Ninja Kamui – Episode 4 | Transcript

A mysterious benefactor warns Higan that it's impossible for him to infiltrate AUZA City without any help. Meanwhile, Mike and Emma walk away from the accident with light injuries and relaunch their investigation into AUZA and the ninjas.
Ninja Kamui - Episode 4

Original air date : March 2, 2024 [Adult Swim (Toonami)]

The mysterious number tells Higan that it’s impossible to infiltrate AUZA City without assistance and wants to help him, hinting they also have past connections with the ninja clan as an exile. Mike and Emma recover at the hospital after the car accident and Higan notifies them about the benefactor. Inside AUZA City, Yamaji, Joseph, and other high-ranking members of the clan meet up to discuss their suspicion that Higan will soon infiltrate the city. In a flashback, Higan, Mari, and Zai’s relationship as members of the clan and how Higan and Mari broke the clan’s code are debriefed. After being discharged from the hospital, Mike receives word that Emma has been assigned a new case by their boss and the two go their separate ways after dinner. At sunset, Higan begins his infiltration into the city by accessing their underground tunnel networks with hacking help of the benefactor. Higan is just about to enter the city’s parameters when he is suddenly confronted by Zai, who is waiting for him on the other side.

* * *

Now we can finally talk.


I’ve made sure this call can’t be intercepted by anyone.

So don’t worry.

Who is this?

I can’t tell you that yet.

Why not?

You’re heading for AUZA City, right?

The whole place is protected by a multi-layered security system.

It’s going to be impossible for you to get past that and find a way into the city alone.

Let me help you.

You really think I would trust a voice over the phone?

Learning about others but letting them learn nothing of you in the process.

That is the true essence of a ninja’s cunning.

That verse… a ninja poem.

You and I are in similar circumstances.

An exiled ninja?

If you want to fulfill your objective,

then wait for me at the location that I’m about to send.

Whether or not I’m worthy of trust is up to you.


I love daddy because he protects everyone from the bad guys.

Come on.

Aren’t you gonna answer that?

It’s just my wife. I need to stay focused on the investigation.

But we don’t even know if that eyewitness report is legit or not.

They say the guy was asleep at the wheel.

I’ve been calling you nonstop.

I thought I could handle the challenges

of marrying and having a family with an FBI agent,

but I was wrong.

How are you feeling?

Damn it, Ducky, you almost gave me a heart attack.

Claimed they’re gonna help, huh?

How can you be sure this person is really another exiled ninja like you?

They knew a poem that was only passed down in the old organization, and nobody has spoken of it since we came to this country.

So you’re telling me that’s enough to win your trust?

This mystery person knows what they’re talking about.

The complexity of the city’s security system is no joke.

Like, I’m pretty sure literally only a ghost could get past it.

But what if all of this is a trap?

Then I’ll kill them all.

Did you just say that out loud?

Remember that our alliance is only temporary.

Okay, now, how are we going to get into the city?

Considering my last chat with our boss, they got eyes on me already.

Oh, yeah. There’s no doubt about that. Let’s just call it quits.

Come on, now. You’re the one who said the best way to get the dirt on AUZA

was to find a way into their headquarters.

And I agree with you on that.

But I never said it was possible.

Well, there’s got to be some way–

Nope. Can’t be done.

Why not?

Don’t worry. We’ll be fine.

I found another good lead.

Really, now?

There’s this community of users on the dark web

who’ve been keeping tabs on AUZA’s actions.

They claim AUZA is plotting to take over the world

and that they’re building weapons of mass destruction.

So they’re another bunch of loony conspiracy theorists.

But why go out of the way to put it on the dark web?

Better safe than sorry, I guess.

I found the location of the site admin.

He claims to be one of their former researchers.


He’s pretty far away from here, though.

That’s not an issue. I’ll be going alone.


You’ve done enough for now.

I’ll take it from here.

This is a job for old-timers like me who’ve got nothing left to lose.

There is no way I’m letting you hog all the glory on this.


We’re on the verge of uncovering AUZA’s dirty secrets,

and with any luck, we may get our hands on some of their cutting-edge data!

That stuff could be worth thousands!

No, I would go as far as to say millions of dollars.

Are you serious?

That’s the deal. We’re still in this together.

Stay on your toes.

Mind if I ask you something?

Did your wife know? Did you tell her what you were?

She did, because Mari was also a ninja.

Do ninjas normally have families?

No. The two of us broke the code.

What code?

Ninjas must be emotionally detached, even from their allies.

I see.

You broke the code and chose your family.

That’s fantastic! He’s quite the fighter, isn’t he?

Just one of those mass-produced units alone

can destroy an entire army platoon, and it wasn’t even a match for him.

He is quite the gladiator, isn’t he?

I bet you’re itching to screw him, aren’t you?

No, depraved little man.

Oh, please. I’m a businessman, you see.

I don’t do any fighting, nor do I want any victories.

I need data.

What happens if he shows up? You gonna bend over for him?

That’s what my talented secretary is here for.

Isn’t that right?


Hey, Dilly, what kind of techniques did he use to tame you?

Sir, do I have your permission to share the details of your techniques

with this sick bastard?

Let’s not right now. Also, watch your language.

My apologies, sir.

So, does anybody have a plan? You must realize that he’s headed here.

No need for concern. The city’s defenses are 100% impenetrable.

Wait. Hold on. You mustn’t say something like 100% so casually, Aska.

Probability is a… Pardon me.

Big D?

Big D? Are you listening?

Let me just say, my fresh cut is looking superfly today.

And if this ninja dares to try and mess up my new fade, he’s dead.

Lovely. What about the bush down by your Big D–

That’s enough mindless chatter.

