Snowpiercer – S02E01 – The Time of Two Engines [Transcript]

Mr. Wilford has arrived. And as this new threat rattles Snowpiercer to its core, Melanie makes a move that can't be undone.
Snowpiercer - Season 2 - TNT Original

Original air date: January 25, 2021

Melanie manages to cut Wilford’s uplink to Snowpiercer’s systems and discovers that it is snowing outside despite the temperature being too cold for it. Snowpiercer, now too low on power to move on its own ever again, is forced to turn over a list of supplies to Wilford before he starts the trains moving again and Layton works to maintain order onboard by reluctantly declaring martial law while Melanie is captured and reunited with Wilford and Alexandra; Wilford demands that Melanie surrender Snowpiercer but she refuses to cooperate. Layton leads an invasion of Big Alice that is repelled, but they manage to capture a hostage, Kevin, who claims that Wilford can restart everything even if everybody else dies in the process. Wilford decides to disconnect from Snowpiercer and let the passengers die with Alex complying after a moment of hesitation. However, Melanie had planted a bomb on the connecting mechanism, destroying it and permanently linking Snowpiercer and Big Alice much to the admiration of Alex; Wilford is forced to start the trains moving again.



On the eve of our 19th revolution, the great Mr. Wilford came out of the cold.

It was the time of two Engines. The Tail no longer The Tail, but a borderland.

A time of great gamesmanship and great trainsmanship…

Of revolutions interrupted and fresh track on new terrain.

Javi, do you copy?

Javi? Shit.

If you can hear me, switch to backup radio. I’m going to The Connector.

Hope was our only seedling in the war of Big Alice, 40 cars long, versus Snowpiercer, 994 cars strong.


[dramatic music]

[tense music]


Snowpiercer is dead in the water. You will comply with Mr. Wilford’s demands or we will disconnect and leave you hear to flounder.

Tell Mr. Wilford the people of Snowpiercer will never surrender.

Who are you exactly?

I’m the guy whose backdoor you just kicked in.

I’m sure that we can all accommodate one another. Mr. Layton means no disrespect.

Yeah, we can discuss when we’re moving.

That sounds reasonable, Alex. Your mother would agree, I’m sure.

How do we make that happen?

Bring me everything on this list.


Carrots and cucumbers.

We have to get all this?

[All] [anxious murmurs]

You have about 12 minutes before it’s too cold to move.

Hey, hey, hey!

It’s just–it’s trifles.

We don’t have a choice.

Hardlines are down and the subtrain.

Okay, we gotta do this by runner! From the brewery, we need six bottles Railman’s Ale.

On it! Make way!

From the library, somebody get a copy of “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier. Ruth, you’re with me.


Roche, hold the line.

Got it!



Till, go with. We need one bunch carrots, one cucumber, six eggs, and a hen.

A hen?



Javi, have you got comms with Mel?

We’re stopped.

Yeah, I got that.

Have you got comms with her?

I’ve got nothing. Ben Wilford’s got complete control of Snowpiercer.

She’ll know. She’ll know to go to backup.

Melanie, Melanie, come in, this is the Engine.

[sighs] Beautiful day out here.

Yeah, a balmy 118 below zero. Let’s get you back aboard.

I’m at the connector. The arms are locked in.

Hey, Mel, you can’t disconnect us.

I know. We drained the banks too low running from him to ever get moving on our own again. You were right, Ben. I fell for it.

If I blow the uplink, at least you get the helm and life systems back.

You’ve got a sticky charge, yeah? Yeah, but I only have one.

Hey, Mel, what’s your suit temp?

You’ll be going hypothermic, like, now, Mel.



Minus ten.

Everybody stay ready. Keep your hands warm.

Something’s happening.

It’s just your train legs, honey. You’ve never been stopped before.

No, listen. I hear something.

Hey, everyone, quiet a second!

[metal clanking]

Shit, someone’s outside.

You think it’s one of us?

I got a hunch it is.

Whatever they’re doing, I hope it works.

Minus 12.

Tell those runners to hurry it up!

[chickens clucking]

[suspenseful music]

Go, I’m coming.

