The Acolyte – S01E02 – Revenge/Justice | Transcript

An assassin strikes again, but this time the Jedi are there to attempt capture.
The Acolyte - S01E02 - Revenge/Justice

The Acolyte
Season 1 – Episode 2
Episode title: Revenge/Justice
Original release date: June 4, 2024

Plot: An assassin strikes again, but this time the Jedi are there to attempt capture.

* * *

[Tasi] Last night, a Jedi was murdered on Ueda.

The suspect matched your description.

[Vernestra] We have a suspect in custody.

An old Padawan of yours… Osha Aniseya.

We’re planning an escape.

[warden droid] Security breach.

[alarm blaring]

[Osha] Whoa.

I request permission to go to Carlac and bring Osha in myself.

She had a sister?

She had a twin.

[Osha] Mae?


[Osha] Mae is alive.

[Sol] I believe you.

[lightsaber hums]

[♪ unsettling music playing]

[people chattering]

[alien vendor grunting]

[mechanical whirring]

[speaks binary]

[in English] Hello! I’m over here, come on!

[in binary]

[frantic beeping, whirs]

[coins clinking]

[♪ suspenseful music playing]

[♪ music builds]

[♪ suspenseful music continues]

[Mae] Master Torbin.

We have unfinished business.

Attack me with all your strength.

[Mae grunts]

[Mae grunting]

[Mae pants]

[Mae shouts, grunts]

[♪ unsettling music playing]

[dagger swishes, clatters]

[Mae grunts]

[Mae grunting]


[Mae breathing heavily]

[Olega Master] There’s been a break-in. Check the entire temple.

Someone’s here.

[distant chattering]

[♪ dramatic music playing]

[wind blowing]

[system rumbling]

[system trilling and beeping]

[Osha] Hey, Padawan.

You could try repolarizing the power couplings.

[system whirring, beeps]

Thanks. You must be a pilot, then?

No. I’m a meknek.

Wow. That’s dangerous.

I thought that only R2 droids did the outer ship work.

[Osha] Well, any astromech can do the job.

But I’m better company than a droid. And, um, way more flexible.

[Pip warbling]

I’m sorry, Pip. Uh…

Pip is also very flexible.


[footsteps approaching]

[Yord] Master Sol.

I must protest over not restraining the prisoner.

She has escaped once before.

You still think she killed Indara.

You don’t?

Even if her sister was alive,

Mae would not have the training to defeat a Jedi Master.

Osha hasn’t trained in six years.

Let’s say this, this twin theory holds true.

[whispering] They could be working together.

Yord, don’t let fear affect your judgment.

[Vernestra] Twins? Osha has a twin sister?

Her name is Mae.

She was presumed dead 16 years ago.

But I believe she is responsible for Indara’s murder.

[Vernestra] I’m inclined to agree.

There’s been another incident.

A suspect matching Osha’s description broke into a local Jedi temple.

Where? Olega.

She could hardly be in your custody and committing another crime at the same time.

Would you like me to investigate or bring Osha back to Coruscant?

Go investigate.

Take Osha with you. She could be an asset.

[Sol] Set a course for Olega.


Torbin is on Olega.

We’re not escorting the prisoner back to–

Osha is coming with us.

I believe she can help.

Master, Osha is not–

The Jedi agree with me.

Setting course for Olega.

[♪ dramatic music playing]

[ship engine whirring]

[people chattering]

[♪ suspenseful music playing]



[Qimir snoring]


[cup clatters]

Oh. Hey, Mae.

Ah. I waited up all night. Where, uh, where have you been?

Out there risking my life.

Oh, yeah.

What are you wearing?

Oh, I took it off the guy who owns this place.

Yeah, I’m, uh… I’m blending in. [chuckles]

You can “blend in” without sampling the merchandise.

Well, I had to do something while I waited and worried.

So, did you kill the guy?

I was this close and I couldn’t land a single blow.

Find his weakness.


[Mae] He doesn’t have one.

Everyone has a weakness.

He’s impenetrable.

I need a weapon.

I need you to make me a poison.

Bunta? Really?

[Mae] I’m running out of time.

You’re running out of Jedi.

And if you think a sleeping monk is tough, good luck defeating a Wookiee.

I have two Jedi to kill after Torbin.

And I will kill one of them without a weapon and please the Master.

But I need to do this my way.


I need a drink.

Don’t you think what we do is so [sighs] stressful?

I do really believe that, though.

Everyone has a weakness.

The Jedi justify their galactic dominance in the name of peace.

And peace–

Is a lie. I know.

Torbin is not the serene and, as you say, impenetrable meditator.

Like every Jedi, he only thinks he’s found peace.

What he really needs is something only you can give him.

[♪ ominous music playing]


[ingredient rustling]


Thank you.

It wouldn’t bode well for either of us if you told him about this.

