Mayor Of Kingstown – S03E01 – Soldier’s Heart | Transcript

Tensions are high as tragedy strikes in Kingstown. Meanwhile, a new face of the Russian mob sets up shop in the city.
Mayor Of Kingstown - S03E01 - Soldier's Heart

Mayor Of Kingstown
Season 3 – Episode 1

Episode title: Soldier’s Heart
Original release date: June 2, 2024

Plot: Tensions are high as tragedy strikes in Kingstown. Meanwhile, a new face of the Russian mob sets up shop in the city.

* * *

♪ MTV ♪

[Mike] The consequence of a riot is the dismantling of the leadership structure within the inmates.

We need a pecking order inside…

so we have control on the outside.

I have an idea.

What if I could get you

everyone that’s at war?

I need them to pick new leaders.

You’re being placed under arrest for possession of firearms. When there’s peace, charges against you will be dropped.

Ice cold, Mike.

You talk about restoring order.

Your SWAT buddy kills with impunity.

And the one guy who calls him out winds up dead.

You’re not the man to me, Mike.

I don’t work for you.

I’m going today. You the boss now.

You feel me?

[Robert] They scored an arsenal.

They cleaned out the whole shop.


[Mike] He’s on life support, buddy.

Robert dies and everything changes.

If it’s a war they want… it’s a war they’re gonna get.

I hear my bonds have found their way into police custody.

What’s in it for me?

[Milo] Your girl.

First day back is fun, yeah? I’m Tati.

I’m going to wear you out.

I didn’t know where else to go.

[Milo] You disappoint me, Mike.

Oh, my God. Oh, shit.

I shot her, Mike.

There are your bonds.

See how easy this could’ve been?

Did everything go okay?

[Milo] Everything went fine.

I’m on my way back.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

[siren wailing in distance]

[crow cawing]

[Mike] My brother came to see me pretty regular when I was inside.

Mitch, not Kyle.

Mom thought Kyle was too young to process what had happened, where I was, what I had done.

She was right.

Mariam usually was.

Mitch would come every Wednesday like clockwork.

Something to look forward to.

Something to sustain.

He became my anchor and, for months, that was all I had.

First time he visited, he saw I’d been fighting, my face fucked up, and I could see the worry in him, as much as he tried to grin past it.

That fucking grin.

“Mitch told me, “In the world, five percent of people are truly good.

“Five percent are evil.”

The rest of us, we wrestle between the two.

Who we are, what we are, what we’re willing to do.

[priest] Bow your heads and pray for God’s blessing.

[Mike] As months went by, then years, I could see Mitch trying to figure out which side I’d land on.

[priest] You are attentive to the prayers of the humble.

Eternal rest grant unto Mariam, oh, Lord.

May her soul and the souls of all the faithful…

[Mike] He told me, “When evil cuts down the good…

[priest] rest in peace…

[Mike] …it’s like the universe shifts, the scales topple.”

[priest] the Son and the Holy…

[Mike] When that happens…

there has to be a reckoning.

There has to be retribution.

Balance must be restored.

♪ Contemplative music ♪

Mitch said I’d end up on one of those extremes.

That what I choose

would determine how the scales would be balanced.

Which side I was on.

Who I would be.


[car alarms blaring]

♪ slow, tense music ♪

♪ Slow, somber music ♪

♪ slow, tense music

[helicopter blades whirring]

[indistinct radio chatter]

It was in the trash bin. As close

to the goddamn fucking cars as possible.

[Kyle] Goddamn cowards knew it’d do the most damage.

Miracle no one fucking died.

[Ian] Piece of shit

was homemade. They blew it remotely.

No fucking timer.

Who we looking at?

[Ian] Doesn’t matter.

After Robert, this, are you fucking kidding me?

Scorched earth…

we go after fucking everybody.

No, no, no.

[Ian] What do you mean, no? Mike, this can’t go unanswered.

It’s not gonna go unanswered.

We got to fucking take-take it to the streets. It’s a goddamn cluster bomb.

You’re already taking it to the fucking streets, Ian.

And this shit still happens.

No one’s leaving their goddamn home.

Tell us another way then, Mike.

Got to be surgical.

What the fuck is “surgical”?

We need to be fucking smart.

