Ninja Kamui – Episode 7 | Transcript

As Higan and Lil engage in combat, Higan achieves complete synchronization with his Gusoku Gear, known as "Kamui." Afterward, Yamaji finally orders Zai to eliminate Higan.
Ninja Kamui - Episode 7

Original air date : March 24, 2024 [Adult Swim (Toonami)]

Using the Kamui suit, Higan defeats Lil and sends his severed head back to AUZA headquarters. Yamaji consequently decides to speed up his plans and gives Zai permission to go after Higan. Back inside her truck, Aska explains to Higan how during her childhood, her face was severely disfigured in an accident and she was abandoned by her parents. She was eventually adopted by the former clan chieftain to become a ninja where she became a master of disguise and “watcher” for him. Aska and Mari developed a close personal bond with each other against ninja conventions. As the former chieftain succumbed to illness, Yamaji became leader and took the clan away from Japan alienating many long-time members. Meanwhile, Mari had secretly developed a face-changing device which she shared with the dissidents. When Mari became pregnant with Higan’s child, they were forced to flee and go into hiding. Aska says that she decided to stay in order to uncover what future Yamaji was planning for the clan.

* * *

He is… How should I put it?

Someone who is pure through and through.

A straight shooter that never hesitates.

And that’s what makes him stronger than anyone.


[ Laughs ] Now this is more like it.

I knew from the very first time I saw you that the opponent

who would give me enormous satisfaction

was gonna be you!





[ Laughing ]

That’s the stuff, baby. I’m feeling it now.

Your rage, your thirst for blood.

It’s burning. Burning hot.

Here it comes.

The surge of magma welling up inside me.

I’m about to erupt!


What the hell?

The more intensely

that you visualize your own actions…


The faster and stronger the suit will execute them.

Bring it on, ninja boy!

[ Screams ]


[ Gasps ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Chuckles ]

I couldn’t do a damn thing against you.

So this is what a real ninja is like, huh?

Ah, but you know,

I don’t regret it.

[ Sighs ]

I don’t even remember the last time

that I felt this content.

So what do you say?

Let’s pop off together.

[ Crunch, beep ]


God damn it!

Your death will be anything but quick and painless.

You sadistic bastard.


♪ Rain, rain, come wash away the pain ♪

♪ With demons in my head, vengeance is the only way ♪

Come on!

[ Heavy metal music playing ]

♪ Right before the end, we had trust, belief, and friendship ♪

♪ Maybe something more, maybe something less ♪

♪ This is how I make amends ♪

♪ For the light, it turned to darkness ♪

♪ Shedding blood ♪

♪ Till it’s earned ♪

♪ Rain, rain, come wash away this goddamn pain ♪

♪ Pain ♪

♪ Now vengeance is the only way ♪

♪ I’ll make you pay ♪

♪ Make you pay ♪

♪ Until your heart stops, till your heart stops ♪

♪ You’ll be wishing you were dead ♪

♪ ‘Cause tonight, oh, a tooth ♪

♪ Won’t be all that you lose ♪

♪ I’ll make you pay ♪

♪ For what you did ♪

This was delivered to our headquarters this morning.

I would assume it’s meant as a warning.

[ Chuckles ] Holy moly.

He must be something else

to handle the suit like that on his first try.

I would love to get my hands on that operational data.

Is there any chance we could negotiate with this guy, Dilly?

It’s highly unlikely that he would reply.

Hmm. Maybe we can convince him with cash.

He might buy it if we offer him a big payday, you know?

Sounds ridiculous.

I hope you’re not going off to avenge your little lackey.

I’m speeding up the plan.

Our great cause is all that matters.

Spoken like a true ninja.

Don’t worry. They won’t do anything for now.

The lieutenants who wear the Gusoku Gear

are regarded as having ultimate power within the organization.

But now you’ve shattered that image.

At the very least, they won’t make another move

until they come up with a surefire way to eliminate you.

Do you still think back about what the sky of Japan was like?

Birds of passage need no home.

The only thing reflected in their eyes

are the hills of a distant land.

They take to the sky with that in mind.

Now there are only two.

I will follow you to the ends of the earth,


I shall stop you no longer.

Go and end him.

Higan shall perish by your hand.


Staring at me like that won’t get you anywhere.

