The Acolyte – S01E01 – Lost/Found | Transcript

The Jedi pursue a suspect after a shocking crime.
The Acolyte - S01E01 - Lost/Found

The Acolyte
Season 1 – Episode 1
Episode title: Lost/Found
Original release date: June 4, 2024

Plot: The Jedi pursue a suspect after a shocking crime.

* * *

[♪ ominous music playing]

[♪ ominous music builds]

[♪ ominous music continues]

[villagers chattering]

[woman] Where’s your Jedi?

[speaking alien language]

[coins clink]

[patrons chattering]

[patrons laughing]

[woman] Master Indara.

Yes, my child?

[woman] We have unfinished business.

Attack me with all your strength.


[group laughing]

[laughter stops]

I appreciate your courage, young warrior, I have no quarrel with you.

[woman] Attack me, Jedi!

Jedi do not attack the unarmed.

[woman] Yes, you do.

[woman shouts]

[man groans]


[patrons clamoring]


[objects clattering]

[patrons clamoring]

[man grunting]

[grunts and exclaims]

[♪ tense music playing]

[woman grunting]

[woman breathes heavily]

[♪ thrilling music slows down]

[♪ suspenseful music playing]

[woman breathing shakily]

[woman grunts]

Who trained you?

[patrons clamoring]

[patron 1] Come on!


[♪ tense music playing]

[patron 2] Right there!

I have an unidentified Force-user.

[patron 3 shouts]

[yelps, sighs in relief]


Go! Go, go, go, go!

[patron 4] Move!

[woman grunting]

[woman shouts]

[breathing heavily]

[woman grunting]

[dagger swishes]

[breathing shakily]

[dagger clatters]


[woman grunts]

What are you doing here?

I’m here to kill you.

[daggers swishing]

[lightsaber humming]

[♪ tense music playing]

You do not wanna go down this road.

This is a fight that you will not win.

A Jedi doesn’t pull her weapon unless prepared to kill.

[lightsaber hums]

[breathing heavily]


[barkeep grunts]


[dagger swishes]

[lightsaber retracts, thuds]


[♪ somber music playing]

[♪ suspenseful music playing]

[grunts softly]


[♪ dramatic music playing]



[bones cracking]

[droid beeping]

[chuckles lightly]

Good morning, Pip.

[Pip beeping]

Whoa. Inside voices, Pip.

[Pip beeping]

Thank you.

[alarm blaring]

Sounds like we got a job.

[Pip beeping]



Osha! Why didn’t you come out last night?

You missed a wild trip to Nar Shaddaa with the piloting crew.

Oh, yeah?


What I do with my days off is none of your business, Fillik.

Ah! No rest for the wicked?

No, the wicked rest.

They just don’t…


…brag about it.

[Neimoidian speaking alien language]

What’s the emergency?

Shield generator repairs.

[Osha] Trade Feds never use the shields.

[Fillik] Maybe that’s why they need it repaired.

[♪ mysterious music playing]

[door closes]


What is taking so long? Activate the shield immediately.

Uh… The, uh, mekneks are on it, Captain.

[groans] The grease grubbers are disposable.

Our cargo is not.

[Osha over comms] We can hear you…


And, uh, frankly, I’m hurt. Because, Fillik is clearly disposable,

but me on the other hand, come on.

Very funny. The emitter duct isn’t connected to the field projector.

Yep, I see it.

[Pip beeping]

I’ll weld it together.


[Fillik] Wait… The pressure gauge is spiking.

[Fillik shouts]

And… [sighs] that was the pressure valve.

I got it.

[♪ suspenseful music playing]

[young Osha] Mae! What are you doing?

[girl] I won’t let you leave-Mama! Help me!

[people shouting]

No! Mama!

[young Osha screaming]

[Pip beeping]

[Fillik] Stop messing around, Osha.

[Pip beeping]

[Osha breathing heavily]

[Osha] I got it, Pip.

[♪ dramatic music playing]

[ship whooshing]



Friends of yours?

To what do we owe the pleasure of Jedi presence on our humble ship?

My name is Yord Fandar, Knight of the Jedi Order.

And this is my Padawan, Tasi Lowa.

We are looking for a former Jedi by the name of Osha Aniseya.

[officer whimpers]

This is a cargo ship. We have no passengers.

[Yord] She’s a meknek.

Freelance outer ship repair. She bunks ship to ship.

Why would we have mekneks here?

The Republic has legislated that only droids may perform outer ship repair–


Sub-level. Bunk 23.

Thank you for your “cooperation.”

[door beeps]

Yord… [laughs]

You finally passed your trials.

I made Knight. Two years ago.

Hmm. Never thought I would see the day.


I never thought that I would see you again.

CorpSec is about as far away from Coruscant as you can get.

So, uh, what are you doing here, then?

You just wanted to pay your old friend a visit?

[Pip beeps]

[Pip beeping]

What’s going on, Yord?


I think it’s best you take a seat.

