Superman & Lois – S01E02 – Heritage [Transcript]

When adjusting to their new lives in Smallville, Lois and Clark make an important decision concerning one of their sons; tensions begin to rise between Lois and Morgan Edge; Lana Lang Cushing invites the Kent family over for a barbecue.
Superman & Lois - S01E02 - Heritage

Original air date March 2, 2021

Luthor searches Earth for Kryptonite. Clark takes Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude to learn about Krypton’s history and meet the A.I. of Superman’s father Jor-El. Jonathan faces resistance from Sean Smith on the football team. Lois attends the city council meeting, where she speaks out against Morgan Edge’s plan for Smallville and faces backlash. Edge threatens to rescind his offer, which would result in hundreds of jobs lost. Superman and Luthor battle until Luthor reveals that his ship, outfitted with a bomb, will destroy the city; Superman pushes the ship out of Earth’s orbit before it explodes. Tests at the Fortress reveal that Jordan’s powers are not as strong as Clark’s, which angers Jordan. The Kents attend a barbecue at Lana’s home, where Lois argues with Kyle over Smallville’s job issue. Luthor attacks Sam Lane’s base and warns him that Superman will destroy this world, as he did to Luthor’s. Superman intervenes and discovers this Luthor was an android. Lois quits her job at the Daily Planet over an article about Edge and joins the Smallville Gazette, while Clark allows Jordan to attend school. At his base, Luthor plans to build another ship and armor while continuing to search for Kryptonite. A flashback to Luthor’s Earth reveals a battle against an evil Superman.

* * *

What can you say about leaving a place you loved?



All the memories.


All the experiences.


It can be heartbreaking…


Until the excitement takes over…


Because you soon realize you get to make new memories…


Have new experiences…


I just need the wrench. Thanks for the help, boys.


And best of all…


Fall in love all over again.


The playbook never arrived?

It should have been here when we moved in. I don’t know how I’m supposed to know the plays.


You want me to call Coach Gaines?

No, no, it’s fine.

I only got two of the AP classes I wanted, and they put me in Spanish instead of French.

I haven’t even looked at my schedule yet.

Yeah, I’m sure it’s just as crappy as mine.

We actually wanted to talk to you about school, anyway.

We have some concerns with you going right now.

Isn’t that why we moved here?

No, we came here so that your father and I would be around more and we’d have more time to spend together as a family.

And to live in a safer place for me to teach you about your powers and the reason you have them.

Well, what do I need to learn? I’m a little stronger. So what?

You’re a lot stronger, and you’ve had an ocular release of energy.

A what?

Is that seriously what it’s called?

It doesn’t matter what it’s called. He almost hurt a bunch of kids.

It was an accident. I don’t even know how it happened.

That’s exactly our point.

So I’m just not gonna go to school?

Until we know how to keep it from happening again, yes.

Why can’t I just have one of those beeper things. Mom has in case something goes wrong?

An ELT is not the solution, Jordan.

You know what? I thought coming here would be a chance to start over, but I guess I’m just gonna be a freak like always.


It feels like home already. I need to talk to Eliza.


I told Jordan that I would be there for him, but I don’t even know what he needs right now.

He just needs his dad.


You’re really swimming around in that head of yours lately, huh? That stranger in the war suit really got to you, didn’t he?

He seemed to know a lot about Superman. What if he knows about us, the boys, where we live?

My dad’s working on it. He’ll find him. And in the meantime, let’s just focus on what we came here for: Family.






Open it, now.





Where is it?

Where is what?

The kryptonite!


Where is it?

I haven’t had any for a long time. I swear to God. I can’t get it anymore!


I take it you were unable to secure the necessary kryptonite, Captain Luthor.

We need to keep looking.

I understand, Captain, but your suit’s running low on power.

Then we’ll take the ship.

It’s barely operable.

I don’t care.


We need to stop Kal-El before he does to this world what he did to mine.



You know what? I just realized something.


I think this is gonna be the first time I’ve ever gone to school without you.

