Servant – S02E05 – Cake [Transcript]

The Turners scramble to prepare for a pivotal meeting. Leanne bakes a mysterious cake.

Original release date : February 12, 2021

Leanne is still captive in the Turner home, though they allow her to walk freely inside the house at certain times of day. Remorseful for her actions, Dorothy invites Tobe over to keep Leanne company, providing him with the cover story that they abducted Leanne to save her from a cult and deprogram her. A package arrives in the mail under Sean’s name – a small baby figurine and a ransom note for $200,000. Sean initially suspects Julian, who pleads ignorance. The Turners pool their resources, including a package of cash Sean and Julian had set aside for a ransom scenario. Sean also sells his beloved espresso machine to reach the $200,000 mark. That night, while Sean and Dorothy take the money to the mall as instructed, Julian stays at the house along with Leanne, who bakes a cake with help from Tobe. Leanne places the baby figurine in one of the cakes, reminiscing about how her alcoholic mother would make her follow the same recipe and always take the prize of the “baby” for herself. She has Tobe hide in the attic, showing him that the Turners have been locking her in there. Julian calls the Turners, who receive no contact from the kidnappers at the mall. When Julian speaks to Sean alone, they realize that Leanne was able to access Sean’s laptop and place the order. Julian confronts Leanne, who explains this wild goose hunt was more punishment for Dorothy. Uncle George suddenly appears at the mall, confronting the Turners. They bring him back to the house, where he demands to know where Leanne is. In the attic, Leanne devours the cake in search of the baby figurine while the lights around her flicker and pop.

* * *

My name is Leanne Grayson.

Leanne Grayson.

Leanne Grayson.

And I come from Wisconsin.

My name is Leanne Grayson, and I come from Wisconsin.

My special skill is baking cakes.

You’re up.

Sean and I thought it might be a nice change for you to get out and about now and then.

A few scheduled units every day.

Do let us know your preferred hours.

Anyway, now we can get started.

Now, I didn’t know your thoughts on blueberries.

I assure you these are sweet, not tart, but some people balk at any fruit in a pancake.

So, in that case, we do have chocolate chips.

Or berries and cream on the side, if that’s what you prefer.

I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be medium or medium-high.




I am so sorry we forgot about you all weekend.

You must be starving. I am gonna make it up to you.

Is someone else joining us?

I thought you could use a friend.


All right.

Thank you.


Yes, please.

And Leanne.

None for me.

These are real delicious, Mrs. Turner.

You should really try some.

Morning, Chef.

Tobe’s always expressed such a great interest in Leanne that I figured why not invite him over?

Don’t look at me that way.

You scared me. What you did.

I know. Harming her. I know I went way too far.

But the fact remains, we still need to draw her out.

It’s our only hope of bringing Jericho home.

I thought you’d be proud of me for at least devising a new strategy.

So… how’s everything?


I just wanted to say I’m sorry about that night with the pizza.

I didn’t know anything, or…

Mrs. Turner has explained the situation very clearly to me.

It’s an important step in the healing process. Acknowledgment.


It sounds like you fell in with a bad crew.

Same thing happened to me in high school for a little bit.

They weren’t religious or anything, but they were just really into blow.

Not that I’ve ever done–

I mean, I’ve tried it once, but–

Jericho must be so happy to have you back.

I haven’t seen that little guy around lately.

Jericho’s with his grandpa today. It’s healthy to bond across generations.

That’s true.

So, I was thinking, Leanne, when everything’s, you know, okay and good, maybe you and I can go and celebrate, if you want?

Just us?

Yes, it’s important to have something to look forward to.

And when all of this horrible business is behind us, Leanne will be free to go wherever she pleases.


Now, wasn’t that fun?

And more fun could be had if you cooperate.

You can see I’m doing what I’m supposed to, Leanne… in regards to the ransom.

“Tell no one, baby lives.”


Here. This is for your cuts.

No, thank you.

Leanne, I’m not the kind of person…

I’m sorry I hurt you.