Jesus Christ, Mike, look where we’re at.

There’s no smart in any of this.

I know exactly where the fuck we are, Ian.

All right.

There’s definitely no surgical in it.

So what are you thinking, Mike?

I need an hour.

Mike, what are you gonna do?

[Mike] We need a bull’s-eye.

Okay? I’m gonna find it, I’m gonna place it.

Give us somewhere to aim.

All right? Just give me an hour.

[helicopter passing overhead]

♪ low, tense music ♪

You know, it’s always been a war zone.

But this shit right here, Mike?

Shit is next-level.

You get the flowers?


You hear what happened?

Yeah, I heard.

It’s fucking wrong.

The disrespect.



You know anything?


Oh, man. I know them crackers ain’t trying to put that shit on me, man.

Well, they put everything else on you, so…

That is your moms, Mike.

You know better than I’d fuck with family.

Yeah, I know.

I’ll let that be known.

I know.



go be with your family, man.

Fuck you doing here?

Yeah, well,

you got to give me something, Bunny.

Got to get the target off you.

Why’s it on me for? What?

Offer the olive branch? Come on, man.

They want to come after you for Robert. What do you think?

My hands is clean on that, man.

Yeah. It’s good faith, Bunny.

I got to get them on someone not you.


Does it fucking matter?


What the fuck I got that’s

gonna appease these motherfuckers, man?

[exhales] Bunny…


[Mike] All right,

the guns.

He’s gonna give back all the guns

that he stole from the shop.

All of ’em.

[Ian] Fucking kind

of Crip math is that, Mike?

Steve, does that even make goddamn sense?

It’s a gesture.

Definite gesture.

Fuck, no, this

is the fucking gesture.

You see?

[Ian] No, no, no.

He’s not Citizen of the Year.

This is…

Holy fuck, it’s Quasimodo.

What the fuck are we doing here?

[Mike] Come on in.


The fuck are we doing?

[Kyle] What the fuck

are you doing?

More than you assholes, clearly.

[Kyle] You were on a ventilator, like,

two weeks ago.

[Robert] Yeah. And?

This shit doesn’t fucking stand.

[Stevie] Yeah.

So we need a body count.

So who the fuck are we taking this fight to?

Well, it wasn’t Bunny who came after you.

And he didn’t do today, either.

How do you know that?

Because Bunny who tipped me off about your number being punched.

That’s why.

No Bunny,

we’re coming back from your fucking funeral.

And bombs are not in his vocabulary, so…

Mikey, he could’ve Rosetta Stoned

that shit.

No, come on.

He made a gesture. Listen to them.

What fucking gesture?

Giving back the guns he stole.


he gets a gold star for that?

[Ian] Fucking what I said.

So who we gonna hit, the fucking Mexicali?

No. The Aryans, all right?

They came after me.

Gunner got hit inside.

[Stevie] Yeah.

Fucking cockroach gets stabbed,

like, 20 times and he survived that shit.

They got a lot of reason to come after me,

come after us,

so let’s take the fight to them.

[Ian] Mikey, we fucking go that way, the target’s

gonna end up on your back.

When is it not?

Let’s fucking go. Let’s go.

♪ Intense music ♪

Hey. How are you okay?

I got work to do, brother.

[Kyle] What are you, like, on some Percocet or something?

[Robert] No, man, I flushed that shit.

It fucking clouds you.

Dude, you nearly died, man.

Hey, man, I don’t know. Sometimes you kick ass,

and sometimes you get your fucking ass kicked.

That’s it?

Yeah, that’s it.

But when you heal, Kyle, man, you heal stronger.

You’re fucking calcified.

[tires screech]

♪ dramatic music ♪

[Ian] What are we doing?

I need your brass.

Mike… there’s black, there’s white.

You gotta be fucking gray.

Fucking Christ.

Hey, he ain’t wrong, Mikey.

Hey, fuck you. Give me the brass.


I’m just gonna fucking talk to ’em.

Give me the fucking brass.

Two minutes. Okay?

[Ian] Fuck, Mike…

♪ tense music ♪


Hey, hey. Hey, hey. I need an address.

Where you cooking?

You know who you’re fucking with?

Yeah? Why don’t you fucking tell me?

