid back?

[Vincent breathing anxiously]

[music fades]

[doorbell rings]

Tia? Oh, for…



[doorbell rings]

[exhales forcefully]

[woman sighs]


Anne. I’m here for the reward money.

Take off your coat. I’ll make tea.

I don’t want tea. I need that money.

And the $25,000 that Vincent gave back.

What do you need it for?

Do not ask me that. Just trust me.

You’ll have to wait. Robert’s out, and he’s got the combination to the safe.

I’ll call him.


Cassie, I can’t do anything without Robert if it’s cash you need.

Okay, yes. Call him. Call him.

You look very pale. Are you sick?


Vincent should be looking after you.

Vincent’s left, okay? I asked him to leave.

[Anne] When?

Anne, I need that money.

You look exhausted.

Why don’t you lie down, hmm?

[Cassie sighs wearily]

I’ll go call Robert,

and you go rest.

[Cassie] I guess I am tired.

[Anne] Vincent’s old room is nice and quiet.

And anyway, it’s gonna take at least an hour

to get Robert out of the office and over here.

I bet you haven’t slept for days.

I forgot how much he looks like him. How much Edgar looks like Vincent.


[Cassie breathing anxiously]

[door opens]

[man 1] Ricardo!

[man 2] Cross, cross!

[man 1] Let’s go!

[mysterious music playing]

[man 2] I’m open!

[man 1] Ricardo! Ball!

[Ricardo] Watch this. All by myself.

[man 1] Set me up! Set me up!

[man 3] Pass the ball, pretty boy!

[Ricardo] All right, you see that? What’d I tell you, Nicky?

Shit. What did I motherfucking tell you?

Hey, Ricardo.

[man 2] What the fuck?

[Ledroit] Ricardo!

[man 1] Who’s the suit?

[Ledroit] Hey, red jersey.

[man 3] Who the fuck is he?

One sec.

You Ricardo?

Was talking to a friend of yours a couple days ago.

Thought you might know Marlon Rochelle.

I don’t talk to cops.

We could talk back at the station if you prefer?

I didn’t know him that well.

Then how come you’re wearing his jersey?

Number 12, right?

That’s his number.

His mother’s got a photo of him in that jersey.

Swapped with him last time I saw him.

His was smelling funky. We were shooting hoops all day.

He said he was meeting someone in the afternoon.

“Meeting someone”?

I don’t know. Never saw him again.

And you work at The Lux?

Yeah, you do.

I keep people company.

You work for TJ?

He your pimp?

You ever seen Marlon down at The Lux?

You want me to get killed too?

Keep asking dumbass questions, and you’ll be looking for my body next.


What number do you usually play?

Keep it straight. Lucky number 8.

You find Marlon again, you tell him I want it back.

[eerie music playing]

[Gator] All right!

All right already!



[siren wailing]

[car horn blares]

[music fades]

You okay?

Was TJ running Marlon Rochelle?

We’ve been over this.

Don’t lie.

He knows the rules.

Like we talked about. They got to be legal.

That’s the way I’ve been doing it.


Did you ever see TJ with Marlon?

That kid is gone. No one gets that lost in New York unless you’re deep in the harbor.

June 12th.

I need the CCTV from the night he disappeared.

Tapes get wiped end of every week.

You know this. You boys were swarming this place when I was inside.

And you record over them at the start of the week. I got it.

Who wipes them?


I’ve known TJ since he was a kid.

You’ve known me too.

Get me something.

Something to show me that Marlon Rochelle was here at The Lux June 12th.

Yeah, okay.

Only time I seen you wear this was the day your mom died.

Find me that tape.

Come find me when you wanna talk, Mikey.

[car door slams]

[brooding music playing]

[Tina] Mikey, the tape you’ve been waiting for just came in.

Camera a block from the Anderson kid’s school.

Apparently, it shows him the day he went missing.

Great. Put it in.

[Tina] I went ahead and cued ’em both up.

[intriguing music playing]

Play the next tape.

Why is he following that guy?

Pause that.

Tina, get a sketch artist and see what he can get of this guy.

It looks like he knows him.

Could be our man.

I want a description out to any beat cop in the area. But no press.

Don’t circulate to the press just yet. Let’s see if we’ve got him on file.

Nice suit. Who died?

A friend.


We’ve got a suspect with Edgar Anderson on CCTV.

We’re just drawing up a sketch.

Good, good.

Once you’ve got it, you gotta get it out. See Renata on the news this morning?

I swear, if I could put a hit on her, I would.

