Snowpiercer – S02E06 – Many Miles from Snowpiercer [Transcript]

Melanie fights for survival in treacherous conditions, vying to do what others before her could not.
Snowpiercer - Season 2 - TNT Original

Original air date: March 1, 2021

In flashbacks, Melanie and Wilford argue about what people to save as the Freeze gets worse; after Wilford has the Jackboots kill innocent people trying to board the train, Melanie reluctantly decides to steal Snowpiercer and leave Wilford behind. In the present, Melanie reaches the research station, but most of her supplies are wiped out in an avalanche. Alone, Melanie experiences hallucinations of Wilford, Layton and Alex while discovering the bodies of three scientists who had resorted to cannibalism in order to survive and some rats who managed to survive seven years due to a geothermal vent opening up. After a falling antenna nearly causes Melanie to lose her data, she fails to make contact with the train which becomes overdue. When Melanie returns to the tracks, Snowpiercer and Big Alice rush by with fire coming out of the underside of Big Alice and Alex yelling for help as alarms blare in the background, suggesting that something has gone terribly wrong; unable to reboard the train, Melanie is left alone at the side of the tracks.

* * *

[wind howling]

This cold isn’t something we can tame. We did this to our climate.

[dramatic music]

Now only the Earth herself can restart her warm heart. I believe we can find her pulse again. And my biggest fear… isn’t dying out here. It’s that the cold-hearted among us will crush that hope before I can prove it.

[engine buzzing]

[engine revving]




All right, all right.


Breslauer Research Station.

The temperature is minus 122.6 Celcius.

I’m 11,000 feet above sea level, dangling from a thin umbilical.


Many miles from Snowpiercer…

1,034 cars long.

[breathing heavily]

[door closes]

[unsettling music]

[breathing heavily]

There you are.



[breathing quickens]

Mommy? Are you there?

There’s a monster under my bed.


Where are you? Mommy?

Mommy, there’s a monster.


[breathing heavily]

All right. All right.


[dramatic music]

[pneumatic hiss]

I found the bodies of two of the scientists stationed here at the Freeze… one male, shot in the head… the other a woman who slit her wrists.

Must’ve been a grim place to face the end of the world.

But at first light, I have to power it back up, patch my batteries into the solar array.

Then I’ll go back down for the sled I left behind with my rations.

[wind howling]

[suspenseful music]







[machinery whirring]

[exhales sharply]

Thank you.


[wind howling]


[ethereal music]

In the old time, the future seemed multifaceted.

We had careers, families, personal aspirations, places to go, friends to see, bucket lists–

the hum of human dreams we took for granted.

But we were sleepwalking, just one step away from trading all those possible futures for the shared fate of the Freeze.

I thought I’d find you here.

It’s a beautiful thing we’ve created.

Ah. Depends how we define “created.”

Well, I suppose you might deserve a little credit.

You’re the glue.

You put all Snowpiercer’s pieces together.

She’s just as much yours as she is mine.

And you will never hear me repeat that in public.

[cork pops]

Whatever your investors need to hear, Joseph.

Oh, they heard it.

My “Engine Eternal.”

Depends how we define “eternal.”

[chuckles] Now, now… let’s not ruin the moment.

That’s not possible, because now… we finally get to drive her.

[exhales deeply]

[dramatic music]

[pneumatic hiss]

[sighs] Okay.




Mommy? Where’s the food?

Did you go to the store?

I’m hungry.

Ah, so that’s where that arm went.


You’re exhausted.

Or is it this thin mountain air

that’s playing tricks on your mind?

[exhales deeply]

So, with your supplies under that avalanche, all you have left is one ration pack… one bag of sweeties from Ben… and an arm.

I’ll manage without the arm.

Really? That seems a bit optimistic.

According to the logbooks, our fine young cannibals out there were climate scientists.

They came out at the start of the Freeze looking for a way to survive CW-7– well, the effects of it.

Apparently they didn’t succeed, though she did hang on for five months.

I only have to make it one.




[electronics whirring]

[unsettling music]

Afraid to look upon your predecessors’ visage?

Just don’t want to see it.

Because they had a little girl.

You’ve acquired a… sentimental streak, Melanie.

You’re a lot more useful when you’re naive and ambitious.

Snowpiercer should be releasing the first of her weather balloons right about now.

I am… patched into the climate-modeling program.

Just need to link to the balloon from the radio tower.

Feed it enough data points to extrapolate a model.

[echoing] Well, if anyone can kludge together a heuristic climate model, it’s you, my dear.

Shame you have to rely on Ben, though, hmm?

And his balloons.

And that Spaniard.

[laughing] Come on.

You know Javi’s Colombian.

Oh, well, perhaps that’s where you’ll find our fabled Eden.

And he didn’t know we were stealing the train from you.


Actually, we were two days down the track before he figured it out.

This is nice, isn’t it?


[echoing] Keeps your mind off the hunger.

[laptop chirping]

[laptop beeping]

[computer chimes]



Seems a long way to Eden.

It’s a start.

[device beeping]

[unsettling music]

Lost your biscuit?

