Servant – S02E06 – Espresso [Transcript]

An unexpected visitor pushes everyone to their limits as Sean re-examines his past and Dorothy attempts to negotiate a delicate exchange.

Original release date : February 19, 2021

Uncle George demands Leanne be brought back to the house from which she was kidnapped, secretly promising to heal Sean in return. He claims he and Leanne are people who were “given a second chance at life” to serve others and says Leanne was not supposed to come to Sean and Dorothy with Jericho, which is why he was taken. In flashbacks, Sean brings home a new coffee maker and gets invited to be the judge on a cooking competition TV show, initially declining because he has to care for Jericho but later agrees, leaving Dorothy alone with the baby. Dorothy tries to bribe George to leave but he takes the money to the flooded basement and dumps it in the hole where Dorothy buried Leanne. He finds a strand of Leanne’s hair in the hole and becomes afraid, praying and suggesting the flood is a divine punishment for Leanne being in the house. Sean tries to sneak Leanne out of the house, while she explains that George is lying and will not bring Jericho back no matter what. They are stopped by a news report on TV talking about gunfire at the Marino house, where Leanne was taken from. The whereabouts of the and status of that family are unknown.

* * *

Babe? It’s here! It came!


Shut up.

Sorry, but come and see it.

I read that colic isn’t necessarily caused by indigestion.

It can be the result of psychic pain.

He doesn’t have psychic pain, honey. He’s a baby.


Well, leaving the womb can be very traumatic.

Well, this will solve everything.

Because if we drink enough of it, who needs sleep?

Does it make magic caffeine?

Kind of.

Wait till you taste the crema.

Portafilter. Fifty-eight millimeter, chrome-plated brass.


I’ll go.

I’ll make you a macchiato.

Where is she?

Where is she?

Julian, stop him.

That’s far enough.

You listen.

Now, I explained this to you in the car.

If you wanna see Leanne, you will bring us Jericho.

“Thou shalt not do violence unto a hired servant that is poor and needy.”


“Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here every day.”

Guns N’ Roses.


Don’t you dare yell in my house.

How could she have returned here? She assured us she understood.

All right. All right. Let’s take a breath and talk about this like civilized humans.


Indulge me, okay?

Let’s try to work this out.

Can we make a deal?

Let’s talk about this.

Everything I delegate turns to shit. Sean, just be firm and watch the money.

We had a deal that the baby stays with us.

Your deal was not with me.

Where the fuck did you find him?

He was at the mall.

Leanne sent the ransom. She was fucking with you.

Looks like someone had quite a midnight snack.

How was your evening, Mrs. Turner?

A success. We found your uncle. He’s downstairs as we speak.

You’re not a very good liar.

Surprising with all the practice you get.

You can try and bait me, Leanne, but it won’t work.

Jericho is coming home, and when he does,

you’ll be on your way with your uncle back to where you belong.

And until then, you’ll stay locked in here.


Something rotten.

The pipes. We’re getting the pipework done.

The house. Of course.


She caused this.

It’s a plumbing issue.

It’s an old water pipe. Should’ve been replaced decades ago.

Foundation crumbling.

Is this his despair at her lack of submission?

In my opinion, no.

There you are.

How long?


How long has she been here?

How long–

A week! She’s been here a week.

And you kept her all this time?

Oh, no.

No, no, no.

No, no, no!


This cannot happen.

What is he talking about?

He’s out of his fucking mind.

“For they know not what they have done…

Is he praying for us?

No, he’s doing that–

Hey! Don’t you pray for me!

…for you are good and forgiving and abounding in steadfast love for all who call upon you.”

I have nothing to be forgiven for.

It may not be too late to fix it.

Stop him.


I don’t know what you want me to do.

Go up there.

Where is she?

Where is she?

I’ll cut him into pieces until he tells me where Jericho is.

What good will that do?

What do you suggest?

We need to learn to talk his language.

He’s batshit.

So let me talk to him, one-on-one.


You tried in the car. It antagonized him.

So I’ll play along.

Make him think I believe in his crazy rantings.

That way, maybe he’ll trust me.

Okay. I’ve been in three fistfights in my life, and every single one of them was because of Dorothy.

Bring on number four.

I cannot fight you, Julian.

But you can be punched.