Yeah, it is. It’s kind of weird.

No phone today.


Hey, try to keep an open mind, all right?


I love you.

Love you too.

We gotta go. Bye, babe.

Remember, if anybody asks, he’s sick.

Why do we need these big winter jackets? Are we flying somewhere?

Kind of have to. Hold on, okay?



How come he gets to go flying with Dad and I have to go to school?

At least we have the radio.




Hey, you confused already?

Oh, hey. Uh, hey, um, yeah, yeah, actually, I’m a little lost. World history, portable three?

Oh, it’s outside. I’ll show you.


No Jordan today?

Um, he’s not feeling so good.




Heard you Kent brothers were moving here.

Come on, this is not…

You’re supposed to be what? Some kind of star quarterback?

I’m all right.

Too bad.

We already got a QB.

How mature.

And we’ll see how you do with our offense.

Some people think it’s tough to learn, especially if you somehow never got the playbook.


Tell your brother I said hi.

It’s outside, to the left. (WHISPERING) Sorry.




Why’d you take us here? I definitely should have worn better shoes.


What is this place?


After my father died, I felt pretty lost. I had a lot of questions about who I was, why I could do the things I could do. So I came here, found my answers. Maybe this place can help you the same way it helped me.

That’s the thing from the ship.

It’s a sunstone crystal. Think of it as a computer drive that contains the entire history of Krypton.

So you brought me to an igloo in the North Pole to read about Krypton?

Not “read” exactly. It’s more like “experience.”


Your family history begins in Krypton’s second-largest city, Kryptonopolis.




Hey, Lois.

Hey, Lana, Kyle.

How’s everyone doing?

You know, um, adjusting.

Look, if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call. You know what? You should all come tomorrow for a barbecue. Yeah, it’s one less meal to worry about.

Yeah, great.

You’re writing something about Morgan Edge?

He’s not as great as you think he is, Kyle.

Well, he’s bringing jobs to Smallville, so that’s good enough for me.


Mr. Mayor.

All set for tonight?

Yes, sir.

Big night for us.

Yeah, we’re good to go.

Excuse me.

Big night?

Oh, uh, there’s a city council meeting tonight. So tomorrow, say 7:00?

Great, yeah. We’ll bring bubbles.

Okay, great.

And hope was starting to wane. The planet’s natural resources were reaching exhaustion. As the people discovered Krypton’s fate, peace devolved into war, accelerating the planet’s ruin. Our home was lost forever.



It’s a lot to absorb, I know.


How’d you know to do this when you came here?

My father showed me. Well, the AI of my Kryptonian father. Jordan, this is your grandfather, the man you’re named after, Jor-El.

You brought your son to me. Why?

Because unlike we thought, Father, he’s manifesting abilities.

Well, then… it is possible for us to further our Kryptonian heritage after all. And you, Jordan, you will be the one to do it.




Where were you guys all day?

Go tell him.

What up, big dog?


How’d it go?

Come here.


Oh, I think I finally broke through. Oh. (SMOOCHES) I’m gonna take him back tomorrow for some tests.

I told you.


That reminds me. Lana invited us to dinner at their place tomorrow night. So don’t stay too late.

You going somewhere?

Going to a city council meeting about the Edge proposal.

Lois, Lois, Lois, we’re just settling in here.

Only for a few minutes… Just to listen.


Yeah, he texted while you were gone. Said he was stopping by.

Well, he has his work face on.

I’m gonna take the boys with me. I don’t want them hearing about some crazy person stalking their dad.

So how was today without me?

Uh, you know, it was… It was a lot better, actually. I think we should have done this a long time ago.

Shut up.

Boys, you’re coming with me.


Sources tell us our armored friend here hit a black market weapons site last night in Moldova.

What’d he take?

Not sure yet. Blew out the whole operation before leaving, though. What’d he say to you, exactly?

Just what he knew about Superman and that we’d see each other again.

Well, we know how to make that happen. This time he came in a ship.

