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True Detective - S04E02 - Part 2

True Detective – S04E02 – Part 2 | Transcript

Darkness descends on remote Alaskan town Ennis. Eight staff vanish from Tsalal Arctic Research Station. Detectives Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro take case, must face inner demons to find truth

Monsieur Spade - Episode 2

Monsieur Spade – Episode 2 | Transcript

After a horrific murder shocks a small town, retired detective Spade takes the case. Secretive Teresa has clues but won’t share. Spade digs deeper, unaware the killer may target him next

True Detective – S04E01 – Part 1 | Transcript

In Alaska, scientists at Tsalal Arctic Station disappear, leaving a cryptic message. Detective Navarro links the case to a past murder. Danvers investigates, facing personal demons. Mysteries intertwine, leading to a frozen lake discovery

Monsieur Spade - Episode 1

Monsieur Spade – Episode 1 | Transcript

Spade arrives in Bozouls and he falls for a local vineyard owner. Years later, Spade remains, a widower and retiree quietly living out his golden years in peace, but the return of his adversary changes everything

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