[Cripp sighs]

[Ledroit inhales deeply]

I spoke with Dana Nokes a couple of nights ago.

Dana, Nokes’ wife.


She was scared.

Night Kennedy was killed, Nokes got home late.

Dent in the front of his car the following morning.

What you getting at, Clouseau?

Marlon Rochelle is 8.

Night he disappeared, Marlon was wearing a number 8 basketball jersey.

Kennedy himself said, “Is this about 8?”

Dana inferred that Nokes wasn’t happy. He let it slip.

I think he was working The Lux.

I wanna bring Nokes in.

You sure you wanna do that, Mikey?


Accusing an officer of murder.

That’s… [chuckles]…that’s heavy.

Cripp, this isn’t some minor…

Just drop it.

I like you, Mikey.

I like your drive. I always have. I always will.

But you gotta be careful now.


[Cripp] Yeah.

Don’t go upsetting people.

You got a suspect on the nine-year-old boy.

Focus on the job at hand.

And when you get that sketch, let me see it.

But I…

This is over.

We’re done.

[brooding music playing]

[exhales forcefully]

That’s the third time this week. Let me know when they get here.

Pull your wife back into line.

[music intensifies]

[music fades]

[exhales deeply]


Hey, how you doing? Good to see you.

[man 1] Good to see you.

[man 2] Yeah. They just busted some deviant on 42nd Street.

[man 2 continues indistinctly]

[Ledroit sniffs]

[man 1] Fucking neighborhood.

[man 2] You know these guys.

[downbeat music playing]

[distorted “These Foolish Things” by Billie Holiday playing]

[William] I mean it, Michael.

Fall down seven. Get up eight.

‘Cause no one else is gonna do what you do.

It’s rough, but I’ll go back through. See if we ever pulled him in.

Thank you.

[man 2] Still working the chicken stroll?

[man 1] Yeah. What a bunch of fags.

What the fuck did you just say?

[man 1 chuckles awkwardly]

What’s your problem, man?

[unsettling music playing]

[telephone ringing]

[indistinct conversation]

[Tina] Missing Persons.

Yeah. One sec.

Mikey, Robert Anderson on the line.



[Eric puppet] Hey, there she is.

[Lennie as Officer Charlie] Wow!

[Eric puppet] Hey. What is that?

Come on. I know you’re dying to say it. Just say it.

If I had given my grandma in a wheelchair her pot of glue and a bag of trash,

which I had first ensured to jerk off all over

before I put it in her sweet, sweet lap,

even she would have done a better job of…

I don’t even know… I don’t even know what to call him. That.

[Ronnie] Eric.

[Vincent] That is not Eric.

[Ronnie] Helping to clean up the city?


Getting rid of all the garbage.

Speaking of which, you smell like shit.

[Vincent] Mm!

When was the last time you showered?

[Vincent sighs]

What the fuck? Where are you even living?

Cassie is looking for you.

Oh, good.

[Vincent chuckles]

I really have to go now.

Oh yeah?

Henson chasing you for the Christmas special?


I am going to find my son

and bring him home where he needs to be.

[poignant music playing]

Yeah, I know what that looks like. Man gone to crazy town.

But I’ve never been more sane, Ronnie.

He was following something, Edgar. He was marking down these details.

He was keeping a map, and… I just gotta work it out.


Just gotta work it all out.

You need help.

[Lennie] I think that’s the last one.

It’s starting to rain. Hey, that was swell, everybody. Thank you.

We gotta get back to the park.

Your friends are calling you.

[Lennie] Bye!

[Murray] Thanks!

They’re your friends too.

[Murray] Thank you!

Fuck you, Bad Day Sunshine.

[Eric grunts]

[thunder rumbling]

[breathes deeply]

[Anna] Why is he here?

[Robert] He’s here because I wanted him here.

It’s the safest thing to do.

I don’t wanna talk about it anymore, okay?

Ah, Cassandra, we were letting you sleep.

You said you’d wake me. What time is it? And you called the fucking cops?

[Robert] You didn’t think we’d let you leave here alone with this kind of money?

It’s all here. $25,000.


Look, Cassandra, under the circumstances,

it’s only right that we would let the police know about this.

It’s a lot to walk around with in cash.

Oh, fuck you, Robert.

Cassie, it’s better you talk to us.

You know what? Fuck you too!

I’m sure whoever contacted you told you not to talk to anyone.

But I promise you, Cassie, Edgar’s welfare is our number one priority.

We’ll be discreet.

[Robert] Cassie, they’re cleaning up the streets tonight.

There could be trouble.

You’re not getting the money unless Detective Ledroit goes with you.