Come on, move, move, move!

Make way!

Move, move!

Get that one. That right there.

Come on, let’s go. Come on.

I’m freezing. [grunts]

Come on. [grunts]

[breathing deeply]


Make way! Oh, oh, make way! Oh, my God.

You’re out of luck.

What do you expect?

We’ve already treated 170 wounded.

Sorry, Snowpiercer ran out of morphine yesterday.

What? And what if Mr. Wilford is in distress back there?

First class china, just hand it off to the next guy; he’s right outside.

He’s really still alive.

Yeah, the last item on the list is a bottle of Mr. Wilford’s favorite Scotch.

[soft dramatic music]

This is just the beginning, Andre. He’s going to take everything we just fought for.

Tell me about it later.

Out of the way.

[dramatic music]

Melanie, that’s threshold. You know the signs. You’ll get confused. You’ll start losing your motor skills.

I’m fine.

[wires crackle]

[computer beeps]

She’s doing it. She’s got us a hand free.

Mel, you did it.


Let’s get you aboard.

[whispers] I’m not done yet.

[wind howling]

[distorted radio speech]


[distorted radio speech]

[uneasy dramatic music]

[people gasping, murmuring]

Oh, my God.

What the hell happened to that guy? Melanie, Melanie, come in. It’s time to come home.

We got what we could. Now let’s move.

What’s missing?

There’s no morphine, but we have aspirin. We make our own, as he knows.

Look, it’s 20 below zero here. Can we get moving?

It’s 22.

I’m sure we can talk about this while the train is moving.


Mr. Wilford thanks you for your cooperation.

Alex, wait, Alex–

[people clamoring]


Oh, no.


[metal clanking]

[machinery humming loudly]


[All] [scream]

[train rumbling]

[device beeps]

[suit hissing]



[All] [cheering]

Well, I suppose that’s a good sign.

Ruth, he’s got his foot on our neck. You get it? The majority of us just fought a war for democracy, so you need to decide whose side you’re on.

[soft music]

Melanie. Melanie, are you aboard this train?

Melanie, get on the train.

Melanie, are you aboard? Come in.

Melanie, get on the train!

[whispers] There’s something here. I think it’s snowing.

She’s losing it, man.

Melanie, listen to me. It’s too cold to snow anymore. Get aboard the train. Melanie, stay with me. Melanie. Melanie!


[dramatic music]

Ben, if you can hear me…


I’m boarding Big Alice.


[door hisses]

[uneasy music]


Strip out of the suit for disinfection.

Ah, ah.


Ow. Ugh.

[alarm blares]


Oh, oh!


Very funny.

[sighs] Kevin. Fancy meeting you here.

You’re new, though.

[weapon crackles]


That’s for leaving us to die.

I know the way.

[machinery buzzing, whirring]

How many Tailies we got left down here?

Only about half, I figure.

Some have got berths already, but most are just camping out uptrain.

Some of us don’t wanna leave.

Look, here’s where I’m going with this. The Tail is not The Tail anymore. It’s a border, and you have to control a border, so keep a force strong enough back here to hold the real estate.

Seven years we’ve been trying to get out of this place, and now the place is finally worth something.

Let’s get organized.

I think we should build a second barricade right here.

Yeah, good idea. Keep strengthening this area. If he’s prepared to stop the train, we have to assume that he’s prepared to attack.

I would advise against assumptions, Mr. Layton. If we don’t talk to the passengers soon, I swear the track talk will eat us alive. Hard comms back up.

Thank you, Ruth. I will address the train right after a council meeting in the Nightcar immediately.

This is where we bid you goodbye, Melanie.

[breathing deeply]

[dog growls]

Hey, Jupiter.


Hey, hey. Easy, girl.


She remembers you. I was half hoping she would eat you.

Wow, your train has dimmers.

You like her? Old Alice has done everything we’ve asked of her and more. Not exactly the plan, though, was it?

Come closer. Come on. Let’s see what the years have done to you.


Who have you got up there driving my Engine while you’re outside chopping firewood, hmm? Is it Ben?

Name, rank, and serial number. That’s all you get.