Of course.

[Pip warbling]

What is that?

Oh, this is a PIP droid.

I’m trying to sync him to your ship

so I can get some fuel levels, and some vitals, and–

I mean, what is that?

Oh, uh… [chuckles] I got this in CorpSec.

It was a crazy night with some of my crew.

And you hate it.

[chuckles lightly]

It doesn’t matter what I like.

Do you believe that Mae is behind Indara’s murder?

It’s the only way to explain all of this.

She must have survived somehow.

Even though we saw her…

I wanted to save you both.

What happened that night wasn’t your fault, Sol.

I’ve told you that.

You did.

And I have made peace with what happened on Brendok.

I know you have.

That was a lesson you tried to teach me, many times.

To accept what I’d lost.

And I wasn’t a very good student.

Perhaps I wasn’t a very good teacher.

[system beeps]

[Yord] Coming up on Olega.

[system trilling]

[ship whooshing]

[♪ intriguing music playing]

[people chattering]

Welcome to Olega.

We didn’t think Coruscant would be interested in our little break-in–

This crime may be connected to another open investigation.

[♪ dramatic music plays]

Please, walk us through what happened last night.

Someone spotted a hooded intruder and alerted me,

but we searched the temple and found nothing.

But before the gatekeeper droids failed,

they caught this little scoundrel, messing around our portcullis.

Stop-Stop squirming!

Do you remember me, Master Torbin?

[♪ unsettling music playing]

I know why you took the Barash Vow.

You thought this life would give you the peace you seek.

[Force field warbles]

But your past still haunts you.

Did you activate the security droid?


Why did you activate it?

She paid me to.

Who paid you to?

She had a hood on, but it was her.

[Pip warbling]

I would like to speak with Master Torbin, please.

Master Torbin hasn’t spoken to anyone in over ten years.

He will speak to me.

I’m an old friend.

I offer you a choice.

Confess your crime to the Jedi Council.

Or receive the forgiveness you seek…

Right here. Right now. From me.

[♪ tense music playing]

[Pip warbling]

Face the past, Master Torbin.

[♪ suspenseful music playing]

I’ve been waiting for you, Mae.

[♪ tense music playing]

[young Mae] Osha!

Forgive me.

We thought we were doing the right thing.

[♪ ominous music playing]

[♪ somber music playing]

[Pip beeping]

[vial clinks]



[Olega Master] Hey!

Step away from the body.

[lightsaber ignites]

I know what this looks like, but I can explain.

Do not move.

[Pip beeping]

Maybe start explaining.

He was poisoned.

How do you know?

[Yord] She didn’t do it.

My sights were on her the entire time.

I followed her when she broke off.

[lightsaber powers down]

This Master was dead when we arrived.

Thank you, Yord.

Master, there are no signs of struggle.

He took this poison willingly.

Why would Master Torbin kill himself?

This is bunta…

from my home planet.

[Osha] Bunta is a poison.

My sister and I were taught to use it in hunting.

If it’s distilled, its effects don’t last very long,

so it had to have come from nearby.

Is this the only apothecary in town?

[Olega Padawan] It is, but…

that’s not our regular guy.

I don’t know who that guy is.

[Yord] Was he alone? [Jecki] I’ve seen no signs of Mae.

Any suggestions?

Ah! Uh, we secure the perimeter.

Jecki stays on lookout, and I will confront this imposter.

Stun him, if need be, then we bring him back to the ship for questioning.

Or we skip that and she just talks to him.

If he’s Mae’s accomplice, we can send her in, she can talk to him.

We can record and monitor the conversation.

That way, we have a lead on Mae, plus we also get a confession from him.

It seems like the most logical way.

I’m in.

We will follow your plan, Padawan. It’s a good one.

Giving a civilian a weapon violates 13 precepts of the–

Osha knows how to use one of these.

She used to be a Jedi.

Are you ready?

Of course.

[♪ suspenseful music playing]

[sparks crackling]

[Osha] I hope you guys can hear me.

[vendor speaking alien language]

[clears throat] Hello?



[Osha over comms] Hi.

[Qimir over comms] Hi.


You all right?

You’re back so early.

I wanted to see you.

See me?


Mae, uh, are you okay?

Did the poison work?

That’s all we need.

Let’s pull her out.


[Qimir over comms] You’re acting so strange.


You killed Torbin without the poison.

He will be so pleased.


No, I used it.

I just wanted to thank you.

You look exactly like her.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait!

Hold on.

Back away.

[lightsaber ignites, hums]

Where is Mae?

Hold on, hold on.

We know you supplied Mae with the poison that killed Master Torbin.

We have your confession.

Wait, wait, wait. That isn’t my thing. This is her.

I didn’t know what she was going to do with that stuff.

If you cooperate, we will consider letting you go with a warning.

Okay, thank you. Thank you, sir.

