Shameless (American TV series)

Shameless - S11E10 - DNR

Shameless – S11E10 – DNR – Transcript

Liam and Frank embark on a journey to get Liam into STEM school. Carl’s disillusionment with the police force comes to a head. Debbie hunts for a new place. Mickey and Ian consider the West Side. Kev meets Veronica in Louisville.

Shameless - S11E09 - Survivors

Shameless – S11E09 – Survivors – Transcript

Frank wants to pull one last heist. Lip and Brad find out who owns BornFree. Mickey and Ian uncover the truth about Terry. Liam looks for a new place to live. Kevin watches Gemma and Amy while running the Alibi.

Shameless - S11E08 - Cancelled

Shameless – S11E08 – Cancelled – Transcript

Frank and Liam compete in a renaming contest. Debbie has a day of no responsibilities. Ian and Mickey take on all the responsibility for Terry. Kevin tries to cheer up V. Carl is put on vice squad. Lip has a close encounter with the law.

Shameless - S11E05 - Slaughter

Shameless – S11E05 – Slaughter – Transcript

Ian and Mickey’s security gig comes into question. Frank and Kev try to take down the Milkovich’s. V canvasses to get black people to the polls. Debbie takes Franny to meet her favorite wrestler. Carl and Leesie’s policing comes to a head.

Shameless - S11E04 - NIMBY

Shameless – S11E04 – NIMBY – Transcript

Frank, Kev and Liam plot to get rid of the Milkoviches. Mickey starts a new security gig. V and Debbie turn into stage moms at a beauty pageant. Lip goes to brunch with Tami and her old teacher.

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