Who am I fucking with?

Address. What are they gonna call you

with no cock and balls?

Fuck you!

Fucking cocksucker.


[Slinger screams in pain]

Yeah, like that?

Address! Your fucking address!

[Slinger groans]

The fuck?

Yeah. We’re good.

Let’s go.

Never a fucking dull moment with you, Mikey.

Jesus Christ.

[indistinct pop music playing]

♪ Haunting music ♪

[pop music playing]

[Konstantin] Tati.


Hello. Hello.


You are well?

I am beautiful.


God, it’s such a long time.


You look well.


Better, now you’re here.


How’s business?

Police came after it happened.

Took some in and…

But not you.



Some of the girls and some of the boys

who were, uh, loyal to him.

Mm. And where are they now, those loyal?

They knew better than come back.

Ah. That’s good. Yeah, that’s good.

Fresh blood, Tatiana, hmm?

There’s opportunity now.

Milo failed to see the bounty

that was just beyond his grasp.

He only focused on what was in front of his face, so…

[baby fussing]

[baby crying]

Here. Come here. Come here, little boy.

Mm. Come, come here. Come, come. Come.

Oh, yes. Yes.

♪ Ominous music ♪

[phone line ringing]

[phone buzzing]

You don’t want to take that?

Come on, pick up the fucking phone.

[phone line ringing]

[phone buzzing]

Good morning, gentlemen.


Good morning.

Good morning.

So… [clears throat]

this can be a hard job.

Hard under the best of circumstances,

but these are not the best of circumstances.


[phone buzzing]

Guard-to-inmate ratio,

per the state of Michigan,

is one to 14.

Codified. That’s law.

Here at Anchor Bay, even with the prisoner release,

it’s one C.O. to every 27 prisoners.

So it’s a hard fucking job.

But it matters.

♪ Ambient music ♪

[door shuts]

[clears throat softly]




[stammers] What are we doing?

What are you doing here?


Fuck’s this?

People see “closed,”

they just keep banging on the door, like they think

it’s magically gonna change to “open.”

They see that, they respect it.

Look, the only death notice should be in the paper.

Okay? We’re open.

What the fuck else are we gonna do here?

Ah, fuck me.

[Rebecca] I didn’t expect to see you.

You don’t drink coffee?

I’ve never drank coffee, Mike.

Go sit down. Go sit down.

♪ Ambient music ♪


It’s a…

fuck of a day,

and it’s far from over.

Well, that’s on you. Make it be over.

You have the power. Go home.

At least go to the cabin.

No, it’s bear season.

You have drunk fucks from Detroit, Lansing, they’re all

wandering the woods with Winchesters. Fuck that.

I can take names and numbers, Mike.

I can make calls to the Anchor, DOC.

I do a lot on your behalf.

You’re barely ever here anyway.

You don’t need to be here now.

Where am I supposed to go, Rebecca?


[phone buzzing]


Man, you can call me fucking Santa Claus.

[exhales] We good?

It’s getting done.

I’ll get you longitude and latitude.

Appreciate it.

Listen, get word to Raphael.

KPD’s gonna press the Aryans,

so they’re gonna want an equalizer.

Shit, Mike, any fool put their hands on Raph

is gonna come back with stumps.

Is this normal?

Is what normal?

I don’t know, packing her things up so soon.

Mm. I don’t know.

Don’t know if there’s a right way or a time,

but Mariam would have wanted us to donate.


You ever lose anyone close?

Yeah, I lost people.

She was always nice to me.

Ah, she was kind to everyone,

unless you gave her a reason not to be.

Oh, really?

[laughs] Yeah.

Then what?

Oh, she was a beast.

She was a beautiful fucking beast of a woman.

I wouldn’t have.


Given her a reason.

Oh. Huh.

I won’t with you, either.

Oh, there’s no judgement. Iris.


There’s no pressure. It’s okay.

[laughs softly]

[bell clanging in distance]

Hey, uh, location for the drop’s coming.

[Ian over phone] Mike, if Bunny is giving shit up,

it means he’s got a goddamn surplus.

All right? It’s not fucking charity.

Will you put on your fucking positive hat here,

just for a minute?