So how long have you been a meknek?

Since I left the Order. So… six years.

Dangerous job.

Mmm. It has its perks.

Look. I was trained to be a Jedi.

When that didn’t pan out, those skills aren’t exactly, uh, transferable.

I needed a paycheck.

When did you join the Order?

When I was eight. Yord knows all of this.

A major concern about admitting you to the Order was your age.

And the fact that you were mourning.

My circumstances were unique, but the Jedi Council made their decision.

You lost your entire family.

Your mothers, your sister.

Your village, all died in the fire

before Master Sol brought you into the Jedi.

Your training was difficult, to say the least.

Attachments to those we have lost are the most difficult to let go.

So, why are you here?

Last night, a Jedi was murdered on Ueda.


Master Indara.

The suspect matched your description.

You think that I killed her?

Where were you last night?

On this freighter. In this room.

Why… Why would I kill Indara?

If I recall correctly, Master Indara advised the Jedi Council

to discontinue your training when you were–

Leaving the Jedi was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done,

but it was my decision.

No one else’s.

You really think I’m capable of betraying the Order,

overpowering a Jedi Master, and murdering her?

[door opens]

[barkeep] I’ll know her when I see her.

That’s her.

She killed the Jedi! And ruined my bar!

It doesn’t matter what I think.

[Pip beeping]

Now that you’ve been identified,

a prison transport will take you back to Coruscant.

You’re making a mistake.

[♪ suspenseful music playing]

[ship roars]

[Jedi] Close your eyes.

Your eyes can deceive you.

We must not trust them.

Connect to the Force.

Have faith.

Think of diving into a great ocean.

Give yourselves over to its weight,

its stillness, its uncertainty.

And tell me what comes into your mind.

[door beeping]

[youngling] Balance.



[Jedi] Excellent.

I see fire.

It grows larger.

It consumes anything that tries to stop it.

The Force is powerful.

Like fire or the ocean.

It is a power we must respect.

But that is a lesson for another day.

Time for lunch.

Master Vernestra.

Sol, my dear friend,

how lucky these younglings are to have such a compassionate teacher.

I am the fortunate one. To be taught by them.

I remember when you were that small. You were so shy.

How can I be of service?

I come with news.

You and Master Indara were friends?

[Sol] Yes.

I was sad to hear she came to a violent death.

We have a suspect in custody.

An old Padawan of yours… Osha Aniseya.

I see I have underestimated your attachment to her.

Osha was…

She was a devoted Padawan.

I see no reason for her to kill Indara.

The evidence against her is strong.

Indara and I saved her from a terrible fire on Brendok.

I remember.

She saw us as her protectors.

There must be some mistake.

If it were to become public

that a former Jedi killed one of our own…

Our political enemies could use it against us.

Discretion is important.

Our justice swift. An example made.

[Sol sighs]

Despite your feelings for this girl, do I have your support in this endeavor?

Of course, Master Vernestra.

[sighs heavily]

[droid pilot warbling]

[droid warden stomping]

[convict 1 groaning]


[convict 2] Dybbuk.

Excuse me?

It’s a parasite used to subdue violent criminals.


Is it hurting him?

No way! He’s having a great time.

It does weird stuff to your brain.


Is it true you killed a Jedi?


We’re planning an escape. You in?

[convict 3 speaking electronically]

An escape… An escape to where? We’re traveling through hyperspace.

The ship’s piloted by droids.

[pilot droid warbling]

[convict 2] We’re gonna take ’em out and use the escape pods.

Okay, uh, I applaud everyone’s enthusiasm here,

but that could kill us!

So you’d rather leave your fate to the Jedi.

Yes, I have faith in the Jedi.

[scoffs] Enjoy prison. [laughs]

[convict 3 speaking electronically]

[pilot droid warbling]

[mechanical whirring]

[♪ dramatic music playing]

[ship clunking]


[ship rumbling]

[droid warden] Security breach.

Security breach.

Come on.

[convict 4 roars]

[droid warden] Security breach.

Security breach.

[distorted] Security breach–

[lock beeps]

[door buzzes]

[convict 2] Go, let’s go! Yes!

Go. Go, go, go, go.

Go! Go!

[convict 4] Go!

Come on. This way.

[convict 2 yelps]

[convict 5] Come on.


[door beeps, blares]

[convict 2] Go! To the pod. [convict 3 speaking electronically]

Can you give me a hand?

Bye-bye, Jedi-killer.

[convict 2 laughs]

[convict 5] Come on!

[convict 4] Let’s go. [convict 2] Come on!

[convict 5] Go, go, go, go, go. Launch! Launch!

[convict 2 cackles]

[convict 5] Go!

[ship thuds]

[objects rattling]

[Osha] Pip!



[gasping, panting]


[breathing deeply]


[grunts, yelps]

[Pip beeping]

Not now!