I must’ve eaten it.

[echoing] I know you don’t believe that.


I didn’t eat that cracker.

Which begs the question… who did?

Perhaps our cannibals are hungry.

Either that, or you’re cracking up, Engineer.

Tell me you aren’t really doing this.

With everything else we need, you’re working on your brothel?

Not a brothel. A Nightcar!

This train is now an ark for humanity, not your personal indulgences.

Can’t it be both?


Art onstage… and entertainment in the back.

It sustains the soul, Melanie… and it’s a release valve to keep everyone under control.

The resources that you’re wasting on this could sustain 20 more people that we’re going to need.

Ticketing says you removed half of my geneticists from the passenger list.

We have more important priorities.

Like what?

Like…your security?

I promised you-all guns will be confiscated and thrown from the train.

But the Jackboots will keep order.

3,000 souls stuffed into a 10-mile steel tube–

you think they’re all gonna suddenly start singing “Kumbaya”?

I think that if we are going to save humankind, we need people who actually know how to save humankind.

How many? Six geneticists… and next of kin–12 total.

Just cut 12 Jackboots.

I’ll cut six. [scoffs]

Joseph, please…

There are gonna be more important things than order.

Nothing’s more important than order.

Do you even believe in any of this?

Clearly, I’ve been working you too hard… which is why I will forgive what you just said.

Snowpiercer has only one Head Engineer–her creator.

She runs on my order.

And if you can’t accept that, then… your family can stay behind.

Is that clear?

[chuckles] You can’t– you can’t sugarcoat the end of the world, Melanie.

Not everything’s going to be fine, but I promise you… you will survive.

Thank you, Joseph.

[computers humming]

It’s been ten days since I arrived.

If I had food… [chuckles]

This would be a glowing report.

With each new probe, the system has more data, and I coax a climate model.

The picture’s far from complete.

Now the question… is whether I can survive long enough to finish painting it.

[wind howling]

[unsettling music]

Hunger’s a bitch, ain’t it?

You’re getting a little taste

of what you did to us back in the Tail.

Not to rub it in.

No, you’re rubbing it in.

Yeah, I am.

Those bodies might have a little freezer burn, but I wouldn’t let that put you off.

No judgment here.

I’m not resorting to cannibalism.

Give yourself another week with no food.

I’ve got food.

[distant clatter]

[suspenseful music]




You know this is crazy, right?


It’s been seven years. How could anything be alive?

It shouldn’t be.

So either something did survive out there, which is a miracle, or…

I’m losing it?

You said it, not me.

Oh! Very nice.

Looks like something a Tailie would’ve cooked up.

That’s what I’m talking about.


[wind howling]

I’ve been thinking about the three bodies I found.

Torrid affair.

Arthur was the first to go.

The fellow with the bullet in his brainpan.

The other two got rid of him.

He was her husband. Really?

The woman who killed herself. How’d you find that out?

He’s the guy on the screensaver.

Oh, I like that twist.

Maybe he got sick. Yes.

She and the other fellow knew he was a goner.

Every day he lingered on was another day he was consuming food they needed.

[softly] So they put him out of his misery.

Shot to the head.

She sacrificed him, Melanie…

Like you did to me. [sighs]

She made the right decision.

I knew you’d say that.

What else could she do?

[crowd shouting indistinctly]

[suspenseful music]

There’s thousands of ’em.

We need reinforcements at the main gate.

Where’s Javi?

Engine room.

How did they find out departure time?

It’s 45 below and getting colder by the minute, you know.

[phone rings] Where else are they gonna go?

It’s Engineer Cavill again.

Has the transport with my family arrived yet?

I need to know the moment they’re on the train.

What the hell’s going on downtrain?

Wait. I told you.

Can you get me Tail Command? Both of you!

More security! Hold on.

We’re about to be overrun before we leave the station.

Commander Grey’s on the line.


Is that you, old Blood and Thunder?

What’s the story back there?

The perimeter fence is holding, sir, but more just keep coming.

We fired live rounds, but it won’t hold much longer.

If they break through… you unleash hell on them.

You do whatever it takes to hold them back.

Is that clear? Yes, sir.

All necessary force.

Last train to Clarksville, people.

My family isn’t on board yet.

And we still need 30 minutes to finish cycling up the engine, sir.

[man shouting indistinctly outside]

Who the hell is this?

[tense music]

We’re scientists! We have tickets!

[rat squeaking frantically]

[trap clacks]


You’re real. Yes!

Way to go, Mel.

I know a great recipe for her.


I have a better idea.

[dramatic music]

[rat squeaking]


[saw whirring]

Frickin’ amazing.


It’s a geothermal vent.

The warmth kept them alive?

That fissure looks like it has a fresh crack in it.

Must have opened up in the Freeze.

I bet you’re right.

I guess the rats came with the people, but they found it first.

But then you found them.

[exhales sharply] It’s a miracle.


It’s life, Mom.

[Melanie humming]

Yum. [chuckles]

Seven years hiding and procreating in a steam vent, and now straight into our stomachs.

Yeah, well… zero regrets.