Just to be crystal clear,

I refuse to date guys who are married with families.

So what’s on your mind?

What relationship did you and Mari have, exactly?

She was my savior.

If I hadn’t met Mari, I wouldn’t be who I am today.


[ Grunts ]

[ Choking ]


[ Distorted ] I’ve caught a ninja.


Even the briefest moment of carelessness

can lead to sure death.

You’d do well to remember that, [Normal voice] newbie.

I’m giving you passing marks on your test.

Starting today, you’re my partner.

Mari was the first mentor that I ever had.

She took a smart and steadfast approach to our missions

and always completed them without fail.

In my eyes,

she was the very embodiment of what the ideal ninja should be.

At that time, there were three individuals in the organization

who were known as the best of the best…

Zai, you, and Mari.

Everyone was convinced that someday one of you

would reach the peak

and then inherit control of the organization.

Remember, to be a ninja is to be a shadow

that lives their life with pride.

Cast aside any sense of self, any emotion,

and lay down your life in defense of Japan.

That is our most cherished dream.




Are you always wearing that?


Mind if I ask why?


When I was a child,

my face was all smashed up in an accident

that left me horribly disfigured.

My mother and father couldn’t bear to look at me.

And so they left me there.

I was completely alone until I got adopted by the organization.

You no longer have the face of a respectable human.

[ Whimpers ]

However, it is for that very reason

you may now transform yourself into anyone.

So from now on, you shall live your life as a ninja.

Those words guided me into learning

how to be a master of disguise

so that I could transform myself into whoever I wanted to be.

Take it off.


[ Gasps ]


You’re gorgeous.

Please don’t pity me. I know that I’m nothing but hideous.

Wrong. I think you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.

After all, your face,

that is where all of your pride as a ninja comes from.

[ Gasps ]

She was an extraordinary person.

Her words were so convincing.

I believed that whatever she said was an obvious fact.

I had nothing but respect for her, not just as a ninja,

but also as a human.

I grew up with Higan and Zai.

We trained with each other ever since we were little kids.

Well, with those two, they’re just too

awe-inspiring for me to even think about getting close.

There’s honestly nothing for you to be afraid of.

They’re actually quite childish, despite how they look.

What? Did that really happen?

Adorable, aren’t they?

Those two, they’re very precious to me.

It worries me a little.


Growing attached like that gives rise to emotion,

and those feelings can end up distracting you

on the battlefield.

That’s why the code forbid us from such attachments.

Emotions are what get ninjas killed.


Loathing both the oceans of life and death,

I yearn for a mountain untouched by the tides of change.

[ Gasps ]

Now you know my secret art.

I can make it appear like someone has died

by putting their body in a state of suspended animation.

I’m going to pass down this technique to you.

But I was told the secret arts were something

you never revealed to anyone in any circumstance.

I’m doing this because the day will come

when you’ll need to use it.

Looking back on those moments,

I think that may have been the happiest time of my life.

But then

it ended very abruptly.


How deplorable.

A true ninja is one that keeps a heart under their blade.

These outsiders are here just

for the weapons and to kill people.

Why would you work with these lowlifes,

Master Yamaji?

The training is proceeding as planned.

That completes my report.

Tell me something.

What do you think is a ninja’s pride?

Protecting the peace of Japan.

And if Japan were to disappear forever,

would the ninja go along with it,

fading away like mere shadows?

I’m not sure.



Do you think the organization

is on the verge of undergoing radical change?

I really hope not.

But if you become the new Chieftain

and lead the organization, then maybe…

Forget about that.

There’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you.

There’s a baby growing inside me.

[ Gasps ] But… But how?

Because I fell in love with someone.

There’s no place for me here now that I have broken the code.


I gotta say, this feels pretty weird.

And in just a few more months,

you’ll be able to feel it kick.

Did you just say it kicks?

Yes. It’s amazing, isn’t it?


Being a ninja is the only way I know how to live.

But now I guess I’m going to have to become a father.

Do you think I can handle it?

You’re not alone in this.

We’ll be parents together.



It’s been decided that our organization

shall leave the jurisdiction of Japan

and fall under the command of a greater power.

Those who disobey this decision or defect

because of it shall be branded exiles and exterminated.