So he brought more than just a war suit with him.

He sure did. My guys were able to assign this thing a residence identifier. Goes airborne again, we got him.

We won’t be here long, so don’t make a scene. No fighting.

Hey, Sarah. Hey.

Hey. You’re too sick to go to school, but your mom brought you here?

I started feeling a lot better, and, you know, so we…

Mm-hmm. Jonathan, I’m really sorry about Timmy and the playbook. I would have done something if…

It’s all good. I got one now, so it’s cool.


Can I help you with something? I saw you at the diner.

Wow, you’re Lois Lane.

And you’re…

Oh, Chrissy Beppo. I’ve been wanting to introduce myself the last few days, but I totally chickened out.

A fellow journalist?

“Smallville Gazette.” I came to cover this, not that there’s much news to ever cover at these things.

Okay, let’s… Let’s get this thing going by welcoming my friend and our mayor, George Dean.


Thank you, Chief. I would like to thank all the members of the city council.

Hey, I know you’re at “The Daily Planet” and everything, but if you ever want to write an article for the “Gazette” now that you live here, my editor doesn’t shut up about you. You’re, like, her idol.

Ladies and gentlemen, Morgan Edge.


Whoo, yeah!



Sure is quiet out here… simple. You still looking for the simple life? ‘Cause those days are gone, Clark… long gone.

Let me know when you find the ship.

Why’d you move the family here? You took Lois away from where she needs to be, hurt Jonathan’s football chances. Jordan’s got no chance of fitting in with kids here. Must have had a hell of a reason.



You told the boys you’re Superman.

Couldn’t lie to ’em anymore.

You sure as hell could.


You have any idea what you just did? You ruined their childhood, Clark. I’ve seen the toll this life’s taken on Lois over the years. She never says anything to you, but I know. Now you’re gonna put the boys through that same hell?

This is gonna keep my family together.

No, Clark, it’s gonna tear it apart.



What is it, Rosetti? Mongolia?


How many jobs you looking to provide? Just so they know.

From entry level to tradesman, we’re estimating around 600.

And that’s not including peripheral jobs, folks.

So if there are no more questions…

I have a question.

That jobs number you say is an estimate?

That’s right, Ms. Lane. It’s difficult to guarantee an exact figure.

So is there a number that’s more feasible? Because I would hate for what happened in New Carthage to happen here.

Such as?

Missing job-creation targets by nearly 50%, paying well below living wage, that kind of thing.

Here’s what I love about Lois Lane… When she smells a story, she goes after it with everything she has, even if it concerns her own boss. I thought those mines would be fruitful. I was wrong. But what I promised those people was that I’d take a risk on them when no one else would, and that’s exactly what I’ve come to offer everyone here: A chance to save this town and improve its residents’ lives.


Hear, hear.


But perhaps you’re right, Ms. Lane. Perhaps Smallville isn’t the place to take a risk right now. I certainly wouldn’t want to cause any harm to this great community. Maybe that’s something you all need to discuss further. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your time. If you’ll forgive me.

Oh, my God, it’s just like what they say about you. You don’t go the news. The news goes to you.




You tracked my ship.

What do you want?

You… gone.

Why? What did I do to you?

It wasn’t just me. You destroyed my whole planet!



I know you can hear the bomb in my ship. People are gonna get hurt. Me or them. Make a choice, Kal-El.









Come on!


There you go, Ryan! There you go! Run it again, but better! Let’s go!

Can I take some snaps today, Coach?

Kent, I want you on the book learning the offense.

It doesn’t look too complicated. I think if you just put me out there, I can show you what I can do.

Hmm. (BLOWS WHISTLE) Ryan, hydrate! All right, Kent. Twins right flex, 23 Savior.


Come on, let’s go! Pick it up!

Twins right flex, 23 Savior!

Ready… ready!

(BLOWS WHISTLE) Come on, now. That was a simple running play, genius.


Falcon right, 45 Buster!

Falcon right, 45 Buster!

Ready, ready!