But you have to understand, for Jericho, there is nothing I wouldn’t do. Nothing.

He’s part of me, do you understand?

You can lock me in now.

One cup, dried apricots.

One cup, chopped dates.

One cup of butter.

Ms. Turner?

Sign here.

Thank you.



It’s fucking tiny.

What does it mean?

Does it have genitals?

And you ordered it?

I did not.

We should let her out. We promised her the morning.

They’ve hacked our account. They’re using our credit cards.

A message.

What does it say?

Oh, God.

Ingenious. But in the future, could we talk this shit through first?

The fuck is that?

You didn’t send it?

“Bring 200,000 to the Franklinville Mall food court, 8:00 p.m. tomorrow.

Cash only.”

I know we need to keep her occupied.

‘Cause from burial, it’s a hop and a skip to homicide, but this is gonna build hope and make things worse.

Number one…

I fucking told you so.

I get why she did what she did.

Number two, I didn’t send this.

You didn’t send it.

What do you mean you didn’t send it?

I didn’t fucking send it.

Then who did?


It can’t be them, though. He didn’t want money. He flat out refused.

Because you didn’t offer him enough.

He knew he could get 200. He just had to squeeze harder.

What if we’re walking into a trap?

Is there a world where Dorothy does not go to the mall with a big bag of cash tomorrow night?

No, of course there fucking isn’t.

Then I suggest we put our stash to good use and go with the good old-fashioned method of paying these fuckers off.


Julian, thank God. Did you talk to Sean?

I saw the note.

Help me, will you?

I don’t know what goes in which box. We may have to mix and match here.

What a mess.

I’ve always warned Sean, if you’re not liquid, you’re a pauper.

Do you think it’s them?

Who else could it be?

Sean seems to have his doubts, but I’m sure it is.

They know we have Leanne, so of course they’d make contact again now.

Sean overthinks everything. It’s them.

Is this gonna be enough?

Not even close.

That’s why I’m gonna have to call in some favors.

What’s this?

You know me. I always keep a little aside for a rainy day. I’m so thankful for my little brother.

Family first. Always.

Welcome back to Channel 8 News.

In our next segment, we have Isabelle Carrick reporting from Philadelphia’s newest restaurant.

Thank you so much, Doug.

Love is in the air.

Thanks to our phones, it’s now easier than ever to find a dinner partner.

But at this new eatery in Center City, the idea of a blind date is taken quite literally.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when no one can behold, where’s the attraction?

In conversation? Touch? A gut feeling?

Even food tastes different when you can’t see it.

I’m sitting here on my first blind date with one of Philadelphia’s most eligible bachelors, Frank Clemente.

He self-identifies as a picky dater…

Can you believe it?

What made you try this–

Six hundred for a case of Ravello.

Well, every little drop helps.

But I paid 1,200 for it. If they’d given me a week, I could’ve got a fair price.

Then we wouldn’t have Jericho for another week, would we?

Yeah, you’re right. Every little helps. Are we close?

We’re still about 20 short.

Julian really came through for us, didn’t he?

Yeah, he’s a real sweetheart.

I already have an offer from Jason Taylor.

You remember what a fuss he made when he saw you carrying it in the house?

He’s always coming from a spinning class.

I don’t want him putting his sweaty hands all over it.

It will be painful, Sean, but I’m sure you’ll weather it.

Shall I leave you alone for a moment while you say your goodbyes?

You said I could be downstairs between 9:00 and 10:00.

It’s now 10:45.

I would like to make a cake.

A cake?

These are the ingredients that I need.


Yeah, I’m kinda pressed today.

Well, if you don’t have time, you could ask Tobe to deliver them.

I’ll try.


How long’s the drive?

Thirty minutes, but she wants to get there early.

Leave nothing to chance.


This just doesn’t feel right.

You’re paying a ransom for a baby that isn’t yours.

When would that ever feel right?


What the fuck is Pillsbury Doughboy doing here?