Why are you not frightened?

Of you?

Of her.

Of what she has done.

The baby. He should never have been here.

It was a mistake!

Julian, I’ve got this.

Sean, I don’t think you do.

Dorothy needs you.

And? Did he drop any hints about where Jericho is?

Guy’s a fucking loon. Wouldn’t shut up about returning Leanne.

What is so important about this house where we found her?

I tried to punch him, but he wouldn’t let me.

Where is Leanne?

She’s safe.

What have you done, Sean?

We needed help, and she was the only one we could turn to.

So you took her?

We didn’t know what else to do.

This is all her fault.

She made you hope for something that is not possible.

It was cruel. Irresponsible.

We must return her.

To that house?

Why does she have to go back there? Please, explain it to me.

I know she’s special– and you.

But I don’t understand. So, please, tell me.

Leanne’s always wearing that little plastic necklace that boy made her.

Maybe we could try to get more out of her.

You buried her alive, Dottie. She might not be a reliable source.

Well, he mustn’t get to her. They’ll scheme. They’ll join forces.

Your nephew’s life is in the balance.

I’m gonna go guard her door.

Just need to top off first.

Leanne… has a rebellious streak.

Present from childhood.

It’s worrisome.

She often strays from our…

communal edicts.


you mean communal as in what community?

You know who we are.

No, I don’t.

You do.

You just pretend not to.

George, I have no fucking idea who you are.

We are all amongst you.

Though we try not to take up space.

You might see us on street corners, under overpasses.

We are the ones who have been given a second chance at life.

And we use it to enact God’s divine plan.

To help others.

But– Wait. So you’re saying you’re a fucking–

But we can only help the people we are told to help, and Leanne disobeys.

She has a bad habit of being headstrong, of exercising free will.


That was his name?


Bringing him here, coming here in the first place…

That was not her call to make.

She was not following his rules.

That’s why the baby couldn’t stay.


then she meddled further. Look at the signs.

But what can I do? How do I fix it?

I miss him.

Your only hope is to take her back to where she is needed.

Where she was placed.

And pray for forgiveness.

Forgiveness for what?

You know that too.


Is this Sean Turner?


Hi, I’m Taylor,

calling from Gourmet Gauntlet. Are you familiar with the show?

Yeah, I’ve caught a few episodes. I’m a big fan. “Your journey’s over.”

Exactly. How would you like to be a part of season two?

Wow. Really?

Yes, as our head judge.

Me? Stop. The head judge?

Yeah, that would be incredible.

That’s awesome. We shoot in LA in a few weeks’ time.

I’ll have the lawyers work up the paperwork.

Yeah, thing is, I can’t leave home right now.

If it was shooting in Philly, I could make that work, but–

Yeah, we have a two-month-old.

Yeah, hands full.

Yeah. Exactly.

If you return her, Sean… make things right…

I’ll undo what she did.

I’ll heal you.

That’s how you’ll be reunited with him.

Where are you going? Where’s he going?

He’s making me a salve.

Okay. And? Anything?

Not really. All he wants is Leanne.

And yet he’s going off to play doctor.

Don’t ask me to explain him.

What we need to do is get in touch with May Markham.

She is obviously the one who makes the decisions here.

Well, how do we do that?

I don’t know. Get his phone?

I doubt he has one.

He doesn’t seem to have anything apart from that suit he got married in and my Italian shoes.

Well, what else did he say to you in there?

Nothing really. He just…

Well, he kept insisting that Leanne should be back at that Marino–

Oh, my God. If I have to hear about this fucking disabled woman one more time.

He mentioned divine repercussions.

What? That’s priceless.

What? Boils? Locusts? A flood?

Well, I know, but–

But what?

Well, the cellar, the day after we brought her here.

I don’t like the words that are coming out of your mouth right now, Sean.

If you think he gets Leanne before I have my baby back in my arms…

No, I know.

If you believe what he says, you’re as crazy as they are.

I don’t believe him.

You made some great strides, Sean, but I will take it from here.

I’m stating the fucking obvious, but your house isn’t equipped for the number of prisoners it currently accommodates.

He’s not a fucking prisoner.

He’d have to get past Dorothy first, so he is our prisoner.

Much like Rapunzel in there.

I need to talk to her.