(BLOWS WHISTLE) Hey, hey, hey!

That’s enough! That’s enough!

I told you… we already got a QB.

That’s enough!


He knew my history, my weaknesses. He had kryptonite.

He’s from another planet?

That’s what he said. He blames me somehow for it being destroyed.

Well, you’ll figure it out, Clark. You’ve taken on guys like this before.

This is the worst time for someone like this to be showing up.

Right when you moved your family to Smallville and you promised the boys you’d be dad of the year?


Your dad knows that we told the boys. He figured it out the other night.

What’d he say?

Oh, you know, just that we’re making the biggest mistake of our lives.

See, now I know we’re on the right track.


What’s that?

It is about an article I am working on about Morgan Edge.


He was at the Smallville city council meeting last night.

I thought you weren’t getting involved.

Well, yes, but then he started spouting this BS about helping the town. Morgan Edge is not here to save Smallville, Kansas. He’s here for cheap labor because people are desperate, just like he did with New Carthage and Hazel Green and Granville. He is eating these small towns from the inside out.

Thank you. “Morgan Edge is a corporate vampire.” You remember that Edge owns the “Planet”?


So he’s not gonna let you publish this.

You know what, babe? You do your Superman stuff, and I will do my Lois Lane stuff. I’m serious, Clark. I’m getting this gut feeling that this is one of the reasons I was supposed to come to Smallville. I am not going to let Morgan Edge destroy this town like he did the others.

Dad’s taking me to the Fortress today, gonna run some tests, see what powers I have or will have or whatever. Can you imagine if I can fly?

No, not really.

What Sarah said about the playbook, what happened?

I mean, I didn’t get it, and now I have it, so it’s cool.

All right.



See you guys later.

Have fun being Superman and Superboy or whatever.

What’s wrong?

Nothing, Mom. I just need to… I just need to learn this playbook.

Jonathan… you’re a really great brother, you know that? I know how much you gave up by saying yes to coming here. Your whole life’s in Metropolis. Your girlfriend’s there. Your entire identity is there, but you said yes to coming here anyway ’cause you wanted to help your brother.

You and I both had lives we left behind.



And you’re certain he’s displayed abilities?

Absolutely, sir. Why?

The photo-nucleic effect appears to be insignificant.

Insignificant? How can that be?

His cells can only store minimum amounts of energy from the Sun.

But he’s released an ocular blast.

Only once, and he’s since then been unable to repeat it.

He has elevated strength.

For his size, perhaps, but nothing extraordinary. He doesn’t even have 1/100 your strength.

Let’s test him again.

There is no reason to do so. These have been random occurrences. He’ll never have enough power to produce these abilities on command. His human DNA is just too limiting. I know you wished for this, but he will never be like you, Kal-El.




Sam, I sent this in hours ago, and now you’re having second th… hello?

Leave me alone.


I’m not going to the Cushings’.

What happened at the Fortress?

I guess we found out what I always knew. I’m not special.

Jordan, it is a process. We will go back, we will test you again, and we’ll see how you progress over time.


Maybe he should just stay home.

What? Why? Baby have another bad day?

Screw you.



No, I am sick of your crap, okay, Jordan? This is not just about you! I got the shaft.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what does that mean?

It means that Don Draper over here kissed Sarah at the bonfire party, so now her dick boyfriend and the entire team are out to get me!

That’s why you didn’t get the playbook?

Yeah, genius. I guess super perception isn’t one of your powers.

Okay, okay, you know what, Jonathan? You and I, we can go out front. We can run plays.

No, babe, not right now. Listen, sweetie, I am sorry about the playbook. That really sucks. And I’m sorry going to the Fortress didn’t meet your expectations. You’re probably so disappointed, but now’s not the time to wallow in everything that’s gone wrong since we came here. We moved here to be closer as a family, and we got invited to this dinner as a family, and we are going as a family, so get dressed.


You heard your mother.


You made it.

Sorry we’re late.