Sorry. [chuckles] Too eager. Never expected we’d come face to face so quickly. Did you? It’s Ben, though, isn’t it? You’ve always had an eye for talent.

Why don’t we talk about you? How’d you do it? Come on. How’d you drop in on us in Chicago like that? I know you’re dying to tell me.

Yes, finally. I love a good swashbuckler, don’t you? You’ve probably figured out some of it. I got Alice to low idle, managed to hunker down in a shed for a couple of months. By the time you were on the other side of the world out of satellite view, we were outfitted. I was always working, Melanie, waiting for my moment to pounce. Voilà.

And, um, you took a shortcut? Yeah, you came over the old Rocky Mountain test track, didn’t you?

I’ll tell you everything when you give me the keys.

Ah. I can’t do that.

Oh, you will. You may have cut my uplink, but I can still drop anchor and grind you to a halt.

Snowpiercer won’t survive more than 20 minutes if you disconnect.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? My protégé. You run away from me all these years, and all of a sudden, you just can’t bear to be apart from me. I want my train back, Melanie.

Actually, you still ran her until very recently.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Means I found it easier to keep you alive. I convinced people you were still in the Engine, but I lost control. She’s not mine to surrender.

Then whose is she?

A Tailie’s.

And what is a Tailie?

I won’t give you anything no matter what you do to me, and I know you want me to suffer. You can’t hurt me anymore, not really.

[door clicks]

Hello, Melanie.

[dog barks, growls]


[breathing shakily]

[whispers] Alex. You’re–you’re alive.

I am distinctly underwhelmed.

Life’s big moments are often like that.

Whatever he told you, it isn’t true.

You stole a train, and then you left me. What’s not true about that?

No, I sent people for you. For you–for you and for Grandma and Grandpa, but they never came back. I was waiting for you.

But stealing the future from me was more important, wasn’t it?

Alex, please. There’s–there’s too much to say.

God, yes, change the subject.

Their society is in shambles up there, but Ag-Sec is working.

[chuckles] Oh… Oh, good. Poultry, eggs. First-class dining hasn’t derailed off a cliff.

They were out of morphine…


And I didn’t see any Jackboots.

Must have been painful. You know what a Tailie is?

No, but a man named Layton appears to be in charge, along with who I assume is Lead Brakeman Roche and the blonde from Hospitality.

Hmm, never heard of a Mr. Layton. Apparently your mother’s been impersonating me up there. Do they miss me?

Well, the Hospitality’s still in uniform.

Oh. [chuckles] Miss Audrey… [sniffs] Still with us.

Hello. Is everyone getting along?

No. Take Melanie to the brig.

Yes, ma’am.

[whispers] Look at me, honey.

Calmly now. Don’t make it worse.

[door opens]

Please, please!

[indistinct chatter]

Yes, we have full engineering control, but Big Alice is like an anchor controlling our speed.

The supply train, that’s built for a crew of what, 60?

Give or take, but there’s no way for us to know how she’s been retrofitted.

All right, what’s her maximum crew size?


Guess? 200, but probably less, and our Engineer is their prisoner.

The passengers are tired of war. Am I wrong?

[people shouting indistinctly]

She’s clearly not wrong. Everyone’s exhausted. We need to recover.

They haven’t invaded, have they? So let’s just have a cooling-off period.

Please, yes, open talks with him.

Melanie’s probably back there right now working things out with Mr. Wilford and her daughter.

[indistinct shouts]

Mr. Wilford… doesn’t just want control of his train. He wants control of all of you, body and soul.

That’s right, don’t trust him!

[indistinct chatter]

Hey, quiet down. Quiet! A 40-car parasite does not call the shots around here. Snowpiercer does!

[cheers and applause]

All right, we hold fast. Call it a cooling off if you want to, Ruth, but we do not start talks until Wilford turns over Melanie.

All right, you heard the man. Our first priority, our responsibility, is to keep Snowpiercer calm and fed and united, same as it ever was.

[tense music]

Let’s get a force together quickly, quietly. Keep Ruth out of it.

No, we can’t attack them. We basically have no idea what’s behind that door.