It’s tonight, 9:00 p.m. The phone booth across from the laundromat

on the corner of 34th and 9th.

Okay, can I have the money, please?

Thank you, Tia. I can do that.

Thank you, Tia.

[Robert] You haven’t seen Vincent?

No, not in over a week.


What did I do to deserve him for a son?

Have you ever seen it, Robert?

Have you ever actually watched Good Day Sunshine?

I don’t get the time.

Make time. It’s beautiful.

And he’s your son.

I stopped running after my son a long time ago. You should too.

[Cassie sighs]

[downbeat music playing]

[door closes]

[thunder rumbling]

[indistinct chatter]

[thunder rumbling]

We should go.

[children laughing]


[man speaking indistinctly]

[TJ] Hey! Where you been? No bullshit deals. Just give me the cash.

I got that thing I said I got to trade.

Like hell you do.

I wouldn’t do that. There are cops around.

You think anybody fucking cares?

Nobody fucking cares about you, Raya.

Get me my fucking money, or you’re dead.

He’s young.

How young?

Nine. Ten. I can get him to you by the end of the day.

Yeah, right.

You know you want it. You know the appetite that’s out there.

I get him, and my debt is paid.

Don’t piss around with me, Raya.

End of the day. Now get the fuck out of here.

[Raya] You’ll see.

[Ledroit] Did he sound young? Old?

[Cassie] I don’t know.

Uh, not that young.

Not that old. Uh…

Twenty? Thirty, maybe.

He had an accent. A French accent, I think.

[sniffles, sighs]

My officers will stay on the periphery. We’ll wait until we have him in sight.

Promise we’ll prioritize Edgar’s safety.


Is that him?


Take your time.

See if you recognize him at all.

[poignant music playing]

I don’t know. Maybe.

[Cassie sighs]


A lot of missing people out there, huh?

[Ledroit] It’s easy to get lost in this city.

[Cassie] Like Marlon Rochelle?


[Tina] Who are you looking for?

[inaudible response]

[heavy rain falling]

[unsettling music playing]

[Eric grunts]

That’s the burger.



[Eric grunts]

Beer? No. No beers.

Wine. Sneakers.

[Eric grunts]



We’re coming for you, Edgar.

Look. The tiles.


Hold on. That’s… That is his graffiti.

Oh. Yeah.

We’re getting closer, buddy.

You think so?

[optimistic music playing]

There’s another one.

Wherever there’s that graffiti, he’s writing it down.

Look, the broken tile. “YU.”

Stop sign. “Y…”

And another one. He’s following it.

He’s gotta be here.

He’s gotta be here somewhere soon. He’s close.

[Eric] Where the fuck are you going now?

[Vincent] It’s the graffiti tags. He’s made a map of the tags.

Why the fuck else would he come down here?

[Eric] That’s just a map to madness.

[Ledroit] Let’s go over it again.

He’s called Yuusuf. He comes most days for food.

Where does he live? On the street?

[Sebastian] Yeah, sometimes.

Sometimes underground.


Subway tunnels?

Safer for them down there than up here. Safer from you guys.

He hangs out on the street outside The Lux.

I see him when I go collect leftover food. They give it to us for the truck.

He’s a tagger. A graffiti guy. Not a bad guy.

[in disbelief] He’s a bad guy! He took my son. I have to…


I can’t be late. I can’t be late.

You won’t be. You have to trust me, Cassie.

[sarcastically] Trust you. Right. Yeah.

[Ledroit] We’ll be waiting for the pickup.

[knock at door]

Excuse me.


[man] Yuusuf Egbe. Not much.

Petty theft. Couple DUIs.

[Ledroit] Apparently, he lives in the subway.

Get a team together ready to go in tonight.

Let’s get this out if he doesn’t show up.

Cripp already did.

Sketch and CCTV. Press is running it right now.

[brooding music playing]

[Ledroit] Why are you making it so hard for me to do my job? No.

This is my investigation. You had no right to release that information to the press.

I did you a favor.

That guy was never gonna show.

Not now.

Yuusuf sees that, he’s gonna run.

So you better get down in the subway.

I got a dozen beat cops going in with the sanitation team in the next hour.

You can tag-team. That’s your best chance.

My guys go in first.

Out of my hands.

Nothing’s ever out of your hands.

Don’t talk back!

I’ve been pushing you to get a grip on this investigation,

and now you come back at me after I get behind you?

You’re right! I am the captain!

You seem to have forgotten who you’re talking to.

Are you okay, Mikey?

You were close with this guy? This friend?

