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In this new Netflix special, his latest since 2018’s “This Is Me Now,” Jim Jefferies recounts in excruciating detail a date during which he dismissed his lactose intolerance and indulged in cheese. It did not go well.

The Jim Jefferies Show – S2, Ep17, 7 August 2018 – Full Transcript

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Jim looks at the recent controversy surrounding the accessibility of blueprints online that allow people to produce guns using 3D printers. And how the TSA is struggling to fight against them. Congresswoman Barbara Lee has a long history in Congress, but her progressive politics and push to become the first black female House leader may represent the future. The story of the police dog that the Colombian cartels want dead.

Jim Jefferies: Alcoholocaust (2010) – Transcript

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*Alcoholocaust: (Meaning: The aftermath of a drinking party, usually resulting in every available horizontal surface being covered in empty booze containers, spilled beverages, and a general sticky alcoholic residue.)

JIM JEFFERIES: CONTRABAND (2008) – Full Transcript

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Art theatre. Can you please go mental for, Jim Jefferies! How you all going? Welcome to the recording of my first ever DVD people, so thank you for coming. Who’s seen me before, give me a yell? All right, who’s never seen me? OK, [...]


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In this HBO special, 'I Swear to God', Jim Jefferies discusses religion and racism, his own family and childhood, the idiocy of no-smoking signs, sluts vs. studs, drugs and alcohol, and tells a very embarrassing story about what happened to him after purchasing some adult entertainment material