What about Melanie?

Melanie is the reason we have to do this. Okay, look, I know everyone is tired, but Wilford’s got a plan. We need to hit him before he hits us.

Look who it is.

[speaking foreign language]

Whoa, whoa, where you think you’re going?

Don’t touch me.

Yeah, or what?

Just a warning, Mr. Layton, your laundry’s about to flap.


[speaking foreign language]

That’s enough.

No, no, you’re not going anywhere.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Back up. Come on.

Z-Wreck, Strong Boy, what’s wrong with you?

Layton, she sold out Josie.

What, she don’t gotta pay for that on your new train?

Look, Melanie was threatening her, okay?

And she cracked. Now Josie’s dead.

Hey, hey.

I’m pregnant, all right?

Is that true?


Yes, it is.

A pregnancy on Snowpiercer. It’s hope.

Melanie was threatening our child.

Your child?

[speaks foreign language]

Oh, my goodness, this changes everything. All right, you two, go on, shove off. Leave the woman alone.

What? No, we still got–

Back to whatever hallway where you’re sleeping in.

This ain’t right. Let me tell you something, Layton. All this personal shit, it ain’t making your democracy any easier to believe in. [scoffs]

So you can’t stay in the chains, Zarah. Carrying your child, she might be a target. I will find somewhere for you uptrain away from all the ruckus, okay? Now, we really must address the passengers. … I am on the side of Snowpiercer, Mr. Layton. I work for the passengers, just like you.


Well, speak your truth. That’s how they seem to trust you.

[intercom chimes]

Citizens of Snowpiercer, it took us seven long years to cast off Wilford’s class system, and now the man is back and latched on to The Tail. We know he is willing to stop us cold, but Brakemen and the rebel army have control of the new border. Ruth Wardell and Hospitality will lead diplomatic initiatives, and Snowpiercer will use all means necessary to defend the liberties we’ve won.

[solemn music]


With everything we have sacrificed, it is my great regret and my reluctant duty to put our democratic experiment on hold and to extend martial law until further notice.

[sighs] [intercom chimes]

That, my half-ass warrior friends, means trouble comes.

That will not be popular.

What choice does he have?

Tunnelmen fought for a vote.

We’re supposed to be writing a constitution.

Jakes, I wish we were preparing for elections too, but there’s a few more miles to go. We’re calling on your guild again, okay?

[dramatic music]

[door clicks]

[laughs softly]

What’s it like outside? Don’t get immediately weird, okay? I just have some questions.

Yeah, okay. Um, what’s it like outside? Um, it’s chilly. [chuckles] It’s horrifying. And it’s really sad to think about everything that lived only a few years ago.

Nematodes will survive.

Yeah. Yeah, nematodes will.

Are you frostbit?

A little bit, but it’s fine. Just broke the seal on my suit.

I remember less and less of it– the old world.

That’s a shame. I’m sorry you couldn’t spend more time in it.

The train is our world now. We can control this.

What? What happened with Grandma and Grandpa?

They wouldn’t leave with the men that you sent.

They wanted to die at home.

They said I should go, but I didn’t wanna leave them.

[chuckles] You know… [sighs] I sent you away to live with them for a reason.

Why? Because you had a train to steal so you didn’t need a daughter anymore?

To keep you from him.

He’s the one who saved me after you left me.

That’s not why he saved you.

What is this? It was in your suit.

It’s a snow sample.

Well, why’d you take a snow sample?

Because I haven’t been off Snowpiercer in seven years.

You are lying to me again.

[dramatic music]

[door chimes]

Ruth, she can’t be up here in First.

Why not?

Come on, Zarah. How’s it look?

I don’t care how it looks. I care about the baby.

You are going to need a place, Mr. Layton, a base of operations for day-to-day administration. You can use this whole floor. There are separate accommodations upstairs. Pregnancy comes with privilege on Snowpiercer.

We don’t know how to thank you, Ruth. I don’t know how you pulled this off.

Well, everyone’s bending rules these days, aren’t they, Mr. Layton?

What happened to the chic owners?

