Once Upon a Time in the West – Review by Wim Wenders

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I don’t want to see any more Westerns. This one is the very end, the end of a craft. This one is deadly . . . Leone’s film is completely indifferent towards itself. All it shows the unconcerned viewer is the luxury that enabled it to be made

Once upon a Time in the West (1969) – Review by Dave Kehr

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In Leone’s hands, capitalism itself becomes a mythic force, as much a part of the landscape (it’s embodied here by the building of a railroad across the desert) as the horses or mountain ranges. In criticizing the myth — in filling in the economic relationships American westerns have skipped over —Leone expands and enriches it, which is what the best criticism does.

CONVERSAZIONE CON SERGIO LEONE – a cura di Gianfranco Graziani [Filmcritica]

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a cura di Gianfranco Graziani Filmcritica: Quali sono state le tappe salienti del tuo incontro con il cinema? Sergio Leone: Il mio rapporto con il cinema nasce con mio padre addirittura che, come sai, è stato uno dei primi cineasti italiani avendo girato il suo primo film tra il 1910 [...]


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A Fable for Adults by Elaine Lomenzo They asked Claude Lelouch which American director he likes the most and he says. "Sergio Leone!"—Sergio Leone It’s a warm, sunny March day at Cinecittà, and the film Sergio Leone has been trying to make for ten years is now in the final [...]