[Ian] Listen,

that AB fuckhead’s address is good,

thanks to you, Mr. Fucking Subtle.

But it’s a fucking white trash fucking fortress.

I’m telling you, it’s a goddamn fortress, Mikey.

And Robert wants to go tonight.


Robert need to be in fucking bed.

[Ian] Robert’s fucking bionic, Mike.


[Iris] Hey.

♪ Slow, somber music ♪

This all the women’s shelter stuff?

[Iris] Mm-hmm.

Kyle said he’s gonna take it.



Keeping an eye on Tracy?


She doesn’t really like help.

[chuckles] Yeah.

She’s, uh, pretty self-reliant, isn’t she?

She’s not gonna let you do anything.


You just got to do it

before she does, all right?

That’s how you help her.

You okay?





Anything good?

Yeah, well-intentioned.


Hey, Mike.


You eat?

[Mike] No, I’m good.

You mind if I borrow my brother real quick?

For a minute?


All right. Kyle.

[clears throat]

Just a minute.

[distant siren wailing]

[dog barking]

All right. That thing is going down tonight.

Yeah, yeah. I know.

You don’t got to go, is my point.

I got plenty of hands on deck. Okay?

No, I got to be there, Mike, I’m carrying the shield again.

Where would I be?

Maybe here, with your pregnant wife.

She’s not gonna stop being pregnant, me on the job.



My head’s on right. I’m good.

I’m good.


How’s your head?

Yeah, don’t mind my fucking head, Kyle.

Come on.

What the fuck

do you think my head’s at, huh?

Just fucking angry.

All the time.


You got cause, yeah?

Listen, if you’re gonna go…

just observe for me, okay?

Don’t pull your fucking weapon, don’t be a goddamn hero.

Let SWAT breach. Just spectate.

I’m okay, Mike.

Kyle, fucking Jesus,

would you just fucking humor me?


Yeah. Sure.

I’ll be on the sidelines. Okay.


I fucking promise, Mike.

I fucking promise.

Thank you.

[car door opens, closes]

[heavy metal playing]

♪ Dark, suspenseful music ♪

All right, I’m seeing at least three guards on the perimeter.

Hit them quiet.

[indistinct chatter inside]

Soft and easy, fellas, go in soft and easy.

Slow and smooth.

[officer] Drop it!

Put the weapon down!

Drop the fucking gun!


Contact. Shots fired. Suspect down.

[man] It’s the fucking pigs!

[officer shouting indistinctly over radio]

Move, move, move!

Three on the right!

Put some fire on that house!


[indistinct chatter over radio]

Fucking clusterfuck.

[gunfire continues]

Get your intel from the fucking bargain bin?

I’ll pass it fucking on.


♪ Dark, atmospheric music ♪

[phone vibrating]

[phone vibrating]

[siren chirps nearby]

[helicopter blades whirring]

[camera shutter clicking]

Jesus Christ.

What happened?

Robert? Guys?

[Ian] Come on. Come on.

I know, I know. Come on.

You were supposed

to fucking bust them, not roast these motherfuckers, Ian.

[Ian] Armed to the teeth, Mike, they were…

[Mike] What?

They were armed to the teeth.

Yeah, when aren’t they?

My team got pinned down…

Jesus Christ.

so I took action to protect my team.

So it was my team or dead fucking dirtbags

that no one’s gonna miss.

Yeah. Robert.


Peace officers.

Let’s not forget that.

Look at all that fucking peace.

[Callahan] Yeah, it’s a great offer, no doubt.

But what happens if you take an offer?

Any offer?

Say it out loud.

I’m marked.

That’s right.

You got the brand on you.

You can leave prison,

you can leave the state, country and continent,

live on a fucking Martian colony,

it doesn’t matter.

[laughs softly]

You’re looking over your shoulder rest of your life.

It’s no way to live, brother.

Seven years?

Yeah, it’s a small price.

I’ve done that six times over.

[man] Merle.

♪ Soft, dramatic music ♪

[quietly] Cocksuckers.

Get out.

Everyone out before I go fucking surly.

[line rings]

[Carney] [over phone] Don’t yell at me.

I didn’t fucking say anything.

I feel it coming.

Look, fucking Carney,

for God’s sakes, get in Kareem’s face, would you?