It was the Schwartz Car. They were in their 80s. They took cyanide the morning the Tailie army took the train, so it would be nice to let some joy back in, wouldn’t it, hmm? With a little ‘un running around? Two security chips. Your door keys. You’re welcome.

[soft dramatic music]

[door clicks]


[door closes]

Turn around. Hands behind your back.

Oh. It is her.

Yes, it is. The very one.


Not someone else with a bag on her head.

[chuckles] Good job, that.

Good job indeed.

Ms. Cavill herself.

And I remember you. You’re the doctors.

[together] Headwood.

Headwoods. You retrofitted all this in here?


You see? She’s angling.

Digging already, isn’t she? But we’re on our toes.

[chuckles] Toes.

Come, sit.

Bloody cold outside. Did Jack Frost get a few nips in?

My shoulder.

Yes, a little bird told us you’ve been lung-nipped too.



Let’s take a look.


[tense music]

Ah, ah, ah, ah.


Ah, okay.

There’s a bit of business.





Cough, please.


[breathing mask hisses]


[breathes deeply]

Lucky for you, we’ve made several breakthroughs treating our crew.

Oh! [chuckles]


What–what is that?

We just call it goop.

We call it goop.


Synthetic tissue gel.


Soothing to the touch. Yes, by the time we’re finished, you won’t even have a scar.

[indistinct chatter]

[thunking on door]

Shh, hey! Get down.

[door creaking]

Hey, got any fresh food?

Depends what you got.



Who’s got fruit?

Thank you. … We make trade.

We’re speaking English, douchebag.

Then me have a succulent apple, an organic Floridian orange, and a–mmm–gourmet tuber.

One QP Amazing Alice.

[Tailies laugh]

You can get back in line. Get back in line. Everybody keep their mouths shut, and you’ll all get a cut.

I finally made it to the actual Tail, and it’s true. It stinks.

It ain’t what it used to be like.

Oi, Train Psycho and Brakeman Blowie. That’s far enough right there.

We’re just having a look. It’s an open train.

It’s martial law for you.

Oh, Mr. Wilford.

Whatever’s beyond that door? It’s equal opportunity, I think.

Mr. Wilford’s coming. Mr. Wilford’s coming. Mr. Wilford’s coming.

Hey, LJ!

♪ As they ask her to focus on ♪

♪ Sailors fighting in the dance hall ♪

♪ Oh, man, look at those cavemen go ♪

♪ It’s the freakiest show ♪

♪ Take a look ♪

This way.

Herself has arrived.

Ah, Melanie.

♪ Wonder if he’ll ever know ♪

Make yourself at home. I’m just having a wallow.

Why isn’t Alexandra eating with us?

♪ Is there life on Mars ♪

Plenty of time, Melanie. Plenty of time.

[tense music]

We’ve made the decision.

Layton, it’s just so risky for Mel.

You wanna get Melanie back? This is how we change the terms. I’ll keep the line open.

Look, we’re ready to go, but first, they gotta open the door. We don’t know when that’s gonna be.

I hate waiting on their move. Hey, you smell that?


Who is smoking weed?


Oh, seven years without a blunt, brother, and this is the kind. All it cost us was a fricking potato.

First you’re going to lockup.

No, wait, no, here, here, this is all of it.

I swear.

No, no, no, hey, hey, hey. This is how we get the jump on ’em. Come on. Move it.

[dramatic music]

It’s taking way too long.

You ready?

Yeah. 40 cars. I walk that 10 times a day.

You’re not ready. You’re still half Brakeman, scared shitless of what’s on the other side of that door. If you don’t embrace extinction, you’re already dead.

Hey. You ready?

Yeah, I’m fine.

I got a mango. Take it to the deal, okay?


Hey, psst! You got any other vintage drugs in there– blow, ether? I got a mango. It’s perfect. So soft. Juice explosion, one might say.

Peel it back–

Well, Kevin? Want a mango?

If he ever found out…

[door creaking]

Hey, what’s your name, friend?

My name’s Pike. Anything you need…

[dramatic music]



[people shouting]

Grab the suit!

[alarm blaring]

Everyone in quick!


Second wave!