I get it.

I got buddies that I love like brothers.

Lost my best friend ten years ago.


But I don’t dwell on it, and neither should you.

You don’t wanna make enemies here, Mikey.

Wouldn’t want that reputation to die.

Now get a move on.

It’s almost 9:00. Don’t wanna be late. [sighs]

My guys are already down there.

[Ledroit] Change of plan.

We’re going down into the subway. They’re cleaning up the place tonight.

We’ll keep searching while you wait at the meeting point.

You’ll have officers close by.

He’ll have run by now, Detective.

Don’t say that.

[Sebastian] The police will be brutal.

It’s almost nine o’clock.

[Sebastian You guys have really fucked this up.

[melancholy music playing]

[muffled disco music playing]

[unsettling music playing]

[sighs angrily]


[tape clatters]

[knock at door]

Get out.


Shut the door.

Where the fuck is the tape for June 12th last year?

I don’t know.

[Gator] Hmm.

We mark up the day, we scratch ’em out, and then we start all over again.

June 9th. 10th.

June 11th.

13, 14, 15, 16th. All here.

June 12th tape is missing.

I don’t know.

Bullshit, you don’t know.

You’re paid to check ’em, wipe ’em, rotate ’em.

Every tape from every camera.

Front door, back alley,

dance floor, washroom, bar.

Only you got sloppy. Hmm?

You didn’t wipe to the end of the tape some weeks.

And now I’m wondering

who this is coming into the club.

Who’s the kid, TJ?

Some punk.

[Gator] Look closer. Hmm?

Can’t see shit.

You let that kid into the club?

Tell me you didn’t, man.

Come on.

Tell me you never let me down.

Come on, man!

And June 12th?

June 12th… you let him in that night?

Look, Gator…

You know what it’s like inside?

He was a fucking kid… TJ.

A f…

[TJ yells in pain]

June 12th! Where is that tape? You know where that fucking tape is!

You never lose anything.

I don’t have…

You write everything down in your fucking black book.

So where is it? Tell me where it is!

Here it is.

Look at all these fucking numbers and clientele, you… fucking maggot!

You fucking piece of shit!

You show me that tape.

Why? Why the fuck? Why?

I trusted you, and you fucked it all up!

You piece of shit!

Find me that tape, or you are fucking dead.

[distant train wheels screeching]

[breathing anxiously]

[Vincent panting]

[Eric] Where are we?

We’re lost, Vincent.

[Vincent grunting]

[rubble clatters]

[Eric grunts]

Edgar must really hate you to come down to this shithole.

Admit it. You don’t know which way you’re going, do you, Vincent?

Only place you can navigate right now is your way to the bottom of the bottle.

And there’s my point proved.

Oh, fuck you.

[bottle shatters]

Why else did he run, Vincent?

Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!

The only one who’s fucked here is you, Vincent.

The fuck?

[“Heroin” by The Velvet Underground playing]

Please, please, please.

♪ I ♪

♪ Don’t know ♪

♪ Just where I’m going ♪

♪ But I ♪

♪ Wanna try ♪

♪ For the kingdom ♪

♪ If I can ♪

♪ ‘Cause it makes me feel like I’m a man ♪

♪ When I put a spike into my vein ♪

♪ And I tell you Things aren’t quite the same ♪

[music distorting]

[man] Hey! Fuck you!

[woman yelling indistinctly]

[Eric] Edgar ain’t here.

Edgar’s never been here.

You’re never gonna find him.

You can’t make up for what you did.

You ain’t ever gonna change.

[Eric exhales]

And that’s all on you, buddy.

All on you.

No, that’s not true.

[Eric] Oh, of course.

You wanna get high.

[ominous music playing]

[man inhales]


Can I have a hit of that?

I have money.

[Vincent sighs]

[Eric] There you go, buddy.

Let yourself fly. [echoing]


[coughs, chokes]

[sighs deeply]

[man] Fuck away from me! Stay the fuck away!

It’s not your mama’s food, but we gotta get you strong

if we’re going to get you home.

I’ve kept you safe down here. You let your parents know that.

You do that for me?

You wanna go home, right?


Don’t you miss your mommy?

But not your dad?



[Edgar] He scares me.

[man on TV] …the case of nine-year-old Edgar Anderson has a new lead.

The son of Vincent Anderson,

the creator of the children’s TV show Good Day Sunshine,

and grandson of property developer Robert Anderson.

The police have released this artist sketch

of a person of interest…

Hey, man, you’re famous.

…last seen with the boy on the day of his disappearance.

Hey. Let me take him.