I asked him to bring some stuff.

Were you in my closet?

You didn’t specify any parameters to my walks.

You took this.

You have so many.

It looks better on her.

Thank you, Chef.

Are those the ingredients that I asked for?



What are you making?


We should leave now.

Traffic is moderate.


Will you help me?

Julian can watch over them. But make sure Leanne doesn’t overextend herself.

She’s been through so much lately.

I won’t stay long.

Yeah, I’ll make sure of that.

You don’t give them the bag until they hand over the baby.

And you don’t let her out of your sight.

She doesn’t leave until Jericho is home.

He’s anxious.

Go get him.

What sort of cake you making?


I like chocolate best.

More for us, then.

So, what are we doing? What are we making? What’s the recipe?

It’s called a king cake.

It’s technically for the Epiphany.

My mother used to make it on Sundays.

She taught me how, said I could use it for my pageants.

You were in pageants?

She said it could be my special skill because I didn’t have any.

I never won.

Sean and Dorothy are heading your way.

What about the aunt and uncle? Are they gonna be here?

I’m not asking you to confront them. Just hang back in the distance.

You have eyes on the food court?

No closer than that. You should be all right.

Call me when they show up.

What happened?

I’m handling it.

Did those people who were holding you–

I don’t wanna talk about that.


There’s one more ingredient to a king cake.

He said it’s just past the goddess fountain, so…

This is it.

Sean, Sean, we’re here.

I see it.

Well, we’re five minutes early, so just sit down and…


Maybe we’ll order something. It’s important to look casual.

Hang on. I’m muting you.


Your sister just showed up.

All right.

I think we’re ready.

Sundays were the only day she got out of bed.

For the cake.

We’d practice. She’d have the bottle.

The bottle?

Of brandy.

It’s for the glaze. If she hadn’t drunk it all yet.

The rule was that if I did well in my last pageant, I got to put the baby inside.

I got to do it four times.

Only four times?


Go ahead.

When it was time to eat it… my mother would put on her best dress.

She’d cut the cake for us.

She said whoever was most special would get the baby.

My mother was always the special one.

How do you mean?

She always found the baby.

She would hold it up in her hand for me to see it.

And then she’d make me say it.

“You’re the special one!”

Where’s your mother now?


It’s 8:20. What should we do?

Just wait.

The mall closes in 40 minutes.

Then wait another 40 fucking minutes then.

Where’s Leanne?

She’s baking.

This could be a trap.

They might’ve wanted us out of the house so they could snatch her back.

Don’t worry, okay? I’m on it. Just… stay online.

What happened to your little friend?

He had to leave.

Dorothy said he couldn’t stay long.

He locked the door from the outside.

Okay. Bedtime, Cinders.

I’m cleaning.

I’ll do that later.

Will you take the cake out of the oven for me? To cool.

I set the timer.

You want me to fucking ice it for you too?

After it’s cool. That’s when we add the brandy glaze.

Well, then maybe I will have a slice after all.

Did he just lock you in?

They think it’s good for me.

I’m adapting.

She’s gone for a walkabout, see if she can recognize anyone.

She’s fine. She’s at a chocolate shop.

That package, the little fucking baby, that came through your account.

They must have hacked it.

These people don’t strike me as technologically minded. They bind straw.

Unless someone had access to your laptop. What’s your password?

Capital J-e-r-i-c-h-o.


Your son’s name. And that’s not fucking obvious at all.

I told you this doesn’t feel right.

They’re not in it for the money.

It’s in your history, you dumb fuck.

If it wasn’t you and it wasn’t Dorothy, then who else had access to this?



Why would you do that to her?

She changed the bedsheets for him. She packed his little fucking monkey.

Because I wanna see her get what she deserves.

They’re making us leave.

But we’ll just go out to the parking lot.

Maybe they’ll feel safer to make contact out there, do you think?



Sorry, man. I can’t handle this shit.

This is Sean. I can’t come to the phone right now.

Where is she?


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