Jimmy Carr

JIMMY CARR: BEING FUNNY (2011) – Full Transcript

According to Ofcom, the people that make guidelines for television, the most offensive words on TV are the F word and C word, but I’m live on stage this evening so I can say whatever the fuck I like. And those cunts can’t do anything about it.

Jimmy Carr: Laughing and Joking (2013) | Transcript

“I’ve been described as the hardest-working man in comedy. Not that impressive, is it? The hardest-working man in comedy. That’s like being the best-looking guy in the burns unit. No offence to any burns victims we’ve got in. Are there any in? If there’s one, there’ll be fucking loads. They tend to stick together.”

JIMMY CARR: FUNNY BUSINESS (2016) – Full Transcript

Jimmy Carr is a notorious divider of audiences. With his jokes he severely pushes the limits of ethics and morality, and makes jokes of subjects that most other comedians (even in today’s society) wouldn’t even touch with an iron rod.

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