She’s not the sweet child you think she is, Sean.

Oh, no? So what is she then?

I’m serious, Julian. What the fuck is she?

What was he saying about me?

My uncle.


I heard you.

It’s not nice to talk about people behind their backs.

He said we have to return you to where we found you.

He said you’re needed there, so…

And you believe him?

I don’t know what I believe.

Did you disobey your aunt and uncle when you first came to us?

So you came because you wanted to help?

Please, we need your help right now.

I already told you.

I don’t think that Jericho can come home, Sean.

But maybe he can. I think we can fix it.

Never interrupt a man in prayer.

Do you know what $200,000 can buy you these days?

I mean, not you, because you have no need for anything, but in the actual world… this money could help a lot of disadvantaged people.

Feed them. Build huts. Whatever.

Choose any charity. Give to the poor.

You are impossible!

“He who trusts in his riches shall fall,

but the righteous shall flourish as the green leaf.”

How do you call yourself righteous?

You kidnapped my son.

She was down here?


I don’t know. Maybe.

It’s progressing.

Her presence here is an infection.

It’s spreading.

What hath she wrought?

No, I– I don’t think that’s what that is.

Then how do you explain it?

What did she tell you?

We have to take her back to the house tonight.

That’s where they’re holding il bambino?

Can’t keep them both here. You said it yourself.

He’s more useful than she is.

So we keep the uncle, let Leanne walk.

At least we’ll know where she is.

Dorothy’s not gonna buy this plan.

That’s why we’re not gonna tell her.

I’m just gonna do it, and you’re gonna help me.

The fuck I am.

You’re gonna distract her. You’ll be the decoy.

Pray with me.


Pray with me to set her back on the right path.

Pray for her?

Not on your fucking life.

You must surrender, Dorothy.

Surrender to what?

To a god who would let your precious flower run off with my child?

Hey! Get your hands off of her!


Juju, be careful.

What’d you say to him?


What the fuck is this?

Fuck! There’s mud all over it!

You weep for your filthy cash.

Weep for what you have done.

Tonight, a peanut butter in your local grocery store that just might be giving you cancer.

Peanut butter?

I know.

Can’t even enjoy a good old-fashioned…

Okay, come on.

Wait. Wait.

I’ll go with you.

But you need to promise to take me somewhere else.

I need you to drive me where they can’t find me.

Anywhere, but far away.

Okay? Promise me.

But your uncle, he said–

Whatever he said… he won’t bring Jericho back.

Please. Please, far away.

I promise.

You’re lying.




Sean, it’s Taylor from Gourmet Gauntlet, returning your call.

Can you hold him so I can get my shoes?

Have I caught you at a bad time?

One second, Taylor.

Hi, Taylor? You still there?

Yeah, I’m here.

Yeah, I’m glad you called. Thanks for getting back to me.

Turns out things have shifted on my end, so I’ll be able to make LA work.

But I thought you couldn’t leave Philly.

No, no, no. Yeah, LA will be fine.

That’s great news.

…a woman who saved a cat by jumping into a swimming pool.

Well, on a more serious note, our big story of the night, we go to Isabelle live in West Chester for more.

I promise.

This is Isabelle Carrick coming to you live from outside the Marino estate in West Chester where tragedy has struck the community.

We don’t know much, but there were reports of gunfire.

If she does not leave this house–

I don’t care!

I don’t care what happens.

Nothing matters if I don’t have my son.

You must own the part you played, Dorothy.

I didn’t do anything to her she didn’t deserve.

And if Sean hadn’t come down here, I would’ve left her in there!

What have you done?

Don’t you realize you will never be reunited with Jericho now?

“For whosoever keeps the law and yet stumbles at just one point…

If you quote scripture at me one more fucking time!

…is guilty of breaking all of it!”

Sean. Sean, what are you doing?

There seems to be a lot of police out there as multiple city departments try to figure out what happened.

News crews are being kept at bay and, as you can see. police cars and ambulances are still arriving on the scene.

We’re told neighbors reported a round of gunshots at 1:00 in the morning, just half an hour ago.

The body count is still uncertain.

Authorities have yet to release information on the whereabouts or safety of the family inside.

More on this case as it develops. I’m Isabelle Carrick, 8 News.

Look what you have done.


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