I am so glad that you guys could come. I’m embarrassed… hi. I’m embarrassed I didn’t have you over sooner.

Oh, yeah, no, don’t be.


Oh, that. (CHUCKLES) Barbecues have become a bit of a tradition around here. Everybody loves Kyle’s grilling. Please make yourselves at home. There is plenty of food.


Hey, I’m gonna come find you in a bit. I wanna hear about practice.



One hour?





Oh, you have the same look on your face as you did in high school, like you got the weight of the world on your shoulders.

I’m just wondering if we’re gonna fit in here.

Well, don’t even think about leaving ’cause I just got you back.

You know what?

Listen, it’s gonna take everybody a little while to get used to this new normal.

You grew up here.

They didn’t, so it’s kind of up to you to make them feel at home, yeah?


Doug, you’re cheating. You can’t… ugh.



That’s good, Soph. Thank you.

Heard you had another tough one today.

Wow, you hear about everything, huh?

Sean was over earlier, and he told me.

If you don’t mind me asking, what… what is it exactly that you see in that guy?

He can be really sweet.

(CHUCKLES) Yeah, real sweet guy, especially on the football field.

Okay, well, all that kissing stuff is gonna die down pretty soon, so…

He should be mad at me, not Jon. I’m the one who did it.

You gonna come to school anytime soon?

If my parents ever let me.

Why wouldn’t they let you go to school?

They don’t think I have control over my issues. I thought we had it all figured out, but I guess not.

You guys want some barbecue?

Uh, maybe in a bit.

Okay. Come on.

So, um, what happened today?

I found out I suck just as much as a Kryptonian

as I do a human.

So not… not so great?

No, not great.

Come on. Let’s get some food.

This little guy right there.

There you go, bud. Enjoy.

You come to the wrong place if you’re looking for a tofu burger.

I was waiting for a full rack, actually.

You know, I looked into what happened in New Carthage. It wasn’t a good deal. You know, those people wanted to unionize right off the bat.

Yeah, to protect themselves.

Well, yeah, but that would have meant that Edge couldn’t turn a profit. He’d have lost a third of his workforce if those salaries went up.

I’m sorry… Are you trying to argue that people shouldn’t make a living wage?

No, okay, what I’m saying is that in situations like this, some money in your pocket is better than none. A lot of nothing is still nothing, Ms. Lane. Short-term sacrifices for long-term gain. This is something to get the ball rolling. It’s what Smallville needs right now. Enjoy your ribs.

He changed it. He changed my story. It’s, like, a pro-Edge fluff piece.

Foswell did this?

No, Edge. I can’t let him do this.



General, you need to see this.

He’s here.


Go, go, go, go!




Now? You gotta be kidding me.

It’s your dad. He’s at the DOD.


I’ll explain why. Go.


Light him up.

You are green.





Get a signal on that suit, Rosetti.

I’m trying.


Where the hell is Superman?



Go, go, go, everyone out!

Clear out!

What the hell?

Get the power back up, Rosetti.

On it, sir.

You have to stop protecting him.


Stop calling him that!

He’s not one of us, Sam.

Where I come from, you’re like me, and you don’t trust him either because you know what is capable of.

You have to help me save your planet, Sam, before Kal-El…





To hell and back, General.

What is this?

No clue. He acted like we were chums, though.

So that’s why he was here? For you?

He was here for the same reason he was in Moldova and Mongolia: Kryptonite.

You have a supply?

I do.

And you never told me?

I don’t tell you lots of things.

How much do you have, Sam?

Let’s just say it’s the reason the world’s in short supply.


So no one gets their hands on it and uses it against you. When are you gonna realize everything I’ve done since the day you married my daughter has been for all of your protection?

(SHARPLY) Then find this guy so I can finish this.




Did you know your dad was stockpiling kryptonite?


This bottle doesn’t stand a chance, does it?


So? Did you get the stranger?

Getting closer. How was the rest of the barbecue?

We didn’t stay very long. The ribs were really good, though.