[Raya] No, you can’t take him back now.


Some of the guys are saying we’re gonna get cleaned out tonight.

This place is gonna be swarming with cops.

I mean, how you gonna hide the kid once they’re down here?

Your face will be everywhere.

You won’t be able to go up to the streets for weeks.

Everyone will know who you are.

I’m offering you a way out, man.

No, no, no. You’re fucked. You are fucked, man.

I’m the only one who can get him out safely.

Get him ready. I’ll be around the back.

[Yuusuf] Hey.

Anything happens to him… I mean it, Raya.

You get the money. You bring it back.



[man] We have orders to enter the tunnel!

Clear the area, and get out in the next hour!

No tenants should be left underground.

They must be evicted by any means necessary.

[Vincent, slurring] He was such a tiny little baby.

Six pounds.

I held him in my hand like this.


You got him?

Yeah, I got his head.

Such a tiny little head.

Tiny little feet.


Couldn’t believe the world had entrusted him to us.

To me. [chuckles]

[tearfully] And I let him go.

[sobs] I let him down.

[sniffles] All he needed…

All you have to do as a parent is just keep ’em alive.

Keep ’em breathing.

[groans] Hold them tight.

And I didn’t.


[sniffles] I didn’t.

No wonder he ran away.

My baby boy.


[Costello] They’ve already started.

[tense music playing]

[Raya] Come on. We gotta go. It’s past nine o’clock.

Yuusuf, come on! Don’t fuck around now!

You keep walking, Edgar.

You stay close to the wall.

You stay close to Raya. She’ll take you to your mommy.

I’m scared.

Don’t be scared.

You’ll be safe with your mom soon.


[man] Leave the area, or you will get arrested!


[Yuusuf] Open your eyes. Open your ears.

Stay to the right of the track and keep walking, okay?

You stay close to Raya, okay?

[Raya] Come on.

Be good. Be kind. Be brave.

[Edgar panting]

Be different.

Be different.

[man 1] Everybody out!

Get your shit! Get the fuck out!

[man 2] We gotta get out of here.


[“900 Miles” by Terry Callier playing]

♪ I’m just walkin’ ♪

♪ Down that track ♪

♪ I’ve got tears ♪

♪ In my eyes ♪

[slowed] Edgar!

♪ ‘Cause I’m 900 miles ♪

♪ From my ♪

♪ Home ♪

♪ And I hate to hear ♪

♪ That lonesome ♪

♪ Whistle ♪

♪ Blow ♪

All right, kid, come on. It’s up here.

Come on! Get a move on.

[ominous music playing]

Come on. Hurry up. Come here.

Give me your hand.

Come on!

Come on. Hurry up, Edgar. What are you looking at?

[groans] You’re killing me.

Come on. We’re gonna be late.

You wanna see your mommy?


Then we gotta go, all right? Come on.

Yeah. That’s good.

One foot in front of the other. I do it all the time.

[car horn blares]

[Edgar] I don’t want to.

[Raya] Come on.

[Raya sighs]

I’m scared.

[grunts impatiently] Let’s go! Come on! Come on! We’re gonna be late!

I want my mom.

Forget about your mom. Let’s go.

There’s someone I want you to meet.

[car horns blaring]

[Ledroit] Hey.



[Raya] Edgar, come on. We gotta go right now.

[Edgar breathing anxiously]

Take my hand, all right?

[tearfully] Who are we meeting?

Hurry up and take my hand!


I’m gonna slip.

I got you.

Come on. Come on up here! Fuck! You’re killing me, kid.

[Edgar shrieks]

[shriek echoes]

[heavy rain falling]

[“Who Knows Where The Time Goes?” [by Fairport Convention playing]

♪ Across the evening sky ♪

♪ All the birds are leaving ♪

♪ But how can they know ♪

♪ It’s time for them to go? ♪

♪ Before the winter fire ♪

♪ I will still be dreaming… ♪



[Eric] Hey, bozo.

You see this?

♪ For who knows where the time goes? ♪ [distorting]

[Vincent] Edgar?

♪ Who knows ♪

♪ Where the time

♪ Goes? ♪

♪ Sad, deserted shore ♪

♪ Your fickle friends are leaving ♪

♪ Ah, but then you know ♪

♪ It’s time for them to go ♪

♪ But I will ♪

♪ Still be here ♪

♪ I have no thought of leaving ♪

♪ I do not count the time ♪

♪ For who knows ♪

♪ How my love grows? ♪

♪ And who knows ♪

♪ Where the time ♪

♪ Goes? ♪

[song fades]


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