[Pip beeping]



[door beeps, blares]

[Osha grunts]

[both grunting]

[Pip beeping]


[Dybbuk chittering]

[convict 1 gasping, shouting]


[escape pod whooshes]

[alarm blaring]

[Osha panting]

[Osha] Whoa.


[Pip beeping]

[Pip beeping]

[ship screeching]

[♪ mysterious music playing]

[holoprojector trills]

What is it, Jecki?

Sorry to disturb you, Master.

Vernestra Rwoh requests your presence at the detainment level.

Then I mustn’t keep her waiting.

Why do you–

Permission to speak freely, Master Sol?

You may.

Why do you keep old holos of your former Padawan?

This pastime encourages sentimentality and nostalgia.

And both of these emotions can lead to–

Our memories are lessons.

“If we don’t meditate on the past…”

“We’re doomed to repeat it.”

[slams fist]

It wasn’t our idea!

[convict 1] It was the Jedi-killer! She orchestrated the whole thing!

Prisoner mutiny. Transport went down over Carlac.

And Osha?

Not among the survivors.

[convict 2] The Jedi-killer is evil!

I sensed her darkness.


Quiet your mind and tell me, what happened to the young woman?

She helped me, and I betrayed her and took the last escape pod.

It doesn’t clear her for Indara’s murder.

Any sign of life on Carlac?

The Republic dispatched probe droids to survey the wreckage.

I request permission to go to Carlac and bring Osha in myself.

It is highly unlikely she survived.

She is alive. I can feel it.

I’m afraid I cannot afford to lose you to a field mission, Sol.

You’re far too valuable here.

I trained her.

If she is guilty, it is my failure.

Let me take accountability.

A small team. Be discreet.

May the Force be with you.


[electricity crackling]

[♪ suspenseful music playing]

[electricity crackles]

[wind blowing]



[♪ dramatic chord plays]

[Osha] Hey!

Thank you for allowing me to accompany you.

It’s not what I would’ve planned for your first mission.

I’m ready.

That may be so, but we need backup.

Is it Yord?

What’s wrong with Yord?

Nothing. No, he’s… Yord.

[announcer over speakers] Docking bay two, please prepare for launch.

[steam hisses]

Master Sol. Oh.

I thank you for choosing me for this mission.

I should have brought Osha in myself. I apologize for my error.

We leave in five minutes.

I will redeem myself.


Put your clothes on.

[♪ dramatic music playing]

[♪ intriguing music playing]

[wind whistling]

[♪ foreboding music playing]

Hello, Osha.


Hello, sister.

[Osha] Brendok?

[indistinct voices whispering]

[woman] Osha.

[fire crackling]

[Osha] Wait!

[young Mae] “You’re with me. I’m with you.

“Always one, but born as two.

[breathing heavily]

“As above sits the stars…

“And below lies the sea…

“I give you you…”

“And you give me me.”

You remember.

Mae, is it really you?


I thought you were dead.

Did you kill Indara?


I will kill them all.

[wind blowing]



[Pip beeping]

Hey, Pip.

[Pip beeping]

[Osha whispers] Calm down.

[Pip beeping]

You’re okay.

[Pip beeping]

[electricity crackles]

[Pip beeping]

You wouldn’t believe who I just saw.

[ship whooshing]

Permission to speak freely?

[chuckles softly]

You don’t need to keep asking.

How well do you know this former Padawan?

[Sol] Osha.

How well do you know Osha?

Sixteen years ago,

I was posted on her home planet, Brendok.

I was there when her sister started a fire

that killed her entire family.

Osha was the sole survivor. I took her as my Padawan.

She had a sister?

Yes. She had a twin.

I didn’t know Osha was a twin.

[Jecki] It’s not in her file.

[Sol sighs]

Do you think that–

[Sol] No.

Mae is dead.

That was her name. Mae.

I saw her die.


That’s Carlac. Prepare for landing.

[Sol breathes deeply]

[♪ dramatic music playing]

[mechanical whirring]

[Pip beeping]

[ship whooshing]

There’s no way she could’ve survived this.

Clearly, someone’s been here, Yord.

Scavengers, Padawan.

Follow me.

[♪ suspenseful music playing]

[Osha panting]

[lightsaber hums]

[wind howling]

[lightsaber hums]

[Yord] Stop! In the name of the Republic and the Jedi Order!



I didn’t do it.

Step away from the edge.

[Pip beeping]

[Osha] Please, Sol…

Believe me. I didn’t-[gasps]

[Pip beeping]



[♪ gentle music playing]

[Pip beeping]

[♪ dramatic chord plays]



Mae is alive.

I believe you.

You need to come with us. Let’s go.

[lightsaber hums]

[device clicks]

[Sol] Stand down.

[stranger] The Jedi live in a dream.

A dream they believe everyone shares.

If you attack a Jedi with a weapon,

you will fail.

Steel or laser are no threat to them.

But an Acolyte…

An Acolyte kills without a weapon.

An Acolyte… kills the dream.

[lightsaber hums]


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