We all know Higan is a force not to be trifled with.

So the plan remains the same.

We must learn how his technique works in order to eliminate him.

And what about his FBI friend?

He’s powerless against us.

We can deal with him if he ever becomes an issue.

Don’t make this any more complicated than it needs to be.

You’re not the boss of me. You can’t order me around.

But I agree with your assessment.

Hey, Dilly, how far do you think that ninja will get?

Why? Are you concerned about him?

No, I’m very excited.

Why do you think I joined forces with you guys in the first place?

Fingers crossed, hopefully we can get some data on our prototype.

Hope he doesn’t die too quickly.

Just say the word, and I will exterminate him, Master.

You aren’t going anywhere. I will send the others after Higan.

We will force him to reveal his secrets to us.

Their deaths will not matter to the organization.

Nevertheless, it’s only a matter of time before our task is completed.

We of the ninja clan are bound by the code,

protected by the code, and kept alive by the code.

Therefore, it is our destiny to die by the code.

Our destiny is to die by the code.

One, the secrets of the ninja must never be divulged.

The secrets of the ninja must never be divulged.

Two, ninjas must be emotionally detached, even from their allies.

Ninjas must be emotionally detached, even from their allies.

Three, the mission must always take precedence over your life.

The mission must always take precedence over your life.

Please! Please, don’t!

Per tradition, in recognition of your skill as shinobi,

you will be given ninja names.




Those are now your names.

Yes, sir.

And that is not all you will be receiving.

A secret art shall be passed down to each of you.

This technique is to be kept only to yourself

and must never be revealed to others.


Yes, sir.

The missions that you take now will be filled with great danger.

However, the three of you are ninjas with both skill and strength

that is unrivaled within our clan.

I firmly believe you will be the ones who lead our village into the future.

We have our own ninja names now.

I like our new names. They have a nice ring to them.


I find the idea hard to get used to.

Names are the proof that we exist.

Now we’ll always be able to remember each other.

Well, in that case, let’s be candid and enjoy this moment.

Just don’t go sharing your secret art.

I would never. It’ll be a surprise if we ever end up fighting one another.

If you ask me, the bonds we’ve made together are thicker than blood.

We will never know when death will come for us.

This here is proof of our shared experiences,

proof of our conversations, and proof of our pact.

What pact is that?

That we risk our lives together to do what must be done.

Just go.

You need to get out of here.

No, I’m not leaving you behind.

Please leave. At this rate, the mission will be a failure.

I’m not going back alone.

Remember the code. We must be detached, even from allies.

From the moment I met you…

I had already broken the code.

Are you okay?

Please leave your message after the beep.

Come on, Ducky. Why don’t you ever pick up the damn phone?

I’m on the way to visit our source now.

I’ll call again later.


Why didn’t you report in about your discharge from the hospital?

Nothing gets past this guy, I swear.

You can just leave the get-well gift on my desk, sir.

I’ll come pick it up on retirement day.

You can do whatever you want since you’re not assigned any cases,

but your partner is another story.

I’m so sorry.

What are you apologizing for?

Obeying your boss is just part of the job.

But I was just–

To tell you the truth, I’ve been racking my brains to figure out

how I was going to ditch you, so don’t worry about it.

Are you feeling hungry at all?

No army fights on an empty stomach. It’s a Japanese proverb.

You’ve made the right choice.

Now what?

First, I need you to understand exactly how the city’s security system works.

The city is guarded by a system

that consists only of their independently developed technology.

They have sensors along the entire perimeter that check ahead of time

if those approaching the city have permission to enter.

If any uninvited guests disregard the warnings that get issued,

the system will open fire.

Furthermore, the air space above the city

is fully covered by a honeycomb-shaped electromagnetic barrier,

which only allows rain and wind to pass through it.

Entering from above ground is impossible.

So you’ll pass through the underground facility

that they use to manage the sensors instead.

I’ll send you coordinates for the entrance

and a map of the complex shortly.

There are various security cameras and laser traps,

as well as mercenaries who patrol each section.

To make sure the plan goes smoothly, you must avoid any and all combat.

Make it past them, and you’ll reach the electromagnetic barrier into the city.

I’ll shut off the power and open it for five seconds.

Any longer, the alarm will sound.

We begin after sundown.

You only get one chance… five seconds.

No problem.

Now, that was tasty.

Man, you sure can eat. Are you full?

Yep. Now I’m ready to fight whenever.

I forgot. Let me send you a picture of our target.

Jason Cardenas. Hopefully he hasn’t changed his appearance.

No problem. I’ll be able to tell regardless.

Really? How are you going to do that?

I’ll teach you that secret another time.

Come to think of it,

this is the first investigation we’ll be working apart from each other.

You’re going to have to pull your weight then.

Please play it safe out there.

You’re not the perfect mentor, but I owe you a lot.

Don’t get all sappy on me, now.

More coffee!

You’re gonna have another?

You’re addicted to caffeine.

Come on. What the hell is your deal?

You’re making it sound like I’m going to die.

All I’m trying to say is that I need you to be in good health.

Because I’ve still got a lot more to learn from you.

Hope you don’t mind keeping me under your wing.

Actually, make it water.

I hacked all their internal surveillance cameras.

We have eight minutes before they notice.

I’m going in.

All their patrol routes and inspection points are set on a rigid schedule.

Move exactly as I instruct you to.


Head for the room diagonally across the hall.

The laser trap ahead changes patterns every two seconds.

This is where your physical abilities will be put to the test.

Sensors have picked up an intruder in Sector D.

I repeat, Sector D.

Don’t stop.

Turn right.

The hallway just ahead is your way out.

I’m cutting the power now. The barrier will be open for five seconds.




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