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Martin Eden: A Story of Failure – by Joan London

by Joan London Of all Jack London’s serious works, none has been more widely misapprehended than Martin Eden, which he began to write soon after the Snark reached Honolulu. Most readers, ignoring the tragic ending which Jack deliberately conceived and logically reached for this novel, have regarded it solely as [...]

Martin Eden: The Love of Death – by Robert Hass

Robert Hass, in his introduction to the Bantam edition of "Martin Eden", points out that Jack London simply reflects the culture of his time, a culture that was dominated by imperialism, social Darwinism, and a style of aggressive masculinity.

Dr. Strangelove – Review by Dwight Macdonald

by Dwight Macdonald With this comédie noire Stanley Kubrick clinches his title—one I conceded him years ago—to Best of Show among our younger directors and why stop there? Also Boldest. Of the great nightmare he has made a lafforama that leaves one with a painful grin on the face and [...]

Lolita (1962) – Review by Dwight Macdonald

by Dwight Macdonald Lolita is a good movie which might have been much better. For the title role, Stanley Kubrick discovered a teen-age television actress named Sue Lyon whose moods, accent, facial expressions, and body movements seem to me remarkably authentic—quite different from the cliches we usually get in such [...]

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