Please don’t do the memory wipe thing or whatever it is you guys do.

[lightsaber powers down]

What is your relationship to Mae?

I’m just her supplier.

Yeah, I started out gunrunning for the Hutts.

Now, I supply people like her with what they need.

For the right price.

Well, maybe you can supply us with the truth.

Who is “He”?

Uh, I thought he was with you?

Does Mae have a Master?

Is someone training her?

Listen, I have no idea what’s going on with that girl.

All I know is that she wants revenge on four Jedi.

If you wanna get to her, she’ll be back here tonight.

I’m holding some things for her.

Yord, secure the perimeter.

Keep an eye out for Mae.

Jecki, get to the ship.

You’re coming with me.

We return tonight.

[♪ suspenseful music playing]

[people chattering]

[Jecki over comms] Any sign of Mae?

Not yet.

I have a bad feeling about this.

What if this guy is lying? Or if this is a trap?

Yord, stick to the plan.

Do not interfere.

[Yord sighs] Master Sol wants to face her on his own.

I will confront her.

No, I must face her alone.

You brought me here.

We both knew this is where this trip was headed.

I didn’t know you are still so angry.

She killed my family.

She destroyed my life.

This is grief.

Let it go.

You are not my Master.

I do not need your permission to go out there and confront her.

I deserve justice.

You want revenge.

Look what revenge has done to your sister.

I couldn’t save her when you were children.

Let me try now.

[♪ somber music playing]

She wants to kill four Jedi.

Stationed on Brendok 16 years ago.

Indara, Torbin, Kelnacca, and you.

She wants to kill you.

Have faith in Mae.

Then have faith in me.

[binocs beep]

[whirring, beeping]

I see her.

It’s Mae. She’s approaching.

Headed your way.

[Sol] Mae!

[Mae gasps]

You survived.

You killed Indara.

And Torbin.

[dagger swishes]

[♪ thrilling music playing]

[Mae yells]

[Mae grunts]

You attack me without a weapon.


[Mae grunting]

[Mae panting]

You have misunderstood the Jedi arts.

Your Master has failed you.

Tell me. Who trained you?

[Mae shouts]

[Pip warbling]

[Pip trilling, warbling]

[Jecki over comms] What’s going on, Yord?

[Yord over comms] Sol is trying to find out who trained Mae.

[Jecki] I’ll turn on his comms.

[♪ tense music playing]


[Mae grunting]

[Mae panting]

I see your Master has taken great pains to hide his identity.

Even from you.

You couldn’t tell me who he is, even if you wanted to.

[Mae] Get out of my head, Jedi.

[Mae breathing shakily]

Even after all this time,

your thoughts still go to your sister.

My sister is dead!

Osha is alive.

You lie!

[Mae shouts]

He speaks the truth.

Osha lives.

[♪ dramatic music playing]

[Mae gasps]

[Mae panting]

[ship approaching]

[Jecki] In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic,

you are under arrest.

Lay your weapons down and surrender.

[Mae breathes deeply]

[♪ tense music playing]

[Mae yells]

[♪ suspenseful music playing]

[wind blowing]

I’ve lost visual. I’m turning back around.

[Yord] Copy that. We are headed to the city gates.

We have to stop Mae before she escapes from Olega.

[Mae panting]

[Mae grunts]

[bystanders clamoring]

[Mae shouts]

[driver groans, gasps]

[♪ tense music playing]

[driver grunts]

[Mae grunts]

[driver shouts]


[♪ gentle music playing]

[vehicle whooshes]

[♪ dramatic music builds]

[people clamoring]

[electricity crackling]

[Vernestra] I have convened a small council to discuss next steps.

We are awaiting your arrival.

With respect, we don’t have time for talks, Master Vernestra.

[Vernestra] Our problem has changed.

Your old Padawan going rogue was one thing.

But now a trained outsider is responsible.

We need to strategize.

But we know where she’s going next. We must move–

We don’t make decisions like this without meaningful discussion, Sol.

We will see you soon.

[holoprojector powers down]

[♪ mysterious music playing]

[people chattering]

[both grunting]

[Mae breathes heavily]

You sold me out to the Jedi?

They’re right up there.

They’re everywhere.

I should kill you for betraying me like this.

I can make it up to you. I can get us out of this city.

And go where?


What the hell is Khofar?

A relaxing forest retreat in the Outer Rim where the Wookiee Jedi lives.

You found Kelnacca?

Osha’s alive.

I know.

He’s gone. Come on.

[Qimir] Come on!

[Wookiee roars]

[♪ mysterious music playing]

[creatures chittering]


[in Huttese]

[scavenger 1 speaking]

[scavenger 2 speaking]


[scavengers gasp]

[grunts, roars]

[scavengers yelping]

[Kelnacca growls]

[scavenger 2 speaking Huttese]




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