I like your chances better now.

The vent can supplement your heat and allow more power for your databases.

Doing everything I can.

Still a lot of track between us.

What will you do without your sled to meet us?

I’ll walk back to the track… pack a battery and the hard drive on the sled.

I could make it there and back if I had to.

[wind howling outside]


I think I understand now…

Why you had to leave me in Chicago.

[tense music]

What are your orders, sir?

[crowd shouting indistinctly]

They say they’re ticketed.

They’ve got chips!

They are my geneticists.

You agreed to have them… What?

On board, and we need them.

I agreed you could have six.

Right now we need six Jacks more.

I am not going without all of them, Joseph.

You know what? We don’t have time to discuss it.

Let’s just get everyone on board.

You’re right.

There’s no time.

Terminate them.

[group screaming]

[dark music]

Never forget, Melanie.

The train runs on my order.

Estimated time of departure?

28 minutes. Good.

Now I’m going downtrain.

And we’re going to open fire on the main gate, too.

You just finish the damn cycle-up… and be ready to depart.

She’ll be ready.


We’ll take the Jeep.



[device beeping]

[laptop beeping]

[laptop chirps, chimes]

[distant clatter]

Come on.

[wind howling]

[metal rattling]


[distant clang]


[suspenseful music]


[wind whistling]

You’re having quite the day, aren’t you?

Now you’ve lost your balloon data.

No, no, no, no, no!

I bet you’re feeling a bit like our friend out in the snow.

You know, the woman who, uh…

Oh, shut up.

Suicide in that manner, I’ve–I’ve grown to respect… depending on the circumstances, of course.

Sometimes it–it transforms.

What are you even talking about?

Ah, you wouldn’t understand.

I’ve no respect for her, though.

She left her child behind, you know.

She did it to be with her child, because she thought that they would be reunited.


Same reason she couldn’t eat her husband.

And for what? Her mission failed.

She sacrificed her family, her humanity, everything, just like you.

This mission is not done.

Alex is meeting me at the cold lock.

Ah, yes. Get back to Alex.

Save her from the monster.

[scoffs] I’ll catch another rat.

I’ll make it two more weeks, you sack of shit.

I find it telling, this notion you’re such a better human than me.

I saved the daughter you left behind.

Perhaps a-a little gratitude is in order?


[exhaling deeply]

[wind howling]

[tense music]


They should be with four bodyguards.

My par– my parents are elderly.

[crowd shouting indistinctly]

Drop those, now!

Yes, my–my daughter is eight.

If they’re not checked in, I need you to look for them.

Hello! Hello!

[receiver clatters]

I don’t think they’re here yet.

Engine, come in. Engine, come in.

[static crackling] Engine, come in.

This is the Engine.

I’ve lost contact with Commander Grey.

I’m driving uptrain to see him.

As soon as I get off, we leave.

Roger that. Ready to leave in six minutes.

We can roll in one minute, Mel.

[scoffs] I’m going down there.

You have to make the call to go.

Alex might be trying to get on board.

You can’t get off this train, Mel.

I am not leaving you here. Ben, let me go.

I have to go. We can’t let that monster be in charge of what’s left of humanity.

You want to steal the train and save the future?

We have to go now.

[distant gunfire]

[distant crowd screaming]

All aboard.

All ticketed passengers, please board.

Snowpiercer departs at precisely 0000 hours.

Release the brake.

[keys clacking] Disengaging brakes.

Snowpiercer departs in ten… nine, eight, seven, six, five…

Off the train! Throw ’em off the train!

Three, two, one… departure.

[voice breaking] Engaging the Engine.

[somber music]

[sobs softly]

[whispering] Forgive me.

Forgive me.

[wind howling]

[metal rattling]




[suit alarm beeping]

[suspenseful music]



[computer beeping]

[hopeful music]



It’s working. It’s working.



Time to turn around and hurry back, Snowpiercer.


[wind howling]


[dramatic music]

[radio clicks]


Snowpiercer, come in.

You should be in range by now.

Do you copy? It’s Melanie.

[static crackling]

[radio clicks]

Snowpiercer, Snowpiercer.

Do you copy?

[static crackling]


I’m prepared to rendezvous for pickup.

[radio clicks] Ben?

[static crackling]

[radio clicks] Alex?

[static crackling]

[radio clicks] I have the climate model.

[static crackling]

[radio clicks]



I tried. [scoffs]

[voice breaking] I r-really tried.


I thought this time would be different.

I thought I would get back to you.


Please forgive me.

[static crackling]



You gave up everything for us… for the world.

[softly] You don’t have to be sorry anymore…

not to me…

not to anyone.

Snowpiercer couldn’t have made it this far without you.

And you and I would never have gotten this chance.

Thank you.

[somber music]

[crying softly]

[static crackling]



Snowpiercer. [gasps]

Snowpiercer! Do you hear me?

[dramatic music]


You need to slow your roll.

You need to slow your roll! Do you hear me?

Stop! [electricity crackling]

[brakes squealing]

[muffled] Mom! Mom!

[breathing quickens]


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