A Discovery of Witches - Season 2

A Discovery of Witches – S02E01 – Transcript

Diana and Matthew arrive in London on All Hallows’ Eve, 1590, slightly off course from where they planned. They enter Matthew’s London home and are confronted by Christopher Marlowe, who instantly distrusts Diana.

The Expanse - S05E06 - Tribes

The Expanse – S05E06 – Tribes – Transcript

Holden and the Roci go on the hunt. Amos and Clarissa seek shelter on a devastated Earth. Bobbie and Alex fight a desperate battle. Marco makes Drummer an offer she can’t refuse. Avasarala returns to a position of power.

Your Honor - Part Five

Your Honor – Part Five – Transcript

Michael attempts to return to business as usual until he discovers that someone is blackmailing him. Jimmy Baxter and Gina Baxter remain committed to avenging their son’s death.

Vikings - S06E20 - The Last Act

Vikings – S06E20 – The Last Act [Transcript]

The final episode of Vikings opens up with Ubbe and Floki embracing each other — a significant moment, a finale-esque moment. Floki tells them that the locals have taken care of him, and when he arrived on the new land, they healed him…

Vikings - S06E19 - The Lord Giveth...

Vikings – S06E19 – The Lord Giveth… [Transcript]

On the new land, Ubbe and co are surrounded by the locals with arrows. The leader asks his men to lower their weapons. Torvi asks everyone to put down their weapons, and the diplomacy begins. She introduces herself to their leader…

Vikings - S06E18 - It's Only Magic

Vikings – S06E18 – It’s Only Magic [Transcript]

Ubbe and his crew make it to what they deem the golden land. There’s relief but exhaustion on everyone’s faces as they slowly make it to the land. Othere hands out freshwater and berries immediately. Torvi tells Ubbe to accept God’s purpose…

Vikings - S06E17 - The Raft of Medusa

Vikings – S06E17 – The Raft of Medusa [Transcript]

Ingrid asks Harald if he and Ivar have any intentions of returning after battling in Wessex — she senses a change in the mood. Harald does not answer as Erik intervenes in the conversation. He tells Erik to look after Kattegat as there’s still a possibility that the Rus will attack…

Vikings - S06E16 - The Final Straw

Vikings – S06E16 – The Final Straw [Transcript]

Ivar and Hvitserk return to Kattegat, and angry crowds heckle them. Ivar wonders if returning is a mistake — Erik offers to take them to King Harald, and Ivar is shocked at who is king. They bow to the king and queen…

Vikings - S06E15 - All at Sea

Vikings – S06E15 – All at Sea [Transcript]

On the new land now named Greenland, Ubbe talks to Othere about Kjetill — Othere tells Ubbe that Kjetill killed Floki — he cannot prove it, but he is sure. This is a defining moment in the voyage for new land. Ubbe knows he will likely have to defend himself — his dream to find the golden land is nearly over…

Vikings - S06E14 - Lost Souls

Vikings – S06E14 – Lost Souls [Transcript]

As the Good Friday ceremony continues, Prince Oleg senses that Igor is gone and asks that he is found. Oleg joins in on the Good Friday ritual and is whipped repeatedly as they reimagine Jesus Christ’s torture…

Vikings - S06E13 - The Signal

Vikings – S06E13 – The Signal [Transcript]

Ivar wants an audience with Oleg, but he’s not allowed as the guards refuse to let him in. He talks to Hvitserk and asks him why he’s standing in the way — Ivar wants access to Igor. There is tension between both brothers. Hvitserk claims Oleg treats him well and is the future ruler of the world…

Vikings - Season 6 - Part 2

Vikings – S06E12 – All Change [Transcript]

Bjorn’s death changes everything and has ramifications for the rest of the final season — “All Change” is the start of changes. Prince Oleg and Ivar return to their town and there’s shock amongst the people. Oleg’s wife looks disappointed as she looks on…

Vikings - Season 6 - Part 2

Vikings – S06E11 – King of Kings [Transcript]

“King Of Kings” begins with Bjorn being sailed out into the sea. He’s presumed dead or dying at this stage. Meanwhile, Prince Oleg is celebrating with Ivar the Boneless, but Ivar cannot be sure that he killed Bjorn…

Your Honor - Part Four

Your Honor – Part Four – Transcript

Tensions escalate as Adam moves from one dangerous liaison to another. Elizabeth steps in to protect her grandson. Family dinner at the Desiatos is plagued by secrets and lies.

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