Yeah? You know how many times, as a kid, I’d sit out here, and my mom and dad would come out, and I’d ask them a thousand questions about how to solve this problem or that problem?

Do you think we made a mistake by moving here?

Actually, I don’t. We just have a lot of questions to answer…


Like what are you gonna do about “The Planet”?

I don’t know. I’ve never been rewritten before.

Well, here’s what I know. The fire I saw in you with that story, I haven’t seen that look in your eye in a long time… and I know this family is closer this week than we were last week, so it’s okay if we’ve got a lot of questions. We’re gonna find the answers together.


Up, up, and away. (CHUCKLES)


All right, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Okay. Good night.

How’s Eliza doing?

Hey. Um… she’s okay. She’s okay, maybe… Maybe too okay. I don’t know.

Look, Jon, I… You were right before. We moved here for me, and I never even thanked you.

You don’t have to thank me.

Yes, I do. Our whole lives, you’ve been there for me, and the least I could do is be there for you.

Did you ever find out if you’re half-Kryptonian or what?

Not according to Hologramps. He said I’ll never be like Dad.


Jordan, look, I know what happened in the barn. Some poles fell on us, and you saved our lives. So honestly, I really… I don’t care what some stupid hologram said. You’re my twin brother. I know you better than anyone. You’re different now, okay? Something happened to you, definitely something special, and if no one else is gonna help you figure out what that is… I will.


No, it’s, like, that popcorn ceiling.

It’s so old.

I know it’s old.

Take a seat.

What’s going on?

Take a seat.

I’m sorry I left last night.

It’s okay. We get you’re out saving the world or whatever. We’re used to it.

Yeah, I… I know, I know. That’s… (SIGHS) That’s the problem. Look, the fact that I’m Superman means that I’ve been gone a lot in your lives. Now, I always told myself that you’d both be fine and that it wouldn’t affect you, but I was wrong. I know it has. Now, I can’t just abandon the world, but I can’t abandon you two either. It’s gonna take me some time to figure out how to be better at both, but I will, okay?



I thought you said this wouldn’t fix my problem.

It won’t, but keeping you home won’t either.

So I can go to school?

We have to keep an eye on your powers, Jordan, but… yes, you can go. All right, let’s get dressed. We gotta go.

Wait, where’s Mom?

Oh, she, uh… she had a thing.



Lane, I didn’t know.

Let me make this very clear. Either the website gets more clicks, or various people sitting in this room will…

You rewrote my story.

I merely corrected what was wrong.

So just to confirm, we can’t do any actual reporting here anymore, correct?

Ms. Lane, I won’t have my paper printing this kind of nonsense.

That’s what I thought.

What’s this?

That is the best writing I have done since you took over.

He’s going to crush you.

Let him try.


What can you say about leaving a place you loved?



You hope it made you who you are…


Challenged your beliefs…


Pushed you out of your comfort zone…


And gave you the strength to demand better…


So you’re prepared for what’s to come.


Hello? Anyone here?

Sorry. Lois, hi. Can I help you?

I’m guessing you read my article that was in “The Daily Planet”?

Yeah, I did. Didn’t really read like you.

Because it wasn’t. This is what I really wrote. Morgan Edge changed the whole piece. You said that your editor would be interested in publishing anything I wrote.

You’re really good. You got me. Um, I’m the editor, reporter, printer, janitor, sometimes plumber. Yeah, I don’t know why I said that. I guess I…

So are you interested?

Okay, if I publish this, you’ll probably get fired, and I can’t be responsible…

Oh, no, I already quit.

When can you start?


It seems, sir, that you’re going to have to proceed without the kryptonite or your ship.

Then I need a new suit.

It will take some time to locate the proper materials to build one.

Guess we’ll go find what we need.

We have some time. It seems this planet’s Kal-El is not entirely like the one you’ve encountered, Captain Luthor.


This is Hellfire 3-1 engaging hostile air mobile!



To hell and back.


No, he isn’t like my Kal-El… not yet.



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