Shit’s about to pop off

in there, and you got to get ahead of it,

so tell him to fucking call me.

I told him already. He’s just being stubborn.

Look, KPD has just burned over half a dozen Aryans,

fucking literally.

For fuck’s sake.

That’s gonna blow back on you.


It’s all I’m saying.

Get ahead of it. All right, I’m on it.


Yeah. Yeah, hi.

You know why I’m calling.


I mean, I have a pretty good idea.

Yeah. I’m leaving

KPD in ten minutes. Meet me here.


♪ contemplative music ♪


[Tracy] Iris!


We got to go.

[clears throat]

All right.

You like baiting the fucking lion, don’t you?

What? I need KPD to help me build cases I can prosecute.

Now, Mike, what-what the fuck do you think?

I’m supposed to quit my job, stop working?

It is what it is.

Didn’t take Robert long, did it?

Yeah, that’s fucked-up. That got out of hand.

Yeah. When doesn’t it with that asshole?

Yeah, I know.

Fucking walking wounded, my ass. My God.

Even fucking half-dead, the guy manages to sow chaos,

fucking lawsuits…

Well, it’s just more dead assholes, Evelyn,

less work for you.



Clearly you don’t know how my job works, Mike.

They felt that explosion halfway across the state.

You think Lansing

isn’t eyeballing us?

I don’t

give a shit about Lansing.

Yeah, I do.

I do.

Kingstown needs a cleanup,

I’m the fucking janitor.

You should put that on your campaign poster.

Oh, my God, fuck off.

Mike, it’s not about that.


Where’s your security detail, by the way?

I’m going after anyone, Mike,

anyone that my predecessor was too fucking chickenshit

to pursue politically

or just too fucking chickenshit, generally,

and I promise you, Mike,

if your name comes up, any association,

I, I’m gonna roll you up with the rest…


I fucking swear to Christ.

And-and stop swearing on all this stuff.

All right? I hear you.

Okay? I hear you. Roll me the fuck up.

Where’s your fucking security detail?

I cut ’em loose.


Not smart.

I go after cops, Mike,

you think I want them watching my back? [scoffs]

No, thank you, it is too risky.

Well, I don’t give a fucking

flying shit, Evelyn.

I can’t afford private, so…

Look, look what happened to Lockett, okay?

You need guns, you need that security detail.

You hear me?

Yeah. I have a gun.

Nobody fucking cares about your gun.

All right? And you tell me who they are.

I’ll vet them. I’ll make sure they’re

straight from the fucking Academy, okay?

Their cherries still intact.

[laughing] Oh, my God.

That’s just lovely. That’s lovely.

Okay, I’m not fucking around. I’m serious.

I know.

Don’t let it happen again.

You’re fucking classic McLusky, man.

I threaten to arrest you, you promise to protect me?


[phone ringing]

I promise.

[chuckles] I got to go.

Yeah, Iris?

Yeah, okay. I’m on my way.

On my way. Yeah, yeah.

[playful chatter]

[Stevie] Hey, you see this shit?

[tires screech]

[Ian] Fuck.

Fucking kidding me?

Kid’s gonna take his damn head off.

[Ian] It’s why he left the guns here.


Practical fucking joker.

[Stevie] Hey.


[Stevie] Huh? Yeah.

Jesus Christ.

♪ Slow, dramatic music ♪

[Stevie] Goddamn it.

Fucking oblivious fucks.

You good?


♪ A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down ♪

[Ciszak & Discodisiac’s “Sugar” playing]

♪ Go down, go down, go down, go down ♪

♪ Go down, go down ♪

[Roman mutters]

♪ Go down, go down ♪

♪ Go down, go down, go down ♪

[special information tone]

[woman] You’ve reached a number

that is no longer in service.

Please hang up and dial again.

[special information tone]

♪ ominous music ♪

[crowd chatter]


[Kevin] Hey!

Inmate down! Inmate down! A-Yard.

Inmate down!

[alarm blaring]

[man speaking indistinctly over P.A.]



They already gone?

Yeah. Kyle came, took ’em to the hospital.


How’s Tracy doing? She good?

Yeah. Water’s broke.

[door opens]

[door closes]

Hang on a sec.


