Ninja Kamui

Ninja Kamui - Episode 10

Ninja Kamui – Episode 10 | Transcript

Higan mourns Emma’s death when a letter challenging him to a duel arrives from Zai. Mike and Jason want to leak the data they hacked from AUZA to the public but discover they can’t due to Emma’s external memory drive being encrypted.

Ninja Kamui - Episode 9

Ninja Kamui – Episode 9 | Transcript

Emma and Jason combine their efforts to launch a hacking attack on AUZA, which results in them obtaining top-secret information. Meanwhile, Mike and Higan fend off a squadron of mercenaries sent by AUZA to stop them.

Ninja Kamui - Episode 8

Ninja Kamui – Episode 8 | Transcript

The CEO of AUZA dreams of taking total control of the country’s energy infrastructure using Yamaji’s ninja organization. Emma makes it her personal goal to stop them with Higan’s help. Meanwhile, Jason and Mike are still on the run.

Ninja Kamui - Episode 7

Ninja Kamui – Episode 7 | Transcript

As Higan and Lil engage in combat, Higan achieves complete synchronization with his Gusoku Gear, known as “Kamui.” Afterward, Yamaji finally orders Zai to eliminate Higan.

Ninja Kamui – Episode 5 | Transcript

Mike uses information from Emma to track down Jason, a former AUZA employee. Elsewhere, after having his first attempt to infiltrate AUZA City stopped by Zai, Higan learns of an alternate route from the mysterious benefactor.

Ninja Kamui - Episode 4

Ninja Kamui – Episode 4 | Transcript

A mysterious benefactor warns Higan that it’s impossible for him to infiltrate AUZA City without any help. Meanwhile, Mike and Emma walk away from the accident with light injuries and relaunch their investigation into AUZA and the ninjas.

Ninja Kamui - Episode 3

Ninja Kamui – Episode 3 | Transcript

Yamaji addresses questions from one of his lieutenants regarding Higan’s survival. Meanwhile, Mike joins forces with Higan and Emma to launch their own independent investigation into AUZA.

Ninja Kamui - Episode 2

Ninja Kamui – Episode 2 | Transcript

Higan learns that a string of recent murder victims were all former ninjas who had their covers blown. Higan goes after the boss ninja and swears to take revenge for his dead wife and son by crushing the organization.

Ninja Kamui - Episode 1

Ninja Kamui – Episode 1 | Transcript

After his family was brutally attacked by a gang of masked assailants, Joe Higan is approached by FBI agents Mike and Emma to help investigate the murder of his wife and son.

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