[people shouting]


Take ’em!

[people cheering]

[mellow rock music]

♪ You want to know will the sun keep glowing ♪

♪ Will the rain keep raining and the wind keep blowing? ♪

Thank you, Sykes.

♪ Can a man change the mind… ♪

I essentially kidnapped a brewpub owner for this ale. Do you remember?

I remember.

♪ Come ride the train ♪

In Des Moines.

Tastes like his stuff.

I’m not telling you who our brewer is.


[intercom buzzes]

Engine. Sir, Snowpiercer breached the door.

What? How the hell did they do that?

It’s unclear, sir.

Send in Bob.

Icy Bob or Oiler Bob?

Who do you think?

[people screaming]

[suspenseful music]

[rhythmic grunting, clanging]

[people screaming]


[people screaming indistinctly]

[people screaming]


Go, go!

Get down!

Let’s go!


Fall back!


Come on, come on.



Come on!

Come on.

Come on.

Let’s go!

Keep moving.

Come on!

Get through!

[dramatic music]

He breached that car himself.

He got it to 70 below in seconds, and he didn’t even feel it.


Hey, I got this. Go get him.

How many injured, 20? In an attack that I wasn’t informed of.

It was a military decision under martial law. Don’t take it personally.

How can I not take it personally? You saw fit to inform the Engine but not Hospitality, and you got your ass handed to you, didn’t you?

We didn’t lose any ground, and we got what we came for.

Friend of yours?


Good God, Ruth, you people have gone mad.

I–well, I can see how it looks that way, but–

This is a big mistake. Wilford doesn’t care if you die, if Ag-Sec dies. He can restart everything.

Let’s go.

[soft dramatic music]

Sit down.

The hostage is Kevin, sir.

The utter ignorance, the insult to think that they could gain some kind of leverage with a hostage… for you.

What can I say? They’re new at this.

You stole my train! Used my name.

Well, you plastered it everywhere.

I built the world! It’s the only one left, and it’s mine! I run it. You, you were fixing tractors on Daddy’s farm. I lifted you out of pig shit at 17. I shared everything. I gave you everything… the solution.

There’s no solution…

Oh, for God’s sake.

Until we can go back out there!

This is the world! A rolling steel artery on a dead marble.

Come on. You come with me.

[sighs] You’re an Engineer.

Engineer, bring Snowpiercer to a full stop.

Full stop, gladly. Alex.

[grunts] Ah.

[people screaming]

[train screeching]


[train rumbles and screeches]

He’s dropped the anchor.

No, no, no, we can’t stop. He’ll disconnect.

[speaks foreign language]

[tense music]

I’m taking her back, Mel. If you can’t get this Layton to surrender my train, Alex will disconnect, and we’ll take a short spin in reverse. When we return, they’ll all be dead, and your job for the next several years will be to compost every last one of them.

[people coughing]

[people shivering]


Come on! No hard feelings!

Let’s get moving! [knocks]

Disconnect Snowpiercer. Reverse 1/4 speed.

Don’t do it.


It’s an order, Alex.

Because it’s right. Because that train is our future.

[chuckles] Oh, my God. Get me that whiskey. Just get it done!

If you disconnect, all of those people will die. A whole world will die.

Believe me, you don’t want that on your conscience.

Disconnect now, Alex.

[device beeping]

Come on, now. Alex, it’s all right.

Wrong choice, honey.

[buttons click]

[device beeping]

[train rumbles]

I can’t disconnect.

What have you done?

He overbuilt the connecting mechanism. I said so at the time, remember? I told you if something goes wrong with that central lock, you’ll never be able to manually undo the grappling arms.

Holy shit. We’re stuck together.

Here we are–permanently. So you better give Alex the order to get Snowpiercer moving again or we’ll all die in a few minutes.


It’s kind of the only solution, really. We just have to find a way to work together.

She got you, Dubs.

Shut up.

Really don’t have a choice.

Wait…for the order.

[dramatic music]

[train screeching]

[people yelping, murmuring]

Oh, thank God. We’re spared. He spared us. He spared us.

It’s gonna be a long, cold war.


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