[ Murmuring ]

We’re abandoning Japan?

Master Yamaji,

without their pride, a ninja is as good as dead.

Why can’t you understand that? Yamaji?

Your goal has always been

to take over the organization all for yourself.

It’s clear that this fool is no longer one of us.

He has become consumed with greed like a dog.

A dog, you say. And what if I was?

You have to ask?

You shall die and rot

where you stand.



[ Both choking ]



[ All gasp ]


[ Growls ]

[ Gasps ]

I am the true embodiment of the ninja way.

Therefore, the ninja will never die so long as I shall live.

There is only one path for us to take now.

So you intend to kill Yamaji?

Please join our cause.

You mustn’t.

I won’t deny that it may be possible,

but we must work together to defeat him.

Yet I am certain it will claim all of our lives in the process.

If that happens, the spirit of the ninja

that’s been passed down through the centuries will vanish.

And for us, that will mean true death.

Let us flee this place.

Our will may be passed down if we survive,

even if that means bearing the disgrace of becoming fugitives.

That is our resolve now.

What do you want?

By using this, we can all flee far away

from the organization without ever being discovered.


It’s something that I’ve worked on independently

for a very long time.

I hope that one day it will help someone.

Please take it and use it for the sake of our allies.

You have my thanks.

Take good care of your child.

Why are you here?

If you must know, the previous Chieftain gave me

a top-secret mission to carry out.

That duty involves determining whether the next candidate

to be our leader is truly worthy of the role or not.

And in the event that they prove unworthy, to bury them.

But the Chieftain has been dead for some time.

Which is all the more reason.

If I don’t carry this mission through,

then his wishes will be lost along with everything else.

I’m sorry for deceiving you.

I already knew what you were from the first time we met.


Just please let that baby go

and then live as a ninja once again.

[ Gasps ]

That figures. You were hiding your true

power this whole time, weren’t you?

Lies and deception are tools

that I use to uphold my duty as the watcher.

To tell you the truth, I can’t even recall

what my parents looked like.

But whenever I try to remember,

it’s your face that comes to mind.


[ Knives clang ]

It seems I’ve lost.

At the very last second,

you made a move to cover for your baby.

You would have won otherwise.

You going to kill me now?

I don’t know.

Everything is unclear to me

and I’m not sure what I should do anymore.

All I ever wanted was to live as a ninja.

But now the organization is nothing like it was before.

Fleeing from it and spending the rest of my days

as a ninja in hiding,

there’s no pride to be found in that.

I hate the idea of living such a pathetic life.

So at the very least, I want to go out like a ninja should.

[ Gasps ]

Ninjas don’t have emotions

and thus cannot know what family is.

But this baby, it gave me a family,

and now it’s become my new reason to live.

Emotions are not something that gets ninjas killed.

They actually give them life.

So please live on.

You have always been someone I consider part of my family.


And so do I.


What are you going to do now?

I will remain as a member of the organization for now.

Someone needs to stay behind

and keep track of what they’re doing from the inside.

That will definitely put me in the position to help our allies.

And also, I still have my duty as the watcher left to fulfill.

I’ve been sent on a new mission to infiltrate the FBI.

My boss there has some bad habits,

but he seems to be a good person at heart.

Well, every day is a battle for us.

I had no idea that raising a child was this difficult.

I might be struggling more now than I ever did as a ninja.

Whenever Mari fought, her goal was always to defend.

I honestly believe she exemplified a true ninja.

And that’s why I knew

I had to see my duty through to the end, no matter what.

So while I was in the organization,

I did some digging and found out what the Chieftain,

what Yamaji is doing.

What exactly are they trying to accomplish?

At this moment,

he’s executing his master plan.



♪ As the memories fade away ♪

♪ The lives of those who weren’t saved ♪

♪ Regret and torment has come to stay ♪

♪ Hopelessly leading us astray

♪ On a journey to find some kind of reason ♪

♪ The army’s weight is only crumbling ♪

♪ Haunted by the look of those who we left behind ♪

♪ Close your eyes, try to leave the shame behind ♪

♪ Who will stay to lend a helping hand? ♪

♪ When death is knocking at the door? ♪

♪ Who will fight alone for what is right?

♪ For the ones who were left behind?

♪ Those who were left behind ♪




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