Yeah, uh…

What happened?

I had this bag packed

for like a couple months. It’s like the thing

I’m supposed to remember, it’s like the one fucking thing

I’m supposed to remember.

What bag?

It’s like a pregnancy go bag for the hospital.

It’s got all the hospital shit in it.

All right, well, we’ll find it. Hey, will you go

look at the-the back door? We’ll find it. Don’t worry about it.

It’s the one thing.

Well, we’ll find…

It’s like… It’s a carry-on thing.

[Iris] Okay.


Uh, fuck…

[Mike] How’s-how’s Tracy doing?

[chuckles] Well, I mean, she’s at the hospital

about to have our baby.

Oh, well, so you go, and we’ll just bring the bag.

Doctor says I got a minute.

It’s just this fucking bag.

Okay, okay.

Okay, then relax.

It’s happening.


It’s happening.

It’s happening.

Yeah, come on.

It’s happening. It’s happening.

[sighs in relief]

I can’t find it.

What color is it?

It’s black.

Or gray. It’s a…


it’s a fucking carry-on.

[Kyle sighs]


What’s going on with that anyway?


Yeah, her. Is she staying or…?

Huh? I… fuck, I don’t know.

I’ve been thinking about other shit. All right?

And, you know, it’s nice to have an extra set of hands.

At least for now.

I-I’m not quite sure she’s nanny material, Mike.

The weight she brought on us.


Ah, yeah, well… That was me.

And you know that. Not her.

And that weight’s at the bottom

of the motherfucking river.



What do you think Mom would do with Iris?

Oh, fuck, you know.

Probably fucking adopt her.




I just…

I can’t believe I’m doing this.

And her gone.

It’s fucked-up.

Terribly fucked-up.

And I’m…

I’m fucking terrified, Mike.

You should be.

You should be fucking terrified.

Parenting is scary as fuck, man.

How the fuck would you know?

I don’t. I wouldn’t.

It’s what Mom said.

So you make friends with that.

♪ Slow, dramatic music ♪

[Carney] It happened, man.

They fucking…

They clipped Dedrick

while the poor fucker was pissing.

That’s a weak kill.

Yeah, well, it might be all these fuckers can muster up.

Well, it’s not much of a statement, is it?

Lame killing the lame.

Raph put himself back in gen pop, too.

They could’ve moved on him; they didn’t.



Hey, Iris.

I’m leaving.

You’re going to the hospital?

Uh, no, not yet.

You take, uh, Mariam’s car. You go.


You’re not gonna come?

Wish I could.

Just, uh…

call me if something happens.


♪ A little bit of life ♪

♪ A little bit of funky fire ♪

♪ A little bit of life ♪

♪ Outlaw from desire ♪

♪ Outlaw from desire, outlaw from desire ♪

♪ Outlaw from desire ♪

♪ A little bit of life ♪

♪ A little bit of funky fire ♪

♪ A little bit of life ♪

♪ Outlaw from desire ♪

♪ Outlaw from desire, outlaw from desire ♪

♪ Outlaw from desire ♪

Early night, Tati?

I’m taking him home to a sitter.

I’ll be back soon.

Loyalty shows no deviation.


Well, first you were loyal to Milo,

then you were loyal to me.

Where are you gonna put your loyalty next?

[baby fussing]


I don’t understand, Konstantin.

I’m loyal to you always.

I gave you Milo.

But what did you give him?


What did you give him?

I gave him nothing, nothing.


You think maybe he resurrects, huh?

[baby crying]

He resurrects, rises, rises from the dead

like some motherfucking zombie. Is that what you think?



Then, whose call were you waiting for?

No one, no one. No one! No one!

Whose fucking call?

Whose fucking call were you waiting for?!

[Tati crying]

♪ somber music ♪


[music thumping in distance]

[indistinct chatter]

[Bunny] Take out Dedrick.

All them crackers did is close the loop I started up in there.

Hmm. Well, AB’s weak now, Bunny.

They afraid to go after Raph is what it is.

They afraid to go after Raph ’cause they afraid

to come after me.

Is that it?

I know that’s it.


I’m a formidable fucking monster, Mike.

That right?

[Bunny laughs]

Fucking monster.

You are. Yeah, it is.

Maybe it is that, right? I-I-I’ll take that.

But either way, doesn’t matter, right?

[Bunny] Yeah.

Just enjoy this moment of peace, huh?


Fuckin’ A.

Yeah, by the way,

fuck you for dropping off

the arsenal at the, the Heights

of all places.

[Bunny laughing]

I can’t drop off an arsenal

with tanks rumbling down the street, Mike.

And the only hood without happens to be

lily-white as fuck.

The only hood?

Really? Fuck you.

The only hood, yeah.

[Bunny laughing]

Such a prick.

[hip-hop playing faintly]

Nah, nah, that shit ain’t funny.

[Kareem] Kevin?

♪ Soft, atmospheric music ♪

Hey, you good?

Yes, sir, eight and hit the gate.

[chuckles] Yeah, that’s right, that’s right.

Listen, uh, your training was too accelerated.

We all know it… staff here, D.O.C…

but we bled so much in the riot.

I’m happy to be here, sir.

Happy to serve.

Yeah. [chuckles]

Your family in corrections?

Incarcerated, sir.

Where I’m from.


Listen, uh, so you’re…

you’re good with what you witnessed?

I’ve seen people die before.


I was told that you tried to, uh,

you tried to help the inmate.

There wasn’t a whole lot I could do.

No, there wasn’t. Don’t, uh,

don’t ever do that again, son.


Yes, yes, sir.

It won’t be the last time

you experience that violence, but it will be the last time

you offer aid before the scene

is secure and you have backup.

You’re lucky to be going home.

You hear what I’m saying?

Yes, Warden.

You, uh, you ever need anything,

my door’s open.

You know, I thought a lot when I was inside.

Thought a lot about what to do different when I got out.

It was good for me.


Well, you almost died in there, Bunny.

You want to remind me of that shit right now?

Yeah, well, it fucking worked out.

Yeah, it worked out,

you tortoise motherfucker.

[laughing] Man, you got me so mad, Mike.

I swear to God.





It worked out.

Did that, that’s a fact.

I got ambitions now, though.


Ambitions beyond that place.

Outside of this place.


Outside the whole goddamn state.

Oh, Jesus, Bunny, you know, I hate

to break it to you, motherfucker, but you’re never

getting the fuck out of Kingstown, okay?

A soldier never leaves the battle.

You ain’t got to leave, Mike, you ain’t got to quit the war

to see beyond the frontlines. Man, you just

got to horizon that shit, you feel me? Just…

All right, look, you can, look, be ambitious, all right?

Fuck, why not? But you just got to be practical, right?

Be realistic about this shit.

I ain’t no dreamer, Mike.

I’m fucking serious, Bunny.

There’s a line, your toe’s across it.

I fucking gave that to you.

That’s it.


I hear you, Mayor Mike.



Yeah, good.

[phone ringing]



I need to get this. Hang on.


Oh, shit.


All right, I’ll be there.


You good?

No, I’m not good.


I’m never good, but I’m an uncle now.

Holy fuck.

Get the fuck out of here. Word?


Fuck, I got to go.


All right, Uncle Mayor.


Ah, I didn’t do shit.

[Bunny laughing]

Thanks for the beer.

♪ Ominous music ♪


You good?

[Kevin] Aryan took out Dedrick.

That’s old news, cuz. You got to work on your turnaround time, come on.

It’s-it’s hard to get calls out when I’m on shift.

Easy to find excuses, though, huh?

Don’t do that.

I feel you, yeah.

You there when it happened?


Okay, how you feel with that?

I didn’t feel shit.

All right.

[phone beeps]

[Mike sighs]

♪ calm music ♪



Need any help?

Oh, yeah.

You know, I’ve, uh…

I realized I spent more time here the last three days than probably the last 30 years.

Hmm, I get that.




To Baby Mitch.

To Mariam.


[sets bottle down]

Wish I knew her better.

Yeah, me, too.


[tool thuds]

[Mike exhales]

Iris, uh…

You can stay here, you know?


You can go.

You can… stay here as long as you like. Stay here fucking forever.

But, uh, there’ll be enough for you to do.


Okay, Mike.

[inhales] All right.

[bottle thuds]

♪ tense music ♪

[brakes screech]


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